Shaco LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Shaco is a champion from the online strategy game League of Legends. He is a dangerous assassin who uses trickery and speed in order to take out his enemies. He is a powerful character and can be a great addition to any team. By using the right strategies, players can use Shaco to their advantage.

In this article, we will provide an overview of Shaco’s lore, abilities, and role in the game:

History of Shaco

Shaco is a notorious League of Legends assassin, who has been wreaking havoc on the battlefield since his introduction in 2009. Known as “The Demon Jester“, Shaco is a demented trickster whose mischievous behavior seems to suggest more than it reveals.

The League of Legends storyline paints Shaco as a being that was created during the Rune Wars when two powerful sorcerers unintentionally released powerful magical energies upon Valoran. The result of this mix of magic unleashed a chaotic entity that created the cruel jester out of thin air, whose goal was simply to sow fear and terror in those around him.

His origin story explains how he tends to be sneaky and unpredictable; often taking pleasure at outsmarting his opponents and using his vast skillset to do so. This makes him a ruthless opponent on the Summoner’s Rift, who can ambush unwitting foes with clever placement or use clever mind games to toy with any Guardian at will. He masterfully outwits enemies with his illusions which are surprisingly easy for an untrained eye to confuse as real, making him an unpredictable nuisance in combat.

Shaco’s playstyle is devilishly tricky, allowing him to jump into fights briefly and then quickly disappear while dealing damage at the same time. His superior maneuverability allows him to ambush enemy camps and then flee or dive into enemy lines right before backing off again; leaving chaos everywhere he passes by. To compliment these tricks, Shaco bears an arsenal of unique items and abilities – such as Two-Shiv Poison – that grant him even bigger advantages against enemies regardless of situation.

Apart from his outstanding combat prowess, Shaco also has an edge when it comes to poking opponents with well-timed jokes – often aimed towards allied Guardians – which act solely as psychological warfare against unsuspecting victims; making sure one never feels too safe around The Demon Jester!


Shaco is an incredibly versatile champion, who relies on outmaneuvering and outsmarting his opponents. As a skirmisher who has good burst damage, Shaco can be extremely difficult to counter in the right hands. His abilities include:

  • Deceive – Shaco’s bread and butter ability. Deceive acts as both a gap closer and an escape tool, allowing him to quickly cover ground and juke enemies by temporarily vanishing and appearing behind them in a cloud of smoke. The cooldown is fairly short and it can be used frequently during longer skirmishes or chases.
  • Jack in the Box – Shaco unleashes a Jack-in-the-box at target location that will hop around for a few seconds before exploding into hundreds of lethal knives. Not only does this hurt enemies hit directly by the knives, but it also serves as an effective area denial tool thanks to its fear inducing effect that causes enemies to flee from the box.
  • Two-Shiv PoisonPassive: Each basic attack reduces enemy’s Movement Speed for 2 seconds; Active: Deals Magic Damage to Target Enemy and initiates Slow Effect for 3 seconds on them; Cooldown reduction based on Level up with Shaco.
  • Hallucinate – Shaco splits into two clones of himself after channeling for 3 seconds, dealing double damage before exploding violently when killed or at the end of their duration. One clone is controllable via Alt+Right Click orders but will vanish after 10 secs otherwise. This ability’s ultimate purpose is to split up team fights or surprise enemies with two extra copies of you appearing suddenly where they thought they were safe!

Strengths and Weaknesses


Shaco is a particularly powerful jungler and boasts some of the best clear times in the game when played well. He’s great at ganking and split pushing, with the ability to surprise opponents with his disruption ult and deceive skill. His Jack In The Box spell can provide an incredible amount of vision control and help with both offense and defense in team fights.


Shaco is weakest while laning, as he lacks the natural waveclear to make use of his offensive abilities, particularly at low levels. He’s also quite squishy, which means if he gets caught out of position or gets focused down by enemy teams then it’s likely he won’t last for very long. Shaco players need to be aware of their positioning throughout the game – if enemies see them coming it won’t take long for them to deal damage or get out of dodge.


Shaco is a versatile and adaptive champion in League of Legends. This champion can be built in many ways, each build providing a different type of utility and playstyle. Here we will look at some of the most popular builds for Shaco, and how they can help you succeed in-game.

Recommended Runes

When it comes to gaining an edge in League of Legends, runes are an invaluable tool for players at any level of the game. They are often a deciding factor between winning or losing a match and can give your team the slight advantage needed to succeed. This guide will provide some general recommend runes ideas that can be adjusted and tailored depending on individual play-style, champions, lane position and more.

Primary Runes PATH: Resolve

  • Grasp of The Undying – Health, Attack Damage and Life Steal increase when you Basic attack enemy units: A great rune Early Game providing sustain much needed during team fights.

Secondary Runes PATH: Inspiration

  • Cosmic Insight – Allows you to reduce cooldowns on abilities and summoner spells: This rune is invaluable for most champions as is decreases cooldowns across the board which allows more frequent uses of abilities and summoner spells.

