Sion LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Sion is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. With an imposing presence, strong offensive capabilities, and solid crowd control options, he is a powerful choice for any team. This article is your complete guide to the champion Sion and will cover everything from his abilities to recommended builds and playstyles.

Overview of Sion

Sion is a massive Undead Berserker, who survived the First Rune War. Prior to the war, he was an ambitious and skilled warrior. During it however, he was gravely wounded by a magical explosion. He was marched back to Noxus for medical attention and put in stasis until he regained consciousness many years later.

Now the living embodiment of destruction, Sion strives for carnage on Valoran’s fields of Justice in search of battle and victory. Although his mind has become unstable after his long hibernation, Sion still has a strong sense of duty and speaks regretfully at what his kind will have to endure if they are victorious.

His abilities allow him to quickly move into battle while being able to absorb or dish out an impressive amount of punishment on any enemy unit or structure unfortunate enough to cross his path. His Regrowth Heal ability also allows him to remain on the battlefield longer than most opponents can handle thanks to its powerful lifesteal effect.

Sion’s Abilities

Sion, the undead champion, is a formidable force in League of Legends. This champion has a variety of abilities that can be used to demolish enemies and help allies. The following is an overview of Sion’s abilities:

  • Death’s Call (Passive): Sion marks his enemies for death so that his next auto-attack will deal extra magic damage after a short delay. This damage increases based on the target’s missing health.
  • Cannibalism (Q): Sion devours nearby corpses to gain bonus health and attack damage with increased range for a short duration.
  • Soul Furnace (W): Sion charges up his weapon with energy, increasing its size and creating an area around him which slows down enemies who stay in it.
  • Roar of the Slayer (E): Sion unleashes a powerful roaring charge which deals physical damage and knocks back all enemies near it while also granting him bonus armor and magic resist.
  • Unstoppable Onslaught (R): Sion charges through enemy minions or champions, dealing physical damage while gaining bonus armor and magic resist based on how many enemy targets he hits.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Sion is one of the champions in the popular game League of Legends and is known for his tanky and sustain play style. He is a champion that is very strong and versatile, but this comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at both the positives and negatives associated with Sion and see what makes him such an effective champion.


Sion is one of the most resilient champions in League of Legends. He has a great combo that allows him to survive against multiple enemies while dealing a lot of damage. His abilities have both offensive and defensive uses, making him very versatile and allowing him to fit into different team compositions.

Sion’s passive, Glory in Death, turns him into an immovable tower when he falls below 25% health. This allows Sion to survive what would otherwise be a deadly encounter and make a huge impact on team fights. He also has Unstoppable Onslaught, which gives him protection against crowd control abilities when in use.

In addition to his survival capabilities, Sion is also capable of dealing large amounts of damage with his Energetic Charge ability. When fully charged (by having 4 stacks) it gives Sion double the attack speed, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction on all his abilities which can turn around a fight in his favor. His ultimate also deals massive area of effect damage that can provide crucial kills or finishers in close fights.


Though Sion can be a powerful asset to any League of Legends team, he does have some weaknesses that summoners should be aware of when playing him.

The first and most obvious weakness is his limited mobility. As a melee fighter, he needs to get up close and personal in order to deal damage. Due to this, Sion is susceptible to ganking and being kited by ranged champions. He also lacks an escape mechanic, making it difficult for him to get out of sticky situations.

The second weakness Sion has is his lack of waveclear. Compared to other top lane champions such as Renekton or Gangplank, who have high levels of waveclear due their AOE spells, Sion suffers here. This can be compensated by purchasing items with the right amount of AOE damage and crowd control (such as Frozen Mallet), however that often comes at the cost of sacrificing some full burst-oriented items, leaving him vulnerable in team fights if all else fails.

