Riven LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Riven is one of the most popular Champions in the MOBA game League of Legends. She is a fighter type Champion with a high level of mobility and an aggressive playstyle. Riven can be an incredibly powerful Champion if played correctly, and she can be extremely difficult to counter. It is important to understand how this Champion works in order to have a successful game with her. We will go into the details of Riven and how to play her in this article.

Overview of Riven

Riven is an incredible, large-scale puzzle game developed by the Cyan Worlds Inc and released in 1997 for Windows and MacOS. It is often considered to be the spiritual successor to Myst, and is set in the same universe.

In Riven, players control a character known as “The Stranger,” who has been summoned by Atrus, a man from a mysterious ancient race known as the D’ni.

Atrus requests that The Stranger help him save his wife Catherine from another world called Riven by solving numerous puzzles. The player must explore Riven’s five distinct island environments, uncover secrets hidden within each unique landscape, and solve puzzles that become increasingly difficult as progress through them. While exploring each environment, players will come across various creatures such as insects and giant bird-like creatures that are both hostile and harmless.

Each island has its own themes and specific items that the player must collect in order to progress with the game’s storyline. Additionally, acoustic soundscapes can be heard throughout the islands, giving environmental clues about game structure and design to aid in problem solving along with providing a more enjoyable experience for many players.

Riven captivates players with its compelling storyline and intricate level design making it an excellent choice for gamers of all kinds; from casual puzzlers to hardcore adventure veterans alike.

Key Strengths and Weaknesses

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Riven is a champion in the game League of Legends (LoL) and her abilities are endless. Her kit allows her to become very mobile and flexible, due to her passive and Q ability. She also has a strong gap closer, that can be used to initiate or outplay enemies. Her ult gives her an ultimate form of protection that she can use to escape or protect her team. Each of her abilities are quite unique in their own right and serve important roles in her kit.

Let’s break down each ability and see what they are all about:

Broken Wings

One of Riven’s key abilities is the Broken Wings ability. This damaging three-hits combo deals damage in an arc to all opponents in range. This powerful ability has moderate cooldown and can be used separately or chained together for maximum effect. The first two strikes will decrease her cooldowns on the following abilities if they are used correctly.

The third hit has a longer range than the previous two and knocks up enemies, making them vulnerable for other abilities like Randuin’s Omen and Blade of Reprieve. Furthermore, Riven’s Broken Wing can be changed into a short dash when combined with Valor, allowing Riven to quickly close the distance between herself and her target or escape from danger. Thus, it is important to learn how to time your techniques well when using this powerful move so as to maximize its effects.

Ki Burst

Riven’s Ki Burst is an area of effect ability that deals physical damage and stuns enemies within the blast radius. This ability has a long cooldown but is an incredibly powerful tool in team fights as it can easily turn the tide of battle. The damage and stun duration increase with each additional stack of her passive, Valor, making it even deadlier when combining with her other abilities.

Additionally, if Riven casts Ki Burst while dashing with Wind Slash, then she will instantly double the amount characters stunned by this ability. As a result, Riven players must be very aware of their positioning before using Ki Burst to maximize its effectiveness in tight spots.


Valor is the ability to be courageous and to persevere in the face of fear or difficulty. It is often described as a quality of personal courage, strength of character, and strength under pressure, but it can also be seen in everyday decisions and actions like:

  • having confidence in the face of uncertainty
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  • tackling new tasks with determination
  • making difficult decisions where there are no easy answers

Valor is displayed when people take risks despite known odds or potential costs, such as exploring new opportunities or speaking up in difficult conversations. Valor counteracts feelings of self-doubt or intimidation by taking responsibility for one’s own success or failure. People with valorous traits tend to display optimism when faced with challenging situations, being reminder that even failure can lead to learning experiences that help build lasting strength of character.

Blade of Exile

Blade of Exile is an ability available in many games that allow its wielder to become an extraordinarily powerful swordsman. This special talent is typically used by characters who are part of an elite group of warrior-heroes or adventurers. It grants them a great advantage in Battle and allows them to take on large numbers of enemies single-handedly.

