Rengar LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Introduction to Rengar

Rengar is a champion in the popular game League of Legends (LoL). He is an agile assassin with a versatile combat abilities, allowing him to be played in both offensive and defensive plays. He is an excellent jungler who can surprise his opponents with powerful bursts of damage.

In this article, we will explore all the aspects of Rengar and how to play him.

Overview of Rengar’s abilities

Rengar is an Assassin class champion in League of Legends. He utilizes a unique combination of attack damage and ability power to move quickly in the jungle, leap to his target and burst them down.

Rengar has four main abilities, which include his passive savagery, battle roar, bola strike and thrills of the hunt. His passive savagery deals bonus damage on his next basic attack after using an ability. His battle roar heals him for a percentage of the damage taken while knocking back nearby enemies units. Bola strike tosses out a long rage bola that will slow the target enemy unit’s movement speed if it hits them. Thrills of the hunt increases Rengar’s movement speed when he enters brush for one second and reduces all abilities cooldowns if he takes no damage for four seconds within it.

In addition to these abilities, Rengar also has access to two ultimate abilities—Unseen Predator and breakneck pace. Unseen predator allows Rengar to stealth jump toward a nearby enemy champion or monster while breakneck pace increases his attack speed over time after being hit by an enemy champion or monster twice in short succession.

Rengar’s kit provides him with excellent early game ganking potential due to its fast-paced nature combined with its burst capability at close range; this makes him a strong jungler who can catch enemies off guard with ease due to his unpredictability when approaching targets in the jungle as well as their natural lanes.

Tips for playing Rengar

Rengar is a champion from Riot Games’ popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title League of Legends. Generally categorized as an assassin, Rengar is a fierce assassin capable of leaping through terrains to take out unsuspecting enemies with his trademark ferocity. With his ability to stealthily hunt down opponents, he is well-known for being one of the trickiest and opportunistic champions in LoL.

Being part of the assassin class, Rengar should focus on prioritizing targets and swiftly eliminating them with powerful strikes. His kit contains two primary attack choices that should be used depending on the situation – either Full Ferocity or Savagery (used for short range trades). Both abilities allow Rengar to quickly close gaps and deal damage while simultaneously ducking out of harm’s way before taking hits himself.

When playing Rengar, you should look to burst targets down quickly and decisively. Prioritize stacking your resources and choosing which targets to commit time and energy into – get it right, you’ll have easier fights later down the line. He also thrives off positional advantages, so positioning correctly either in small or large skirmishes will grant him additional boosts for his kit’s active effects that will enable him to win most teamfights with ease!

Rengar’s Skills

Rengar is a formidable champion in League of Legends, primarily known for his impressive abilities. His kit is full of powerful AoE damage, as well as crowd control, stealth, and mobility. He has some of the strongest burst damage in the game and is capable of outplaying enemies with his unique mechanic.

In this section, we’ll talk about all the skills of Rengar, and how to use them effectively:

Unseen Predator

Unseen Predator is Rengar’s ultimate ability which allows him to become stealthed and move faster for a short period of time. While in stealth, he has increased attack speed and range, deals bonus attack damage and restores health he has lost. He also gains furosity charges for the duration of the ability.

When Unseen Predator wears off or is manually cancelled, Rengar’s next basic attack will be a powerful leap that deals physical damage to enemies around him. This jump can be used to hop over walls and other terrain. Enemies hit by the leaping attack are slowed making it easier for Rengar to catch them or make his escape.

In addition to this tactical advantage, Unseen Predator also changed how Rengar collects his feroisity stacks while active. When entering stealth each stack increases movement speed temporarily but if all 4 stacks are full when activating Unseen Predator then these bonuses are prolonged until after leaving stealth or using the leap ability mentioned earlier. All together these tricks make Stealth an incredibly spammable and useful ability for making ganking plays and getting stronger as fights continue.


Savagery is Rengar’s signature skill and an important part of his damage output. It is an Auto-Attack modifier that grants Rengar bonus attack speed for two auto attacks. When activated, the two auto attacks benefit from Savagery’s increased attack speed as well as increased attack damage. After the two auto attacks, Savagery is automatically put on cooldown for six seconds and cannot be used again until the cooldown has expired.

Rengar can use Savagery to increase his damage output when engaging in combat with other champions, particularly when engaging in close-range fights. Additionally, it can be used to quickly farm minions or quickly clear waves of minions, making it especially useful during lane phases or while pushing in team fights. Furthermore, its six-second cooldown allows you to use it again quickly if more auto attacks are needed in a fight. Be sure to always have your passive ready before engaging a fight so you can benefit from its powerful effect!

Battle Roar

Battle Roar is one of the core abilities of Rengar, the Pridestalker. When triggered, it provides a powerful burst of movement speed to Rengar and all surrounding allies, allowing them to quickly cover ground and pursue their enemies. Additionally, it provides an armor and magic resist bonus to these allies, helping them take on tougher foes with less fear of dying.

