Sejuani LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Sejuani is a champion in League of Legends (LoL) who is known for her tankyness and crowd control. She is usually played as a jungler, and is a particularly strong pick in the current meta. Sejuani can be especially handy in team compositions where you want to control team fights and group up enemies.

Let’s take a closer look at Sejuani and find out why she’s such a powerful champion.

Lore background

Sejuani is a battle-hardened frost archer from Freljord, a harsh and unforgiving land. She and her tribe, the Winter’s Claw, take pride in their resilient Spirit of Winter – a matter of life and death in their icy home. During the events that shaped Valoran, Sejuani fought beside the Snow Queen Lissandra and Avarosa to found the new kingdom of Freljord. She was appointed as its first leader and has been fighting for her people ever since.

Sejuani seeks to unify all of Freljord with her might, driven by visions of a better future for her people. To this end she strikes down any who oppose her with all the strength winter can muster. With each blow Sejuani moves closer to true unity – even if it must be brought about by conflict.

Sejuani typifies what it means to come from Freljord – anything is achievable through strength and resilience. Those who challenge her will be buried below mountains of ice – never to rise again!

Strengths and weaknesses

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Sejuani is a champion in League of Legends who has a variety of abilities that can be used in different situations. Her kit includes a stun, a knock-up, a movement speed increase, and a powerful ultimate. Sejuani’s abilities can be used to disrupt enemies and create opportunities for her team to gain an advantage in fights.

Let’s take a closer look at Sejuani’s abilities and how they can be used strategically:

Passive – Fury of the North

Sejuani’s passive ability, Fury of the North, grants her bonus armor and maximum health through her basic attacks and spells. When triggered, this ability increases Sejuani’s maximum health and bonus armor by 5-19 (level 1-18). At level 6, Sejuani will gain a bonus 20 HP every time she activates her Q or W abilities. When at full fury, Sejuani gains bonus attack speed for 4 seconds with each basic attack.

Additionally, when Sejuani reaches 100 fury, she enters an empowered state that causes her spells to be empowered for 4 seconds. Empowered spells deal additional damage and grant Sejuani extra movement speed while they are active. This makes Fury of the North a highly versatile ability that can be used both to increase Sejuani’s survivability as well as provide a burst of offensive power when engaging enemies in teamfights.

Q – Arctic Assault

Sejuani’s Q, Arctic Assault, is a targeted spell that, when activated, will travel in the direction chosen by the player, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through and knocking them up. The distance traveled by the spell is reliant on Sejuani’s attack range and the time it takes to reach its maximum distance can be adjusted by how long Sejuani holds down the activation key. This makes it a very flexible ability that can punish enemies for overcommitting or be used to set-up other abilities. Additionally, Arctic Assault has one of the longest knock-ups in League of Legends with 1.5 seconds of crowd control at max rank.

When Arctic Assault hits an enemy champion or monster, all nearby enemy units will also be damaged and knocked up, making it an effective tool for engaging multiple opponents at once. The ability also grants Sejuani bonus movement speed when activated – this bonus movement speed decays over time, however giving her increased mobility and flexibility when attacking or escaping her enemies.

W – Winter’s Wrath

Winter’s Wrath is Sejuani’s only skill that does damage. It is a single-target spell, launched from behind the target towards Sejuani. After hitting the enemy, it then deals a large amount of area of effect (AoE) damage in a circular area around them and briefly slows them down.

Sejuani offers up great utility and crowd control with this powerful ability. Additionally, Winter’s Wrath can be used to set up some good ganks, as you can use it to damage and slow targets before initiating an all-in. If you can land Winter’s Wrath on multiple enemies at once, it will do more damage and offer more utility in general – definitely something worth considering when you’re playing with or against Sejuani!

E – Permafrost

E-Permafrost is an ability that encompasses a wide range of ice-based effects. It allows users to manipulate either the temperature or shape of ice, enabling them to form weapons, barriers, barriers of ice, as well as create icy surfaces on which to slide or skate. It can also be used to slow down and trap enemies in ice cubes or pillars, allowing them to be targeted with ease. E-Permafrost also has the ability to freeze any liquid it touches into solid chunks of frozen water.

This ability can be utilized in many creative ways outside of direct combat; for example, it can be used to create safe pathways over frozen rivers, lakes or ponds that can be crossed with greater ease than if they were simply being walked on top of the water. While this may not seem like the most useful of applications at first glance, it can prove essential when traversing dangerous terrain that would otherwise be too unstable for safe passage.