The power behind the Blade of Exile is often attributed to supernatural or magical properties. It can also provide enhancements such as increased speed, strength, agility and agility regeneration. Players using this power must be mindful of their stamina gauge however, as it will deplete during combat and must be replenished by consuming items such as food or potions over time.

This iconic ability often gives its bearer experience points at the conclusion of successful deployments, increasing his or her strength even further with each use. With enough practice and perseverance, some characters are even able to completely unlock the deadly potential within their blade, allowing them to unleash powerful ultimate attacks and reach levels far beyond that attainable without it.


Riven is an extremely flexible and powerful champion in League of Legends, and her builds are no different. While there are many possible builds for Riven, it’s important to understand how each item, rune, and even summoner spells interact with one another to create the optimal build for Riven.

In this section, we’ll be discussing some of the best builds for Riven and how to use them to your advantage.

Top Lane

The top lane is one of three main lanes in a traditional game of League of Legends, the other two being the midlane and the botlane. A champion chosen for this lane typically benefits from increased levels, gold income, and items quicker than those chosen for other lanes. In addition to learning how to last hit minions and manage wave priority, understanding each champion’s strengths and weaknesses becomes essential to success in the top lane.

Generally speaking, champions tends to be tanks or bruisers, who have high survivability through their health pool or healing and buffing-type spells that increase their sustainability. The difficulty lies in knowing when you have a team composition advantage or disadvantage compared with your opponent’s build. Building your characters correctly can give you an edge over opponents and can mean the difference between victory or defeat in a skirmish or teamfight.

For builds that focus on making your champion as resilient as possible so they can survive incoming enemy attacks while still dealing damage, armor and magic resist items such as Bramble Vest will inevitably become part of your build. On top of this defensive core you want to build offensive items such as Frozen Heart and Liandry’s Anguish which will increase damage output while keeping enemies away from you because of certain crowd control effects they will have on them when used correctly. Other situational items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass may be useful too depending on which enemy champions are chosen by the opposing team.


Jungle is one of the five competitive roles in League of Legends. A jungler protray this game with a unique purpose, to roam across the forest clearing neutral monster camps while creating opportunities and pressure by ganking other lanes. Junglers often have multiple jobs that include scouting, invading enemy jungle and helping to secure important objectives. Due to the wide variety of tasks that a jungler must face and being central for creating early leads, it is sometimes considered as one of the most important roles in a team.

When playing Riven in jungle it is essential to understand her capabilities throughout each stage of the game. Her playstyle emphasizes on quick transitions between offense and defense with aerial combos and crowd control spells; puting lots of pressure over bot and mid lane while taking good trades in top lane. Her clear speed allows her to get level 6 fast by getting blue buff help or stealing buffs from enemy’s deep camps; taking every risk possible makes sure she can maintain good gold income while freezing farm lanes as much as possible.

Riven’s build should be centered around items like warrior tabi, blade of the ruined king and ravenous hydra in order to create constant burst damage; additionally stattikk’s shiv helps give more movility during split-push situations for teamfights or just freeze lanes when needed due her impressive mobilty potential; furthermore if playing a more aggressive build things like black cleaver can make an impact but be aware these builds doesn’t bring too much survivability which makes it difficult against heavy engaged enemies like yorick or shyvana for example. Remember always use runes that enhance your poke potential, leaving some space for cooldown reduction at early game allowing you access to more immediate burst combos during teamfights or ganks.

Mid Lane

Mid lane is the middle lane in a standard game of League of Legends. It is often inhabited by mages and assassins intended to help snowball the team’s lead. Team compositions usually have a main carry in the mid lane that excels at making plays and dealing damage. Support champions may also be assigned to the mid lane for extra gold income for the team.

In-game strategies for a winning midlane build typically focus on surviving an early game poke fest to safely reach late game or acquiring turrets and roaming other lanes for kills. Having superior map awareness is important when playing any champion in the mid lane because it can help pre-empt gank attempts from enemy jungle players as well as hold your position so that you’re not caught off-guard. Farming may also be necessary if your opponets have superior cs (creep score).

