Rammus is a strong champion in League of Legends (LoL) who is tanky and deals a good amount of damage. He can be played in both the top lane and the jungle and excels in teamfights. His unique playstyle and mobility make him a formidable opponent and a valuable asset to a team composition.

In this article, we will take a look at his playstyle, abilities, and how to best take advantage of Rammus’s full potential in League of Legends.

Overview of Rammus

Rammus is a tanky 1-cost champion from the Piltover and Zaun faction in Legends of Runeterra. He has powerful defensive capabilities, allowing him to draw aggro, defend allied champions, and often disrupt enemy strategies. Rammus is also highly adaptive and capable of both aggressive or passive playstyles.

When Rammus attacks, he Taunts enemies within 1 or 2 spaces of him, forcing them to attack him while ignoring other units. When a battle starts, standing near an enemy unit causes Rammus to activate his Ball Curl ability; greatly reducing incoming damage while setting up a punishing counterattack at the end of the turn.

At the start of his turn, Rammus gains temporary movement speed and additional armor which helps him maneuver around quickly and survive any confrontations. When he gets to an enemy unit or reaches an edge of the map, he triggers Spiked Shell; dealing bonus damage for every unit he passes through during his journey.

In tandem with other strong Defensive cards like Guardian Angel or Ironclad Reinforcements and direct disruption tools such as Glimpse Beyond or Yordle Grifter, Rammus can make quick work of your opponent’s board while keeping yours safe from harm. If you’re looking for a resilient frontline commander with plenty of room for adaptation then look no further than Rammus!

Rammus’ Abilities

Rammus is a tank champion for League of Legends who was released in July of 2010. He is built to outlast his opponents in the jungle or on the battlefields, absorbing immense amounts of damage while still dishing it out. He combines high durability with excellent crowd control and heavy physical damage, making him an ideal pick for team fights.

Rammus’ Abilities:

  • Powerball – Rammus’s signature ability gives him movement speed when he swirls around, allowing him to quickly move around the map to gank or escape death. It also damages enemies in his path and gives Rammus bonus defensive stats while in Powerball form.
  • Defensive Ball Curl – His passive ability gives Rammus bonus armor and magic resistance every time he uses an ability as well as a self-shield that scales with maximum health every few seconds. Any enemies attacking Rammus will be slowed for three seconds if they hit him during this time frame.
  • Puncturing Taunt – Rammus taunts a target enemy unit into a furious rage, forcing them to attack for up to four seconds after which they are slowed for two seconds afterwards by an additional effect stacks from Puncturing Taunt will reduce the target’s magic resistance by 15%, stacking up to three times total.
  • Frenzy – Increases attack speed of all nearby allies by 20%. Stacking this up three times can grant up to 60% bonus attack speed! Additionally dealing damage with basic attacks causes enemies near Rammus to become feared into running away from him for one second, allowing allies some breathing room or allowing them enough time to react accordingly should things turn sour.
  • Tremors – Through Tremors, not only does Rammus get protection from slows and Immobilizes but he also does damage over four seconds plus an additional 420 magic damage at its end point; it also stuns any area it hits after its initial AoE blast making team fights extremely deadly with his ultimate active.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Rammus is a tanky champion in the game League of Legends who packs plenty of crowd control, sustain, and utility. His ability to deal a lot of damage while being able to soak up a lot of damage makes him an ideal choice to be a frontline for a team.

In this section, we’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Rammus, and how you can use him to your advantage in teamfights.


Rammus is a great champion for the game of League of Legends (LoL). This tanky defensive character is able to soak up damage, launch his enemies away and withstand the toughest team fights. His key abilities are Powerball, Defensive Ball Curl, Tremors and Puncturing Taunt.

  • Powerball gives Rammus an impressive burst of movement speed as he rolls into battle ready to smash foes in his path.
  • Defensive Ball Curl gives Rammus ability to absorb damage effectively by increasing his armor and magic resistance for several seconds.
  • Tremors increases Rammus’ lethality by dealing powerful AOE magical damage over several seconds in a wide area around him.
  • Puncturing Taunt can be used to render enemy champions completely useless during team fights as they will be forced to attack Rammus while they are unable to cast spells or use items thus giving teammates time to strike them down.

All these strengths combined along with his resilient nature make him one of the best front line champions in LoL game mode and let him contribute greatly during every team fight.


Rammus is an exceptionally powerful champion in the right battlefield. However, he may not always be able to live up to his full potential in more difficult matchups. Despite his capabilities, there are still a few weak points that could cause frustration when playing Rammus.

One of Rammus’ key weaknesses is his lack of ranged capabilities. He relies heavily on ability cooldowns, and his basic attacks have short range and mediocre damage at early levels; however, with the proper build, he can quickly become a considerable melee combatant.

Due to Rammus’ heavy rotation-based play style, many opponents can just outplay him or counter him if they know what to prepare for before team fights. Because all of his abilities are centered around movement rather than direct damage it can be tough for him to stay relevant in late game skirmishes. His ultimate Defensive Ball Curl, while strong if correctly placed, is based around the stats of the wall it’s attached too which makes sacrifices against certain foes extremely ineffective during extended fights.

Rammus also lacks consistent wave clear and needs help from items or allies when attempting take down towers quickly on larger maps like Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline. When caught out of position, Rammus does not have much escape prowess and can be easily put down in solo-fights due to a lack of hard crowd control abilities aside from Taunt which only interrupts enemies for 1.25 seconds if fully ranked up by level 18; significantly shorter than other characters’ CCs like Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab or Gnar’s Wall Smash.

