Shen LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Shen is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends. He is a tank character with a unique set of abilities and play styles. He is well known for being a potent team fighter and great at protecting his team. Although he is a tank character, he also has great offensive capabilities.

In this article, we will go in-depth on all aspects of Shen and what you need to know about him:

Introduction to Shen

Shen is a bruiser-tanky martial artist with exceptional team fight utility. His aggressive nature can often lead to disastrous results if ill-leveraged, however for those patient players who understand the counter play necessary for Shen, he offers the perfect tank that can flex between support, damage and tank roles. He’s one of the few champions who can be played in any lane and still bring value to a team fight.

From early game through mid-game, Shen scales well with his standard tank items as well as damage items like Last Whisper and Black Cleaver due to his exceptionally powerful passive. He has a strong auto attack ability in Twilight Assault which gives him immense waveclear at all stages of the game as well as massive sustainability options with Ki Barrier and Feint. His Shadow Dash ultimate lets him initiate team fights or peel off his carries while his Spirit’s Refuge shield allows him to deny enemy follow up with its short cooldown window. Additionally, Shen offers great map mobility options with his Stand United ultimate combined with other movement speed based items such as Randuin’s Omen or Iceborn Gauntlet.

When picking Shen you must be prepared for any situation – whether it’s taking damage in solo queue lanes or providing peeling support in team fights from your back line allies. His versatility will grant you endless possibilities on how you want to control your lane or carry your team composition come late game objectives, but be warned – mis positioning will often result in death! With practice and patience though, other players’ mistakes may become your strength – making what was once only broken seem complete again!

Basic Attributes and Abilities

Understanding the basic attributes and abilities of individuals is important in helping them to reach their full potential. Basic attributes refer to those qualities that individuals possess such as intelligence, empathy, and work ethic. Abilities are the application of those qualities in order to achieve a desired result. Knowing both the basic attributes and abilities of an individual can provide insight into their potential for lifelong learning and success.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Shen is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. His kit allows him to be a strong tank, with an ability to initiate fights and protect his team. He can also deal a lot of damage, with his ultimate allowing him to be a force on the battlefield. Despite his strengths, there are still some weaknesses that players need to be aware of when playing as Shen. Let’s take a look at the various strengths and weaknesses of the Shen champion.

Strengths of Shen

Shen is an individual with outstanding qualities that makes her a great team member. She has excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, which enables her to be able to effectively communicate with others. Shen also has an impressive attention to detail, empowering her to identify discrepancies in the documents she handles and make necessary corrections or reports.

Shen also possesses strong problem-solving skills which help when there are unexpected issues that arise in the workplace. Additionally, Shen is highly organized and able to multi-task, allowing her to efficiently work on multiple projects at once. Finally, Shen’s dedication and determination drive her performance as she always seeks out challenges in order to contribute further towards the success of the team or organization she works for.

Weaknesses of Shen

Shen is considered a rather weak champion in the current League of Legends meta. His major weaknesses lie in his survivability, which makes him vulnerable to burst and sustained damage throughout a match. Shen’s lack of mobility also leaves him vulnerable to ganks and roamers. Additionally, his smaller champion pool means that he can become less effective in certain matchups where he lacks an appropriate counter tool or ability. As such, Shen should always be played with extreme caution when engaging enemy champions.

Shen’s passive shield only helps to mitigate incoming damage and does not provide crowd control capabilities or additional protection beyond its duration and strength. Furthermore, his W skill Vorpal Blade requires careful management of cooldowns and mana resources to maximize its effects, while Shadow Dash often proves to be difficult to land due to its limited range and difficulty aiming the skill accurately. Finally, Shen’s ultimate is relatively easy for enemies to dodge at higher levels of play as well as offering little utility without proper coordination with engages from team mates.

Best Builds

Shen is a powerful champion in League of Legends and if you want to master him, you need to know the best builds for him. Different builds will depend on what role you are playing. Whether you are a tank, a bruiser, or a damage dealer, there will be a build for you.

Let’s explore what builds will work best for Shen:

Best Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are an essential part of any effective build in any game mode. Summoner spells allow players to gain an advantage by providing extra mobility, damage, and a variety of other effects. To maximize your potential in any game mode it is important to pick the best summoner spells for your champion and team composition.

There are 10 commonly favoured summoner spells in League of Legends. Each Summoner Spell provides unique benefits and strengths to both the user and their team, and depending on the current patch, some Spells may be more advantageous than others.

