Sivir, a Shurima mercenary captain and fortune hunter, is a girl full of ambition. Sivir, who is known for not backing down in any struggle and being fearless as well as bold to boot, prides herself in reclaiming treasures from dangerous tombs throughout Shurima. Sivir is torn between two opposing destinies when an historical power stirs on the bones of this once-peaceable land.

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Who’s Sivir?


Sivir uses her energy to unleash a burst in motion velocity when she attacks an enemy champion. This ability is refreshed by any subsequent attack towards the same goal, which some talents don’t.

Sivir and her cross blade are able to deal a hit every time the weapon returns at its original level. The weapon inflicts the exact same injury when thrown. If the utmost range is exceeded, or if it hits an enemy champion, it’ll reset.

Sivir’s next few primary attacks will ricochet towards nearby targets, dealing less harm. The bounces cannot be completed faster than one assault and flexibility is not available if there are no legitimate enemies within range. This transfer cannot be used to ricochet. Keep going until they bounce off an unplayable goal or strike Sivir at their last contact level with a unit. Returning to Sivir is the default place for cooldown resets at half-time. It hits something new every time, so long as she is within its radius (or when attacking minions).

Sivir and her Spell Protect freeze the battlefield. This defend will be used to block enemy skills. Sivir will receive mana if an enemy skill is effectively blocked.

Sivir uses her energy to help allies on the battlefield. She also increases their motion velocity for a limited time. Sivir’s passively-beneficial properties increase assault velocity when Ricochet becomes lively.

Sivir’s abilities and skills


  • TARGET RANGE: 1250
  • WIDTH: From 180 to 200
  • SPEED: 1350
  • CAST TIME – 0.25
  • COST: 70 – 100


  • SPEED: 700 – 1750
  • COST: 75


  • COOLDOWN: 10-22


  • COST: 100
  • MANA COOLDOWN – 80 to 120

Sivir participation

  • Sivir’s Boomerang Blade can be used to attack enemies at a long range and return with high effectiveness. It can be used to strike enemies from a distance and then return if it fails to strike one of its closest targets.
  • Ricochet can be a valuable skill for Sivir players. After activating Ricochet, her primary attack timer resets to the next use of a normal primary assault. This means she can do more damage with less assaults if she accurately times it and activates Ricochet immediately after touchdown on auto attacks as they become available again.
  • Spell Protect is a great way to save yourself from enemies who stun or have roots.

Sivir is a League of Legends champion. It can be used within the Dragon Lane as Carry. Sivir is a Marksman that can inflict Bodily Injury. Although Sivir is difficult to master at first, she can be very versatile once you learn how to use it.

Summoner Spells:

  • Flash
  • Heal

Merchandise Construct:

  • Infinity Edge
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Blade of the Ruined king
  • Black Cleaver
  • Reminder for the Mortal
  • Quicksilver Enchant


  • Sivir is able to easily shove the wave in, and take precedence of the lane with ease. This is because she will then be able to safely target this Jungler.
  • Spell Protect is her ace in the gap to avoid major crowd management. Its protection makes laning easier and allows teammates to tackle different targets or lanes with no fear.
  • Sivir’s final skill can be combined with your entire team to speed up. It makes it quicker and more effective for aggressive engagements and easier for allies and partners to secure kills in skirmishes.
  • Spell Protect is a powerful tool, but if it’s misused it could get you killed in the lane. If an enemy uses crowd management to interrupt your defense, they will have the power to kill you shortly.
  • Sivir is a small, squishy goal. She can’t get away from her enemies if she’s not focused. Sivir is extraordinarily slow and can be easily caught.
  • You must consistently empower your opponent to defend using their talents. Once they are low, you can search for an aggressive all in – but be aware of when it is applicable. Kills are great and will always be available if possible. Poking is what will carry games from start to finish, so long as you don’t engage in too many fights.
  • Sivir is a champion and excels at preventing enemies from close range. If she is able to act, however, sivir will still be able to kite her opponents from long range. The best place to engage in such battles is by the river’s lateral side, getting into the jungle map with Sivir inside.
  • Sivir is well advised to invest in protection objects. Sivir will be more valuable and less likely to get CCs if they’re on cooldown. Since the majority of talents only have short CDs, the QSS will be extremely helpful in preventing enemies with high-level crowd management skills (CC) or long-cooldown expertise.

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Is sivir good lol

She’s ranked fifteenth amongst our prime picks for her Backside Lane function in Patch 11.23, putting her throughout the B tier of our rating system. In case you’re trying to construct a brand new bot lane or have an current bot lane that must be rebuilt, she’s a stable choose.

Q: Is sivir good in 2021?

High Laner Sivir, at the moment, is one of the best picks to participate in the Backside Lane function. High Laner Sivir has a high win charge, a low banned charge and a relatively low choose charge.