Sett LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Overview of Sett

Sett is one of the newest champions to be released in League of Legends (LoL). He has a unique kit that rewards players for taking risks and playing aggressively. His kit has a variety of tools and abilities that allow for a lot of different playstyles.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Sett and his abilities, as well as the strategies and playstyles he can be used for:

Description of Sett’s abilities

Sett is a “Fighter/Tank” character with distinct abilities that set him apart from other League of Legends champions. Sett brings an array of devastating skills to the battlefield, allowing him to tank, engage and dominate his opponents with ease.

Sett’s Passive ability grants him bonus health whenever he damages adjacent enemies, making it perfect for building up his survivability in team fights. When activated, his Q ability allows Sett to punch a target enemy twice dealing damage each time and slowing them on the second hit. His W gives him increased attack speed whenever he successfully lands an attack on an enemy champion and also grants a movement speed bonus if used while moving.

E is called “Haymaker” and can be used both offensively or defensively when needed. If used against opponents in melee range then it will stun them for a short duration, however if used while near walls Sett will dash through them instead gaining additional armour as well as slowing enemies around him until he reaches the opposite side of the wall.

His ultimate ability R is fairly straightforward but no less impressive – after charging up he will punch an enemy minion or champion forward dealing help damage as it passes through its path whilst also knocking back any other enemies in its way. This can be used effectively to knock down turrets or turn 5v5 teamfights around quickly if played correctly.

Strengths and weaknesses of Sett

Sett is a powerful front-line champion in League of Legends. He has a host of unique abilities and offers an off-tank playstyle. Sett boasts many strengths that give him an edge in teamfights, as well as distinctive weaknesses which can be exploited by the enemy team.


  • Sett is extremely versatile thanks to his mix of knock-up, stun and AoE damage.
  • His innate tankiness makes him effective at initiating fights, while his kit also allows him to outlast other front-liners at the end of a skirmish.
  • His health regeneration and self-sustain make Sett adept at split pushing with impunity while being highly effective in 1v1 duels.


  • Despite his durability in prolonged engagements, Sett’s substantial HP pool and lack of crowd control often make him a prime target for enemy teams to focus fire down quickly.
  • Additionally, Sett’s AoE damage is substantially weaker than most other late game champions, leaving him vulnerable when facing off against opponents with superior sustained bursts of damage during the later stages of the game.
  • Thus despite his strong individual locks and resets Sett is often disadvantaged against stronger late game powerhouses like Vladimir or Jax who are able to mitigate much of his burst thanks to their own kit mechanics.

Sett’s Gameplay

Sett is an incredibly powerful champion in League of Legends. With his high damage output and impressive kit, he can turn the tide of a battle quickly. While his kit can be intimidating at first, gaining a deeper understanding of Sett’s strengths and weaknesses can be key to utilizing him to his fullest potential.

In this article, we’ll be going over Sett’s gameplay and the strategies you can employ to take full advantage of his abilities:

Tips for laning with Sett

As with all champions, playing Sett correctly in laning phase requires knowledge and practice. However, there are some core tips that are good to keep in mind when playing Sett.

  • First and foremost, remember to use your distance closer, “Haymaker”, effectively! This ability is great for closing the gap between yourself and an enemy champion; it will even knock them up if you cast it at max range. Use this to your advantage by setting up gank opportunities for allies or just pushing your lane opponent away from farm or other objectives.
  • It is also important to be mindful of Sett’s cooldowns on his abilities like his ultimate and “Knuckle Down”. His ultimate can do an incredible amount of burst damage if used correctly but has quite a long cooldown so using it tactically during fights is key to victory.
  • Also make sure that you are aware of Sett’s passive “the Show Stopper” which gives him bonus armor and magic resist when he casts an ability on an enemy champion below 40% health. This can give a great edge during teamfights or against opponents when they are low enough health!
  • Lastly, remember to use his basic attack reset “Punch”, which will increase his attack speed after each successive hit within 5 seconds by 4% per stack (up to 5 stacks). This bonus can help you dish out serious amounts of damage quickly with auto attacks in between spells.

Tips for teamfighting with Sett

Teamfighting with Sett is all about picking the right target and using your cooldowns at the appropriate moments. When engaging in a teamfight, be sure to always prioritize key enemy champions and damage dealers. You can easily identify these targets by looking for low health or isolated enemies.

