Shyvana LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Shyvana, the Half Dragon, is a powerful champion in League of Legends, where she excels in the top lane with her impressive sustain and dueling capabilities. Her kit is one of the most versatile, allowing her to fit into multiple different team compositions. In this article, we’ll take a look at Shyvana’s abilities and see how they combine to make her one of the strongest champions in the game.

Overview of Shyvana

Shyvana is a fierce champion in League of Legends (LoL), a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. She is one of the most strategic champions, as she has four unique abilities, more than any other champion. As well as her unique playstyle, she offers team utility and huge damage potential with the right set-up.

Shyvana can be played as an assassin or a tank in LoL, which brings its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. When played as an assassin, Shyvana relies on her ability to close the gap quickly with Dragon’s Descent and then mix up her attacks for maximum burst damage. In addition, relying on attack speed over raw damage gives her attacks more opportunities to apply on-hit effects from such items as Frostfang and Wit’s End.

On the other hand, when played as a tank Shyvana is generally built with both armor penetration and attack speed to maximize her duality between being an initiator or an off-tank. While less capable of taking out single targets compared to an assassin build, tank Shyvana can take much more punishment due to higher base armor and health regeneration stats gained when playing this way. When playing tank Shyvana it’s important to maintain your distance till the fight gets going before joining in the fray—her passive grants Fury Points that allow you to transform into a dragon adding extra CC and mobility options during fights!

Abilities of Shyvana

Shyvana is a champion in the strategic video game League of Legends. She is one of the dragon-human hybrid champions, with a versatile skill set that can be adapted effectively to different playstyles. The unique design of Shyvana’s kit offers players the opportunity to customize her skills to their strengths and weaknesses.

Shyvana’s abilities focus largely on mobility, attack speed, and crowd control; allowing her to become both an initiator and a finisher in most team fights. Her kit has both offensive and defensive elements, allowing her to fill varying roles throughout a match.

  • Passive: Fury of the Dragonborn
    This passive grants Shyvana bonus attack damage when near allied turrets or dragons she has recently killed or helped kill. These bonuses can stack up depending on how many towers and dragons are taken down, but more importantly it allows her at least some level of bonus damage no matter what her item build looks like. This allows for more freedom with item builds and choices in lane, allowing Shyvana to have more opportunity for success if played correctly.
  • Q: Twin Bite
    This is Shyvana’s primary source of burst damage and wave clear in early game fights as well as late game team fights. This ability offers two instances of physical damage while simultaneously increasing Attack Speed significantly upon activation – making this an excellent choice for both initiations and escapes alike when played correctly with other members on your team. Damaging enemies will refund half of its cooldown so it can be spammed quickly if desired – making this an exceptional ability against enemies attempting large trades or diving towers/inhibitors late game.
  • W: Burnout
    This ability provides increased Movement Speed while also dealing Magic Damage to nearby units while active – it also applies Fury from Fury of the Dragonborn passively which effectively adds additional burst potential from Shyvana’s passive alone without any items needed which makes this an exceptionally attractive pick for top laners when wave clear is necessary during laning phase or targets need engaging quickly – particularly useful against Moba teams during team fights all across Summoner’s Rift, as one level up on this Spell will increase Movement Speed dramatically while dealing Magic Damage over time upon activation which additionally boosts Attack Damage briefly form Fury gains stacking multiplicatively with other items/abilities as necessary throughout long engagements lasting several seconds/minutes depending on enemy responses & scenarios accordingly!


Shyvana is a powerful champion in League of Legends that can provide great utility and damage. She is a tanky melee fighter who is great at engaging fights, surviving a long time in fights, and chasing down any enemy that dares run away.

Shyvana’s strengths include her great mobility, her ability to survive in melee combat, and her relatively high damage output. Let’s explore all of these advantages in more detail:

  • Great mobility
  • Ability to survive in melee combat
  • Relatively high damage output

High Mobility

Shyvana is an incredibly mobile champion often compared to Master Yi or Xin Zhao. Her primary ability is the Dragon’s Dive, which allows her to fly toward a specified target while dealing damage. This spells gives her great chasing potential and makes it easy for her to chase down enemies who are trying to run away.

In addition, she has Burnout which deals AoE damage in an area around Shyvana and increases her movement speed for several seconds. This makes it even easier for her to get around the map quickly and ensures that she does not fall behind enemy champions during a fight.

With these two abilities, Shyvana can easily catch up with other champions or dive into the enemy team during team fights in order to secure kills and deal maximum damage.

Great Sustain

When playing the role of Shyvana, one of the greatest strengths is her ability to sustain – both in terms of health and mana. Her passive, ‘Fury of the Dragonborn’, allows her to regenerate bonus health and mana when attacking enemy champions or monsters, making her incredibly difficult to take down in extended fights. She also receives bonus armor and magic resist when she uses an ultimate ability – enabling her a huge defensive boost during ganks or skirmishes. It’s no wonder that many players prefer Shyvana in a tank role – the flexibility of utilizing high survivability with decent damage output makes her a viable champion from top to bottom lane.