Finally, another weakness that Sion suffers from is his later spikes in power level compared other bruiser champions in the game. While early game laning phase allows your opponents plenty of chances to shut you down if they know what they’re doing – this gradually changes post-laning phase where your ult and sheer survivability will allow you more leeway in fights with other bruisers on the enemy side. However this does come at the cost again, since most experienced players will closely monitor your loadouts via item builds and punish you accordingly during less favourable matchups such as Renekton or Garen mid game where your survivability will not be enough them from burst comboing you down before you reach your full power level late game.

Best Items and Builds

If you’re looking to master Sion in League of Legends, it’s important to understand which items and builds are the most effective in order to maximize your potential as a player. With the right combination of items and builds, you can make Sion an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best items and builds for Sion so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your gaming experience.


Sion’s power spike revolves around his ability to build tanky items. The most popular builds for Sion include items that grant health, armor, and magic resistance. Popular items include:

  • Sunfire Cape
  • Thornmail
  • Frozen Heart
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Spirit Visage

These items grant him bonus health and armor, as well as sizeable bonus resistances so he can survive more hits. The combination of these tanky items gives Sion enough bulk to soak a lot of damage and make use of his passive ability Curse of the Undead, which heals him while in combat. Additionally, Sion can be built with offensive options such as Death’s Dance or Trinity Force depending on team comps. Items like these allow him to deal additional damage but sacrifice some of his survivability stats in favor of damage dealing potential.


Selecting the right build for Sion is essential for helping him survive in any match and make the most of his abilities. Below, you can take a look at some of Sion’s most popular item builds and see why they are so effective.

  • Tank Sion: This build focuses on increasing your overall defense and making sure that Sion can stay alive through all stages of the game. Building tanky items like Sunfire Cape and Abyssal Mask will give you more armor and magic resistance, as well as good passive bonuses that boost your damage output.
  • Off-tank/Damage Sion: With this build, you’ll focus less on defense, but still have plenty of health items to rely upon if needed. Choosing items like Trinity Force or Righteous Glory will give a mix of attack speed bonuses, increased life-steal and spellvamp. These stats are great when it comes to plunging head-first into team fights with your Unstoppable Onslaught while dishing out lots of damage with every swing!
  • Crit/Hybrid Damage: This build is less common but still extremely effective because it combines defensive stats with good DPS increases. By building attack speed/DPS items such as Runaan’s Hurricane or Zeal, you can increase both your damage output and surviveability greatly thanks to the innate crit chance increase they provide.

Regardless which builds you end up choosing, one thing is certain – investing any points in defence is rarely wasted on making sure that this powerful warlord stays alive longer than expected!


Sion is a tank champion that is often seen in the top lane of the Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends. He has a good mix of crowd control, durability and damage, which makes him a great pick in the game. When it comes to playing Sion, it’s important to know his playstyle, strategies, and builds.

In this section, we will break down each of these aspects so you can make the most out of Sion in your next game:

  • Playstyle
  • Strategies
  • Builds


Teamfighting is an important aspect of games because it enables players to team up and tackle difficult opponents or tricky objectives. It involves gathering a group of allied players, establishing individual roles and playing to their strengths as a unit. Strategies such as coordination, positioning, target selection and timing are essential for success in teamfights.

Coordination is the cornerstone of any successful teamfight strategy. Thorough communication allows teammates to plan ahead and set up coordinated plays. Planning ahead helps all the players play to their maximum potential by making appropriate use of their characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

Positioning is another essential element of teamfight strategy. Knowing where each member of your team needs to be can make all the difference between success or failure in a fight. Pay attention to both your own positioning as well as your teammates’ so you can make sure everyone is spread out and able to react quickly whenever necessary.

The team also needs to select appropriate targets at the right time during a fight – typically aiming for lower-health opponents or those with fewer allies nearby before proceeding on tougher objectives like tanks or healers if needed. Timing is crucial here – many fights are won or lost based on whether you engage at the optimal time or not. Thinking ahead and being prepared for what the enemy may do is paramount when it comes creating an effective teamfighting strategy. Pay attention to carefully observing enemy tendencies so you’ll be prepared for anything they might try out during combat!