Common items used by champions in this route are ones which boost mana, health, and attack damage such as Tear of the Goddess, Guardian Angel and Abyssal Mask respectively. Different playstyles will require their own builds that vary between characters, but it is important to have an understanding of which items would most efficiently boost your character’s performance in order to win any Mid Lane match up decisively and eventually win with ease!

Tips and Tricks

Playing Riven correctly is key to success in League of Legends. If you want to take your Riven game to the next level, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind. In this section, we’ll cover all the best strategies for playing Riven effectively.

You’ll learn about her unique abilities, how to maximize her damage output, and how to get the most out of her powerful ultimate. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Riven such a great champion:

  • Her unique abilities
  • How to maximize her damage output
  • How to get the most out of her powerful ultimate

Use Broken Wings to engage

Broken Wings is an essential part of Riven’s kit. The ability allows Riven to quickly dash forward a short distance and deal area of effect damage with each use. This is Riven’s main tool for engaging and initiating fights. It’s easy to find opportunities to use the ability, just dive into the fray and wait for your team to follow up afterwards.

When attempting engages it’s important to keep in mind that you can use Broken Wings three times in succession when it’s off cooldown, allowing you to close a large gap between you and your enemies very quickly. However, due to its range limitations, it can be difficult if not impossible at times. When engaging with Broken Wings it will also be wise to utilize Blade of the Exile after during its last cast as this will maximize its damage potential and drastically reduce the amount of time required for you successfully hit all 3 casts of Broken Wings upon your target(s).

In summary, Broken Wings makes up a significant portion of Riven’s kit and offers her invaluable engage potential in the form of great mobility through its multiple casts. Make sure you make full use out of this ability when playing Riven as it forces enemies out of position at lightning speed!

Use Ki Burst to disengage

Ki burst is an advanced technique in which a fighter expends substantial ki energy to pull away from their opponent to reset the fight. This can be used when you’re being pressed against the ropes or being trapped in a corner. You can also use ki burst if your opponent begins to overpower you and you need some space.

To perform the technique, take a deep breath, press both of your palms forwards in a surge of ki, and step back rapidly away from the opponent. This will create a shock wave of energy that throws off the balance of both fighters and gives you an opportunity to regroup. You can also use ki burst to counterattack if your rival moves too close when they attack by pressing forward just as they reach you.

Keep in mind that Ki Burst requires substantial amounts of energy and that there is always a risk associated with it because your opponent may be able respond quickly while you’re still recovering from executing it. Because of this, it’s important to be mindful and learn how to judge when is best time to execute this maneuver based on the speed and timing of your adversary’s attacks.

With practice, ki burst can become an invaluable tool for breaking away from danger or setting up powerful attacks!

Use Valor to reposition

When playing as Riven, you should use Valor to your advantage. Valor gives Riven a temporary shield and allows her to dash a short distance. By using Valor, you can reposition yourself in fights and gain the upper hand.

Valor will not only allow you to reposition yourself quickly, but it will also help you avoid enemy abilities by dashing off the edge of their ability or making a split-second dodge. This is especially helpful when fighting other champions who have strong forms of crowd control such as stuns or long-range knock-ups. Additionally, using Valor can help you close the gap between you and an enemy champion that is running away.

Try to be aware of your surrounding environment when using Valor to make sure that it is used effectively. If there are objects in your path, such as walls or towers, potential escapes routes may be blocked off so make sure these are clear before attempting to use Valor for repositioning. Furthermore, keep track of your enemy champion’s position at all times so that you know where they’re going and if they’re too close for comfort then a timely usage of valor could be key in avoiding an engagement entirely!

Use Blade of Exile to finish off enemies

Using Riven’s Ultimate – Blade of Exile can be a game-changing way to finish off enemies. When you hit level 6, press R for the Ultimate and hold the left mouse button for a few seconds to charge it up. Then press it again to release the blade and shoot it across the map towards your chosen target. It can be used on turrets, champions, and large monsters.