High Burst Damage

One of the strongest features of Shyvana is her high burst damage potential. This is especially potent when you build her correctly and use proper combos in team fights. In most matchups, Shyvana’s low cooldowns allow for plenty of combo potential that can melt enemy health bars faster than other champions. She excels in cleavages and gank scenarios when using proper combos to quickly weaken the enemy team’s front line.

By combining her E+Q combo with R+Q attack, she can rapidly burst down enemy targets in no time at all. Additionally, by utilizing Shyvana’s passive, she becomes even more dangerous as it increases the effectiveness of her ultimate ability depending on how many auto-attacks or abilities she has used prior to casting it. This means that a well-executed skill sequence can deal massive amounts of damage in no time at all!


Shyvana is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, but she is not without her flaws. While she has some incredible strengths, there are also some key weaknesses of which you should be aware. Her abilities might allow her to burst her opponents down, but these weaknesses can be exploited to great effect if you know how to do it.

In this article, we’ll look at the weaknesses of Shyvana, and how they can be used to your advantage:

Low Range

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Weak Early Game

The early game of any competitive strategy is often a vulnerable period in which a player can be put at risk due to lack of knowledge, practice, or good decision-making. This is especially true in games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where the goal is to acquire items which will result in an advantage over the opposing team.

When playing these types of games, it’s important to be aware of your weaknesses in the early game and how best to minimize them.

Weaknesses can range from a lack of overall knowledge and experience with the game’s mechanics, an inability to effectively use resources, or improper team composition. Allowing these weaknesses to linger could mean that your team is exposed and you’re unable to take advantage of any potential openings your opponents may provide through their mistakes.

It’s essential for players looking to improve their play in the early game phase to learn more about their specific weaknesses first. Once you have identified what adjustments need to be made for improvement, you can then focus on tactics such as:

  • Perfecting itemization
  • Gaining map awareness and vision control
  • Practicing strategic warding techniques
  • Understanding how best to use summoner spells (e.g., Flash)

Hopefully these tips will help you become more comfortable with the idea that having weaknesses doesn’t mean you’ll always lose – instead it should be seen as an opportunity for growth and improvement!

No Crowd Control

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Item Build

When it comes to playing Shyvana, one of the most important aspects of the game is the item build. Items provide extra stats, HP and mana regeneration, and other abilities that can give Shyvana an edge in combat. Knowing the right item build can help Shyvana dominate team fights, survive all-ins, and snowball the game to victory.

Here, we’ll go over the ideal item build for Shyvana, so you can make sure you’re always prepared for battle.

Starting Items

When it comes to starting items for Shyvana, you’ll want to choose items that will make the most of your early game dominance. Some of the best options to start with include Doran’s Shield, Corrupting Potion, and Long Sword. These options provide a baseline level of survivability while offering enough early game damage to help set up gank opportunities and sustain aggression in team fights.

  • Doran’s Shield grants you additional health and passive health regen which helps Shyvana stay tanky throughout the early game.
  • Long Sword gives you more raw attack damage while also increasing your ability to skirmish in 1v1 fights due to the bonus attack damage.
  • Corrupting Potion provides an extra source of consistent sustain through its small HP cost but large healing amount at a rate – useful for surviving warding dives or extended duels window in mid-game situations.

In addition, consider buying Boots of Speed or a Refillable Potion if the opposing team comp has long range engage champions with heavy crowd control or poke effects – keeping you mobile so that you can dodge key parts of their engagement windows is essential when playing Shyvana in order to avoid trades being imposed on you from afar.

Core Items

Shyvana is a powerful and beastly champion that excels in diving into the thick of the fight and dealing hefty damage to her enemies. When building Shyvana, it’s important to ensure that she has plenty of sustained damage and defensive items to ensure survivability in team fights and during skirmishes. In order to get the most out of Shyvana, you should always focus on getting core items that will maximize her potential throughout the game. Here are some core items you should consider when playing Shyvana:

  1. Trinity Force – Trinity Force is one of the best all-around items for enabling Shyvana to dish out consistent damage while ensuring a steady rate of attack speed, health, mana regeneration, and more. This item can be upgraded later on depending on your preferences.
  2. Blade of the Ruined King – This item allows for great amounts of attack speed and lifesteal for Shyvana, enabling her to put up huge numbers in team fights if played correctly. Furthermore, its active effect gives her even more protection from enemy harassment as it slows them down when activated.
  3. Guardian Angel – Guardian Angel is an essential late game item for Shyvana as it allows for increased survivability in extended team fights or dueling against powerful heroes such as Yasuo or Riven. Its passive rez effect also provides an added bonus since she will have time to heal up or flee from danger at full health after being revived once by this item’s passive effect.
  4. Steraks Gage – This item helps enable pure power on her given its ability to grant bonus armor and shield upon taking significant amounts of damage which can then be used offensively with its passive granting bonus attack damage upon fully stacking Steraks Gage’s buff meter bar.

