Rakan LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Rakan is a powerful champion in League of Legends that is renowned for its versatility and strength in the game. This champion has a unique array of abilities, learnable abilities, and playstyles that offer a range of options for experienced players.

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive overview of Rakan’s strengths and weaknesses, his playstyle, and what you can expect when playing this champion.


Rakan is one of the champions in the popular video game League of Legends, developed and published by Riot Games. Primarily a support champion, Rakan plays an important role in team fights with his abilities to both shield and heal his allies. He is a loveable character with memorable lines and animations, often referring to his beloved champion Xayah. He is also known for his daring attitude and ability to turn the tide of battle.

In terms of background, Rakan is a proud member of the mythical Winged Tribe crossing between two planes: Targon and Ionia. He was once just an average winged creature until he chose to protect the weaker citizens of both planes from evil forces. His brave decision saw him marked with powerful magical tattoos that bestowed upon him strength, agility and speed that has allowed him to become one of League’s most respected Champions.

Since joining League, Rakan has seemed almost too perfect for many Summoners, who could not quite understand how one being could contain so much courage, wit and gracefulness. Though some may have their questions unanswered about Xayah’s husband-to-be, there can be no doubt as to why Rakan has gained millions of fans around the world – he exudes power and light in all forms!


Rakan’s story begins 5,000 years ago in the magical kingdom of Ionia. He is the protector and leader of a small group of yordles, who call themselves the Winter’s Claw. In his immortal form, Rakan was sent by his deity to protect those who could not protect themselves.

After centuries of searching for the perfect beacon of hope for Ionia, Rakan chose to remain in the Winter’s Claw village and declared himself their leader. In recent years, Rakan’s leadership has been questioned by many within his clan; some have even suggested that he is far too powerful and needs to be brought down from his pedestal. But as one of Ionia’s greatest warriors and protectors, many believe that only he can lead the Winter’s Claw out of danger and restore peace to their home.

Rakan currently serves as a guardian to the people of Ionia. He uses his power to defend them against any threat or injustice they may face – no matter how great or small. He is also an accomplished musician who uses song and dance to inspire hope in those around him. Although he sometimes struggles with an inner darkness that seeks to consume him, over time he has learned how to manage it while allowing himself moments of joy and levity.


At the heart of Rakan’s kit is two abilities – his kit features two fight chars for you to choose from:

  • The Charmer – Rakan gains The Charmer passive upon reaching level 6, allowing him to charm enemy champions, forcing them to follow him for a few seconds. While in this state, enemies can’t attack or cast spells and take additional damage against Rakan.
  • Grand Entrance – This ability provides mobility, allowing Rakan to quickly traverse the map while dealing damage and charming enemies in an area. He’s also able to shield himself and allies while doing so, granting them crowd control immunity and a bit of armor.
  • Battle Dance – This ability deals damage in an area of effect and knocks up all enemies hit by it. It can also be used as a gap closer when combined with Grand Entrance as it allows him to surprise opponents with some stunning effects. Additionally, it grants movement speed bonuses upon cast.
  • The Epicurean – This passive grants a shield when champion takes damage from sources like turrets or monsters and also heals and shields nearby teammates periodically during laning phase.
  • Gleaming Quill – This explosive ability sends out a powerful shockwave after being activated which blasts away enemies within an area of effect. When connected with Battle Dance can cause massive amounts of disruption in team fights proving highly useful for teamfight strategies when taking on group compositions heads on.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Rakan is a powerful champion with a lot of versatility in Team Fights, but like any champion, he also has his strengths and weaknesses. Let’s delve into the strengths and weaknesses of this champion.

We’ll examine his abilities and how they can be used effectively in battle. We’ll also look at how to get the most out of Rakan in team fights and solo engagements:

  • Abilities
  • Team Fights
  • Solo Engagements


Rakan has one of the strongest identities in League of Legends and his unique playstyle enables him to have an incredibly high impact in any game. He is a Support champion with an incredible array of combo-orientated abilities that enable him to both protect his team from harm and assist them in taking down enemies.

Rakan is incredibly hard to kill, as he possesses some of the highest survivability out of all the champions. His Grand Entrance (R) ability enables him to join fights quickly and make up for poor positioning, while also negating incoming damage or crowd control. He also has amazing poke potential since his Deadly Bloom (Q) allows you to harass enemies easily while staying safe from retaliation, making it one of the best poking tools ever created in League of Legends.

Finally, Rakan is an incredible team fighter who can easily follow up on teammate initiation by jumping deep into battle with The Quickness (W). His ultimate Beauty and the Beast (R), which gives himself and allies bonus attack speed on the spot is capable of completely turning fights into your favor.


Rakan is considered a support champion, and as such, he has some weaknesses that players need to take into consideration when choosing him for a team composition.

One of the biggest weaknesses Rakan has is his lack of range. Although he can use his ultimate to engage an enemy team from any distance, his basic attacks and skills have a short range which can make it difficult for him to pull off effective trades or combos against ranged champions.

