Seraphine LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Overview of Seraphine

Seraphine is the newest champion to join the fray in the League of Legends universe. She is a powerful mage who has a range of magical abilities to help her allies and damage her enemies. Seraphine is a versatile champion who can fit in with many different strategies. Let’s take a closer look at her abilities and capabilities:

Background and History

Seraphine is an upcoming champion to the popular online video game, League of Legends. Before she joins the multiplayer battle arena, let’s get to know her backstory.

Seraphine is a rising star of Piltover and Zaun who is gifted with magical powers. She grew up in obscurity but developed a keen sense for music by creating soundscapes with ambient magic. She dreams of becoming a world-renowned musician whose songs capture the hearts and minds of all who hear them. As her confidence grows, she realizes her talents could become powerful tools for change if used to inspire others and bring people together from all walks of life.

Seraphine’s passion for music caught the attention of celebrities and influencers who praised her performances across Valoran’s cities, causing many music producers to take notice. She soon found herself in high demand as an entertainer whose melodies had an otherworldly quality that captivated any audience she encountered—including League champion Xayah, whose stunning performances impressed even her staunchest critics.

It wasn’t until Seraphine was invited to join the prestigious Champions Academy where she became friends with classmate Lux that she gained the courage to realize her full musical potential and take center stage on Summoner’s Rift as one of League’s newest champions!

Abilities and Skills

Seraphine is a mage class champion in League of Legends who wields her melodic enchantments to support her allies and devastate her enemies. She has a wide variety of abilities that offer a great deal of utility and control on the battlefield, allowing players to adapt their playstyle to fit the particular needs of their team. The skills set allows her to shield allies, root enemies, heal and even silence opponents.

Passive: Stage Presence – Seraphine’s presence amplifies nearby allies’ note power, granting them bonus movement speed when near her. Additionally, whenever Seraphine uses an ability or lands auto-attacks that enemy units take true damage over time with up to 10 stacks of Melody Echo.

  • Q: High Note – After charging up for 0.5 seconds, she fire a blast of sound in a line dealing damage while gathering Melody Echoes depending on the number of enemy champions hit and slowing them briefly if they are already at maximum stacks of Melody Echo.
  • W: Surging Strikes – Seraphine launches waves at two targets dealing magic damage per wave while granting herself temporary attack speed based on how many times she hit them with this ability before taking a few seconds off cooldown should you hit one or more targets every pack.
  • E: Beat Drop – She slams down a beat onto the ground dealing after 1 second magic damage in an area around it while applying magic resistance shred to all enemies within it for 4 seconds plus reduce healing effects by half for 4 seconds after the initial beat drop.
  • R:Encore – Seraphine shields allied champions increasing their offensive power into empowered beams that stay locked onto each of its targets for 5 seconds. This grants bonus non lethal damage each beam strikes up emanating from the targets which become stronger as time passes before damaging all enemies around them after 5 second duration this also grants ally’s cash heal based on max health upon hitting marked enemy champions with empowered beams.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Seraphine is a unique champion in League of Legends known for her ability to manipulate soundwaves with her voice. She has a variety of strengths that make her powerful in the battlefield. She has the ability to heal her allies and to summon spectral illusions that can debuff her enemies.

Seraphine also has some weaknesses, however, that players should be aware of. In this article, we’ll be exploring the strengths and weaknesses of Seraphine and how she can be used to great effect in team fights.


Seraphine is a powerful utility mage with an excellent kit that allows her to support her team in multiple ways and be very adaptable. She offers brilliant defensive options and great crowd control with shields, shields, and crowd control. Her ultimate can create powerful combos and area of effect damage, making her a great asset for teamfights.

Overall, Seraphine has excellent waveclear capabilities and can easily push multiple lanes efficiently. Her shielding spells offer sustainability to herself and her team while also enabling dives or other aggressive plays. Additionally, Seraphine’s Ultimate can be used to quickly disengage or re-engage on fights depending on the situation of the game due to its long casting range. Additionally she can also offer great burst at level 6 when used correctly in combination with her E ability and other damaging spells on her kit such as Q or R2.

All these features make Seraphine a highly valuable asset to any team composition because of how versatile she is able to play different roles during any situation of the game.


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Strategies and Tips

Seraphine is a strong champion who is often used in the mid lane role. She has the ability to fight both in close and long-range combat and can quickly harass her opponents with her abilities. To get the most out of her, it is important to know how to position, when to engage, and which items and runes to use.

This section will cover all the strategies and tips you need to know to play Seraphine effectively:

Early Game Strategies

Playing as Seraphine in the early game stages of a match is all about establishing control of the lanes, developing your own team’s lead, and setting up favorable combat scenarios for yourself and allies. The most common way to do this is to focus on the “snowball” strategy, which emphasizes rapidly building an early-game lead by dominating the lanes, taking down turrets quickly, and pushing your opponents away from their own bases.