R – Glacial Prison

Sejuani’s R ability, Glacial Prison, is a crowd control ultimate that throws a giant icicle forward in a line. When the icicle lands, it deals damage to all enemies in its area and stuns them for a couple of seconds. Glacial Prison also has bonus damage against targets below 25% health.

The main purpose of Glacial Prison is crowd control – while your teammates can follow up on your stun and help finish your enemies off, the major advantage this ability provides is the ability to provide opportunities to disrupt the enemy team’s formation and take objectives quickly without having to fight them directly.

Glacial Prison has quite low cooldown throughout all levels, allowing Sejuani to provide frequent crowd control, which makes her an important part of any team composition in LoL games. Whether it be setting up for kills or taking an objective like Baron or Dragon, Sejuani’s R is always there ready for her team.


When it comes to building Sejuani there are many different paths that you can take. Depending on your playstyle and the type of game you’re in, you can adjust your build accordingly. There are many different items that can help you when it comes to building Sejuani, so let’s take a look and see what’s the best build for this champion:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Item 4
  • Item 5


When playing Sejuani as a tank, your primary objective is to initiate teamfights, lock down enemies, and protect your allies. You should build items that provide health, armor, and crowd control. This will ensure that Sejuani has the survivability necessary to withstand enemy damage and be able protect her team by using her abilities.

Items such as Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, dead man’s plate are great for giving you added protection against auto attacks and making sure you are able to survive enemy burst damage. Crowd-control items such as Frozen Heart can be used to reduce the inputs of an enemy team’s damage dealers and give your team time to capitalize on their mistakes.

With these items combined with her innate kit of controlling crowd-control effects like Flash Frost (E) and Permafrost (W), Sejuani is sure to effectively protect her allies in any situation.


For those unfamiliar, Sejuani is a bruiser – a champion in League of Legends (LoL) that doesn’t rely so much on dealing big bursts of damage or countering the enemy team’s picks directly. Instead, she specializes in being an disruptive and relentless presence for her team. Her kit allows her to initiate fights, disrupt enemy rotations, slow enemies down and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

In-game, Sejuani has a surprisingly versatile kit, which allows her to be adept at different roles depending on the game type and enemy team composition. She can use her crowd control effects to easily disrupt teams while in Bruiser form and set up fights with her Arctic Assault ability. Her kit also allows her to act as an effective tank or diver if the situation demands it – enabling her to function well when diving into battle with little support or defending objectives against coordinated opposition.

With all this utility and unshakable durability, it’s easy to understand why Sejuani is such a sought after champion in LoL games today. She’s one of the few champions that can be played successfully both as an initiator who engages the enemy team swiftly, or as a resilient backline defender whose powerful crowd control abilities can ensure that even experienced opponents fall victim to her unrelenting onslaught of frostbound chills!


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Tips and Tricks

Sejuani is a powerful champion in League of Legends, known for her crowd control and tanking abilities. She is a great choice for players who want to learn the ropes of playing tank and have a good understanding of team fights.

In this section, we will take a look at some tips and tricks that could help players get the most out of playing Sejuani:

Make use of your passive

Sejuani’s passive, Fury of the North, increases her bonus health for every attack and ability she lands. This is a great way to amplify her already potent tanking ability. When trading off against opponents, try to land as many hits and abilities as you can in order to capitalize on the extra defenses granted by this passive.

Additionally, note that Sejuani receives a 10% tenacity bonus if she has maxed Fury of the North. As such, it can be beneficial to hold onto your cooldowns when fighting other champions and wait till you have full stacks of rage before casting spells or basic attacking. Utilizing your ultimate and crowd control spells in order to guarantee multiple stacks at once can greatly improve Sejuani’s combat performance.

Use your ultimate to lock down enemies

Sejuani’s ultimate, Glacial Prison, is a powerful initiation tool. As the longest ranged gap closer in the game, it can be used to surprise enemies and lock them down for an easy teamfight win. The effects of the ult are even greater if you can catch several enemies because the slow is multiplicative.

In most cases, you should try to use your ultimate once most of your team has grouped up and you are sure that you can land it on multiple targets.

