The jungle metropolis in lxaocan was ruled over by a married couple with ten children. It’s a city state hidden in the jungles and lxtal. The 9 children are highly skilled and will succeed their father and mother, so the dad and mum raised them within the proud traditions their remote nation.

Qiyana, the daughter of her mom and dad, was the last in line. She devised her own vicious route to the Yun Tal’s highest seat. With a bold spirit and an unmatched command of elemental magic, she confronted anyone who tried to stop her approach. She believed that she deserved to lead not just a city but an empire.

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Who’s Qiyana?

Qiyana was Qiyana’s youngest daughter. She was raised to believe that she would not be allowed to buy the Yon Tal’s exorbitant seat. Her 9 older sisters were assumed to have the power to rule before her and she often longed for a more helpful position within the family.

She was eager to find the right place, and that became clear when her younger sister Qiyana learned the traditional elemental magic lxtal. After taking up classes on historical elemental magic, she discovered her extraordinary expertise. In just seven years, she was able to master the superior methods in just a few short weeks. She was quicker than her older sisters, some of whom have spent many years studying and learning the fundamentals.

Qiyana surpassed her sisters through elemental arts one after another, and she became increasingly discontented. It was a puzzle to her that her mom and dad would spend so much time on her incompetent and inferior siblings. Qiyana was frustrated at every occasion her sister was selected to lead a grand ritual that shrouded the surface world. She chose fights to prove her value and significance. Inessa, the oldest of the sisters, was quickly made the target of her aggression.

Inessa bristled as a way to relieve the conflict. Qiyana was twelve years younger than she and her disrespect. As they grew older, their verbal attacks on one another intensified. Due to the Inessa’s bodily threats and Qiyana’s provocation, it was difficult to determine who was stronger in ritual fight. Qiyana also had the power to switch their mom and dad. The dare was accepted by her sister, and might be witnessed by all lxaocan.

Inessa could not walk once more after the competition ended. Qiyana, however, remained unscathed. Although she was determined to be the rightful inheritor, her parents and mom were furious at her actions. She was not granted the prize, as she could be the tenth to succeed the Yun Tal excessive seat. Though her dad and mom’ resolution was bitter information, Qiyana realized that the duel between her and Inessa had made her elemental prowess acknowledged throughout lxaocan. She had finally found the respect she had always wanted.

Respect had become a habit and she felt a burning need to be recognized for her unique ability. All of lxaocan’s needs are met, along with her standing and her powerful elemental magic. They hid from the miners and explorers who had been removing the jungle at their borders.

Qiyana set out her ambitions in her dad and mom’ courtroom, which is to drive off miners and revive the lands. However, her parents and mom refused to approve the plan. They feared that association with outlanders would cause conflict, hatred, sickness, and jeopardize their hundreds of-year-old tradition of defending the land. Qiyana became anxious and impatient to express her gratitude to her parents.

Qiyana took a transfer against their orders and invaded the mine site. She killed every single miner except one. She noticed his concern and decided to give him her message. She allowed him to dwell, so that he could inform everyone in his Pilt over about the grand Elementalist who had destroyed their mine. Qiyana took credit for the killing in lxaocan. This angered her parents. Her parents advised her that Piltovan retailers were sending troops of modern miners and armed boys into the jungle. Her dad and mom didn’t want to risk their daughter disobedient drawing more outlanders towards their lands so they decided to imprison her for her crime.

While she was being arrested, elementalists were brought to her defense. Her dad and mom were impressed by the unheard elemental knowledge displayed in the jungle and decided that she should help them to defend their city. Qiyana was finally launched after swearing renewed loyalty and promising never to meet with an outsider again.

Qiyana was supported by a growing number admirers and supporters, which allowed her to finally feel the vitality of this planet. With an influence greater than custom, she would reach the top in any endeavor. She was the most successful elementalist the planet has ever known. She was the ruler of lxaocan and the empress of all things lxtal for the long term.

Qiyana’s Expertise & Talents


Qiyana’s fundamental assault in opposition to every enemy offers bonus harm. If she advances within the goal area, she inflicts injury on enemies.


Qiyana takes over her aspect. She can swing her weapon and it explodes in a line when it collides with an enemy. This causes her to suffer harm, and allows her to achieve a bonus effect primarily based upon her aspect.


Qiyana rushes to a place and enchants her weapon with a part. Her weapon is magically enchanted and her talents deal bonus damage. Qiyana receives the Terrain aspect as soon as Terrashape has been realized.


Qiyana speeds in the direction an enemy and hurts them. Qiyana’s talents can be solidified by using Audacity.


The windblast causes a shockwave to erupt in every river and brush. Qiyana’s shockwave can detonate any aspect she hits it with. It shocks and injures enemies near by.

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Qiyana means enjoying the art of Qiyana

  • QIYANA is a strong player in fighting other champions and defending allies.
  • QIYana can be used to kill or tank, depending on the composition of the crew
  • QIANYA’s weaknesses lie in being kited by ranged enemy and being unable heal herself. QIANYA, however, is capable of attacking enemy champions together with her last skill “Riftwalk”.
  • QIAYNA’s play style is one of melee murderer. She uses her spells and closes the gap with Riftwalk to outplay and outsmart all her opponents. Qiyana’s talents deal harm.
  • QIANYA offers a range of skins which can be purchased at the in-game store or on completely different websites, including Victorious QIYANA November 2018 and Celestial QIYANA June 2018 as well as Qiyana Prime December 2017 and more
  • QIAYNARA offers three types of QIAYNARA: Day, Night, and Eclipse. They appear as completely different colours.

Ideas and methods

  • QIAYNA is available to activate Q and Riftwalk using allied terrain and models
  • QIAYNA Q spell cannot Riftwalk through walls, but QIAYNA Q can
  • QIAYNA is able to activate Q and Riftwalk back to the point QIYANA began shifting towards.
  • QIAYNA can use her Q skill Riftwalk to perform partitions by blinking, but not at the end.
  • QIAYNA is available to use QW, E, or R talents. Riftwalking can be used until any of these talents are damaged or stuns.
  • QIAYNA’s best combo is to use W twice, followed by a Q, for a stun on enemy champions


Qiyana LOL – Who is she?

She is an assault damage (AD) burst killer with excessive mobility. Her ability to change her package mainly based on the terrain around her home makes her an aggressive harm (AD). We have some early impressions of her and how she performs in the sport.

Is Qiyana a queen?

There are many Coronation Women who are Queens Of Ixtal. Qiyana is youngest among the line of sisters who were Queens of Ixtal during many recent Coronations. She has been patiently waiting for the chance to receive the Crest.

Which race is Qiyana from?

QIYANA is an humanoid character. Q QIANYA’s race has not been confirmed by Riot Video games. QIANYARace could be anything from robotic to human.

What is the age of Qiyana League?

Qiyana was twenty years old when she died. She was seven years when she first discovered superior elements methods.

What is Qiyana ULT and how can it help you?

Qiyana generates a shockwave to knock back enemies. It stops when it hits a brick wall. The shockwave can cause rivers, walls, or brushes to explode, inflicting bodily injury on nearby enemies, and beautiful them.