Soraka is a powerful and versatile champion in the League of Legends game. With her healing and crowd-control abilities, she is an essential asset for any team composition. Whether it’s support, top lane, or mid lane, Soraka fits in with several team compositions.

Let’s take a closer look at Soraka and how she can be used in the game.

What is Soraka?

Soraka is a champion in the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends. She is a member of the astral stars and plays the role of a healer and supporter. Soraka’s ultimate goal is to bring balance and peace to Runeterra—the world that League of Legends takes place in. Her playstyle focuses on keeping allies alive through healing spells and debuffing enemies for improved allied damage.

As an immortal being, Soraka does not age and does not succumb to death from physical harm, making her an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

Because the League of Legends meta-game continually evolves over time, there can be various versions of Soraka available in any given patch. Generally speaking, there are three unique builds for Soraka:

  • one emphasizes healing allies;
  • one focuses on debuffing opponents; and
  • one combines both roles for a more balanced approach.

In some patches she performs better as a solo laner or jungler as opposed to her usual position as support, making her highly flexible when it comes to team compositions. Ultimately Soraka works best when paired with other champions whose playstyles complement each other’s weaknesses – such as Twisted Fate or Syndra – but she can be used effectively in practically any team setup imaginable!

What is her role in the game?

Soraka is a support champion in League of Legends with a unique play style. She offers both offensive and defensive abilities, making her a powerful companion for any team composition. Her primary role is to provide utility and sustainability for her teammates by using her healing, shielding, and buffing abilities.

Soraka’s healing capabilities make her particularly useful when attempting to save an ally from a gank or staying alive while pushing an objective. The crowd control provided by her equinox ultimate can be used both offensively and defensively.

In addition to providing support, Soraka can also deal damage with auto-attacks and her Starcall ability. Her passive, Astral Infusion allows Soraka to heal herself more effectively than most other champions. This can be used to stay alive during difficult fights or take down tough objectives such as Baron Nashor or the Summoner’s Rift dragon more quickly than other supports might be able to do on their own.

When playing as Soraka, it is important to always keep your allies healthy while disrupting your enemies’ attempts at taking objectives or killing allies. Know when it is safe to approach enemies and when back-off might be the better option. Play around your teammates combinations for maximum effect and help carry games with your utility toolkit!


Soraka is a support champion in the League of Legends player-versus-player game. She has five abilities: Starcall, Astral Infusion, Equinox, Wish, and Starchildren.

  • Starcall is an area damage ability that damages enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of her.
  • Astral Infusion allows Soraka to heal allies for a large amount of health.
  • Equinox is a root effect that can be used to disrupt enemies and area of effect damage.
  • Wish is a global heal that can heal all allies on the map.
  • Starchildren are mini-hawks that circle around her and stun enemies that are in range.

Let’s look at each of these abilities in more detail.


Starcall is the ability to create, control and manipulate starlight. It is a rare ability, held by very few people who are sensitive to both senses beyond regular human boundaries. Starcallers are usually drawn to the stars, especially during the night and have an affinity for astral energy.

With this special power, a Starcaller is able to use their connection with the stars and bring forth starlight. This starlight can be used for whatever purpose they seek, from creating shapes and objects out of nothingness to manipulating pre-existing objects in any way they like. In some cases it can also be used for healing purposes.

Starcallers have the ability to create living stars made of pure starfire that can have great power and versatility depending on how they were charged. They can use it as an energy source or employ it as a weapon against their enemies. Using this energy, Starcallers are also able to:

  • Travel through space
  • Meld with celestial entities like gods or other supernatural beings
  • Be given certain abilities while in this state that stays with them even after returning from their travels.

Astral Infusion

Soraka’s Astral Infusion, also known as “E” or “Starcall,” is a healing ability with great versatility. Soraka channels her power to restore a target allied champion’s health points. At the same time, it will damage all nearby enemies while temporarily granting them bonus magic resistance.

This ability is best used to heal an ally during team fights, especially divers who get focused quite often in the middle of the fray. Additionally, this ability can be used to heal priority targets like AD carries and mages that stand in the backline and may not have enough health points during skirmishes or after taking turret aggro damage. Its effects are more pronounced when it is leveled up, granting bonus healing and more bonus magic resistance for affected enemies while reducing mana cost and cooldown.

Astral Infusion can be combined with Soraka’s other abilities for beneficial and strategic results when used in conjunction with ally champions that have gap closers or crowd control tools like stuns or slows.


Equinox is Soraka’s ultimate ability. It creates a zone at the target location which silences all enemies inside, while restoring health to allies for each enemy caught in the zone. A total of 250-400 health can be restored based on Soraka’s level and 200 mana can be refunded to her. The silence lasts 2 seconds and the zone remains active for 7 seconds.