This ability enables Rengar to act as a backline protector for his allies while also acting as an initiator who is able open up fights in teamfights. The ability also deals a small amount of damage in a cone around Rengar, allowing him to push away or soften up minions or monsters who get too close.

Bola Strike

Rengar’s Bola Strike is an ability that allows him to hurl a bola at his enemies and slow them down. The bola will hit enemies in an area, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit by 70% for 2 seconds. This is a versatile and invaluable ability which can be used as an initiation tool, an escape tool, or even both combined.

Bola Strike can be upgraded with Rengar’s Ferocity skill which increases its damage, the slow duration, and restores some of the cooldown when used during moments of heightened awareness. This upgrade makes it even more useful for engaging enemies from a distance or escaping from difficult situations. It is also great for setting up successful Ganks as it allows Rengar to quickly catch up to his targets without fear of being kited away.

Thrill of the Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt is Rengar’s signature ability. When activated, he gains bonus movement speed and stealth, with the icon of a ferocious cat taking shape around him and his abilities briefly modified to create additional benefits. Thrill of the Hunt lasts for 7 seconds, with no limit to how often it can be used.

Once Thrill of the Hunt ends, he can recast it instantly by landing a basic attack or ability on an enemy champion within 5 seconds. This modified version causes him to deal bonus damage in addition to restoring his health very quickly.

When entering or exiting Thrill of the Hunt at any point, he gains bonus attack speed for 6 seconds and a substantial portion of his ferocity is restored. And remember: He will want to use Thrill of the Hunt whenever possible because each time he uses it, he can gain half a stack towards activating his ultimate!

Rengar’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Rengar is a powerful champion in League of Legends that has a unique playstyle. His kit allows him to be an aggressive hunter in the jungle, utilizing his ability to jump to surprising targets. He also excels in skirmishes, thanks to his damage-dealing abilities.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of playing Rengar, so you can better understand what makes him a strong pick and how to balance his strengths and weaknesses:


Rengar is an incredibly strong jungler in the game of League of Legends. He has high damage potential, consistent wave clear, and excellent mobility thanks to his ultimate ability. His passive offers bonus attack speed when he’s near low health champions, which allows him to quickly and efficiently take down enemy champions. He can also use his empowered abilities to jump on targets from stealth and surprise enemies with bursts of damage.

Rengar’s abilities allow him to easily outplay enemy junglers and duel them, and can even gank lanes when needed. On top of that, he has a very strong late game if he manages to get ahead early – if you catch enemies off-guard before they’re able to reach their full strength, it’ll be easier for you to carry the game.

All things considered, Rengar is an incredibly strong champion that is capable of snowballing games if played properly.


Rengar is a mobile champion, and as such, he relies upon his mobility and burst to close distance and secure victories. To that end, he can be countered easily by champions with control abilities or a lot of crowd control. Mobility exists largely to allow the champion to catch up or avoid enemies; if these options can be taken away, Rengar’s damage output shrinks dramatically. His overly aggressive nature plummets in effectiveness when opponents are able to stifle him with items such as Mercurial Scimitar and Quicksilver Sash.

Rengar also has no escapes, except for the leaps on his Bonetooth Necklace since they cannot be used while stunned. High crowd-control and mobile champions such as Jax, Ahri, Lee Sin deny Rengar’s objective takings due to their capability of keeping Rengar in place and taking away Prey Seeker stacks from him too fast for him to handle them in time.

His low early game presence does not determine what lives come late game due to his burst layout; however it makes it very difficult for him compare against other strong junglers like Gragas or Elise that have much stronger early games yet fewer shock waves when it comes to late game objective takings. As with any hyper-carry assassin type champion, Rengar recovers best when left unseen because buffing himself with additional Ferocity allows him a huge amount of damage potential quickly without having opponents respond immediately; thus remaining unseen during team fights and drake objectives is key for Rengar players for optimal performance.

Rengar’s Item Build

Rengar is a powerful champion in League of Legends. Having the right item build is essential for Rengar to maximize his damage output and survivability. In this article, we will be exploring the best item builds for Rengar in order to help you become the strongest version of the champion possible.

Core Items

Rengar’s core items consist mainly of mobility and attack damage items. Rengar is a highly versatile champion and his item build should reflect that, so you should aim to build items with attack speed and lethality. In particular, the recommended core items for Rengar are:

  • Berserker’s Greaves – A cheap and effective choice for enhancing Rengar’s movement speed with 25 bonus movement speed for champions who purchase it. Additionally, it gives 10% critical strike chance.
  • Blade of the Ruined King – This item grants 20% attack speed along with 40 AD and 15 bonus on-hit magic damage. It also has an active ability that lowers enemy healing and beefs up your own damage when activated.
  • Infinity Edge – Provides immense damage boost through 80 bonus attack damage, 25% critical strike chance, and 50% bonus critical strike damage! Also grants a passive that increases the power of your critical strikes by +1 damage per level behind your target’s current level (capping at 50).
  • Wit’s End – Build this to give Rengar a big boosts in attack speed with 40%, plus 37 on hit magic damage. Uniquely offers 5 magical resistance stolen from enemies hit that stacks up-to 5 times making it great against champions with frequent spell casting abilities. Great complementary option as Wits End affords MR/Arpen while building Lethality stack faster to make you more dangerous in fights.

