Lhotlan is one of the oldest Vastayan Tribes. He was born in the deep forests of Ionia on Qaelin, and has lived there ever since. Ionia was a place where time had no other means, and magic breathed as if it were air. For Lhotlan, the lands of mortals had been an unforgiving desert, with out magic, and stored intruding into the vastaya’s territories.

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Who’s RAKAN​?

Rakan was a charming, mercurial and charismatic man. He was also a notorious vastayan troublemaker who was also the greatest battle dancer in the tribal history of Lhotlan. His name was associated with wild festivals and uncontrolled events as well as anarchic music to mortals.

Rakan was born to a tribe that was in decline. However, he did not give up on hope. He watched the human lands increase their territory, obstructing the movement of Ionia’s wild, mayhem magic for their very own security. Many tribes attempted to barter with them, sending their ambassadors to secure treaties and guard the paranormal power they wanted to develop. These guarantees were tampered with.

The vastaya tribes became disillusioned and began to cling to the lands they had left. Rakan, however, preferred a particular path. He believed that he could convince mortals to let wild magic run free and allow them to view its splendor. He was labeled mutakl, unloyal, human sympathizer and collaborator, because of this.

Rakan left Lhotlan to perform the tunes of his members throughout Ionia. He was an entertaining rogue and a regular performer at village carnivals and taverns. He realized over the years that he was only a performer to mortals. It didn’t matter how many songs or dances he performed. He was a great entertainer, but he could not provide any distraction for drunk revelers.

Rakan became stressed out because he thought he was working towards a goal. When he met Xayah during the Vlongo harvest contest, his thoughts changed. She was also a Lhotlan. Her presence in the crowd impressed him enough to perform one of his old songs. His gleaming plumage and beautiful voice enchanted everyone. Rakan had been loved by many women, both Vastayan and human, but this violet raven seemed to be more attracted to him. However, she seemed not uninterested.

It was a puzzle, with almost no answer. Curious about what happened to his homeland, he asked Xayah to tell him. Lhotlan had lost the last of their lands, and it caused him to rage. Xayah was impressed by his response and they shared that there was still hope. She admitted that she was part of something greater, a rebel who may take back what vastaya had lost. Not only for Lhotlan, but for all the vastaya tribes.

Rakan was stunned. It was his potential to redeem himself and a precept that he was willing to sacrifice his life for. He asked Xayah to allow him to join her. In a situation where he would have to carry his own weight, she agreed.

Xayah quickly realized that Rakan’s dances had been nice and spectacular in battle as they had been on stage. Although he seemed boastful, he declared himself to be the greatest Lhotlan battle-dancer. His impressive entrances and entertaining acrobatics distracted their enemies and fazed them until Xayah killed them with razor-sharp quills. Rakan, Xayah and their allies fought together with incredible concord, despite the harsh conditions.

Rakan became fascinated by Xayah’s approach to the world, while Rakan was traveling. She was always available, aloof, focused, which was quite the opposite to Rakan, who was absent-minded and affable but lacked focus. Rakan usually forgets Xayah’s laid plans however he made up for it utilizing his capability to learn the feelings of others. Although they’re completely different from one another, they’ve achieved nice feats as a result of their strengths complement the opposite’s weaknesses.

Rakan later couldn’t imagine life without Xayah as Xayah was without him. They made a vow to one another during a brawl in a tavern. Nevertheless, they don’t have eyes for all the things. Rakan is more compassionate than Xayah and believes that some people can be redeemed. He was certain that their love would guide them through the storms. They each journey to protect Ionia’s magic from the management of people. With Xayah, Rakan discovered his goal. Impressed by his accomplice’s ideas, he made them his personal, and collectively they fought to reclaim the First Lands for the vastaya.

RAKAN​’s Abilities and skills

Fey feathers

Rakan comes with shields that can be used occasionally and last up to five seconds. After being out of combat for five seconds, the shield will be restored to its maximum value if it is damaged but not destroyed.

Gleaming Quill

Rakan throws his magic feather forward, inflicting magic damage to the primary enemy. Rakan can heal himself or his allies if he hits an epic monster, champion, or other powerful opponent.

Grand Entrance

Rakan rushes to the location and knocks down enemies upon his arrival. After a long pause, he jumps to the air to deal magic harm to enemies.

Battle Dance

Rakan leaps towards an ally champion and grants them a 3 second protect. For a short time, battle dance can be re-cast for free. This will allow you to knock down enemies for one second. Rakan may choose to pursue the same goal again.

The Speed

Rakan becomes empowered, gaining motion velocity. He charms enemies by touching them and gives magic harm. As soon as possible, this will only have an effect on the enemy champion.


  • Participating in As Rakan

Rakan’s presence is a great benefit for his allies. However, he wants them make the most of it. Rakan’s sprint velocity depends on his motion price. Use your enhanced mobility to shock your rivals

  • Participation in the In opposition to Rakan

Rakan’s final vacation spot was revealed by his actions. This is your chance to maximize your potential. Rakan has poor mobility and is unable to move alone. If you find Rakan alone, it is the easiest way to get him out.

  • Capacity Utilization

To be quickly a part of a struggle, or escape, he may use Battle Dance, Grand Entrance and The Quickness. Battle Dance and Grand Entrance are also useful for scaling partitions.

You could use this combo to enter with Grand Entrance to activate Fey Feathers, then use Gleaming Quinll to hit an enemy champion quickly, and then close with Battle Dance to flee. This fast sequence can be difficult to counter.

The best way to reach Xayah is to complete Battle Dance. When used with other allies, it doesn’t have the same range.

When called upon, the Quickness can provide a rapid burst or velocity. It can be used to strike an opponent champion, or to flee. The Quickness can be used to draw your adversaries to you. The Quickness can be used to attract your pursuing adversaries, while teammates will pounce for the kill.

Battle Dance could be a unique strategy to get in the fray. It is instantly adopted by Grand Entry. This shock attack could be more practical with Xayah current.

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What type of Champion can you play against a Rakan the most?

One who may out-skill him, or avoid being charmed.

What does Rakan Means?

Rakan means “buddy” in Arabic.

Rakan is what type of champion?

Rakan is considered a murderer/fighter champ in league of legends because he relies on his ability to get near enemies and use his talents to cause burst damage. Rakan can also build completely new tanky objects depending on whether he requires more survivability.

What are Rakan’s talents?

Rakan has three talents to help him get near his enemies, and three talents to defend himself or his allies.