Laning is a critical part of winning a game of Dota 2 and involves executing strategies as a team. It begins at the start of each game, where heroes are distributed among the five lanes – Mid, Offlane, Hard Carry and Safe Lane. Each hero has distinct strengths and weaknesses which should be used in order to play to their strengths while avoiding the enemy’s strengths.

While laning, players typically focus on last hitting creeps in order to gain gold and experience which allows them to purchase better items and learn more powerful abilities in order to better defend themselves and deal more damage over time. Teamwork and communication is essential in order to be successful with this strategy. It is also important for players to know how some heroes interact due to their signature abilities or buffs given by allies–this can greatly increase lane control or push power if they are used together correctly.

Players must also anticipate where the enemy team will place forces in order to deny experience or gold from one another; this tactic can be very effective in delaying the enemy’s progression by taking away one of their key resources–experience points (XP). Utilizing a hero’s flash farming ability can significantly increase their farm rate, allowing them access to better items earlier on in the game. Flashing will require significant map awareness and quick reactions however it can prove crucial at providing that extra edge an individual player needs over an opponent who may lack these skills or knowledge.

Overall, laning means performing various aspects correctly in order to gain enough advantage so as when it comes time for team fights, your roster is well equipped with items, spells, heroes composition etc., thus ensuring maximum success for you team when pushing objectives or defending against your opponents.


Roaming is an important aspect of playing Sion in League of Legends. Roaming allows you to traverse the map faster than normal and provide support for your teammates by placing vision, catching enemies out of position, setting up ganks, or preventing objectives from being taken.

Sion’s kit gives him the ability to roam effectively. He has great waveclear thanks to his E (Decimating Smash), which allows him to push lanes quickly when roaming and clear jungle camps quickly without having to focus much attention on them. Additionally, his W (Soul Furnace) gives him bonus armor and magic resist when he takes down a unit or structure – this bonus can be used defensively if you are trying to avoid taking too much damage while roaming, as well as offensively if you need a bit more power while initiating ganks. On top of that, his Ultimate (Cataclysm) allows him to set up powerful ganks by stunning enemies in range and giving himself a shield – this will enable Sion to take fights that would otherwise be out of reach for most other champions.

A good Sion player will use all of these tools effectively while roaming and should learn how best to leverage these tools when in different game scenarios:

  • Pushing waves with his E
  • Setting up vision with his W
  • Looking for opportunities for deep ganks with his Ultimate

Learning how best to utilize each tool will help ensure that you get the most out of your roams as Sion!

Tips and Tricks

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, is a fearsome champion in League of Legends. With large amounts of crowd control and survivability, Sion is an excellent pick for solo lane and team fighting. If you want to get the most out of this champion, you must learn all the tips and tricks available.

In this article, we will discuss the best Sion strategies and techniques that you can use to dominate your matches:

How to Use Sion’s Abilities

Enemy champs can be easily taken out with Sion’s kit of abilities. Here is a quick guide on how to use them properly, which will undoubtedly improve your Sion play.

  • Cryptic Gaze: This ability is your poke and initiate. You need to time its activation in order for it to be effective, as this skill does not follow the target and will have to be recast if the enemy moves out of its range. When you land a Cryptic Gaze, immediately back it up with your Death’s Caress Shield to absorb damage for both you and your teammates or simultaneously activate Cannibalism for some extra damage. This ability also makes a great positioning tool as well by using an enemies backline as an escape route from the front line!
  • Death’s Caress: Not just a damaging skill, this shields offers protection from incoming damage and has short cooldown meaning with proper mana management can be spammed in team fights. Be aware that enemies can still attack through the shield so try and anticipate their movements when placing it on yourself or team mates. It also gives you some extra vision area that remains during battle which can help keep tabs on fleeing enemies!
  • Cannibalism: Your ultimate is your only true damage dealing spell in this build but don’t underestimate its potential! Activating it makes you immune to slows while draining HP from nearby enemies each second while they are nearby, so get up close and personal when activating this skill! It also gives an attack speed increase which further enhances it’s usefulness in team fights where single or multiple targets are available for usage of this ultimate!

