Sivir LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Sivir is a champion from the game League of Legends that is known for her versatility and strength in team fights. She is a ranged marksman that is often played in the bottom lane. She is one of the most popular champions in the game and is often considered to be a great pick for beginners.

This article will discuss the different aspects of Sivir and offer tips and advice on how to best play her.

History and Background of Sivir

Sivir is an iconic League of Legends champion, first released in February of 2010. She has a rich history in the game’s lore, including battling the god-like Voidborn through the support of her friends and occasional allies. Initially portrayed as a stoic assassin with powerful magical abilities, Sivir’s history has grown over time to include her identity as one of Ionia’s greatest defenders and a devoted fighter for justice.

Sivir was born into an Ionian family of warriors and had been trained in the traditional style since childhood. After making a name for herself within her family and achieving legendary status with her skills, she eventually set out on her own adventures, often taking on dangerous enemies alone. Sivir proved to be a brave warrior capable of feats others thought impossible – yet she rarely used through sheer force what subtlety could accomplish. Her exploits earned her great respect from those who watched from afar, though those closer often found it difficult to understand why she chose such dangerous paths.

Though many recognize Sivir for being one of Ionia’s greatest defenders, few know that underneath it all lies a softer side – one she hides away even from herself. This inner self longs for peace yet knows that without being willing to fight its battles can never be won. As such, when faced with adversity Sivir will use any means necessary to protect those she loves and make sure justice is served – even at the cost of her own life if need be.

Sivir’s Abilities and Strengths

Sivir is a formidable champion on the battlefield who brings strength and power to her team. Her abilities are based on her ability to deal massive amounts of sustained damage from range, as well as providing utility with her ultimate in the form of a shield and knockback. Sivir has the tools necessary to both survive in battle, provide protection for those around her, and kill off opponents quickly.

Sivir’s abilities give her great potential for both offense and defense:

  • Ricochet: This skill provides Sivir with quick bursts of damage that can out-range many champions’ attacks. Ricochet bounces three times off enemy champions, dealing physical damage on each bounce before returning to Sivir’s location.
  • Spell Shield: This shield prevents the first enemy ability that hits it from affecting Sivir or any nearby allies. It will also return mana to Sivir if it successfully blocks an enemy spell, allowing her to stay alive longer in team fights.
  • On the Hunt: This ultimate creates a powerful buff that lasts six seconds that grants movement speed bonuses to all nearby allies and deals physical damage with each basic attack they land while it is active. It also provides a powerful slow effect for enemies within its area of affect slowing them by a percentage amount depending on level used.

Sivir’s Role in the Game

Sivir is a powerful champion in the popular online game, League of Legends. She is a marksman, which means she is a long-range damage-dealing champion. As a marksman, Sivir can pick off enemies from a safe distance and burst down big targets. Sivir is also a great wave clear which makes her very powerful in the early and mid-game.

Now let’s look at some of Sivir’s abilities and how they can help her excel in the game:

Sivir’s Role in Teamfights

Teamfights are a core part of the League of Legends, and Sivir is an extremely versatile champion that can hold her own in any teamfight. As an AD carry with crowd control abilities, Sivir excels at engaging and disengaging teamfights as well as protecting her teammates.

Her ultimate, On the Hunt, gives her bonus movement speed and attack speed for a few seconds, allowing her to move into position quickly and gain an advantage in a fight. The ability also buffs nearby team members’ attack speeds so they can deal more damage in fights.

Sivir’s other two damage-dealing abilities Ricochet and Boomerang Blade both have AoE components that allow her to hit multiple targets at once with moderate but consistent damage output. She typically engages fights at range with Ricochet before moving closer in for Boomerang Blade if needed.

She also has Spell Shield which acts as a spell absorbtion shield, absorbing incoming ability corruption from opponents trying to focus Sivir down during the fights. Spell Shield can be used defensively while fighting or proactively by casting it right before the initiation of the fight to protect herself from potential enemy initiation abilities or ults such as Leona’s Solar Flare or Thresh’s The Box.

Overall, Sivir offers admirable crowd control capabilities along with great sustained damage output which makes her quite valuable in almost every team composition you can think of.

Sivir’s Role in Lane

Sivir is one of League of Legends most popular Champions, an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) who excels in the bottom lane. Her focus is to utilize her high range and powerful attack to harass enemy champions and zone them out.

Sivir’s passive, Fleet of Foot, allows her to quickly reposition herself on the battlefield which makes her difficult for enemies to catch out of position. On the other hand, this mobility can be used to make quick escapes in a pinch as well. The combination of her overall mobility, poke damage, and wave clear make Sivir an exceptional champion in lane.

