Senna LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Senna is a popular League of Legends champion renowned for her long-range attacks and immense crowd control. She has several abilities that help her support her team and contribute heavily to team fights. Her kit is known for being versatile and allowing her to play differently depending on the situation and the team composition.

Let’s take a deeper look at Senna and learn more about what she can do.

History of Senna

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Senna’s Abilities

Senna is a marksman and an infernal support type champion in League of Legends. Her passive, Absolution, permanently gives Senna stacks for every soul she collects. Souls come from enemy units, monsters, and turrets that are killed near her or with her abilities.

Her first ability, Piercing Darkness, empowers her crossbow bolts with dark energy and increases the range in which they can travel. Her second ability is Last Embrace which shoots a line of grasping energy dealing damage to enemies that are hit and tethers opponents to herself. When the tether expires they take damage again.

Senna’s third ability is Curse of the Black Mist; it surrounds herself with a dark mist that deals damage over time to enemies within it and absorbs incoming ranged attacks reducing their damage done. Her ultimate is Dawning Shadow; casting it releases poros along an area damaging enemies and healing allies that touch them in addition to providing vision for the duration of the effect.

With her combination of immense range, perfect aiming skills, crowd control mobility options and healing spells makes Senna an incredibly powerful pick on Summoner’s Rift.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Senna is a powerful and versatile champion in League of Legends. She is a marksman and supports character who has a wide range of abilities and playstyles.

Senna has numerous strengths that can help her team dominate in the game, but at the same time, she has a few weaknesses that players need to be mindful of. In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses in detail.


Senna, the Redeemer, is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. She is a marksman/support hybrid who engages in skirmishes from a distance, providing harassment and dealing significant damage to enemies. Senna offers several distinct advantages to her allies, both in and out of teamfights.

Senna’s passive grants her extra attack range and movement speed when she lands basic attacks or abilities on an enemy. This makes it very hard to get away from her once she has engaged with you. Her Q ability also gives her extra damage and range with each attack that hits an enemy champion, greatly amplifying her burst damage potential during skirmishes.

The additional effects of her other abilities also make her a powerful presence on the battlefield. Her W ability grants buffs to nearby allies when it detonates, empowering them with increased attack speed or armor penetration depending on how many targets she hits. Her E ability provides vision of runes scattered around the map which can be used by allies to gain bonuses such as heal amplification, additional mana etc., while providing utility by making use of terrain such as walls and cliff faces for enhanced mobility as well as getting cloaking effects or accelerated walking speed depending on its rank level. Lastly, Senna’s ult plays an important role too, allowing allies within its reach have temporarily increased movement speed along with a huge shield when facing powerful enemies such as tanks or grouped composed teams across all lanes in teamfights whenever needed for added safety measure.

Overall, Senna’s kit combines great burst potential in small engagements due to her passive combined with increasing range and damage output given by her Q ability; while providing much utility across all games since day 1 whilst being a low maintenance support-style, making her one of the strongest available champions across team composes nowadays on present day’s patch.


One of Senna’s major weaknesses is her low mobility. She has a slow base movement speed and her only escape ability, Duskwave, is on an extremely long cooldown. This puts her at a significant disadvantage against other mobile champions, particularly Assassins like Zed or Akali who can easily dodge her abilities and close in for an engage or an escape.

Additionally, Senna’s lack of crowd control leaves her open to being kited by ranged champions like Lucian or Caitlyn. Her ultimate is channeled so she can be interrupted with stuns and crowd control effects before it completes, thwarting the massive damage it can provide in teamfights.

Senna also has poor burst damage potential, making it difficult for her to take down priority targets quickly or completely disengage from a fight after one-shotting someone, which limits the amount of presence she has in the early game. Furthermore, Senna lacks long-range poke which means she has difficulty pressuring enemies off of objectives unless she takes them by surprise with Ravensong.