At the start of each match, every player gets two Summoning Spells – one Primary Summoning Spell that is always available when you respawn or recall to base or fountain, and one Secondary Summoning Spell that has a shorter cooldown than the Primary one but also has several uses depending on different champions such as resetting turrets or becoming more offensive. Some champions have utility focused builds which will require more specific Summoner Spells for optimal results.

The following are the Major Summoner Spells:

  • Flash – Teleports your Champion a short distance forward (or toward their Mouse Cursor). Also a Powerful Escape Tool across walls or terrain obstacles.
  • Smite – Deals moderate damage over time to jungle monsters within a certain range radius from your champion’s location – also allows junglers to gain gold bonuses from monsters without having to Last Hit them with Auto Attacks.
  • Ignite – Deals massive true damage over time for a certain duration against enemy champions hit by its activation – Great for busy 1V1 fights since it reduces enemy healing effects in addition to dealing out consistent damage over several seconds).
  • Teleport – Allows your champion to rapidly travel some short distance across the map while providing vision control at both points of origin and destination – helps greatly when setting up ganks or pushing objectives like Vision Wards from lane-to-lane).
  • Cleanse – Removes all crowd control debuffs from you including slows, roots, stuns, taunts etc – helping you stay alive longer during stressful team fights or chase down enemies).
  • Heal – Activates powerful burst healing around you as well as providing some temporary burst health regeneration (both ally dependent). Also can contribute greatly towards making 2v1 situations less punishing by allowing allied champions nearby enough Health Points to escape decisive duels alive).
  • Exhaust – Slows down target Champions Movement Speed while reducing Damage Output substantially – forcing enemies into unfavorable battles they cannot win due to overwhelming Trade Ratio differences being applied onto them).
  • Baron (Rift Herald) Smite – Deals significantly increased damage at close quarters especially when used on Epic Monsters/ Dragons/ Baron Nashor / Rift Herald etc so getting in close quarters is required before channeling it on specific targets–deals even more extra damage if channeled for entire duration).
  • Ghost– Grants faster Movement Speed across brief duration along with occasional untargetable moments enabling faster movement & evasion from chasing opponents wherever needed). Ghost gives full run speed even through walls making it perfect for tactical surprise attacks & time-sensitive objective takeovers as well.
  • Clarity Surprisingly won’t restore mana resources/gives MP5 effect anymore but instead gives allies near you additional temporary “Resourceless” mana regen –greatly synergizing with other forms of burst heals/shields during times sensitive interactions such as Team Fights etc .

Best Items

When building a team in any game, it’s important to know what the best items are for each character/build. This article will provide you with an overview of some of the most powerful items for each common build in order to optimize your team setup, fine-tune your strategy, and gain an edge over your opponents.

Jungle Build: The Jungle build focuses on combining Damage and Tankiness while also granting some Mobility. Core Items include:

  • Cinderhulk: Grants a Health boost with increased regeneration speed, as well as increased Damage output.
  • Thornmail: Grants additional armor as well as reflecting damage back to opponents when hit.
  • Ravenous Hydra: A great pick for increased clear speed and more overall health regen.
  • Warmog’s Armor: Increases your team’s overall tankiness while also granting bonus health regeneration.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: Grants bonus Attack Damage and Lifesteal which is great for Jungling and engaging in fights.

Marksman Builds : Marksman builds focus heavily on increasing attack speed and damage output, with some cooldown reduction included in most cases as well. Core Items include:

  • Infinity Edge: A gold standard item that improves Critical Chance by 100% while also increasing Attack Damage by 20%. A great pick for both DPSing at range or engaging in close quarters combat due to its high Critical Chance/Damage rating combo.
  • Phantom Dancer: Increases movement speed further when attacking enemies once every second or two, making it easy to outrun enemies if need be after engaging them up close or at range.
  • Statikk Shiv: The statikk shiv provides chance to shoot lightning with every hit you land during combat based on its Crit Chance proc rate, making it an excellent choice if you find yourself being surrounded often due to its passive lightning strikes taking down opponent’s health bars quickly.