To achieve this objective it is important to stay focused on what you can do to increase your effectiveness in lane. This can mean:

  • Last-hitting minions and jungle camps for experience FXP and gold income.
  • Playing around your abilities in combat for both damage output and crowd control effects.
  • Zoning enemies away from XP sources or objectives like turrets or Jungle camps.
  • Pushing turrets with auto attacks when no enemies are nearby.
  • Roaming between lanes with allies to make plays elsewhere or set up ganks as appropriate.
  • Looking for opportunities in brush that might grant vision advantages.

In addition to these strategies it is also wise to keep an eye out for opportunities against enemy champions. Seraphine has strong burst damage potential when her abilities are available; look for openings such as extended trades where you could get some good damage off with your skill shots while avoiding significant retaliation. Her mix of heal burst damage allows her an element of safety that many other champions don’t have access to – don’t be afraid to take risks! Knowing how her ultimate works can also help plan out a good play by taking advantage of her ability cast range as well a surprise area-of-effect burst. With careful planning Empowerment (E) could even make a big difference in midgame team fights or sieges against enemy fortifications. Start picking up on these small tips and tricks so you can use them more effectively during engagements!

Mid Game Strategies

During the mid game, Seraphine can use her crowd control abilities and range to help her team push their lead. To do this effectively, she should be mindful of her positioning and prioritize using her crowd control on high-priority targets.

To maximize your impact in the mid game, consider these strategies:

  1. Control minion waves with sustained note zoning. Use your notes to zone enemy champions away from minion waves so your team can secure them more easily. This will also help you sneak in for objectives more safely as you become harder to feast on when grouped up.
  2. Look for opportunities to disengage or initiate fights with Beat Drop’s distance-closing capabilities. Be sure to assess the situation before diving into the fray as it could find your enemies waiting for you with surprising CC and damage if misplayed. However, if played well it can be an engaging tool that allows you to quickly close distances while stunning all enemies it passes through!
  3. Utilize crowd control (CC) chains with Karmic Resonance and Beat Drop in team fights; to set up plays or peel for teammates using both spells on one target or multiple respectively! If enemies are grouped too many times, ensure that Karmic resonance is prepared right before any burst(s) occur ideally, in order to thwart any dives by locking them down whilst amplifying whatever damage may have been taken! Alternatively look at creating opportunities where disruptively creative compositions (such as double tank) can create a window whereby protectors split up aiming at maximum separation of least protected carries amidst mass slows/locks! Additionally catching jumpers/divers out of position requires quick reaction by targeting these champions from distance (Q+R). Lastly emphasizing mobility and positioning means there won’t be much time for enemies to react which is something Seraphine excels at in being able to still emit substantial amounts of CC despite moving around riddled by enemy attention!

Late Game Strategies

Late game strategies are one of the most important elements to consider when playing modern strategy games. This is often where the game is won or lost and where quick decisions need to be made in order to gain an edge over your opponents. Developing efficient late game strategies can be difficult but there are a few tips that can help you gain an advantage.

  • Firstly, identify your main objective and focus on that goal above all else. Whether it is claiming territory or heading for total battlefield domination, the path that leads to success should be your main priority.
  • Next, analyze the movements of your opponents and try to formulate countermeasures accordingly. Understanding their goals can help you make more informed decisions during gameplay which should ensure more favorable results for you in the long run.
  • Finally, leverage any advantages (such as resources, units and tech) that you have at your disposal to achieve maximum efficiency on the battlefield. Utilizing these resources effectively can give you a huge advantage over your adversaries.

These tips should make it easier to develop effective late game strategies while playing strategy games so keep them in mind when engaging with competitors online!

Recommended Items

Seraphine is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends. To get the most out of this champion, it is important to equip her with the right items. Knowing which items work best for Seraphine can help you maximize her potential and elevate your gameplay.

Here, we will be discussing the recommended items for Seraphine in League of Legends.

Core Items

Core items are the essential items which are necessary to build Seraphine’s optimal performance in League of Legends. These items should form the basis of your build, allowing you to progress throughout the game, and having them ready early will help you maximize her impact.

When building a successful Seraphine loadout, you should start with core items that allow her to survive and further advance in a match. Core items for Seraphine consist of:

  • Tear of the Goddess: This just grants Mana sustain and eventually starts stacking attack damage when full charges are available.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity: These provide enhances movement speed and ensures she has more ability casts available, especially in team fights.
  • Lich Bane: Generally one of the final core item builds for Seraphine as this gives her some raw attack damage along with helping out in clearing minions really quickly for additional mana regeneration between champions kills.
  • Luden’s Echo: Gives a good amount of AP enhancing her area effect spells wonderfully while improving her wave clear dramatically through extra damage on all units hit with those abilities.
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer: A core part of Serpahine’s build which works well on solo lanes as it can increase her AP very quickly and stacks up ap over time by getting kills or assists where possible.