Recommended Items for Senna

When playing as Senna, there are certain items that are extremely beneficial to her character. These items can help to maximize her damage, survivability and mobility, depending on the situation and enemy team composition. Knowing what items to get for Senna can be the difference between a game win and a game loss.

Let’s look at some of the recommended items for Senna in League of Legends:

Core Items

Senna is a powerful ADC champion who needs to be completed with a great set of items in order for her to function properly. The core items for Senna consist of Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Phage and Last Whisper.

  • Trinity Force offers Senna extra movement speed, cooldown reduction and an increase in attack speed as well as offering some additional sustainability in the form of lifesteal and health regeneration.
  • Infinity Edge brings critical strike chance and damage to Senna which will help her deal significant damage at range with her reliable auto attacks.
  • Phage grants extra health and health regeneration but more importantly adds an additional slow effect if hit by an enemy’s basic attack or ability allowing Senna time to reposition without taking too much damage or having to recall too often.
  • Last Whisper helps against enemies with high armor while also granting additional critical strike chance meaning that she can survive longer while dealing more consistent damage against tankier targets.

Offensive Items

Due to Senna’s hybrid ability, there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to offensive items. However, many supports find that the combination of Trinity Force and Rapid Firecannon helps to provide an early game advantage. Trinity Force grants Senna increased attack speed, which helps her basic attacks become a more reliable source of damage. Rapid Firecannon increases the range of her basic attacks and grants additional critical strike chance, which helps her sustain in team fights.

Shennawards can also consider other items like Statikk Shiv or Infinity Edge for additional attack damage and critical strike chance, or Spear of Shojin for mana regen and cooldown reduction. Additionally, she can take either Iceborn Gauntlet or Rabadon’s Deathcap for even more damage output, depending on how the enemy team is composed.

Defensive Items

When playing Senna, defensive items should be chosen to fit the enemy team comp and objectives such as dragon, Baron, or turrets. Senna can go from being extremely squishy to having a lot of in-game survivability if equipped with the right items.

Tank Items: These items aim at increasing Senna’s maximum health pool. It is important to note that Spirit Visage would be considered the strongest tank item for Senna.

  • Sunfire Gauntlet: Grants additional Health Points and an AOE burning effect for Auto-Attacks
  • Spirit Visage: Increases maximum health points and provides increased regeneration on healing spells
  • Thornmail: Grants additional armor and damage reduction against enemies by reflecting a portion of damage taken by auto-attacks

Armor Items: These items are aimed at increasing Senna’s armor while also providing some active effects that help slow down enemies in teamfights. Aim to get one defensive item with Armor before going into the late game.

  • Frozen Heart: Reduces enemy attack speed while providing bonus health points
  • Dead Man’s Plate: Provides bonus armor which grants bonus movement speed when out of combat
  • Randuin’s Omen: Grants bonus armor, magic resist, cooldown reduction, and reduces attack speed on nearby enemy units

Magic Resist Items: These should be selected based on the enemy team composition; if it consists mainly of AP champions you should go for a MR item geared towards increasing your character’s resistance against magic attacks.

  • Athene’s Unholy Grail: Grants bonus mana as well as cooldown reduction which increases Magic Resistance significantly
  • Spectre’s Cowl: An early game MR option designed to increase your characters survivability early on in the match
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass: A great end game choice which provides high bonuses in terms of magic resistance as well as boosting your abilities through extra Ability Power

Tips and Strategies

Senna is a powerful champion in League of Legends who can provide great utility and damage to a team fight. She is equipped with a variety of abilities that allow her to deal heavy damage, heal her allies, and shield them from harm.

In this article, we will discuss some of her tips and strategies that can help you be a successful Senna player:


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Teamfighting is a staple of every successful team composition, and the ability to fight together as a cohesive unit will often be the difference between victory or defeat. Whether it’s a teamfight in the early laning phase or during an end-game Baron or Elder Dragon battle, coordinating a successful strategy requires understanding and efficient use of each champion’s strengths and weaknesses.