Assassin Builds : These builds vary but they almost always incorporate high amounts of Burst Damage output that can easily take down enemies in a short span of time before they have time to react properly. Core Items include:

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade: An all around amazing pick considering it not only increases movement speed slightly but also Combined Attack Speed rating by 15% from its base stats. It also has incredible synergy with any skill shot heavy champion, allowing them too close the gap between enemies even faster.
  • Liandry’s Torment: Increasing magic penetration while doing additional dot damage makes this item a great pick up against tanky foes who could otherwise sheer through burst damage much quicker than usual due to their defensive stats being quite formidable combined together sometimes.

Support Builds : To make sure our teams stay alive we must always have a good support build ready no matter what, since his/her contribution helps us stay alive throughout difficult encounters throughout the long run. Core items Include:

  • Locket Of The Iron Solari Provides enhanced shielding capabilities alongside extra health regeneration, this item is perfect for supports who can heal themselves periodically when need be.
  • Frozen Heart Gives passive AoE slow utility combined with extra attack speed deceleration against near enemy targets, this item is perfect for keeping opponents away long enough so that teammates can finish them off quickly without taking heavy damage from enemy champions beforehand.
  • Zeke’s Convergence This item grants extra actionable buffs upon activating its active ability besides slowing down surrounding enemies nearby creating space between allies and threats much more reliably compared to more traditional crowd control methods found outside of it active ability itself such as stun locks.

Best Runes

The best rune choice for Shen depends largely on your play-style and the game situation. Adapting your rune choice to the match allows you to maximize your chances of success, unlocking the true potential of this resilient fighter.

Primary: Resolve

Shen is a resilient champion and can handle trades well. His built in regeneration stat from his Passive – “Ki Barrier” helps amplify sustain in lane and out of it. Combining this with Resolve primary runes makes Shen incredibly tanky and able to take more risks if needed. The secondary tree can be changed based on what type of build you want to go with or who your opponents are. Here are some popular combinations:

  • Domination + Inspiration: This setup gives increased damage in an attempt to add more presence in teamfights, objective takes, and early skirmishes. It also offers a bit more utility with reduced cooldowns thanks to Unsealed Spellbook.
  • Precision + Inspiration: This setup is used with Immortal Shieldbow builds, offering critical strike chance and armor penetration as primary stats then reducing cooldowns later on with Unsealed Spellbook.
  • Sorcery + Resolve: This setup gives greater mana regeneration from Transcendence as well as shift away from magic damage after Stormraider’s Surge is removed from the game.
  • Resolve + Inspiration: This setup gives considerable amounts of defense combined with decent utility options such as allowing Shen’s Shadow Dash to cooldown faster or reducing the cost of Revive.

This combination gives Shen an edge both defensively and offensively so he can make plays when needed without compromising his tankyness. Overall these runes provide many different options for robustness, power spike times, or even confusing opponents so they never know what build you are running until it’s too late!


Shen is a champion who is always ready to fight and defend his team. While his abilities are versatile and can be used in a variety of creative ways, there are some strategies that are more effective than others when playing as Shen.

In this section we’ll go over the most popular strategies for playing Shen and the most effective way of utilizing his unique kit:

Early Game

The early game is an important stage of most strategy games, as it sets the tone for the rest of a match, and allows players to define their overall strategy. There are several different strategies available for use during the early game of a strategy game, depending on the specific title.

Some common strategies involve:

  • quickly establishing a resource generating base or army in order to gain an advantage over other players who are slower in setting up their infrastructure.
  • expanding quickly to gain more resources.
  • taking out opposing forces before they can become organized and pose a serious threat.

Care should be taken not to overextend or move too quickly during the early game; many players find that strikes that occur too early can be disruptive and generate unnecessary losses.

Safe methods of securing an advantage in an early stage include scouting and taking control of resources, while aggressive tactics involve quick attacks on enemy forces or territory. Making use of map knowledge is also essential for success during this stage, as well as finding ways to establish advanced units such as air units more quickly than opponents can respond. Ultimately, building strong infrastructure and making wise decisions regarding one’s position is key for success during this phase.

Mid Game

Mid game is the time period between early game and late game in competitive League of Legends. During this time, your goal is to form a strategic advantage by taking objectives, pushing lanes, and using teamwork tactics. At this stage of the game, a single teamfight can drastically turn the tide in favor of either team. As Shen, this stage of the game can be an important part of your success as you use your Ultimate to engage or defend objectives for your team.