Rammus’ Best Strategies

For those who haven’t yet encountered the League of Legends champion Rammus, he is a tanky, mobile-style champion who can wreak havoc on the battlefield. To make the most out of Rammus’ kit, players should focus on using his natural strengths to their advantage. This means focusing on a few key strategies that will make the most out of Rammus’ abilities.

Let’s take a look at some of these strategies and how to best capitalize on them:

Early Game

In the early game, Rammus’ main goal is to be as disruptive as possible. You want to focus on Powerballing into the enemies pathing and look for opportunities to disrupt their farming or induce a fight. Depending on the enemy jungler at hand, you may be able to recognize which lanes need help and look for ways of ganking from there. Whenever you are out of combat, opt for clearing and securing your jungle camps as this will enable a more seamless powerball-gank combo.

When ganking specifically, it’s important to recognize that Powerball has little CC amplification and much of your damage will come from auto attacking rather than direct skillshots. As such, look for ways of CC’ing enemies before you get in auto range or lessening their mobility with Puncturing Taunt so you can close the gap easier following Powerball.

Lastly, in early game fights your main priority should be diving turret if necessary and getting that control onto other members on your team in order to maximize combo potential!

Late Game

Rammus enters late game with the power of a tank, but he also has utility at his disposal. The key to a successful Rammus game is timing his abilities properly to maximize crowd control and damage.

The most useful combination of abilities you can use as Rammus during late game is Powerball, Puncturing Taunt and Tremors. Powerball helps Rammus move quickly around the map while providing crowd control through knock up and knockback – it also gives Rammus bonus armor and magic resistance which is great for engaging team fights. Puncturing Taunt is Rammus’ bread-and-butter move for locking down enemies for your team; it ensures that enemies stay in place for three seconds and take additional damage from attacks – in the late game this can make all the difference between victory or defeat. Finally, Tremors provides an area of effect (AOE) slow that deals massive magic damage if you’re in combat with multiple opponents – very useful for taking down squishy backline champions!

If you utilize these abilities effectively, you will prove to be a powerful asset as a tanky bruiser/utility initiator to your team’s cause.

Tips and Tricks

Mastering Rammus in League of Legends is no small feat. With his unique abilities, Rammus is a versatile champion that can be used in many different ways. This section will discuss some helpful tips and tricks to use when playing Rammus. With the right strategy and practice, you can be well on your way to becoming a skilled Rammus player.

Here are some tips and tricks for playing Rammus:

  • Utilize Rammus’ Powerball ability to quickly close the gap between him and his enemies.
  • Use Rammus’ Defensive Ball Curl to reduce incoming damage and gain bonus armor and magic resistance.
  • Take advantage of Rammus’ Tremors ultimate ability to damage and slow enemies in a large area.
  • Time Rammus’ Puncturing Taunt ability to disrupt enemy champions and prevent them from using their abilities.
  • Position Rammus carefully to maximize the effectiveness of his Spiked Shell passive ability.

Use Defensive Ball Curl to Maximize Damage

Rammus is one of the few League of Legends champions who possess the unique ability to turn defensive into offensive. His Defensive Ball Curl (DBC) ability lets him bow down into a ball shape and increase both his armor and magic resistance while dealing additional damage to nearby enemies. But it is in combination with his other abilities that Rammus’ full damage potential can be unleashed.

To maximize the damage output with Defensive Ball Curl, one must combine its activation with Powerball and Tremors. When you activate Powerball upon initiating your Defensive Ball Curl, Rammus will be propelled forward while increasing the radius of his attack range on all sides. This combination allows Rammus to hit multiple enemies within its vicinity as he rolls towards them. Additionally, activating Tremors after successfully reaching enemy lines will cause a series of earthquakes that deal tremendous amounts of AOE (Area of Effect) damage as long as DBC is still active.

Moreover, Guardian Angel offers additional spell vamp for increased survivability when Rammus’ Ultimate-Focused Armor is activated along with DBC for maximum effect. Be sure to time your spells for maximum efficiency against enemy forces since wrong timing could cost you losses in both survivability and tankiness. With the right set-up and proper execution, Rammus can easily creep out an entire wave or two without breaking a sweat!


In conclusion, Rammus is a great champion to have in your team. He is a tank and can be used in different roles. His Fear spell is extremely useful in making enemies recall or stay away from your team. His Puncturing Taunt and Powerball can help you to reposition and chase enemies.

Rammus is a versatile champion and has multiple playstyles. Try him out and you might surprise yourself with the results.

Summary of Rammus’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Rammus is a strong, resilient champion in League of Legends, offering a wide range of offensive and defensive capabilities to his team. He has an array of tanky stats and his combo-oriented playstyle allows him to engage enemies alongside his allies and put out massive amounts of damage. His kit also offers great mobility and crowd control options, making him especially useful for area control.

However, Rammus’ lack of immunity abilities means that he can be outmaneuvered by more agile opponents in the late game. Additionally, his lack of burst damage output makes it difficult for him to make good decisions with regards to diving into the enemy backline or dealing with champions that have high burst aerial movement skills such as Ahri or Fizz.

In summary, Rammus’ strengths are his bulkiness, mobility, crowd control effects and teamfight engage capabilities; while his weaknesses are his lack of immunity skills and high burst damage output that can leave him vulnerable in certain situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What type of champion is Rammus?

A1: Rammus is a tank champion in the game League of Legends.

Q2: What abilities does Rammus have?

A2: Rammus has a range of offensive, defensive, and mobility abilities including Powerball, Defensive Ball Curl, Puncturing Taunt, Tremors, and his ultimate, Soaring Slam.

Q3: What role does Rammus typically play?

A3: Rammus is typically played as a tank, meaning he is the one to initiate fights and protect his team from damage.