Another weak point for Rakan is his lack of defensive durability. His passive shield prevents him from taking too much damage during fights, but it’s usually insufficient in prolonged team fights where there are multiple enemies exchanging blows with your allies. This limits Rakan’s ability to initiate plays or turn the momentum around in unfavorable engagements.

Finally, because he relies heavily on crowd control abilities and shield sustenance to land plays, Rakan is vulnerable when facing champions who are able counter those strengths or even just disengage away from them completely (e.g Ekko). For these reasons, it’s important to pick other champions that can set up proper plays and provide good backup while protecting Rakan during teamfights.

How to Play Rakan

Rakan is a champion in the popular eSport game League of Legends. He is a versatile support champion whose primary role is to aid his team’s carries by boosting their stats and shielding them from damage.

If you want to learn how to play this formidable champion, then read on! This section will cover all the tips and tricks you need to know to become an expert Rakan player.

Early Game

It’s not easy for new players to figure out how to play Rakan effectively. Learning the ins and outs of the champion can take time, experience and patience. But here are some tips to help you get started.

The early game is all about positioning. As Rakan, it’s important that you find safe spots from which you can launch your chasing or initiating plays without sacrificing yourself in terms of health or positioning. Make sure that you avoid being caught out in mid-lane or side lanes without any form of escape to run away from possible ganks or team fights if necessary.

Rakan is an amazing roamer so make sure to take advantage of that when playing him. Look for opportunities while roaming where you can secure a kill on an unsuspecting enemy champion who is out of position and capitalize on it by performing combo initiations with your allies when available! Additionally, keep in mind his Ultimate ability, which allows him to re-position himself quickly during team fights so pay attention to enemy champions’ movements and look for opportunities to engage them while also avoiding being focused as a priority target.

Mid Game

After gaining levels and completing the laning phase, it’s time for mid game. This is where Rakan truly comes into his own, as he not only is able to team fight with impunity, but he can disrupt teams by initiating important fights or split pushing.

When it comes to team fighting, some basics need to be kept in mind:

  • Be sure not to overextend and draw attention away from your carries as you are still rather squishy if focused.
  • Sneak in and out of fights when possible, peeling for any ADC or mage that needs it.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your “Grand Entrance” ability (E) during these fights either – it can be a great way to create an opening or escape an unfavorable situation. But make sure you time it correctly, as you will have a 6-second window of opportunity before your ability is on cooldown again.

Rakan shines during mid game split pushing too; use your E right before entering a lane and double up on enemy minions using Q beforehand – this will make sure that the lane is quickly cleared with minimal effort on your part. However, keep track of objectives and teamwork while doing this – straying too far from the rest of your team can cost them crucial objectives like turrets or dragons.

Late Game

Late game is where the true potential of Rakan really shines. Utilize your Ultimate to zone enemies, disrupt formations, and save allies using your ability to dash across the battlefield. Make sure to use your Magical Journey and Grand Entrance whenever available for movement in team fights. Your shield makes a great way to prevent poke damage in team fights as it will absorb most attacks.

You can also set up plays by revealing sneaky enemies that are warded with your battle dance before leaping in with your ultimate to score a kill or unhide an enemy who was trying to surprise you. Rakan’s kit wasn’t built for dealing significant amounts of damage, but he still provides great utility to his teammates when played properly.

Always think ahead and look for the right opportunities on the map whether it is picking off loose enemies or rotating around objectives like turrets and dragons with your superb mobility skills. As Rakan, you have the potential to turn games around in late game situations with quick action and decisive shotcalling from miscommunications from either team!

Recommended Items

Rakan is a unique LoL champion, and the recommended items that should be used when playing him are essential in order to maximize his potential. This section will focus on the essential items such as boots, runes, and items that improve his abilities. It will also touch upon some situational items that can be used to help Rakan dominate in the game.

Core Items

Building items that complement the champion’s playstyle is essential to creating a successful build. The must-have core items for Rakan are:

  • Blade of the Ruined King: A great item for affording Rakan some additional wave clear and burst damage while keeping him healthy with the life steal it gives.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane: A fantastic tool for zoning, this item gives Rakan ally-wide waveclear as well as a significant attack speed buff.
  • Trinity Force: Triforce offers movement speed for kiting, mana storage to occasionally refill and cooldown reduction to get back into lane quickly. All these benefits add up to helping Ravana be more effective in teamfights and skirmishes.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Grants cooldown reduction – making it easier to stay at maximum effectiveness in late game situations – while also providing some additional mobility and magic pen.
  • Mercury’s Treads: An essential item for any champion looking to resist crowd control heavy compositions, Mercury’s Treads offer Rakan an even greater amount of CC resistences with its added value stats.