When deciding how best to move forward during mid-game it’s important to consider which option will be the most resource-efficient for both teams. As Shen you benefit from using more players in fights since your Ultimate reduces damage taken by allies within its range. Try to:

  • Split push when you are ahead
  • Group up when behind

This way you can keep enemies occupied while minimizing fights with unfavorable circumstances. In addition, use Shadow Dash sparingly and focus on picking isolated enemy champions rather than ones amongst their allies as that enables you to quickly disengage.

Late Game

As Shen enters the late game, his teamfighting capabilities and ability to protect carries become increasingly useful for his team. Ideally, by this point, he should have the right items built to maximize his strength in teamfights. He can use his ultimate to jump in and out of enemy teamfights and pick off isolated targets with a combination of Shadow Dash and Twilight Assault; while using Spirit’s Refuge as a means of peeling for his carries.

However, it is important to remember that Shen is still an assassin at heart; as such when he enters the late game he should prioritize eliminating enemy carries before they can disrupt his own team or melt their health bars down.

Tips and Tricks

Shen is a powerful champion that can bring a lot of strength to the team. He is one of the few tanky champions that can also provide a lot of damage, as well as being able to protect his team mates. Shen is a great champion to pick if you want to be able to dominate in the late game.

In this section, we will discuss some tips and tricks that can help you make the best use of Shen. Let’s get started!


Positioning is a crucial aspect of playing Shen. As a tanky frontline champion, you should be walking in front of your team and initiating fights. You want to be the first to soak up damage at engagements, while providing utility and disruption with your abilities. Generally, it’s best to prioritize going after the enemy backline or creating advantageous all-in opportunities with your Shadow Dash/Stand United combos.

Maximize your potential as Shen by combining strong positioning with coordination with other members of your team. Pay close attention to vision control for optimal rotations and look for opportunities to create pressure in multiple areas on the map at once. Have an idea of where you’re going at all times, but be flexible enough to adjust quickly when needed. If an opportunity arises but can’t be taken advantage of due to poor positioning from allies, consider using Flash/Stand United to get them in an optimal spot prior to engaging.


Timing is one of the most crucial and important fundamentals of the game for Shen, as making the right decision at any given moment can be the deciding factor in a win or a loss. Knowing when to initiate a team fight, dodge an enemy’s ability and position yourself correctly are all examples of how mastering your timing can help you maximize success in-game.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your timing:

  • Learn and use cooldown timings. Knowing when an enemy’s abilities will or will not be up is key in making decisions during team fights. If you know when your enemies’ skillshots will be off cooldown, you can either avoid them or put yourself in the perfect positions to effectively engage.
  • Know when to initiate a team fight and try to anticipate enemy movements. Learning when it’s best to go all-in and start a fight is important for any champion, but it’s especially important for Shen as he excels at being able to control crowded spaces with his ultimate Shadow Dash.
  • Position yourself correctly while laning against enemies; try to dodge your opponents’ abilities while also managing wave timings correctly. Whether it’s dodging a skillshot or hitting high priority targets quickly with Vorpal Blade, positioning yourself properly during lane fights is key if you want Shen to remain safe while also dealing damage efficiently.

Team Fighting

Team fighting requires timing and coordination, and can be the deciding factor in team fights. It is important to understand the game plan of your team and how it interacts with Shen’s kit. Pay attention to ward placements, ultimate usage and cooldowns, enemy composition and itemization, as well as your positioning so you know when it is time to fight or back off. As Shen, you have tools that allow you to play a supportive role in teamfights – use them!

Be mindful of your allies’ cooldowns – if an assassin needs an escape or lots of damage output is needed, prioritize casting Stand United accordingly. Use AoE abilities like Shadow Dash appropriately – don’t hesitate to CC multiple enemies with Twiligth Assault if it puts your team at an advantageous position. Teleport back into the fight if needed – every second counts in a fight! Ultimately your goal should be keeping everyone alive while trying to turn the tides in favor of your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the role of Shen in League of Legends?

A1: Shen is a tank champion in League of Legends. His role is to protect his team, absorb damage, and disrupt enemies. He is also capable of dealing damage and making plays.

Q2: What are some of Shen’s abilities?

A2: Shen’s abilities include Shadow Dash, a dash that damages and taunts enemies; Ki Strike, a shield that absorbs damage; and Stand United, an ultimate that shields an ally and teleports him to Shen’s location.

Q3: What items should I build on Shen?

A3: Items that are good for Shen include Trinity Force, Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visage, and Frozen Heart. These items provide him with health, armor, ability power, and cooldown reduction.