Situational Items

As with any champion, a successful game on Seraphine relies upon building specific items based on the current situation in the game. Depending on whether you’re attempting to go for a damage-focused build or one that emphasizes utility and survivability, several items remain viable choices regardless of your intended path.

Primary Damage Items: These three items are all excellent choices when looking to maximize your damage output while playing Seraphine. Each of these provide adequate base stats while also giving a significant boost to Seraphine’s kit through passive abilities and active item effects.

  • Luden’s Tempest
  • Morellonomicon
  • Lich Bane

Utility Items: These two items both offer useful activatable abilities as well as passive bonuses that allow for additional survivability and crowd control potential when playing as Seraphine. They may not have the same damage output as their primary counterparts, but they can provide noticeable benefits throughout games.

  • Ardent Censer
  • Knight’s Vow

Other Considerations: Certain powerful Hybrid items Notable options include Rabadon’s Deathcap, Nashor’s Tooth, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Luden’s Echo, and Liandry’s Torment. Although these may not be optimal depending upon your build path, it is certainly an option worth considering in some scenarios for its tremendous burst potential.


In conclusion, Seraphine is an incredibly strong champion in League of Legends with a wide range of utility, damage and crowd control. She is a great choice for players who wish to support their team with healing and shields, as well as those who want to dish out some heavy damage. Her unique kit and flexibility make her an ideal pick for many players, regardless of their playstyle.

Summary of Seraphine’s Strengths and Weaknesses

As a champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, Seraphine takes on the roles of both a supportive mage as well as an energetic mid laner. With her unique abilities, Seraphine can provide bonus stats, akin to a tank’s, to allies and pressure enemies simultaneously with her strong spell kit. She also boasts some good engages and disengages for team fights due to her versatile mobility.

Note that Seraphine can be extremely fragile in certain matches depending on the enemy team composition. Despite having some tankiness feature through passive stats she provides to allies and extra shield upon casting her ultimate ability, she can still be taken down easily if enemy champions are able to target her within a few seconds or better yet with crowd control abilities – all it takes is just one hit and she is dead. Furthermore, since Seraphine has little wave interaction potential, she might be hard-pressed against certain matchups that involve heavy waveclear from either side; this could limit her teamfight potential due to reduced vision or sudden disengages or information advantage for enemy players on where does your team plan on setting up its next attack towards objectives or turrets.

Overall, Seraphine is an exciting supportive mage who brings an array of utility-based abilities coupled with powerful damage dealing spells; thus giving added value when playing her during lane phases in mid lane alongside enhanced presence during teamfights due to variety of crowd control effects paired with cc immunity upon casting ultimates – while at the same time being mindful of possible matchups where you might end up being too vulnerable targets if not played cautiously already from laning phase itself.

Tips for Playing Seraphine Successfully

Seraphine is a versatile Mage champion who can get sizeable power spikes through her powerful level-up ultimate. That being said, she has some fairly major weaknesses that should be taken into account before playing her. The following tips will help you play Seraphine successfully in League of Legends:

  • Make sure to pay attention to your level and item timings. Seraphine’s power spikes happen during Levels 7, 11 and 16 when she receives access to powerful new abilities or Ultimate upgrades. Keeping track of these will help you take advantage of her highest damage points and catch your opponents off guard.
  • Play around with different combos. Seraphine has a lot of potential combo moves with her abilities and passives that can help you deal tons of damage if used correctly. Some examples include using High Note as a follow up after your Starling’s Chorus cast, or building up bounce energy with Beat Drop before detonating it with Encore. Experimenting with different combos can be the key to mastering this champion’s playstyle and giving your enemies an unpleasant surprise in the Rift!
  • Be mindful about positioning yourself offensively or defensively around objectives such as turrets or enemy champions for maximum effectiveness. Seraphine can have devastating effects when placed near allies buffing them from afar, but if caught out in bad positioning she is vulnerable to attack from multiple angles due to her lower mobility compared to other Mages. Position yourself carefully so you can both dish out massive amounts of damage while still staying safe from harm!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are Seraphine’s abilities?

A1: Seraphine has three abilities: High Note, Surround Sound and Encore. High Note is a sonic blast that damages enemies in a line and reduces their Magic Resist. Surround Sound is an aura that grants allies a shield and increases their movement speed. Encore is a powerful burst of energy that damages and slows enemies, as well as granting allies a shield.

Q2: How do I play Seraphine?

A2: Seraphine is best played as a support, using her abilities to control the battlefield and protect her allies. She is also great at dealing damage in teamfights, as her abilities provide helpful boosts to her team.

Q3: What type of items does Seraphine use?

A3: Seraphine is usually built with items that give her bonuses to her healing and shielding abilities, such as Liandry’s Anguish and Redemption. She also makes use of items that give her cooldown reduction and health regeneration, such as Ardent Censer and Zeke’s Convergence.