Renekton LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Renekton is a champion from the League of Legends universe that has the perfect balance of offense and defense. He is an incredibly versatile champion, allowing players to build him in multiple different ways. His kit allows him to excel in almost any team composition, making him a formidable enemy in any fight.

Let’s look at what makes this champion so popular:


Renekton is a League of Legends champion that is often classified as a fighter and is available on the game’s summoning platform, the Howling Abyss. The champion is known for his durability, burst damage, and crowd control capabilities in lane and throughout larger team fights. Renekton sits atop the list of many veteran players’ favorite champions to play against.

Renekton originates from ancient Shurima; located on the Southern-Eastern side of Valoran. He was once recognized by Azir, central figure in ancient Shurima, as one of Azir’s most trusted generals; fighting alongside him during many wars throughout season one until present. Although he reveals very little about his past, Renekton’s power speaks for itself; with an essence blade given to him by Azir himself, Renekton has become one of the strongest champions in all of League of Legends.


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Renekton is a powerful champion in League of Legends and his abilities are one of the key things that make him so powerful. He has four main abilities and they all complement each other to make him a force to be reckoned with.

In this section, let’s take a look at each of these abilities and how they are used in-game to create an unstoppable force:


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Additionally, passive abilities can be used to identify or recognize certain items or objects in the world and even unlock special abilities that require skillful use of those abilities.

Q Ability

Q Ability: Renekton’s Q ability is slice and dice. With this ability, Renekton slices in a target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies in his way and gaining fury for each hit. If cast twice, Renekton will dash back through the same path and deal additional damage. This ability is great for dealing extra damage and navigating through fights quickly. The fury gained from slicing also applies to Renekton’s W ability allowing him to act faster while in combat.

W Ability

Renekton’s W ability is Cull the Meek. This ability allows Renekton to use his claws to slash forward in a cone in front of him, dealing physical damage and healing him for a portion of all the damage he dealt. The amount healed increases per enemy champion hit up to 3 times (hitting multiple enemies will give more healing). Additionally, enemies who have their health reduced below 50% by this ability will receive a grievous wound debuff, reducing their healing and regeneration effects by 50%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds.

E Ability

Renekton’s E ability is Ruthless Predator. This ability is a targeted skillshot that deals physical damage, slows his target, and stuns them if Renekton hits them with a basic attack during the duration of the slow. After using the initial skillshot, Renekton marks his target and can reactivate Ruthless Predator up to three times in order to dash to marked targets. This ability serves as both an offensive and defensive tool for Renekton as it can be used offensively to close gaps and reposition against targets or defensively to retreat from pursuers.

When looking for favorable trades in lane, look for openings when your opponent commits to aggressive trades and use Ruthless Predator then dash back with your ultimate if needed for safety. If you successfully hit the skillshot multiple times, it will pave the way for favorable all-in trades in which Renekton typically comes out on top due to his high damage output early on in the game.

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Renekton is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends and understanding the strategy behind him is key to maximizing his potential. Knowing which abilities to level up, which items to buy, and when to engage in fights are all important components that play a role in Renekton’s success.

Let’s take a closer look at the strategy involved in playing this champion:

Early Game

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Mid Game

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Late Game

Renekton is a great pick during the late game of League of Legends as his crowd control abilities and strong damage skills work well in team fights and skirmishes. In addition, he gains a significant amount of health when engaging with his W and Q combo, giving him more survivability than other champions.

It is recommended to build Renekton’s recommended items such as Sterak’s Gage, Death’s Dance, and Trinity Force. Also, you can opt for situational items like Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet if your team lacks of CC or tankiness compared to enemy composition.

Along with this, do not forget to position yourself properly when trying to engage or duel with another enemy champion. You can use your E skill in order to dodge and reposition quickly, leading into the advantages position for your team during a clash. When possible try to focus on squishy targets or those isolated from their teammates due to his ultimate’s long-lasting stun capability.

