Shyvana the dragon is a powerful creature with high-powered magic. She will be humanoid, but she also takes her proper type as she extinguishes foes using fiery breath. Shyvana, who is identical to any citizen of Demacia could do after saving the lives of their prince, now serves unassisted in Jarvan IV’s royal guard. After saving her prince’s life, she struggles to find acceptance from these suspicious people. It was possible for everyone else to safely return home alive.

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Who’s Shyvana?

Shyvana is the fiery dragon champion of League of Legends. She is a natural-born chief and thrives in preventing other dragons. They will receive armor and magic resistance to help protect against the fierce foes as they fight more dragons.

Shyvana, the Dragonborn Shyvana’s voice booms as she commands her friends with a commanding tone. They want our flesh.” They also demand our flesh.”

Shyvana is a kind of the dragon and has a flair for using fiery spells. Shyvana is a strong and powerful voice that can cause Burnout to turn into an intimidating, fierce voice, quickly turning everyone around her into ash! The more enemies she strikes with this powerful firestorm, the greater their harm output. All enemies are protected from their deaths if they avoid contact at all costs (and not even trying to kill them).

Shyvana assumes a unique role when Burnout becomes lively. In addition to her primary assaults dealing magic damage, which lengthens Burnout by 1 second for all enemies within range, Shyvana also has a bonus against most tanks and could penetrate through any opposition’s defenses.

Shyvana’s fiery breathing helps her turn the tide of battle. Shyvana unleashes a fireball that damages the target enemies. The Flame Breath tracks five seconds of cinder. Shyvana will then use primary attacks towards these targets with increased results. Additionally, she will deal additional damage per hit.

Shyvana’s dragon-type swiftly takes off and soars across the map to a specific location. Any enemies that cross her path are dealt damage and pushed in Shyvana’s direction. All the while, she passively increases Fury per second by attacking human types.

Shyvana’s expertise and skills


  • COOLDOWN:5-9
  • BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20% to 88% AD (+ 15% AP).


  • EFFECTRADIUS: 162.5-380
  • COOLDOWN: 12
  • COST: 40


  • WIDTH: 120
  • SPEED: 1600 vs 1575
  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COOLDOWN: From 8 to 12


  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COST: 2.5

Shyvana is a great way to enjoy it

  • Dragon Blood is Shyvana’s most powerful skill. It gives her an additional 5 seconds of HP, provided she does not engage in fight or stands still. Because they can increase your well-being potential even if you are not fighting, and boost your damage-dealing ability during skirm matches, this makes Shyvana’s assault Velocity gadgets more helpful than other champions.
  • Flame Breath is a great ability to use towards difficult lane opponents because it provides harm over time even if they are gone.
  • Burnout can be used for jungling when you need the monsters to take additional damage or speed up their respawning cycle. This will increase her ganking ability.

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  • Shyvana can be a terrifying opponent. She is capable of inflicting a lot of damage using many different methods. This makes her a formidable foe. However, she isn’t equipped to manage skirmishes effectively. It is common for enemies to escape unscathed if they are intelligent enough!
  • Twin Chunk may increase the length of Dragon’s Descent by providing a robust potential. You will have enough Fury for two more seconds if it hits all three targets.
  • Burnout can not only be a great way to gain an advantage over your opponents but also serves as a last resort. All movement-based abilities that were activated during Burnout are boosted by 10%. This is a combination of Flash and sprint expertise which can help you escape enemy fire or make your skill-shots more powerful.
  • The fiery dragonflies through the air and knocks all enemies off their feet. This potential can be used for protection, but it is also important to remember that you have the ability to use it to your advantage. If one of your team members is being targeted by an enemy workforce member, Dragon’s Descent will knock them off their feet and give them enough time to attack.
  • This potential can be used to harass your opponent and is almost certainly prime if you enjoy as a laner. You could maximize your value if you’re up against an opponent with range because Shyvana doesn’t have any other ranged skills.
  • Shyvana is a formidable counter-jungler due to her mobility and quick pace. She will quickly roam to steal camps or infiltrate the enemy jungle, with less risk of being captured by enemies. This allows for devastating early sport performance from an unsuspecting Shyvana participant.


Q: What is the best way to play Shyvana within the jungle?

A: To maximize your effectiveness as a jungler, save your smite in case of monsters with greater well being. It’s additionally essential to put wards round key elements of the jungle so you possibly can preserve consciousness of incoming ganks.

This advice will help you to be well-prepared to win Shyva games.

Q: What are Shyvana’s strengths & weaknesses?

A: Shyvana, an aggressive jungler, excels at dueling with her opponents. Her ability to out-trade champions is one of her greatest strengths.

Q: Why does Shyvana build a Cinderhulk for their players? Isn’t Titanic Hydra a better choice?

A: Although Titanic Hydra may seem to be the best starting merchandise, it is important to have the ability to survive the first sport for Shyvana. Cinderhulk gives you the ability to accomplish this by giving you a lot of well being, regeneration and energy. As well as, you’ll finally have sufficient harm out of your runes and passive so Titanic Hydra gained’t actually be crucial in any respect.