If Equinox is cast again on an active zone it will be consumed instantly and will heal/restore mana to all remaining allies within it. It also provides vision around it allowing Soraka to support her team from afar while they battle their way through the lanes or team fights. This is especially useful during sieges when their opponents are barricaded in a tower or base waiting to advance. Equinox gives her allies a chance to mount an offensive without having to sacrifice any of their own health or fighters!


Wish is the ultimate ability of Soraka, a champion in the popular online gaming title League of Legends. This ability has a global range and uses a large area of effect. When activated, Wish envelops all allies in its area of effect with a benevolent energy that heals each ally both instantly and over time, restoring 60 / 90 / 120 (+50% of ability power) health to these champions over 3 seconds. Additionally, Wish grants an allied champion up to 40 Armor and Magic Resist for 3 seconds (scaling by target level).

Wish has an exceptionally long cooldown (180 seconds at the maximum rank). However, it can be reduced by up to 30% with Soraka’s other abilities – namely Astral Infusion, Starcall and Equinox. With all applicable cooldown reductions taken into account, Wish can be recast within 126 seconds.

In addition to being enormously powerful in teamfights and turning the tide when used correctly by skilled players, Wish is unique in League of Legends for having such a wide fellowship radius – larger than almost any other game ability. Its potential applications are as vast as its scope:

  • Pushing out major objectives such as Baron Nashor or Dragon on Summoner’s Rift
  • Aiding both your team’s scaling or siege breaks on Twisted Treeline or Howling Abyss

Regardless of the situation or map, Soraka’s tremendous healing capacity is underestimated by even the most experienced players if not taken seriously.


Soraka is a powerful champion in the realm of League of Legends, possessing a wide array of unique abilities that allow her to deal damage, heal allies, and provide additional support. In addition to her impressive kit, Soraka also has several strengths that make her a valuable asset to any team. Understanding these strengths can help you make the most of this champion and maximize your team’s chances of success.

Let’s explore the various strengths Soraka has to offer:

High sustain

Soraka is known for her high sustain, making it less important to recall from lane or back out of a fight. She is able to heal and protect allies while also providing damage against enemies with her Starcall ability. Her level 6 Ultimate, Wish, can be used to restore large amounts of health on an ally, allowing them to stay in the fight longer. This makes Soraka useful as a teamfight support who can save teammates and keep them fighting at full health even in long engagements.

With her E – Equinox ability, she can also lock down enemies in a small area and keep them from escaping. With such strong sustain powers, Soraka can make a huge impact on the battle by keeping her allies alive and controlling enemies with Starcall and Equinox when needed.

Good crowd control

Soraka has an impressive set of crowd control abilities. Her Starcall provides an area-of-effect slow and silence, allowing her to disrupt enemy positioning and prevent her team from being overwhelmed by multiple adversaries. The range on the ability is respectable and its cooldown relatively low, so she can use it frequently in the laning phase to control a fight or force enemies away from her team’s carries.

Additionally, Soraka’s ultimate, Wish, channels for 1 second before granting all allied champions in an area large enough to affect multiple opponents with a moderate heal. As Wish can be used while Soraka is hidden in fog of war, she can catch opponents off-guard and gain an advantage if timed correctly.


Soraka is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends, as she can provide a wide range of support options. With her ability to heal and provide shields, she can offer a great team buffer, as well as being able to damage enemies for additional crowd control capabilities.

Furthermore, she has access to a variety of crowd control abilities that are beneficial for both pushing lanes and defending towers. Ultimately, Soraka’s flexibility makes her extremely useful on both the offensive and defensive front, allowing teams to scale their strategies accordingly depending on the situation.


Soraka is a Summoners Rift Champion in League of Legends who has many strengths but also some weaknesses. Even though she is a powerful support champion, due to her lack of CC abilities, she may be less powerful in team fights than other champions. Additionally, her low mobility and late game scaling also set her back as the game progresses.

Let’s take a look at all of Soraka’s weaknesses and how to counter them:

Low damage

Soraka is not the most damaging champion in League of Legends, this means that although she can heal and help support her team, she cannot take on opponents in duels or solo lane. Her ability to push the lane is questionable due to her lack of damage output, as are her chances of killing or securing objectives like towers. She can be easily bullied out of lane by stronger opponents and will have difficulty standing up to them when alone.

Her teamfight prowess is also limited because of her lack of high damaging abilities; however she still has powerful crowd control effects which can be used to great affect if used wisely.