Tips & Tricks

Renekton is a formidable champion in League of Legends, and learning the right combinations of abilities and strategies can make all the difference in a match. Here, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks that can help players who want to make the most out of playing with Renekton.

From understanding the Renekton’s abilities to playing the right items and runes, we’ll go through everything you need to know when playing with the champion:


Positioning is a critical factor in playing Renekton. Before using his ultimate, Renekton needs to get into the best possible position before initiating a battle or attempting to gank an enemy. When trying to assassinate an enemy, you should always aim to land the killing blow with Cull the Meek.

When it comes to team fights, Renekton can be deadly if used correctly. It’s important for Renekton players to constantly be moving and re-positioning around the map during a fight. His Rage Meter allows him access to special ability modifiers that changes how his abilities behave, so don’t forget almost all of them have additional effects when activated by these modifiers!

Renekton has two primary roles within team fights; Tank and Damage Dealer. When playing as a tank he should always try and focus on taking advantage of his crowd control abilities like Dominus and The Butcher’s Slaughter radius attack in order to both protect and support his allies while causing maximum chaos in the enemy team’s backline. As a Damage Dealer he should set out on an offense role utilizing his quick mobility as well as crowd control as mentioned above in order to quickly target and burst down key targets like Assassins or Vulnerable AD Carries.

Finally, when possible it’s often very effective for him ult out at the start of battles, so long as your team is ready for him with proper follow-up crowd control or bursting potential – this is highly situational but can often give you or your team an edge on engagements (as long as they’re coordinated).


Timing is critical when playing as Rekton in League of Legends. Rekton’s abilities provide an incredible burst of damage and allow you to make quick escapes, so if used at the right moment they can make all the difference in a game. Knowing just when to use your abilities can determine whether or not you win or lose a fight.

Here is a breakdown of how to time Rekton’s core abilities:

  • Slice & Dice: Slicing and dicing require especially careful timing because it can be a double-edged sword if used too late or early. Start by attacking with your auto attack and then close in with your dash, doing this combo quickly so that you have time to slot over walls or escape from fights by slicing again after dashing. Try to get into position that makes it most easy for you to land some hits but also use it for escaping sticky situations.
  • Ruthless Predator: You should always wait until you have both your opponent, yourself and ideally one other ally all within range of Ruthless Predator. With only two people, it deals slightly less damage, however three will give max damage output so try not to go wild with it without making sure everyone is accounted for first.
  • Dominus: Dominus has lots of area control and should be triggered during teamfights or sieges when your opponents are near each other – preferably near Baron/dragon objectives where power plays come into play! It also has a slow effect which means that if someone is running away they are more likely to die because their movement speed will decrease while inside its area so use it consciously sometime soon there’s no specific timing rule but avoid using too soon after Unseen Predator as this gives away its location even faster than usual.


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After carefully studying the details of this champion, Renekton, you now possess great knowledge and understanding of his combat mechanics. With the guidance and insight provided here, you can use Renekton confidently even against powerful opponents.

His Strength Bar mechanic enables him to gain bonuses that further increase his already formidable damage output. Additionally, Renekton’s Ultimate grants him a huge punch in which to finish off or break free from an incoming teamfight or gank.

With these advantages at hand all that is left is for you to practice, practice, practice; make no doubt about it that Renekton is a powerful force to be reckoned with in League of Legends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Renekton’s special ability?
A1: Renekton’s special ability is called Cull the Meek. It allows him to heal himself and deal increased damage based on the number of nearby enemies.

Q2: What is Renekton’s role in the game?
A2: Renekton is typically played as a tank or fighter. He excels at initiating fights, absorbing damage, and dishing out damage in return.

Q3: How can I use Renekton effectively?
A3: To use Renekton effectively in League of Legends, you should focus on building items that increase his health and armor. Additionally, make sure to use his special ability, Cull the Meek, to heal himself and deal extra damage in fights.