These core 4 items combined will provide Rengar with raw attack power plus resistances or some special effects: You must choose wisely according to your lane matchup while combining these 4 main options according to the situation.

Situational Items

Once you have developed a core build of essential items to buy on Rengar, it’s time to look at taking a few situational items. These can make a drastic difference in the outcome of the game if bought and used correctly. As always, make sure to keep your team composition in mind when choosing extra items for your champion.

Situational Items:

  • Blade of the Ruined King (trinity force component): AD and lifesteal that gives you attack speed and movement speed when attacking enemies. Helps increase your kill potential drastically as it increases damage and also gives you some escape power.
  • Dead Man’s Plate: Armor, health, and unique passive makes this item one of Rengar’s go-to tanky items. The passive embodies Rengar’s diversity while letting him still do damage while being tanky.
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade: Active allows Rengar to catch up with fleeing enemies while also granting AD and cooldown reduction passive that further helps with his dueling power him being able to charge ferocity stacks quicker with other abilities making this item very useful in team fights or 1v1 engagements against isolated targets.
  • Guardian Angel: A great item all rounder as it offers armor which synergizes well with the health from Maw of Malmortius giving it more shielding value but more so for its resurrection passive making for some thrilling last minute clutch revivals by baiting opponents into overcommitting onto you only for them not be able to finish the job without huge risks.

Rengar’s Role in the Team

Rengar is a powerful jungler in League of Legends. He excels at ganking and roaming and can initiate teamfights. He is also a great duelist, capable of outplaying and outlasting his opponent in a 1v1. Rengar’s kit is filled to the brim with utility and damage, making him a great pick in any situation.

Let’s take a closer look at his role in the team:


Rengar is a powerful Initiator for the team, capable of initiating a fight, and allowing the team to follow up with huge damage. His primary abilities for this role include Savagery and Warrior’s Rage, which can both be used to close the gap on enemies. When fighting enemies that are running or trying to escape, Rengar also has access to Battle Roar, which provides him with crowd control and an additional ability for repositioning enemies.

In addition to his initiation abilities, Rengar’s ultimate is another tool he has at his disposal. Thrill of the Hunt gives Rengar an additional way of engaging enemies while his Careful Syndragosa provide him with a reliable escape tool. He can use it to engage but also retreat when needed without taking too much damage in teamfights. Renger’s powerful kit makes him one of the most reliable initiators in League of Legends and a strong addition to any team comp.


Rengar is typically used as an assassin in League of Legends, as his abilities allow him to deal high burst damage, jump onto enemies in stealth or surprise them with a strong leap attack if they are unprepared. He is also often played as a diver, thanks to his two dashes and Q slow effect, allowing him to quickly close down any enemies who get caught out by his tactics.

Rengar’s ultimate allows him to become invisible for a short period of time, increasing his burst potential and creating some lengthier combos. This unique feature is also great for scouting ahead and hunting down objectives safely.


Rengar is an unconventional jungler and is typically played as a “roamer” in the game. This means that rather than focusing on farming and ganking, Rengar moves around the jungle looking for opportunities to surprise enemies with a sudden ambush or help his team out in team fights. He is quite adept at what he does, so learning how to use the champion’s abilities properly can result in some very exciting gameplay.

Rengar’s kit features a lot of good mobility which makes him great at roaming and ganking lanes. He can jump over walls with his first ability and dash between targets with his second ability which also grants him bonus movement speed. Additionally, his signature passive gives him bonus attack damage while he is moving as well as bonus movement speed when he gets out of stealthy situations or out of combat. His ultimate also allows him to quickly close the gap on unsuspecting opponents and generate Ferocity for extra bonus effects on certain abilities.

The main idea behind playing Rengar as a roamer is to pick your battles wisely – try to get into favorable skirmishes where you have an advantage before joining big teamfights since you are likely to get focused down quickly due to your lack of crowd control abilities like stuns, taunts, knockups etc. But if you time your attacks just right and make sure you have enough Ferocity built up through picking Jungle monsters or killing enemy players then you should be able to make an impact even after engaging late into fights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Rengar?

A: Rengar is a champion from the game League of Legends. He is a ferocious top lane fighter and a fierce jungle assassin. He is known for his ability to leap from one enemy to another, dealing massive damage and swiftly executing his opponents.

Q: What are Rengar’s abilities?

A: Rengar has a variety of abilities that make him a powerful fighter. His basic abilities include Unseen Predator, which grants him the ability to leap to an enemy target; Savagery, which increases his attack speed and damage; and Bola Strike, which throws a bola at an enemy, slowing them.

Q: How do I play Rengar effectively?

A: Playing Rengar effectively requires understanding his strengths and weaknesses. He is best played as a top lane fighter, where he can take advantage of his leaping ability to quickly close the gap between himself and his opponents. He also excels in the jungle, where his high mobility and damage output make him a powerful assassin.