Tertiary Runes PATH: Domination

  • Cheap Shot – Increases damage taken by enemies from your opportunities each time they are hit with an ability or spell: This rune is very powerful in allowing you to deal extra damage when taking out weak enemies in team fights making it very viable for easier kills throughout the game.

Recommended Items

When constructing a build, it is important to consider the type of items needed. Depending on your budget and overall goals, there are several types of recommended components to keep in mind.

The most important component of any build is the CPU, or Central Processing Unit. This chip, developed specifically for gaming and other high-end tasks, will have the biggest effect on overall performance. For a basic machine, a mid-ranged model such as an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 should be enough. For higher end builds with ambition for 4K gaming and other intense tasks, an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor may be necessary.

Second most important component would be the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This component is key for intensive gaming tasks like 4K resolutions as well as recording video streams offline. Again depending on price range and needs it can vary from an entry level Nvidia GTX 1050 to a more advanced RTX 2080Ti which provides top-tier graphics capabilities as well as ray tracing support (an attribute exclusive to RTX cards).

Other important considerations include:

  • RAM (random access memory) which determines how much data can be processed at once;
  • Disk Storage which dictates amount of info that can be stored;
  • Motherboard which acts as main platform for components;
  • PSU (power supply unit) which supplies power to each component; and
  • finally any cooling system such air coolers / liquid coolers necessary for keeping temperatures low.

Recommended Summoner Spells

When playing as Shaco, there are two highly recommended summoner spells—Flash and Smite. Flash is a long-range blink ability that gives you enhanced mobility and enables you to escape from or pursue enemies much more easily. Smite is essential for jungle shenanigans because it gives you bonus gold when used on monsters or big enemy minions. You can also use Smite to quickly reset the cooldown on Rift Herald and Baron Nashor, allowing your team to get an early advantage in fights around the objectives.

Other common spells for Shaco include Teleport, Ignite, and Exhaust, depending on your playstyle.


Shaco is one of the most unique Champions in League of Legends, so it is important to use the right strategies when playing as him. Knowing when to go in and when to retreat is key to winning with Shaco. He is a jungler and an assassin, so he needs to be able to move around the rift quickly and find the right moments to strike.

In this section, we will talk about the strategies and tips you should use when playing as Shaco:

Early Game

In the early game, Shaco should focus on farming up an edge over the enemy laner. One of his biggest assets when it comes to the laning phase is his Deceive ability. It is an invisibility spell that enables Shaco to escape from dangerous situations, ambush enemies and farm with impunity. When used effectively, it can allow Shaco to gain an advantage over the enemy laner if they do not have any form of vision control.

He should also use his Jack in the Box ability often in order to secure kills or make lane ganks more effective by providing a sort of zone control. Jack in the Box will also be vital for csing under tower due to its tankiness which allows Shaco to farm safely without taking too much damage from creep waves or tower shots.

In addition, Shaco should try to establish his dominance in the early game by looking for fights and taking skirmishes whenever possible as he excels at 1v1 scenarios with his strong burst damage and devastating ultimate Two-Shiv Poison. As long as you are ahead and well farmed after every engagement, then you will easily be able to scale into late game and become an unstoppable force within team fights.

Mid Game

As the game progresses and map objectives start to spawn, Shaco is part of a team that needs to secure the game’s advantages. With his deceptive capabilities, he can set up ganks for allies or isolate enemies. That way, he forces engages and can help allies secure kills or objectives.

In team fights, Shaco’s goal should be to constantly pressure enemies so that they cannot focus down any isolated targets. He should dash in and out of battles with Deceive/ Two-Shiv Poison, making sure not to expose himself too much by staying outside the range of enemy crowd control effects such as stuns and displacement skills. His ultimate has great potential in group fights to split up teams, but it’s best used when allied teammates are already present in fights or are able to quickly capitalize on the created openings.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep an eye out for any overextended lanes while also clearing out Jungle camps – Shaco needs gold and experience just like every other champion. He isn’t a carry in most team compositions but essential as a skirmisher – if you’re playing him correctly you will give a lot more than you take away from your team.

Late Game

Late game strategies generally focus on defending against the enemy’s attacks while attempting to gain a strategic advantage. These advantages can include map control, resources, or capitalizing on situational effects. Typical tactics used include:

  • Catch-up mechanics – tactics used to recover from a disadvantaged state, usually involving gaining additional experience or gold income.
  • Split pushing – having one or more players “push” down the lanes while the rest of the team fights away from them, so as to divide the enemy’s forces and keep them busy defending against multiple threats.
  • Team fighting – when all members of a team coordinate together to take down an opponent in a single encounter as quickly as possible. This can have immediate game-changing implications if successful.
  • Wave management – good for taking objectives such as towers without risking too many casualties from larger battles – it allows teams to slowly but surely chip away an enemy’s defences through careful harassment with minions and heroes alike.
  • Snowballing – when one side gains momentum quickly off small successes which leads to bigger ones in later stages – it essentially means taking every opportunity available on the map until your team has complete control of it.