How to Counter Sion

When playing as either Sion or against him, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this champion. While Sion has a unique kit in League of Legends and some game-changing abilities, he is also susceptible to certain counters that can be used to reduce his amount of effectiveness in team fights. Here are some tips for countering Sion:

  1. Avoid getting isolated.In team fights, Sion excels at taking out single targets but struggles against multiple targets due to his limited range. Try to move together as a team and do not get split up as this will naturally prepare you against his ultimate ability. Furthermore, think ahead when trading damage as you can surprise him with crowd control effects if he gets greedy in 1v1 situations.
  2. Utilize ranged champions and abilities with knockups/displacement effects. Most ranged champions naturally have an advantage on Sion since they possess a larger attack range and heal themselves when they take damage from him using their basic attacks (Kog’Maw and Vayne). Moreover, crowd control effects such as knock-ups/displacements are very effective on Sion due to the fact that he does not have any innate mobility spells which means these types of abilities can easily set him up for kills during team fights or even catch him off guard in lane when used correctly.
  3. Recognize how much health he has left over after trading damage with him and assess how much burst damage he currently has up on cooldowns from his Death’s Caress Ultimate ability before it comes back available again; consider saving your own ultimate until after you know that his is not available anymore (if possible) as this could potentially single handedly create a swing moment which could secure an objective or ace a fight if played correctly.
  4. Focus down other threats first before taking at going at sion, since sions ultimate ability makes it so that if low enough health enemies are still alive when active, sion will instantly heal for a vast amount of health (depending on the number of enemies still alive) making it potentially more than useless trying to take out sion early if there are other threats present who should’ve been taken care off first.

How to Lane Against Sion

To successfully lane against Sion, it’s important to understand his kit and playstyle. He’s a tanky champ that excels at trading and fights in short bursts. He can often burst down enemies with his ultimate (R) and shield abilities if he catches them off-guard. When the fight starts, focus on getting basic attacks in and disengaging when threatened with CC or burst damage.

To make it easier to dodge Sion’s Q (Cryptic Gaze), engage him at a distance so he has to choose whether to close the gap or use Q while you get away. You should also be aware of when his W (Soul Furnace) is up or down as this is your cue to engage or back off as needed. For example, if he has full health, focus on dodging his Q until he uses W – then go in for damage.

It’s important to remember that Sion relies heavily on mana sustain; thus, managing your own mana is critical for success against him. Engage in short trades instead of all-in fights and always take advantage of cooldown windows due to its lack of sustain skills outside of W Be mindful of his E (Roar) range since it can be used to maneuver him out of dangers as well as help set up engagements. A quick Q+E combo can catch out unsuspecting opponents if they don’t react fast enough!

Lastly, try using movement speed boosts to reposition quickly against Sion after an engagement or disengage during long trades/combos so you’re not left vulnerable without options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Sion’s role in League of Legends?
A1: Sion is a tank champion in League of Legends, whose abilities allow him to absorb and redirect damage while protecting his allies.

Q2: What abilities does Sion have?
A2: Sion has several abilities that make him a powerful tank champion. These include a shield he can activate to reduce incoming damage, a regenerating health pool, and a powerful ultimate ability that can stun enemies and reduce their armor.

Q3: What strategies should I use when playing Sion?
A3: When playing Sion, it is important to focus on being a protector and disruptor for your team. You should look for opportunities to use your shield and ultimate to protect your team and disrupt enemy formations. Additionally, you should look for ways to engage enemies with your high health pool, allowing your team to follow up.