Sona LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Sona is an incredibly powerful champion in the world of League of Legends. As a support, she has the potential to make or break a team’s success. Her unique combination of abilities and items make her adept at providing both crowd control and healing, allowing her to be effective in any role.

In this article, we will explore Sona’s abilities, items, and strategies to make her an even stronger champion.

Overview of Sona

Sona is a champion in League of Legends with a high skill ceiling and tons of potential. This hybrid support/mage marksman has a unique kit that grants her special abilities for playing music, allowing her to play both offensive and defensive roles at the same time.

In terms of utility, Sona’s passive gives her a healing, speed boost, and extra burst damage when she lands consecutive hits on an enemy champion. In addition, she has access to powerful AOE abilities that can assist her entire team in battle. Sona also has crowd control tools such as stuns and silences, plus she can put barriers around allies to prevent them from taking damage.

What makes Sona stand out even more is that all of these skills are based around playing music – literally! When Sona uses any ability related to playing music (such as power chord or crescendo) it generates sound waves that grant unique effects to allies or enemies nearby depending on which ability was used.

Overall, Sona is an amazing support/mage who combines utility with massive teamfight potential – making her one of the most popular mid game champions!


Sona is an extremely powerful champion in League of Legends. She has a unique set of abilities which provide her with strong crowd control, healing and mobility. Her abilities are also great for aiding allies and helping them turn around fights.

In this section, let’s look at all of Sona’s abilities in detail:

Hymn of Valor

Hymn of Valor is a basic ability in League of Legends. It grants Akali double the attack range for a few seconds and she also receives extra damage on her next attack. The bonus effect becomes even more powerful when combined with other abilities from her kit. This ability is part of her core gameplay, as it allows Akali to melee ranged champions confidently or provide an early game cross-map pressure that most enemies cannot withstand.

Hymn of Valor is essential for Akali’s success in both solo lanes and grouped scenarios, allowing her to make plays and outplay enemies by smart positioning. With proper use, this ability can easily allow Akali to stay competitive during team fights or skirmishes, making it an invaluable ability in competitive play.

Aria of Perseverance

The Aria of Perseverance is one of Sona’s passive abilities in League of Legends (LoL). The ability increases Sona’s armor and magic resist each time the she cast an ability and upon reaching three stacks, collecting a kill or assist will grant her a temporary aura that grants additional resistances to nearby allies.

Additionally, when the aura ends it causes Sonas’s basic attacks to grant bonus movement speed for up to 1.5 seconds. This bonus can stack three times allowing for greater movement speed when chasing down enemies or escaping from danger. Having this passive makes Sona a great team fighter as she can provide both protection and quickness to the allies around her when needed.

Song of Celerity

Song of Celerity is a powerful technique with the ability to increase speed and agility among allies. This ability can be used to both empower one’s team in battle and increase movement speed while traversing through difficult terrain.

When using Song of Celerity, the user chants a special incantation which releases a wave of sound energy. This energy will then settle into the surrounding air and influence bodies near it, causing those affected to become more agile and gain an increase in their running speed. The effect of this spell can last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on how much power is infusing the area.

This ability works particularly well when used in a group or team situation as it affects multiple people at once rather than just one at a time. It can also be used tactically against opponents, as increased mobility and quickness could potentially provide an advantage around obstacles or steep inclines that might otherwise have hampered progress.

Lastly, this ability has applications outside of combat scenarios; by changing their tone and intensity, users can emphasize different effects for specific activities such as long-distance running or small-scale maneuvering around tight spaces—making it a great all-purpose tool for improving various facets of movement skill.


Crescendo is Sona’s ultimate ability and it is her most powerful offensive tool. When activated, she emits a powerful austere sonic wave that stuns all nearby enemy champions for a short duration. It has a relatively short range of 3,000 units and it can be used when no other teammate is nearby. Crescendo also deals magic damage and increases Sona’s attack speed.

Crescendo should be used when engaging with the enemy team or when attempting to quickly pick off an unsuspecting champion as it can instantly force an engagement allowing your team to capitalize on enemy mistakes.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re playing Sona in League of Legends, you’ll want to know some tips and tricks to make the most of her skillset. Players who are experienced with Sona know how to use her to their advantage in a variety of situations.

Here, we’ll talk about some of the best strategies for using Sona effectively and provide some tips for getting the most out of her:


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Teamfighting is one of the most important aspects of playing Sona. As a engage-oriented support, you are responsible for initiating fights by using your ultimate, Crescendo, to root the enemy team in place. Combining this with a tank’s initiation or a solo laner’s dash can create an ideal opportunity to quickly take out the enemy carries.

From there, your job shifts to keeping your carries alive while they work on taking down the remaining members of the opposing team.

Your ultimate cc also serves as a great tool when it is used after a fight has started – you should always be ready to throw out your Crescendo if your team is at risk of being wiped by an enemy engagement or catch. You can also use it to divide or displace an enemy formation in order to turn a fight into a much more favourable one for your team. Even after Crescendo has been used, its effect lingers for five full seconds; this should give you enough time to prioritize targets so that your team can burst them down first as quickly as possible before moving on to the next target in line.

In addition, always remember that positioning yourself properly is key – getting close enough to get off quick heals with Aria of Perseverance and casts from Song of Celerity will keep teammates from dying early on and set up favourable fights for later on in the game.