Low mobility

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Low wave clear

Soraka’s wave clear is weaker compared to other supports in the game. She does not have much wave clear for her kit. Her Starcall ability can clear the waves quite fast, but it has a long cooldown and only gives 1 wave worth of protection. Her Astral Infusion can be used to heal champions directly, but it won’t do much when facing large wave of minions. She is best at laying down Astral Infusions in order to get vision around objectives and providing extra heals to her allies, not so much pushing out lanes.

Also, she has an incredibly fragile base defensive stat line which makes it hard for her to stay alive in lane during early game. Her survivability increases drastically with levels as she gains access to infuse herself with health using Celestial Blessing and also Wards her enemies with Equinox. In team fights however, Soraka can use Astral Infusion in order to jump between allies who need healing most which is why she shines despite having low defensive stats throughout the game.

Tips and Tricks

Soraka is a powerful champion in the game of League of Legends. Knowing her abilities, strengths, and weaknesses is essential for success in the game. This article will provide tips and tricks for playing Soraka effectively. We will cover the basics of her abilities, builds, and tactics that can improve your performance in game. Read on to learn all about playing Soraka in League of Legends.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Basics of Soraka’s abilities
  • Soraka builds
  • Tactics for playing Soraka

Use Starcall to harass enemies

One of the key elements to playing Soraka effectively is learning when and how to use her signature ability, Starcall. This ability allows Soraka to slow enemies in the area by dealing minor damage each second and reduce their armor and magic resist for a short time. This can be a great harassing tool in laning phase as well as a way to lock down enemies early in the game.

When used efficiently, Starcall can become a big part of Soraka’s playstyle – though some important points should be kept in mind:

  • Firstly, it’s important to keep an eye on enemy health bars so you can anticipate when they might be low enough for your Starcalls to finish them off.
  • Secondly, it is important to ensure you position yourself carefully when using Starcall – this is especially relevant if you plan on picking off targets by yourself. Make sure you are out of range of nearby enemies or else they may try to jump on you while your spell is being casted.
  • Lastly, coordinate with your team so that they understand which champions need extra focus or help when played against such as Soraka since she`ll be able to annoy them with her consistent harass from Starcall.

Use Astral Infusion to heal allies

Soraka is a champion in League of Legends renowned for her powerful healing capabilities. After mastering Soraka you can be a great asset to your team. Her passive ability is a star call which summons three stars in sequence whenever an enemy champion is nearby, dealing magic damage and reducing their armor.

One of Soraka’s important abilities is Astral Infusion which allows her to heal allies with each auto-attack while also Gathering 3 stars. Astral Infusion can also be used to heal minions and pets, and the healing increases when more stars are collected. Another strong point of this ability is that it grants bonus movement speed for both the healed target and Soraka herself which can be useful in disengaging or engaging team fights. When used correctly it can be a powerful tool to help your team stay alive during tough battles.

Use Equinox to slow enemies

Equinox, Soraka’s W ability, is a great way to slow and harass enemies. This ability channels for two seconds and will root all enemies in the area for 1.5 seconds. Soraka can move freely during the channeling time, but cannot attack or cast her other abilities. By using this spell in combination with Astral Infusion (her Q), she can easily harass enemies and keep them away from her allies.

When using Equinox, be sure to pay attention to any enemy abilities that have a low cooldown as they may be able to break the root effect before it has finished. Also consider placing Equinox around a bush or wall so it is harder for enemies to escape when the root drops. Last but not least, try not to use this ability too aggressively or you will find yourself very low in mana very quickly!

Use Wish to heal multiple allies

As a Support champion, Soraka relies heavily on her ability to aid her teammates and assist them in battle. Her ‘Wish’ spell is key to this role as it allows her to heal up multiple allies at once. To make the most of it, she should cast it during a teamfight where allies are taking damage from enemy champions. Increasing your range by using Trump Card will also help you reach further if needed as will using Starcall to create an astral protection for your teammates. Her ultimate, Equinox, can also provide strong heals for multiple allies if used strategically alongside Wish.

Overall, Wish is a great tool for providing healing and support to your team in any situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What kind of champion is Soraka?

A1: Soraka is a champion in the online game League of Legends. She is a support champion with a focus on healing and aiding her allies.

Q2: What abilities does Soraka have?

A2: Soraka has a variety of abilities that focus on healing and aiding her allies. These include Starcall, Astral Infusion, Equinox, Wish, and her ultimate ability, Star Surge.

Q3: How can Soraka help her team?

A3: Soraka is a powerful support champion who can help her team by providing heals and other supportive abilities. She can also silence enemies and provide vision.