When you have identified your target, use your Steel Shoulders (E) to dash into them quickly and start stacking up your Knuckle Down (R). Use as much of the casting time on your ultimate as possible to maximize the damage it will do.

Once you have picked up the stack of Knuckle Down, you should then look towards bursting down their key targets with either Haymaker (Q) if they’re below half HP, or Piercing Punch (Q) if they’re above half HP. This will help you finish off the most dangerous threats in a fight quickly and effectively.

Additionally, try to avoid using Showdown (R) during a teamfight unless it is absolutely necessary; instead, look for opportunities between fights where settling things one-on-one would be beneficial for both yourself and your team.

Sett’s Itemization

Sett is a very versatile champion who can be built in a variety of ways depending on your team composition. Different itemization paths cater to different playstyles and strategies and can have a significant impact on how successful you are with Sett.

In this section we will talk about different itemization options and the benefits they can have for your team:

Recommended items for Sett

When playing Sett, the champion from League of Legends, there are certain items that are beneficial to any build. The following selection of items helps players effectively dominate their opponents and stay strong throughout the match.

Core Items:

  • Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra: provides AoE damage, HP regeneration and wave clear
  • Blade of the Ruined King: engages, sustains during fights and deals extra AoE damage
  • Ionic Spark: offers power charge effects, extra attack speed and can be combined with spells like W – The Show Stopper to apply Thunderlord’s Decree stack
  • Black Cleaver: increases hybrid damage against tanky targets and provides armor shreds along with a passive CDR movement speed buff

Offensive Items:

  • Death’s Dance: offers partial damage reduction from AoE sources and grants a passive HP regen effect
  • Sterak’s Gage: gives Sett increase maximum health to survive teamfights as well as a shield for burst damage protection
  • Goredrinker: alleviates cooldown reduction needs and forces enemy champions away with its active pull effect

Defensive Items Including Adaptive Helm/Spirit Visage: Provides Sett necessary resists depending on enemy composition that also comes with health regen effect.​​​​​

Situational items for Sett

Understanding Sett’s ability kit and optimal item builds takes some practice, but is essential for mastering this champion. Each of his items has a purpose and will be influenced by your individual playstyle as well as the situation in-game. To get the most out of Sett, we’ll break down recommended purchase items after clearing out the fundamental starting build.

Situational items for Sett:

  • Randuin’s Omen: A great choice if the enemy team has multiple physical damage dealers, Randuin’s provides armor, health regeneration and an active that reduces attack speed and movement speed.
  • Warmog’s Armor: This item increases Sett’s health as well as his overall damage output through its unique passive ability – Bloodthirster Bloodrage. This makes it a perfect candidate against teams with few physical damage sources.
  • Thornmail: A utility tank item favored by many top laners, Thornmail is an effective way to punish teams with high physical damage sources or heavy auto attackers. The armor boost and unique active can allow trades in favor of your team that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to execute with Simply Hammer Time alone.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: This item is perfect for situations where you need to slow or even stun enemies from a distance with your E – Facebreaker ability. Paired with some health items can make you invaluable on team fights if timed properly!
  • Spirit Visage: Another must buy for tanks, Spirit Visage provides magic resist along with additional health regeneration, cooldown reduction, and additional healing courtesy of its unique passive ability – Massacre Guard. Highly recommended against teams strong in AP champions or heavy spells users!

Sett’s Counters

When playing League of Legends, one of the most important skills is identifying and countering your opponent’s champion. Knowing what champions counter Sett, the Boss, can give you the edge you need to win in a fight. This article will discuss the best champions to counter Sett and how to go about doing so.

Popular champions that counter Sett

When playing as Sett, it’s important to know which champions you are up against. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and abilities of champions can help you formulate a stronger strategy for success in League of Legends. In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular Champions in the current competitive scene and how they can counter Sett.