Lane Control

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Countering Sona in League of Legends is an important part of playing the game. Knowing which champions are good counters for Sona can give you the edge in games. In this section, we will analyze the different champions that can be used to counter Sona in the game.

We will look at the pros and cons of each champ, as well as how you can use them to your advantage in game.


In balanced 5v5 gameplay, your team should have at least one champion of each role:

  • Top: Top champions are usually tanky bruisers that have strong initiation, gap-closing potential, and the ability to split-push objectives. These champions usually have good waveclear and solo matchups in the form of melee brawl potential and ranged poke potential.
  • Jungle: Junglers work to secure an advantage for their team early game by pushing enemies out of lane or getting control of objectives like Dragons and Towers. They gank lanes when enemies overextend themselves in order to get kills and assist their teammates in advancing their presence on the map.
  • Mid: Champions that are played mid lane typically have high burst damage from a variety of reliable sources (ranged basic attacks, skillshots, combos). They often have the highest damage in the game which make them a great option for taking down enemy champions early on since they can easily solo kill people much earlier than any other role. They also provide vision control to protect their team from ganks as well as helping create vision near important objectives or “key spots” that could give their team a tactical edge over opponents. Additionally, mid laners often rely just as heavily on wave management like pushers due to the direct line mid lane provides between two sides’ turrets.
  • ADC: The primary carry role on a League of Legends team is fundamentally based around dealing consistent sustained damage while being relatively safe in fights due to their typically ranged auto attacks and independent mobility skillset that allows them to peel away from danger if they get too close while also having access to reliable wave clear utility if they need it during laning phase or rotations around objectives controlled by both teams throughout longer stretches of playtime being allocated between different lanes or areas around important structures.
  • Support: Support champions typically range from semi-tanky bruisers who buff up allied allies with heals/shields/buffs for extended trades all the way through traditional support who focus more on CC-heavy lockdown strategies throughout longer fight scenarios with multiple participants present at once wherein an allied “carry” can pick off priority targets one-by-one with relative ease while other enemy threats are preoccupied crowd controlling neutralized opponents courtesy of precisely timed stuns & snares along with granting nearby ranged attackers additional protection via healing & shielding abilities among other tactics utilised most commonly by players choosing supportive leaderboard point farming opportunities like wards placed at strategic chokepoints across various jungle routes/quarters taken up by opposition frequently leading back into outskirts near friendly base turrets enabling safe passage for friendly base inhibitors (clearing out camps surrounding inhibitor locations).


Items are equippable items that provide additional stats and can be found in the bottom part of your champion screen. There are several types of items, including major items, consumables, component items, and trinkets. It is important to note that each type of item may offer effects depending on their individual stats.

  • Major Items: These are the most expensive and powerful items a player can purchase. They usually offer a wide variety of different effects such as providing multiple offensive or defensive benefits while also increasing maximum health.
  • Consumables: Consumables are generally low-cost consumable items used for temporary effects such as restoring health or mana, summoning minions, enhancing damage or speed multipliers or reducing crowd control durations.
  • Component Items: These are typically cheaper than major items, but still provide important offensive and defensive bonuses for builds centered around particular champions or team compositions. They typically focus on attributes like attack damage (AD), ability power (AP) movement speed (MS), armor, magic resistance (MR) and health regeneration (HP/5).
  • Trinkets: These relatively inexpensive tactical tools give champions the ability to scout enemies or take advantage of different terrain obstacles which may benefit them in combat situations. Common trinkets range from active vision control wards to passive increase in statistics, allowing an even more flexible playstyle when compared to traditional loadouts requiring you to equip multiple components.


Time to wrap up this guide on Sona, League of Legends’ resident musical maven. Sona is an extremely unique champion who is capable of adapting to and thriving in many different roles. Whether you prefer DPS, support or a hybrid role for Sona, her incredible kit allows her to excel in any team composition. If you are looking for a reliable champion who can bring immense value to your team, then look no further than Sona!

Despite not having the biggest numbers on paper in terms of damage output or tankiness, the innate utility she offers and potential for outplay potential make her an incredibly popular pick among both high level players and casuals alike. Her ability combos, spacing and positioning all become incredibly important when mastering the champion so make sure you practice these in order to get better at playing her.

As long as you obey the basic tips outlined here – focus on farming and objectives early game, stay close to your allies and be mindful with your ultimate – Sona can pack quite the punch with mastery over time. So put on your headphones and start dancing while dominating with League of Legend’s one-of-a-kind Star Child!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Sona’s role in League of Legends?

A: Sona is a support champion in League of Legends. She provides crowd control, healing, and auras to help her team out in battles.

Q: What are Sona’s abilities?

A: Sona’s abilities include Hymn of Valor, Aria of Perseverance, Song of Celerity, and Crescendo. Hymn of Valor deals damage and increases allies’ damage, Aria of Perseverance heals Sona and allies, Song of Celerity grants Sona and allies movement speed, and Crescendo stuns enemies within range.

Q: How can I play Sona effectively?

A: To play Sona effectively, you should try to maximize the effectiveness of her auras, stay close to teammates during team fights, and use her ultimate to stun enemies. Additionally, you should practice her combos and try to stay safe during fights.