Blade of Exile has a massive range with a high amount of damage and mobility. You can also use it to push enemy champions back if they’re too close or dash away if you need to escape quickly. The best way to make use of the Ultimate is by using the knockback feature in conjunction with your other skills. If your opponent is knocked up into midair, then an Ultimate can finish them off easily while they cannot do anything against it!


After looking closely at all of the aspects of Riven LoL and every aspect of the champion’s playstyle, we can draw a definitive conclusion. Riven is a great champion to play if you have quick reflexes and are good at reading the enemy team’s movements. She is also extremely flexible, with the ability to be played in multiple roles and with different builds.

With the right team composition, Riven can be a major force to be reckoned with in a game of League of Legends.

Summary of Riven’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Riven is a champion whose strength lies in her mobility and brute force. She excels in close quarters, due to her ability to quickly close gaps and pick off weakened opponents with ease. Her downside is that she can be easily kited and CC’d due to her reliance on dashes rather than proper defensive cooldowns.

In terms of offensive power, Riven has high burst damage capabilities with her first two auto-attacks dealing bonus damage. This can often put enemies at a severe disadvantage if they don’t react quickly enough. She has excellent waveclear potential with her ultimate and the ability to reach the backlines of teams that are spread out too far from their towers, allowing for unexpected flanks or assassinations.

Riven’s greatest weakness lies in her lack of crowd control abilities such as stuns and slows, as well as defensive tools like shields or healing buffs which makes it difficult for Riven to survive in teamfights against multiple opponents. In addition, she is highly vulnerable when she’s out of energy, meaning she has limited survivability if caught without a full energy bar during combat.

Overall, Riven’s power level depends heavily on how well the player manages their resources and stickiness in the middle of chaos that teamfights bring. By properly timing autos, dashes and ultimates effectively, Riven can prove just as deadly as any other champion on the rift under the right circumstances.

Overview of Builds and Tips

When playing as Riven, your goal should be to become a team-wide menace capable of dashing around the map. Her kit and build allow for much more focus on getting up close and personal and really demolishing enemies with combos than an ADC’s usual job of safely sniping from a distance. That said, it’s still important to keep track of your positioning – especially when using her ultimate Spellbender Dash.

Before you start playing, take some time to actually understand what is available in Riven’s kit. As with any champion, don’t just copy someone else’s build– develop your own style so you can maximize your power with the right items. Knowing all this will let you experiment and find the best balance between team utility and raw damage.

As far as builds go, there are a few different options available depending on how you like to play Riven. You can create an attack speed build that focuses on maximizing basic attacks or go for an AP based build that extends the range of her abilities. Whichever one suits your playstyle better make sure to also include defensive items such as Sterak’s Gage or Guardian Angel if they are needed in order to stay alive in late game fights! It may also help to include mobility boots such as Ionian Boots of Lucidity or boots with additional defense stats such as Ninja Tabi if the game calls for it.

In addition to considering which type of build works best for you, here are a few tips for mastering Riven:

  1. Her Burst Potential – Know when and how best to use her ability combinations for maximum damage output;
  2. React Quickly – Pay attention to enemy movements & adapt accordingly;
  3. Utilize Environment – Use terrain enhancing spells like Wind Slash & Ki Burst to gain extra advantage;
  4. Lane Sustain – Combine lifesteal & shield items together in order to increase survivability while laning;
  5. Teamfight Awareness – Be aware of allies’ movement & position in order provide extra support during teamfights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Riven’s role in League of Legends?
A: Riven is a fighter champion commonly played in the top lane. She’s known for her high mobility, damage output, and crowd control capabilities.

Q: What are Riven’s strengths?
A: Riven is a very strong champion who excels at dealing massive amounts of damage and crowd control. Her kit is well-rounded, allowing her to easily maneuver around the battlefield and initiate fights with her ultimate ability.

Q: What are Riven’s weaknesses?
A: Riven is vulnerable to crowd control abilities, such as stuns and silences. She also has a relatively short range, which can make it difficult for her to engage in fights or escape from dangerous situations.