When entering into a teamfight, it’s important to recognize where you should position yourself in relation to your allies. There are four general roles when it comes to fighting as one— frontline bruiser, main damage dealer (carry), secondary damage dealer (support/utility) and peeler/anti-engager (enablers). Certain champions excel at certain roles, so it’s essential that your team composition considers how each member can best contribute to the team fight. It’s also vital that all members of the team have basic knowledge of their duty— whether tanking damage or dealing it out.

In addition to individual performance in fights, understanding fundamental strategies helps ensure teams are able to efficiently coordinate their efforts. These strategies include:

  • Collapse (i.e grouping together with your teammates)
  • Disengage (if outmatched in numbers)
  • Split pushing (if ahead)

Understanding these principles will help teams leverage every advantage they have in order to break through defending lines and defeat enemies quickly and cleanly while minimizing deaths on their own side.

Lane Control

When playing as Senna, it is important for players to understand and utilize her lane control. Lane control involves manipulating the flow of battle to your advantage. This can be done in many ways, such as through the use of crowd control abilities, placing wards or trapping opponents.

In order to gain an edge on your opponents in lane, it is important to make good use of Senna’s spells. Her Q (“Piercing Darkness”) can be used to slow opponents and give you more time to cast other spells or trade auto-attacks. Her E (“Absolution”) can be used when an opponent gets too close and threatens to get away with a low amount of health – the ability will deal damage based on the enemies’ maximum health while also stunning them briefly. Finally, her W (“Soul Orb Blast”) should be used when your opponent overextends or makes a dash towards you – it will deal considerable damage if it hits them directly.

Furthermore, Senna should always have vision around her so that she is aware of any possible gank or counter-gank attempts by her opponents – this can easily be achieved by making good use of Warding Totem or Sightstone items.

By properly utilizing lane control strategies such as these, Senna players will almost always find themselves on top in any match-up and pave their way for a smoother transition into mid or late-game teamfights!


In conclusion, Senna is a powerful champion that can be highly effective in teamfights. She can offer both offensive and defensive support, and has plenty of utility to make her an effective member of any team composition. She can easily carry games and become a top damage dealer if she is played correctly. While her kit is not the easiest to play, her high skill ceiling makes her very rewarding for players who can master her.

Pros and Cons of Senna

Senna is a ranged caster that packs a powerful punch. From her auto attack snipes to her point and click crowd control, she has the tools to get out of sticky situations or create them for her opponents.


  • Access to an active shield, able to be cast multiple times in a row.
  • Long range auto attack that can be used for sniping targets.
  • A powerful ultimate with displacement and long range ability locking potential.
  • Powerful self heal from her Q on minions, monsters and allied champions.


  • Weak early game trading and poor clear speed until she hits level 6.
  • Vulnerable to crowd control while in the process of casting abilities due to low mobility.
  • Her shield has no effect against disables like stuns or knock-up abilities, leaving Senna very susceptible when caught off guard by these types of effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Senna’s role in LOL?

A: Senna is a marksman champion in League of Legends. She has strong crowd control abilities, allowing her to easily poke and kite enemies. She also has high burst damage potential, making her a valuable asset in team fights.

Q: What are Senna’s abilities?

A: Senna’s abilities include Piercing Darkness, Dawning Shadow, Absolution, Curse of the Black Mist, and Last Embrace. Piercing Darkness is a ranged attack that deals bonus damage to enemies, Dawning Shadow fires a long-range beam that deals bonus damage and slows enemies, Absolution grants Senna bonus attack speed and movement speed, Curse of the Black Mist deals bonus damage to enemies in an area and reduces their magic resist, and Last Embrace damages enemies and roots them in place.

Q: What is Senna’s ultimate ability?

A: Senna’s ultimate ability is Last Embrace. This ability damages enemies and roots them in place, allowing Senna and her allies to easily pick off enemies with the extra time. Last Embrace also deals increased damage to enemies with more health.