Rell LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Rell is a very versatile champion in the League of Legends universe. She is an excellent mid laner who can quickly transition into an off-tank or support depending on the needs of the team. She has strong crowd control and burst damage, making her a great presence in any team composition.

Her passive, Iron Whisper, gives her bonus armor and magic resist when she’s not engaged in combat. This section will provide an overview of Rell’s abilities, playstyle and tips on how to best utilize her in a match.

History of Rell

Rell is a champion from Riot Games’ League of Legends. She is a wielder of powerful weapons – magnetic steel lances that can act as both shield and spear – and has the ability to communicate with and control magnetic forces in Runeterra.

Rell’s identity within the League universe is somewhat mysterious. She was first mentioned as a forgotten character from the mythos of Ionia, before her full reveal at LoL 10 year celebration in 2019. Since then, she represents hope for many Ionian citizens and Valorans alike.

Rell was born in the mystical lands of Ionia, where she developed her powers over magnetism – a gift that few possess even among her native people. Despite having immense natural talent and potential, Rell shunned most part of the normal life imposed on her. She was able to develop her strength and eventually became a powerful fighter who seeks only to protect those deemed too weak or vulnerable; whether it is man or beast, Rell will use whatever means necessary to fulfill this mission.

Though Rell is not officially affiliated with any one organization, her missions often take her on cross-continent adventures – allowing her to traverse through unsuspecting environments and protect whoever needs assistance along the way; effectively becoming the “guardian” for all those individuals who fall through traditional social systems’ cracks – no matter their creed, race or identity.


Rell is a champion that can be built in many different ways depending on your preference and the situation in the game. Her kit allows her to be played as a damage dealer and it also gives her great crowd control with her pull ability.

  • Passive – Magnetic Power: Passive allows Rell to store up magnetic energy and trigger when an enemy is close and if the enemy collides with Rell, they will be stunned for 80/90/100% of Attack Speed for 2 seconds.
  • Q – Attract & Repel: Rell grabs her opponents within 950 range then throws them back trying to create space or catch up enemies on lane. It deals low damage but if two enemies are caught it will deal double damage.
  • W – Ferromancy: She gains armor which increases with level allowing her to become Tanky, against multiple opponents she gain additional armor by simply being next to them or shielding herself for potential CC attacks.
  • E – Buckle Up! : When channeling this ability she gains movement speed and another target affected by the same spell gains even more movement speed than Rell itself, this speed was increased by 60/70/80%.
  • R – Magnet Storm : Upon casting this powerful ability an explosion of energy appears damaging all enemies near her dealing true damage in a 600 range also stunning all enemies affected by it between 1-2 seconds based on current level.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Regardless of which game mode you are playing, every League of Legends champion has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Rell is no exception; as an unconventional tank, she has several strengths that set her apart from other champions.


  • Versatile kit that can be used for aggressive and defensive purposes alike
  • Valiant Screech ability gives Rell the chance to turn fights in her team’s favor
  • Abilities grant bonus armor, making her ruthless in melee combat
  • Large health pool and access to healing items gives her an advantage over others in duels
  • Unforgiving playstyle allows Rell to take control of the map or keep enemies at bay with her Magnetic Grip ultimate


  • Limited mobility—Rell is easily countered by opponents with faster characters or the ability to outflank
  • No clear crowd control abilities make it difficult to gain any sort of initiative during teamfights and skirmishes when there are multiple foes present
  • Low damage output limits Rell’s potential duringfights against single targets—she must rely on taking advantage of her defensive capabilities against multiple opponents instead


Gameplay is the most important part of any LoL champion, and Rell is no different. From her skills and abilities to her ultimate, every aspect of Rell’s character must be understood to get the most out of them.

This section will break down all of Rell’s abilities, passive, and ultimate to give you an understanding of how to best play them in a game:

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Strategies and Tips

For success in a League of Legends match, it’s important to work with your team and have good communication. While Rell is a versatile champion, there are also some general strategies and tips you should consider when playing as this character.

  • Know your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses to capitalize on their vulnerabilities and exploit them while managing your own.
  • Make sure to focus your passive first before going in for the flank and push up with the crowd control options that Rell has available.
  • Be mindful of your team’s positioning as you approach objectives such as capturing towers, turrets or taking down an enemy nexus.
  • Use Rell’s crowd control abilities to set up strategic plays where possible.
  • When attacking an enemy base, devise a formation with your team based on what you know about the opponents, who will engage and how you will use Rell’s abilities.