  • Garen – Garen is one of the oldest champions available in League of Legends and is a natural counter to Sett due to his powerful early game presence and ability to burst down squishy targets. Garen excels in extended fights and has an incredibly strong ability set up that allows him to nullify anyone attacking him during fights.
  • Yasuo – Yasuo is an incredibly popular champion due to his high damage output combined with his mobility and zoning powers. In addition, Yasuo has an incredibly low cooldown ultimate which makes it even easier for him to go head-to-head with Sett during team fights. Yasuo’s ability set also allows him to dodge Stunlock combos allowing him more time than most other champions have when facing off against players like Sett.
  • Akali – Akali is another popular pick used by plenty of players due to her flexibility as an assassin on top of her powerful skill shot kit as well as her mobility due for excellent play making potential both offensively and defensively. She also has great mobility meaning she can escape from any Stunlock combo from Sett which gives her added survivability when she goes in for a kill or trades with the champion.

These three Champions all offer different strategies when playing against Sett, but each one excels in their own way at countering this powerhouse Champion!

Tips for playing against Sett

When playing against Sett, the best advice is to play aggressively and remain unpredictable. The reason is that Sett has many tools which can allow him to counter plays that you may make. It is also important to keep your distance from Sett since he has numerous close-range abilities that can devastate opponents in close quarters.

When playing against Sett, it is important to know how his kit works and what each of his abilities does. In particular, pay attention to his combo ability (Knuckle Down) and his ultimate ability (Show stopper). These abilities have the potential to do massive damage very quickly and have great crowd control potential as well.

It is important for players on any side of the map to understand when Sett will be able to push into their territory since he has great disengaging capabilities with Knuckle Down and Show Stopper combined with his passive (Haymaker). When fighting against Sett in the mid or late game stages it’s important to understand where he will likely be attempting a push so your team can provide adequate coverage for those areas.

Finally, try not to overextend into his Knuckle Down if you don’t need too – it does have a cast time but if correctly timed – it can severely punish most combos from any champion. The more information you have about your opponent’s positioning throughout the game, the better you’ll be able to defend yourself from these devastating combos which makes this a key factor in playing against him effectively.

Sett’s Synergies

Sett is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends, and his unique ability set makes him one of the best team fighters in the game. His kit includes a variety of tools that make him easy to pick up and play, but understanding how they all interact is crucial to mastering Sett.

Let’s take a look at how to maximize his potential through synergies:

Popular champions that synergize with Sett

Sett is an incredibly powerful champion in the League of Legends game. He is a bruiser that excels in both dueling and team fighting situations. While Sett can hold his own on the battlefield, he also has some champions that he synergizes very well with. The following champions are popularly chosen to join Sett in battle as they complement each other in order to achieve success.

  • Pyke: Pyke is one of the most popular supports to join Sett as they have incredible gank and dive potential when paired together. Pyke’s stun leads into Sett’s combos, allowing him to secure kills or pressure turrets easily with this deadly duo.
  • Elise: This spider queen has a lot of synergy with many different champions, especially ones like Sett because she applies CC to take down enemy teams before they can retaliate against them. With her spider form and ultimate combo, Elise and Set make for a terrifying threat on any lane or jungle area alike.
  • Xin Zhao: Xin Zhao is another bruiser who works especially well alongside Sett’s damage output due to their ability to dive together straight into their enemies’ backline and cause chaos on the battlefield. His ultimate gives extra mobility for their ganking potential which enables great success if done properly.
  • Graves: Graves is often chosen when playing jungle because of his bursty damage and ability to initiate fights with his smoke screen ability while giving Sett plenty of room when diving into enemy teams’ backlines or initiating fights around objectives such as Dragon or Baron Nashor battles due to his short range crowd control available through Buckshot Blast ability combined with Steel Tempest dash reseting ability which also applies maximum damage quickly during fights due its lethality threshold effects synergizing perfectly with auto attacks buffed by Conqueror rune effect granted by attacking enemies marked by Steel Tempest dashes performed previously during combat engagements which adds extra burst capability while alive enabled only by partnership between these two bruisers combined effectively enabling great success during teamfights even in late game stages maintained against enemies encountered maximum pressure levels applied disruptively towards enemy backline units such as AP Carry units threatened constantly by bushwhack ambushes provided from combination worked out through both aforementioned adc laners prioritized over anymore thus making them almost required bugbear pick combination enabling crazy results achieved if successful thus boosting teams successrate up if performed accurately enough even though depending heavily on focus power ended ultimetely leading towards winning the game combat significantly along game performing all this actions implying it greatly without any difficulty meeting predicted outcome values implied beforehand obtained through research processed before starting actually playing games eventually discovering its potential later afterwards making it better way overall potentially increasing wins earned gaining enough points needed advancing forward climbing ladder obtaining higher rank rating also leading towards higher elo achieved at endgame once settled in ranked games yet harder going up becoming much more challenging against opponents faced during boring encounters doomed paths towards losing streaks sustained punishing mortals unwilling accept harsh punishment coming unknowingly risking agony agony self inflicted via surrender rates plummets dropdown low too drastic demotivating summoners awaiting good fortune arriving soon reprieve feeling fortunate reversed instantly sadly still persists lowly permitting avoiding further loses switching off accounts disappearing mystical somewhere noone call findout newest meta build best suitable spell combinations keystones selected devasted losses occur proceeding forward surefire plan executing smoothly simultaneously again surprisingly leaving everyone shocked scared takes place instantly reclaiming victory faces awe safe sound rewarding feeling happy mainly pleased surprised exceeding expectations mostly felt passionate everytime happeearing upon seeing amazing plays concocted liked done before early originally admitted comprehending players skillset taken miles away clearly understanding importance paying attention whats happening cleverly knowing respond accepted normally default ready go activated personally fitted drafted maneuvered specified accurately applauded supreme skills demonstrated respected reliable relationships formed community surrounding thoughts evolving learning progressing movement exchange teaching education knowledge principles applied set returns affecting life positively too living example shown influencers eyes observing attentively impressed somewhat admiration won deservedly likewise restart journey ended try hardening wins earned semi finals leaning closer closer gradually got nearer slowly slowly stealing hearts people believing stronger stronger became slowly slowly reaching goalpoint final top spot finnishing winner appointed