Once level 6 has been reached and Ricochet has been upgraded it a Furycast allows Sivir will become extremely threatening with multiple bouncing auto-attacks that can quickly tear down even the tankiest enemy champions. Additionally, this ability combos excellently into Sivir’s ultimate, On The Hunt, that grants extra movement speed to all teammates around her allowing them to escape by outrunning their opponents or chase them down relentlessly.

However, despite all these perks she still carries one weakness as a champion: being very squishy/fragile which means that when focused, especially early game, will suffer from quick death if found alone by the opposing team in lane or by assassins during team fights.

Sivir’s Counterpicks

Players of the popular MOBA game League of Legends can take advantage of Sivir’s formidable strength, by choosing the right counterpicks for her. Choosing the right character for the enemy can be the difference between a win and a loss, so it pays to know the best champion for countering Sivir.

In this section, we’ll examine the best Sivir counters, and discuss which champions are best for countering her:

Sivir’s Weaknesses

Sivir is a powerful champion in League of Legends, but she does have some weaknesses that you should know about. Most notably, she has to stay close to her own minions in order to grant herself bonus attack speed and bonus damage from her passive—but this means that she will be very vulnerable to getting ganked.

Additionally, she can be a bit squishy and immobile, so if opponents use their crowd control abilities on her they can easily take her out before she has time to react.

Lastly, Sivir’s lack of engage potential makes it difficult for her to start a fight—especially against other ranged champions who can out-poke and out-heal her with ease. She also struggles against assassins like Talon because they are able to dive in and burst her down before she’s able to use her newly acquired shield or spell shield.

If you plan on playing as Sivir or playing against a Sivir, these weaknesses should be taken into consideration so that you can make the most informed decision when it comes time for a team fight. Knowing how best to counter Sivir may give you the advantage needed for your team to come out on top!

Sivir’s Counterpicks

When playing as Sivir in LoL, it is important to consider who to target in your team composition and choose good counter picks. Because Sivir is a midlane bruiser/mage with good wave clearing and poke ability, she can often be shut down by ranged or mobile champions with exceptional gap-closing potential. Counterpicks such as Teemo and Ahri can use their superior range and mobility to harass and shut down Sivir’s engages. Alternatively, tanky champions like Alistar or Malphite can safely zone her out of the fight while soaking up damage from other allies.

In some cases, picking a particular champion may depend heavily on your team comp and what enemies you face. A pick like Nasus in a double ADC team may work wonders against an enemy team full of Assassins while Ziggs in the same situation may be unable to make much of an impact. Whether you decide to pick a ranged champion like Annie or Twisted Fate or something more close combat focused such as Fiora, knowing what things not to pick helps give you the upper hand when playing Sivir (and League of Legends).

Sivir’s Itemization

When it comes to playing Sivir, you need to understand the importance of itemization and which items you should be buying in order to maximize her potential. We will look at some of the most popular items used on Sivir and discuss why they are so effective on her. Additionally, we will look at the items you should avoid buying when playing Sivir and why. Let’s get into it!

Core Items

Core items for Sivir are those that should be purchased early on in the game, depending on the specific circumstances of the match. These core items often provide a large portion of the base stats needed to execute the champion’s typical strategy. Additionally, they typically bring complimentary effects that increase their power when combined with each other.

The most common core items for Sivir are Infinity Edge and Blade of the Ruined King/Yezzman’s Thunder & Mercurial Scimitar.

Infinity Edge is a great item for an attack-damage-based Sivir because it gives her a high amount of critical chance in addition to its offensive stats. This high critical chance comes with a major damage increase from her passive which makes up for her lacking attack speed relative to most other ADCs. Additionally, this item gives her an extra 250 health which can provide sustainability and survivability during team fights.

Blade of the Ruined King/Yezzman’s Thunder & Mercurial Scimitar provides Sivir with Attack Speed and Physical Damage while also granting Movement Speed, Lifesteal and critical strike chance as well as Tenacity so she is less exposed to Crowd Control Effects and Death Sentence ultimate ability that carries debilitating crowd control effects making them really powerful choice in most scenarios. This adds to her Basic Attack effectiveness while still having Medium Armor penetration stats bringing more overall damage output if combined with Infinity Edge choice before this one in Itemization station order sequence.

Situational Items

Situational items are items that should be picked up, depending on your situation and how well the game is going for you. These items are designed to help add more versatility or sustain to your build, but aren’t a core part of Sivir’s kit.

These items can include:

  • Force of Nature: This is an item that offers great magic resistance along with a small movement speed buff. It’s usually best when Sivir is dealing with high amounts of magic damage or poke within the lane.
  • Banshee’s Veil: Helpful against heavy nuke compositions, this item helps provide a burst of defense immediately around her location as she gets shut down by high ranged opponents who are looking to burst her down over a few seconds.
  • Abyssal Mask: Offers great defensive spell vamp and magic resistance, Abyssal Mask makes it easier for Sivir to survive in prolonged fights against hard hitting mages.
  • Guardian Angel: Provides additional armor and magic resist values, increasing her survivability and allowing her to stay in fights longer while giving her bonus damage output while they are active again after death.
  • Frozen Heart: A good item pick in games where there’s lots of physical auto attackers on the enemy team due to its large amount of armor, mana bonus and attack speed slow aura allowing your team more time to focus on their damage output before the enemies can get off their own damage.