It’s important for your survival to use Rell’s E – Magnet Storm defensively when necessary if attacked by squishier enemies from afar or even grouped up enemies from close range. Its potential area lockdown can be used strategically to either catch fleeing targets out of reach or allowing allies to escape away safely during hectic engagements. Keep an eye on its cooldown time so it can be readily available when needed while conserving mana usage during periods of downtime between fights. That being said, never forget that cornering an enemy with crowd control could mean death for anyone caught in its wake if not accompanied by teammates or an escape plan of some kind!

In addition, always watch out for poking opportunities since most opponents won’t expect quick burst like those provided by Rell’s skill kit. Use this opportunity wisely – poke fast yet contain aggression often enough until desired damage is achieved while maintaining a safe distance from harm so as not to receive any incoming damage from opposing players in revenge!

Lastly but certainly not least, after every teamfight make sure to assess the situation along with colleagues in order for follow-up objectives taken within minutes prior being secured (or status quo maintained), thus ensuring total dominance!

Tips for Playing Against Rell

Rell is a powerful support champion with strong crowd control and protections. She can also be a difficult opponent to play against because of her capabilities to help her team quickly turn the tables on a fight. Before attempting to tackle Rell, it’s important to know some key strategies that can help you succeed.

First, be aware of when Rell has activated her passive ability, Iron Will, which increases her magical damage and armor. If she activates this ability during an engagement, it’s best for you to stay away from any direct combat. As an alternative, focus on poking at second targets or at enemy structures instead of trying to go head-to-head with Rell.

Also keep in mind that Rell’s ult Mounted Crossbows allows her to set up deadly snares or cut off whole sections from the map. When possible, avoid taking routes near these areas as they may leave you exposed or unable to escape if need be.

At the same time, try not put any key targets such as ranged carries out of position – as Rell’s kit grants shields and stuns that make flank attempts much more likely to succeed for her team. It’s important to play smartly if you want any chance of defeating this champion!

Team Synergy

Team synergy is an important aspect of Rell’s play. Her kit allows her to improvise in unorthodox ways and bestow protection to her allies during unexpected situations. Her kit also allows her to set up combos with allies, giving her access to powerful teamfight initiations and peeling potential.

Let’s take a look at how Rell’s kit works and how it allows for better team synergy:

Who Rell Synergizes With

When building a team composition, it’s essential that all champions in the team complement each other, making the most of their abilities while reducing the weaknesses of their combination. When creating a team synergy with Rell, these are some key champions you may want to consider.

Rell is an excellent frontliner and can provide invaluable protection for high-value targets such as carries. As an anchor, Rell pairs well with ranged champions who can take advantage of her ability to generate shield for them. Two combinations that work extremely well with Rell are Ezreal and Ashe. While Ezreal is able to dish out consistent damage from range, Ashe can use Enchanted Crystal Arrow’s great crowd control potential to both initiate and disengage fights according to the needs of the team composition.

In addition, Rell’s large area-of-effect spells allows her to split off and hold smaller parts of the map efficiently. Champions like Lissandra or Ivern are able to effectively contest objectives in conjunction with her waveclear potential and engage initiation/defense capabilities.

Ultimately though, it is up to you how you build your team composition around Rell – experiment to find out what works best!

Who Rell Counters

Rell is a champion in League of Legends with a focused kit designed to provide support to her allies and make sure everyone plays their best in the heat of battle. Knowing how Rell counters her enemies can help your team move as one cohesive force, maximizing survivability and effectiveness.

Countering Through Her Abilities: Rell has a number of skills that make it easy for her to counteract enemy champions, engage with them and disrupt their plans. Her passive Shields up acts as the buffer between her and incoming damage, allowing her to protect those around her at all times. Trident Awe makes an aggressive posture easy, allowing Rell to jump in and grab hold of an enemy while Roots of Steel renders them helpless while disrupting whatever abilities they had planned on using. And If need be, Magnetic Field gives Rell the ability to pull away any enemies who get too close or daringly stay too long.

Countering Through Team Synergy: Besides having useful abilities that allow her take out possibly tricky encounters, Rell’s real strength lies within team synergy generated by several factors including lane pressure, strategic attacking from multiple sides when faced with ambushes or counter-engagements and ensuring that she sticks close enough to allies so she can shield them when needed. When these elements come together flawlessly, the enemy will be hard pressed indeed when faced with formidable foes like those wielding Rell’s powers.


