Sona, the most talented of Demacia’s stringed-etwahl gamers is actually the best. She communicates only with her vibrant arias and swish chords. Sona is a popular highborn due to her gentle manner. However, some suspect that Sona performs spellbinding melodies and magic which are unforgivable taboos for citizens living on the city-state. Though she remains silent to the outside world, close companions can still understand her. Many people imagine it’s more than soothing music or songs played during peacetime. When one hears the harmonies performed on-demand after a battle, they feel that there must be some kind of magic energy.

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Who’s Sona?


Sona’s voice is heard over the music. Sona’s next assault will deal with bonus magic injury, and extra impact, primarily depending on the music Sona activated. Sona’s primary assault clock is reset by Energy Chord. For a devastating combo, she might try it again.

Sona performs the “anthem of valor”, sending out blasts of sound to 2 enemies. Allies who are tagged by her aura receive bonus injury on any subsequent attack against an enemy she is performing music for.

Sona masterfully performs The Aria of Perseverance. The ability then sent out defensive melodyes. Along with her ally champions, the melodies healed Sona. Sona’s ability left an aura that gave allies tagged in its zone short-term shields to protect them against harm.

Sona’s Tune of Celerity grants close allies bonus Movement Velocity. Sona has a brief-lived aura that grants her allies tagged by the zone an additional transfer speed enhance.

Sona’s last chord stuns enemy champions, forcing them to bop and causing magic injury. Sona’s primary talents are affected by the passive, which reduces their cooldown by 0.5 seconds each rank. Even if she uses her ult sparingly an opponent still has very little time after it wears out.

Sona’s talents and skills


  • COST: 75-95
  • MANA COOLDOWN 4.8 to 8


  • COST: 105 – 125
  • MANA COOLDOWN – 6 to 10


  • CAST TIME – 0.25
  • COST: 100
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 100 – 140


  • COST: 90
  • MANA COOLDOWN – 7.2 to 12

Participating in Sona

  • Be sure to tag your friends. Sona’s auras can be lively so it is important to remember this. However, you should be wary of enemies that might catch you off guard.
  • Crescendo can be saved for when you need an immense play to maximize your performance in the sport.
  • If you want to stop an enemy champion from casting a spell, strike him just as he is about. Timing this properly will cause flexibility to be interrupted and prevent it from being used.

A Help participant can choose Sorcery for the first rune and Inspiration or Celerity as secondary. If you’re in a lane it is best to join Aery from summoner magick in order for your therapeutic to have extra effect on allies champions.

The first capacity you need to reach stage 1 is Hymns of Valor. Once that’s done, you will be able to max out Hymns of Valor. You can then level up Aria Perseverance by adopting Tune of Celerity.

This is often done in the Help Place. This section is unpopular because of its low injury output and mobility. However, it is an option when required.

Summoner Spells:

  • Flash
  • Ignite

Advisable Builds:

  • Moonstone Renewer
  • Ionian Boots to Lucidity
  • Workers at Flowing Water
  • Ardent Censer
  • Redemption
  • Shard of True Ice

Moonstone Renewer, which is adopted by Ionian Boots of Lucidity and then an Eye of the Watcher/Rod of Ages, is the greatest mythic merchandise you can make for Sona. Redemption and Shard of True Ice are required to complete your champion information. Flash and Ignite can also be used as summoners spells.

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  • Sona’s talents cannot be underrated when she takes the time to farm and learn spells. Her mana level is just too low to allow her to rotate in the early sport. Your opponents will see you only as a goal and that is what will lead to disaster.
  • As a help, you must support their AD in the beginning sport. It involves protecting your staff and keeping them safe. This will allow you to make do with less gold but be better equipped to educate your staff.
  • Sona is a versatile champion in staff fights and group pushes. If she isn’t properly geared up, however, her mana pool will soon be empty. To increase your presence on the battlefields, you can use any mana sources that are available.
  • Sona can assist with auras such as Crescendo or Tune of Celerity. Your staff should team up to help Sona heal them, or if they are in danger because the enemy has taken you from behind. If this happens, make sure that they value your time and stay with them. Sona cannot do much if there are no allies around. Wait until someone comes back into view.
  • You can encourage your opponent’s carry to trade in passive lane. By using each Hymn for Valor or Aria for Perseverance, you can make simple and profitable trades while not being dependent on heals during early sport ranges.
  • The Tune of Celerity, a powerful device that can be used by any staff member, is extremely reliable. It provides speed and slow speeds to each consumer’s team members, making it difficult for enemies on the other side to keep up with their targets or escape Sona’s comrades.
  • To be a successful staff battle, you must take out the opposing carry. You can use Valor’s Energy Chord to your advantage (ideally in a close proximity to the enemy) and then follow it up with Hymn. Next, attack them with Hymn to maximize injury output.
  • Sona can now protect multiple allies with Ardent Censer and receive a host of valuable stats as well as an assault speed buff. She can increase the duration with an ally by 3 seconds when activating Aria Of Perseverance. This will make it easier to achieve each goal and allow for better coordination in staff fights.


Is Sona good lol?

Sona is one of the most squishy players in the sport. This makes it difficult to play correctly and can make studying long. She’s additionally easy to select up for brand spanking new gamers as a result of she doesn’t require exact skillshots or lengthy cooldowns.

Why did you use Sona

Sona is a very strong champion in the current meta and works well with almost any staff. Her energy chord was buffed in patch 3.05, so it’s very simple to harass opponents from lengthy vary with out placing herself in danger for the reason that three second cooldown solely applies in the event you miss a ability shot.

Which runes should you use?

Sona doesn’t have any useful resource bars, which means that her skills have extremely long cooldowns. Your best bet is to stack as much magic penetration possible, as it will allow you to final hit minions as well as harass opponents in the lane.