Tips and Tricks

Playing Shaco in League of Legends can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Mastering this champion requires a lot of practice and a good understanding of the game.

Here, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks that can help you become a master of Shaco. We’ll also talk about some of the key strategies that can be used when playing as Shaco. With the right knowledge, you can easily become an excellent Shaco player who is capable of dominating the League of Legends battlefield.

How to Use Shaco’s Abilities


Shaco excels in the laning phase with most of his abilities having the ability to zone opponents away. His Deceive (Q) can be used to quickly enter and exit combat while his Jack in the Box (W) can control areas even when his opponent has vision. Shaco’s two-part Two-Shiv Poison (E) also offers great waveclear and chipping damage on opponents that are safe from Deceive.


In teamfights, Shaco’s effectiveness is heavily reliant on positioning and timing. He should use Deceive to immediately engage or disengage from fights depending on the situation. If caught out of position, Shaco players may need to quickly create an escape using his Hallucinate (R) ultimate. If a close fight is imminent, Shaco can place an isolated Jack in the Box for a feast of damage, which will be followed by a Two-Shiv Poison for more sustainability through % missing health damages.

How to Counter Shaco

Facing off against Shaco in the game League of Legends can be a daunting prospect and many players tend to avoid going up against them whenever possible. However, with some preparation and knowledge, it is possible to counter the tricks of Shaco and come out victorious in a match. In this guide, we will discuss the tips and techniques you need to know to counter Shaco’s games.

Firstly, understanding Shaco’s playstyle is key. He loves to set up traps and split-push lanes while you attempt to engage with him – his passive allows him to quickly disengage from any confrontation as he runs away with his Leap Strike ability. Therefore, any split-pushing strategy should be handled carefully as if you catch him by surprise then he’s at your mercy!

Secondly, smart minion control gives you an edge when it comes to dealing with Shaco’s boxes – he typically puts them down when pushing or attempting an ambush so spoiling these plans by denying minions near his box locations can give you an upper hand in gaining map control. Additionally, having vision over these boxes is important as this will frequently reveal where he is planning on setting up traps for unsuspecting victims! Moreover, controlling neutral monsters or grabbing key objectives like dragons can also deter him from setting up certain scenarios that allow for easy ambushes due to distractive elements such as Smite damage on those targets.

Thirdly, keeping track of his items enhances your awareness in a fight against him. Many Shacos will rely on items such as Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Stattik Shiv in order to increase their damage output while they attempt a gank or ambush so having vision (if possible) of what he carries gives more data points for you calculate your approach when facing off against him.

Finally, utilizing proper coordination through communication tools like ping systems can aid immensely when laning against a champion like Shaco – speaking out plans over voice chat channels helps teammates react swiftly when your lane partner suddenly goes missing amidst suspicious circumstances or during team fights!

How to Teamfight with Shaco

Teamfighting with Shaco can be challenging as he is a very context oriented champion and his playstyle relies heavily on his positioning, timing and ability placement. Therefore, being able to select the best moments and avoid team fight blunders is key when playing this champion.

When it comes to the early game, Shaco shines the most in and around objectives or early skirmishes, as he can quickly flank enemies with Deceive and attempt picks or create distraction that allow allied champions to pressure other parts of the map. Being able to understand how your opponents are moving about the rift can give you a huge advantage when flanking as well.

In the mid game, Shaco’s main goal should be to stay safe in order to cover his allies from any dives or ambushes techniques highly utilized by recent champions like Syndra or Yasuo. Spreading out his boxes across lane paths will allow him get knowledge about enemy movement so he doesn’t get caught out of position in these important fights.

Finally, during late game teamfights Shaco can either dive in with Deceive to try and steal kills from backline champions like mages or assassins that are normally left alone; or he could choose other plans such as:

  • Stacking boxes across wall sections
  • Sneaking into high ground locations while poking out of it with Two-Shiv Poison (Q)

It’s also worth mentioning that having two or three clones of himself on different sections of the teamfight will often serve as a great form of crowd control for his own team while also securing important picks when utilized correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Shaco?

A: Shaco is a champion in League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. He is an assassin, who utilizes deception and surprise attacks to outwit his opponents.

Q:What kind of skills does Shaco have?

A: Shaco has a variety of skills that can help him gain the advantage in combat. His main damage ability is Deceive, which allows him to create a clone of himself and teleport a short distance away. He also has Backstab, which deals increased damage from behind, and Two-Shiv Poison, which deals physical damage and slows enemies. He can also use Jack In The Box to create a minor distraction, and Hallucinate to summon a clone that explodes when it dies.

Q: How do I play Shaco effectively?

A: To play Shaco effectively, you should focus on outsmarting your opponents. Utilize your Deceive ability to ambush your opponents, and use your Jack In The Box and Two-Shiv Poison to create confusion and slow down enemies so you can get away. You should also be sure to use your Hallucinate clone to its fullest potential, by placing it in the midst of your enemies to deal damage and create a distraction.