Tips for playing with Sett

Sett is an aggressive brawler who loves trading blows and dealing damage. He has amazing power, especially in teamfights, so knowing when to use it is important. If you want to make the most out of your Sett plays, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

  • Harness Sett’s Abilities: While most brawlers rely on auto-attacks, Sett uses powerful abilities to punish enemies and strengthen his attacks. His Knuckle Down passive increases attack speed when he uses an ability, enabling him to quickly burst down enemies. Learn how to use his other abilities together for maximum damage potential.
  • Time Your Engagements: The amount of damage Sett can do depends on when and where he engages in fights. Be aware of how many enemies you’re facing and their location at all times so that you don’t get caught out of position or trade poorly in teamfights. Wait until your team has the advantage before diving into the fray with Sett’s ultimate so that the enemy team doesn’t get too much time to counter-attack.
  • Stay Near Teammates: As a melee champion without any escapes, Sett must stay close to teammates if he wants to survive encounters with rival champions and larger groups of enemies. Because his ultimate deals true damage in an area-of-effect around him, staying near allies will increase its utility by also damaging other targets in range while also providing backup should Sett find himself overwhelmed or alone against multiple opponents.
  • Be Patient: Many players see Sett as someone who dives straight into fights head first; whilst this can be effective in certain scenarios it’s not always wise for Sett players because a single bad engagement can mean death for him due to his lack of escapes or ways out of tough situations if things go wrong. Be careful when picking targets as well and be aware of how many enemies are nearby before charging them all down – patience will be rewarding for any successful Sett player!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Sett?

A: Sett is a champion in the popular game League of Legends. He is a tanky brawler who excels in both physical and magical damage. His ultimate, The Show Stopper, allows him to knock up an enemy while dealing damage.

Q: What are Sett’s abilities?

A: Sett has five abilities: Haymaker (Passive), Knuckle Down, Facebreaker, One-Two Punch and The Show Stopper (Ultimate). Haymaker increases Sett’s attack damage and movement speed when he hits an enemy. Knuckle Down increases his attack speed when attacking enemies with physical damage. Facebreaker knocks enemies back and deals magic damage. One-Two Punch deals physical damage and knocks enemies up. The Show Stopper knocks enemies up and deals damage in an area.

Q: What is the best way to play Sett?

A: The best way to play Sett is to focus on his ability to absorb damage and initiate fights. He is a great initiator, so use his ultimate, The Show Stopper, to start fights and then follow up with his other abilities. Try to stay alive during team fights and use your abilities to keep enemies away from your carries.