Tips and Tricks

Sivir is an incredibly versatile champion in League of Legends that’s powerful both in the laning phase and in teamfights. She can be played as both an ADC and a fighter and has tools that can help her win in any situation.

In this section, we will go over the tips and tricks to mastering Sivir in League of Legends:


Positioning is a crucial part of playing Sivir effectively. It is essential to be careful and not overextend, especially when the enemy team has champions that can easily pick off an isolated target.

In lane, it can be useful to take advantage of Sivir’s high mobility and extend beyond your tower to secure CS or pressure the enemy laner. While taking care not to give away free kills or become too exposed, this can be an effective way of pushing your lane early and make it easier to achieve objectives later in the game.

When grouped up with your team, Sivir should always position herself behind her frontline and her main damage dealers. She should keep her distance from any potential initiation targets, such as Leona or Thresh, while still staying close enough that she will be able to receive support if need be.

In skirmishes and teamfights, using Boomerang Blade effectively is key in maximising Sivir’s damage output. Hitting a priority target with the boomerang should guarantee a CC combo from your teammates that will make it harder for the enemy team’s backline to escape unscathed. Remember that Ricochet also procs on-hit effects from Sheen items like Trinity Force!


Timing is key when playing Sivir, especially for taking objectives like towers and dragons. Knowing your enemy’s cooldowns as well as when to start a fight will help immensely. Especially with the Viper’s Pit rune, having good timing and coordination with your team to make use of the volatile damage can turn fights around quickly.

When picking off enemies ganking or when taking objectives, timing matters. Do not engage too early or too late, try to pick off targets right in between without giving them a chance to escape or an opportunity to fight back. Keep track of the interactive cooldown between yourself and enemies so that you can anticipate their movements and respond accordingly.

Being aware of your own cooldown is also important; knowing which abilities are up or down will determine whether you succeed in fights in most cases. Your ultimate ability Boomerang Blade has a very low active cooldown, but it is outclassed by more strong ultimate abilities such as Requiem from Karthus and Shadow Dance from Akali in terms of damage output; timing your ultimate correctly against these heavy hitters by bailing out quick if it isn’t up yet is key for staying alive. Make sure you keep up with how much time until your crucial spells are able to cast again, it can make all the difference!

Using Abilities

Sivir is a powerful ability-based champion in League of Legends. This guide will focus on her ability mechanics, strategy, and how to counter her in the field of battle.

Sivir’s main ability is Ricochet. When activated, it amplifies Sivir’s next basic attack up to three times. Each ricochet reduces the damage by 15%, and damage beyond the first strike will fade rapidly. Ricochet can hit multiple targets, allowing it to splinter when facing minions or side-line champions who are out of your reach. Additionally, ricochet can deal bonus damage for hitting marked targets when used with her W spell ‘On The Hunt’ – a powerful tool for taking down enemy lines.

Sivir’s other two key abilities are Spell Shield and On The Hunt. Spell Shield passively increases Sivir’s magic resistance according to level at all times – absorbing the first instance of magic damage directed at her and giving her a brief window to react accordingly with other abilities. On The Hunt buffs up nearby teammates with bonus movement speed and an attack speed bonus, allowing Sivir to support team battles from a safe distance and finish enemies off quickly within those fights.

When playing as Sivir or against her in the mid lane, always be mindful of these abilities – always anticipate where ricochets might hit you or your team, keep track of your enemy’s spell shield cooldown so you know when it’s down and be sure not to get caught in ‘On The Hunt’ without backup as this can quickly turn into a lost fight if you get caught off guard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Sivir’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Sivir is a champion in League of Legends classified as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry). She is an agile fighter who specializes in dealing a lot of burst damage to enemy champions in short periods of time.

Q2: What is Sivir’s best build?

A2:Sivir’s best build is to get items that give her AD (attack damage), AS (attack speed), MS (movement speed), and CDR (cooldown reduction). This will allow her to quickly take down enemy champions and escape from dangerous situations.

Q3: Does Sivir have any abilities?

A3:Yes, Sivir has four abilities. Her passive ability is called Fleet of Foot and grants her bonus movement speed. Her Q ability is called Boomerang Blade and allows her to throw a boomerang-like projectile at enemies. Her W ability is called Ricochet and bounces her basic attacks off of nearby enemies. Her E ability is called Spell Shield and allows her to reduce incoming damage from enemy spells.