Situational Items

Situational items provide Rakan with certain bonuses and abilities depending on what the team composition is, or what type of enemy champion he is pitted against. Depending on the specific matchup or situation, he might benefit from buying items that provide an edge to help him take down his opponents. Here are some common situational items that may be good choices for Rakan:

  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: This item slows any enemy target he uses an ability on, allowing him the opportunity to land more combos.
  • Luden’s Tempest: These boots give a huge boost of Ability Power and Mana. With high Ability Power, his abilities do more damage, making it easier for him to quickly eliminate opponents.
  • Knight’s Vow: This item gives extra Armor and Magic Resistance while providing exceptional team utility that makes it able to be effective during most game stages. It will also generate additional Shield Health when combined with Guardian Angel or Redemption.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass: Rakan often has trouble staying alive due to his high aggressiveness; this item helps mitigate this issue by giving him a few seconds of invulnerability when activated.
  • Morellonomicon: This offensive weapon gives decent Magic Penetration, as well as a very useful Unique Passive which reduces healing effects on enemies affected by Rakan’s abilities. This boosts his damage output and makes burst down enemies much easier for him in close quarters combat situations.

Tips and Tricks

Rakan is a powerful support champion in League of Legends (LoL) who provides great utility to his team. To get the most out of this powerful champion, it is important to understand his abilities and the tips and tricks to use him effectively.

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the tips and tricks to help you make the most of your games with Rakan:


Rakan is a powerful champion who only gets stronger when closely partnered with Xayah. He is best utilized as a close range vanguard, where his strong crowd control allows him to disrupt and protect his team. His unpredictable movement combined with his ability to support from the frontlines make him a formidable foe in team-fights.

As Rakan, you want to get into the thick of combat and zone out enemies who try to attack your allies. Use your W (Grand Entrance) to choose your fights wisely – it gives you an escape if need be or a chance to initiate if conditions are right. For example, if you see clustered enemies grouped too close together, fire off W then crowd control multiple enemies at once with Q (Battle Dance).

Your ultimate R (The Quickness) can be used both as an escape and an aggressive tool; use it wisely as it has long cooldowns if misused. If backed into a corner during engagements, don’t panic! Activate R followed by immunity granting E (Featherstorm) or extra shielding Q (Magic Barrier). These abilities may give you the edge necessary for escaping safely or helping allies in trouble.

To maximize your effectiveness always stay aware of what’s going on around this chaotic battle field and never forget – out positioning your opponent will earn you epic victories!


Timing is a key factor in the success of playing Rakan. In order to maximize your effectiveness, you must select optimal times throughout the game to use your abilities. Here are some important factors you can use when timing your ability usage:

  • Cooldowns: Being aware of Rakan’s cooldowns of each ability is essential in maximizing his usefulness in game. Knowing when each ability will be available and being able to plan ahead accordingly can make an enormous difference in team fights and skirmishes.
  • Positioning: Where you are relative to teammates and enemies can have a monumental effect on the success or failure of using abilities. Knowing exactly where enemies are located can mean that timing your abilities need to be used quicker or slower than usual which could mean taking out important targets sooner or prematurely missing out on rewarding opportunities.
  • Playing off allies: Working together with allies doesn’t always begin with Rakan’s ultimate Grand entrance, but knowing who else on the team has mobility abilities, when they’re going to use them as well as predicting how they interact with enemies will allow for more effective synergy during team fights.


Rakan is a champion in League of Legends with a wide range of abilities and combos to use during battle. There are several combos that you can use while playing as Rakan to take out your opponents. Although the following are viable tactics, it is important to practice these combinations in the game with proper timing and power levels so that you can get the most out of them.

Combo 1:

  • The first combo includes a combination of Rakan’s E, Q and W abilities. Start off by casting your E ability towards enemies who are close to you, then activate Q immediately after for added damage before finally ending with his W ability for an AoE effect that knocks back enemies in its path. This is a great combo to use when facing multiple targets at once or when your opponents tend to be grouped together.

Combo 2:

  • The second combo involves using Rakan’s ultimate and flash abilities in tandem. Start by activating your ultimate which will further increase the damage dealt by all of your abilities, then quickly follow up by flashing onto an opponent for added mobility and close-quarter combat opportunities. This combination is effective at dealing massive AoE damage as well as planting yourself on top of the enemy’s health bars for quick clear outs or finishers.

Combo 3:

  • This third combo requires several castings but it’s incredibly powerful if used properly – particularly against champs with high health pools like tanks and warriors. Begin by casting E on any target within range then immediately activate W for an AoE knock back allowing for additional damage from Q before finishing up with R for extra added burst damage on every enemy caught within its radius. This combo is best used when surrounded by multiple foes or targeting single powerful opponents like tanks or bruisers due to its impressive burst potential with each casted spell!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Rakan’s role in League of Legends?
A: Rakan is a Support champion in League of Legends. His role is to provide assistance to his team by protecting them, healing them, and helping them secure objectives.

Q: What abilities does Rakan have?
A: Rakan’s abilities include Grand Entrance, a dash that knocks enemies away and shields allies; Battle Dance, which allows him to dash to an ally and heal them; Protective Shield, which grants a shield to an ally; and The Quickness, a powerful area-of-effect dash that knocks enemies up.

Q: What items should I buy on Rakan?
A: When playing Rakan, it is important to purchase items that will enhance his ability to protect and heal his allies. Items such as Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption, and Zeke’s Convergence are all good choices for Rakan.