Optional Items

Additional items to Shyvana can provide more quality stats and more options in team fighting. Shyvana can consider building items that favor offense or defense, depending on the state of the game. Offensive items provide raw stats such as damage and attack speed which are useful during team fights while defensive items provide health and resistances which are useful when chasing down opponents.

Here is a list of some optional items:

  • Offensive:
  • Titanic Hydra
  • Trinity Force
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • The Black Cleaver
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Statikk Shiv
  • Defensive:
  • Frozen Heart
  • Thornmail
  • Dead Man’s Plate

As with all champions, item build should vary based on the in game situation. Building according to what is necessary to survive and succeed will generally be the right decision. Furthermore, getting gold as fast as possible using efficient farming techniques combined with lane harass will make sure Shyvana can get most relevant science on time even before proper item builds can be completed.

Tips and Tricks

Shyvana is a fierce, dragon-like champion available in League of Legends. While she may appear intimidating to an inexperienced eye, with the right tactics, you can use Shyvana to your advantage.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Shyvana. From the basics to more advanced strategies, we’ll cover everything you need to know to become a master of this fierce champion.

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Take Advantage of Twin Bite

Twin Bite is one of Shyvana’s most iconic abilities. This fiery attack strikes twice with a single auto attack when activated. Twin Bite’s bonus damage is dealt after your auto attack, so be sure to lead with this ability first before regular attacking in order to maximize damage output. If you’re going up against a tanky opponent, it can be beneficial to employ this combo frequently to take them down quickly.

Twin Bite also allows players to last hit multiple minions at once and gain more gold for their team in teamfights, making it beneficial for both pushing and team fights.

Shyvana’s unique passive allows her to gains bonus armor and magic resist from Dragon Aspect, making her a formidable tank and bruiser pick in the top lane or jungle. Her innate tankiness combined with Twin Bite’s AoE damage makes Shyvana a must-have asset on any team composition that wants to control objectives such as Baron Nashor or dragon as efficiently as possible.

Use Burnout to Escape

When playing Shyvana, use Burnout (Q) to help you escape over walls or juke opponents. You can also use Burnout to zone opponents—Shyvana moves quickly while in Burnout, which makes it easier for her to dodge skillshots, and it can be hard for enemies to see where she’s going if they don’t have vision of her. Additionally, Burnout’s damage increases based on how many attacks Shyvana made recently – the more attacks you chain together beforehand, the more damage your Burnout will do when used.

When running away from an enemy team, remember that your Flame Breath is highly castable and has a relatively low cooldown – be sure not to forget this during your escape! By using Flame Breath to slow your opponents down and allow yourself extra time to get away, you can make it easier for yourself when trying to juke or maneuver out of hairy situations. Using Burnout in tandem with Flame Breath is also useful for escaping over walls easily – using Burning on minions or monsters prior often increases its range slightly or adds extra damage on impact!


Shyvana is an excellent Champion for players who like to roam and take a more aggressive approach. With the potential to do a high amount of sustained damage and tanky survivability, she offers an array of possibilities with various item builds and rune choices.

The exact build that you take as Shyvana will depend on which role you are playing in, so keep in mind the team comps you are playing in before deciding. Utilizing her unique passive Dragon Form, in addition to being extremely mobile, gives her an amazing ability to quickly close gaps and make plays after successful fights. Her objective control capability is also extremely powerful, which means that she can secure objectives much faster than other champions in the game – making her a great pick for teamfights or objective based games.

If you haven’t tried playing with Shyvana yet then give it a go – you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Shyvana?
A: Shyvana is a champion from the MOBA game League of Legends. She is a half-dragon, half-human hybrid with the ability to transform into a dragon.

Q: What are Shyvana’s abilities?
A: Shyvana’s abilities include Twin Bite, Burnout, Flame Breath, Dragon’s Descent and Fury of the Dragonborn. Twin Bite deals physical damage and applies on-hit effects twice. Burnout leaves a trail of fire behind Shyvana as she moves, dealing damage over time. Flame Breath deals magic damage in a cone in front of Shyvana. Dragon’s Descent allows Shyvana to transform into a dragon, granting her bonus movement speed and increased armor and magic resistance. Fury of the Dragonborn increases Shyvana’s attack speed and deals bonus magic damage on her next three attacks.

Q: What roles is Shyvana best suited for?
A: Shyvana is best suited for the role of a jungler. She has great mobility and can clear jungle camps quickly, which makes her a great choice for the jungle. She can also be played as a top lane champion, where her ability to lane and duel other champions makes her a formidable opponent.