Rell is a champion in LoL that has a variety of skins available. Players can choose from a range of different options when it comes to customizing their champion. This can range from classic skins to those featuring more intricate designs.

Players can also unlock different skins through completing various in-game goals such as leveling up and completing missions. Additionally, there are rare skins for Rell that can be acquired through promotional events and special loot boxes.

Available Skins

Rell offers a variety of skins for players to customize their champion in League of Legends. Skins are often based on characters from Riot’s extensive lore universe and can give players another way to enhance their gaming experience. Skins typically come with unique animations and sounds. They also offer special splash arts, which provide a glimpse of the skin during gameplay, making it easier for users to spot their team-mates’ customizations in game.

Here is an overview of the available skins for Rell:

  • Ashen Lord Rell – a smokey gray skin with gold trimming and a top knot.
  • Runewarden Rell – this skin features vibrant blues and purples along with intricate runes covering her body.
  • Chosen King Rell – a regal option with ornate armor, golden helmet and flowing cloak.
  • Underlord Rell – an eerie dark grey color scheme reminiscent of a near death setting.
  • Grungy Leprechaun Rell – rocking green trousers, white hopsack shirt and bowler hat.
  • Lady Liberty Rell – this armored skin revels in red, white and blue attire complete with Uncle Sam style hat.
  • Desert StormRangerRell – heralding desert camouflage colors along with military inspirations this is the perfect skin for those looking to dominate the battlefield.

How to Unlock Skins

Unlocking skins in League of Legends is a great way to customize your champion and show off your style. All champions start with their classic skin and six other unlocked skins (three Epic, two Rare, and one Legacy). But eventually, you might want more variety. So, how exactly can you unlock additional skins for Rell?

There are several ways to unlock extra skins for Rell:

  • You can purchase them from the League of Legends store using Riot Points or Blue Essence.
  • Sometimes Epic or Legendary skins will be temporarily available in a sale—so keep an eye out for discounts!
  • You can also earn event rewards by completing missions during the various in game events such as Seasonal Events or Runeterra Events.
  • If you get really lucky, you may find that a special skin has been awarded in your loot boxes!
  • Lastly, some old legacy skins may also be obtained through mystery gifts bought from the store with Blue Essence.


Rell is a great champion to use both inside and outside of the game of League of Legends. She has a lot of potential to excel in team fights and can also be great in solo queue games. Her kit is capable of providing both sustain and burst damage.

Though she is not the most common choice, she can be very powerful in the right hands. In conclusion, with the right knowledge, Rell can be an extremely powerful champion.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Rell is a powerful tanky support, with many defensive options. Her ultimate ability, “Magnet Storm” turns enemies into metal and traps them so they cannot move. She has high crowd control and damage potential in team fights. With her “Bellow” ability, she can make allies around her become invulnerable for the duration of the effect.

Cons: Her damage potential is overshadowed by other supports with more options for sustained damage output such as Blitzcrank or Nautilus. For her to be effective in team fights, she needs a well-coordinated team that can capitalize on her abilities correctly and benefit from her crowd control effects. In solo-Queue games where communication is lacking, Rell’s capabilities as a supportive champion are greatly reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who is Rell, the League of Legends champion?

Answer 1: Rell is a new champion in the League of Legends universe. She is a versatile fighter who specializes in using her metal arm, which is connected to her horse, to fight her enemies. Rell is also capable of controlling her horse’s movements and using it to her advantage in battle.

Question 2: What are Rell’s abilities?

Answer 2: Rell has several unique abilities that make her a formidable foe. Her main ability is called Attract and Repel, which allows her to pull enemies in closer to her or push them away. She also has a shield that can absorb damage and protect her allies, and a dash ability that can be used to close the gap between her and her enemies. Finally, Rell is able to control her horse to increase her mobility and maneuverability in battle.

Question 3: What role does Rell play in League of Legends?

Answer 3: Rell is a powerful fighter who can be used in many different ways. She is most commonly seen as a top laner, where she can use her mobility and crowd control abilities to control the pace of the battle. However, she also works well as a jungler, where she can use her shield and dash abilities to quickly get around the map and apply pressure to the enemy team.