  • When using Glacial Prison, make sure to time it carefully since it has a very long channel time.
  • Additionally, try to postion yourself optimally so that as many enemies as possible will find themselves within the perimeter of your ult’s circle when it lands. For example, this could involve setting up behind a wall or near an enemy turret that the target won’t be able to easily escape from.
  • If done correctly you should be able to secure several kills and possibly even an ace!

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One of the best strategies to use when playing Sejuani in League of Legends is to have an understanding of which champions counter her. Knowing which champions she is weak against and which counters her abilities can allow you to make more strategic choices when picking your team composition and playing against her.

This section will explain the best counters for Sejuani and how to use them in the game.

Melee champions

In League of Legends, melee champions have an enormous effect on the game, as they are capable of initiating fights and making powerful plays. Melee champions often excel in team fights and close quarters combat, but are at somewhat of a disadvantage against ranged champions due to the fact that they have to get close to their enemies before being able to deal damage. Furthermore, melee champions often do not get the same amounts of gold as ranged champions because they can’t farm safely.

That being said, there are many incredibly strong melee champions in League of Legends. Examples include Xin Zhao, Jax, Vi and Sejuani. Sejuani is a particularly strong pick due to her reliable Crowd Control (CC) abilities and her ability to initiate and survive in extended teamfights. She is also quite versatile, being able to pick up kills or play defensively depending on the situation at hand.

In summary, Sejuani is a hard-hitting melee champion who makes for a great addition to any team composition!

Ranged champions

In the League of Legends, champions are ranked according to their type: melee, ranged or hybrid. Sejuani is a ranged champion that excels in a raid or battle group environment. She utilizes her long-range capabilities to great effect and her unique mechanics are suited to team fighting and control of the battlefield.

Ranged champions typically have less durability than melee champions and rely on additional tools such as spells, abilities and items in order to survive in combat. Sejuani’s kit is designed to help her survive while still being effective as a ranged champion. Her damage output is moderate but she has excellent defensive capabilities with arming herself with her passive Winter’s Wrath and active Permafrost allowing her prolonged area control within fights. Sejuani also has amazing initiation tools ranging from Arctic Assault to Glacial Prison allowing her to easily initiate team fights while disrupting their key targets or soaking up all the damage from the enemy team, making them easier for your team mates to shatter apart.

Sejuani also provides ample utility for any group fight or all-in situation with bonus movement speed for allies who enter a marked area or even bonus armour for lets say your ADC, who needs just that extra bit of protection.

In conclusion, Sejuani is an incredibly versatile champion who can fit into multiple roles within your squad due to her unique mechanics that make your team almost unkillable if you play correctly!

AP champions

When it comes to AP champions in League of Legends, Sejuani is at the top of the list. The NorthernWolf is not only tanky and disruptive, but she can also output tons of damage if needed. With proper itemization and rune setups, Sejuani can become a powerful mage with burst damage that rivals champions like Zyra and Orianna.

Her kit allows her to thrive in both solo lanes and as a jungler, making it very versatile.

Sejuani’s kit consists of a mixture of crowd control effects such as enemies being slowed down via her Frozen Moat ultimate or her Permafrost ability that allows her to stun opponents if they are chilled by Frost Armor or Arctic Assault. Her ultimate is also great for teamfights, allowing the rest of your team to come in and follow up on your initiation with plenty of crowd control abilities that will ensure you won’t get out-teamfought.

Aside from CC abilities, Sejuani also has access to some AoE magic damage via her Winter’s Wrath passive and Glacial Prison Ultimate which makes her an able duelist even without itemizing specifically for AP damage. All in all, Sejuani is an excellent AP champion choice due to her versatility, burst potential, tankiness, and ability to provide strong Crowd Control effects for your team during fights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Sejuani’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Sejuani is a tank champion in League of Legends. She is a formidable frontline fighter who is able to absorb a lot of damage and protect her team with a variety of crowd control abilities.

Q2: What is Sejuani’s backstory?

A2: Sejuani is from the harsh Freljord region and is the leader of the Winter’s Claw. She is a fearless warrior who fights for her people and is determined to reclaim her lost homeland.

Q3: What abilities does Sejuani have?

A3: Sejuani has a variety of abilities that allow her to control the battlefield. Her Arctic Assault allows her to dash forward and slow enemies, Glacial Prison can root enemies in place, Permafrost gives her a shield and damage boost, and her Ultimate, Glacial Prison, can freeze her enemies in place.