Taliyah LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Taliyah is a powerful mid-lane champion in League of Legends (LoL). She is a great pick for both aggressive players and those who prefer a more passive playstyle. Taliyah is a mage-type champion and her kit is focused on dealing great amounts of magic damage and controlling the battlefield with her W spell. She is a great pick for both solo queue and team focusing champions. Her power and versatility make her a welcome addition to anyone’s League of Legends team.

Let’s take a closer look at her abilities, strengths, and weaknesses:


Taliyah, the Stoneweaver is a champion from the video game League of Legends. She is an elemental mage with a unique kit, based on the element of rock. Her background is that of an ancient guardian spirit from Shurima, bound to protect and serve its people in times of need.

As a young girl, she had the gift of being able to manipulate rocks with her mind. As she grew older, her powers sharpened and she used them to continue safeguarding her people from danger. Eventually, Taliyah developed a connection with Ixtal, an ancient power that granted her greater control over rocks and abilities that kept her village safe. She formed an alliance with Azir and recognized him as her king. Fueled by newfound strength, Taliyah joined Azir’s endless march towards resurrection and glory.

After Shurima’s fall and collapse into ruin – including the death of Azir – Taliyah continued to ward off would-be invaders while tending to magical stones only she could see – within Shurima’s forgotten temples. Her strength has been noticed by many who traveled through the cursed land searching for power – such as Master Yi – yet no one was able to unravel the mysteries surrounding this lonely nomad wearing sun-baked armor.


Taliyah is a unique champion due to her versatility, she can be played top lane, mid lane, or even in the jungle. Her abilities allow her to use the terrain around her to gain an advantage. Taliyah’s abilities are Seismic Shove (Q), Threaded Volley (W), Unraveled Earth (E), and Weaver’s Wall (R).

Seismic Shove allows Taliyah to shove an enemy away from her as rocks grab onto them and scatter them in the direction she wishes for basic Crowd Control(CC). Her W does more damage at a farther distance, it causes taliyah to hurl out stones in three directions in a fearsome volley, then quickly pulling them back together at whatever target it connects with. She can also use Seismic shove to pull herself closer towards enemies allowing for synergy between both her Q and W.

Unraveled Earth lets Taliyah fire out a circular wave of stones which break apart on contact with terrain setting up for Unraveled Earth’s second effect. Upon activation again Taliyah slams down the rocks blocking all enemies within its vicinity while also dealing damage if they still remain inside after these two effects are called upon.

Taliyah’s Ultimate Weaver’s Wall allows her to swiftly create an impenetrable wall of earth that lasts 5 seconds while blocking all enemy movement. This Ability offers great vision control and unparalleled utility when engaging against other champions or turrets alike. The wall is invincible meaning not even super-minions nor Dragons can penetrate through it.

Pros and Cons

Taliyah is a powerful champion in the game of League of Legends (LoL). She has a range of unique abilities that make her an attractive pick for any team. She possesses great mobility and has the potential to make big plays by using her terrain manipulation to separate enemies, as well as to engage or disengage with her ultimate.

Despite these strong points, there are some downsides to playing Taliyah which we will cover in this section:


Taliyah is a highly mobile, ranged magic damage champion whose playstyle is determined by the positioning of her W – Seismic Shove. She has great wave control and can easily set up gank opportunities for her jungler. As with most mage champions in LoL, Taliyah’s early game is dependent on cooldown management in order to maximize DPS output when fighting enemies. Smooth rotations allow Taliyah to make the most of her passive and scale into the late game with huge amounts of burst and roaming potential.

Taliyah also possesses good pick potential as she is able to surprise enemies by walling them off with Seismic Shove further distancing them from their towers. Her unique kit also allows her to grant vision across wide areas while scouting out objectives through her Reel In ability. Finally, her ultimate Threaded Volley gives Taliyah insane burst potential as she can weave together 3 missiles within a single cast to deal hefty waves of damage in quick succession.


Taliyah is an illusionist controller that excels in combat against multiple enemies, but she has several weaknesses to keep in mind when playing her.

  • First and foremost, her abilities have a long cooldown. This can be especially alarming if faced with an enemy with quick-hitting abilities or fast maneuvers such as Vayne or Tristana. Controlling the flow of battle with Taliyah takes a subtle hand and maps where positioning is key – opponents who are able to recognize her patterns of play can quickly take advantage of her long cooldowns to make quick escapes or close in for the kill.
  • Second, she has no form of crowd control. Even though she has the utility for slowing down opponent’s attacks, she cannot hard CC enemies like a Zyra ultimate or Malzahar’s Void Swarm making it difficult for Taliyah to make plays and initiate teamfights. Her lack of CC also makes her susceptible to ganks – when playing Taliyah, focus on quick rotations and setting up wards around objectives rather than full on teamfight initiations.
  • Finally, Taliyah is mana hungry – she needs large amounts of mana maintain consistent pressure during longer fights. This can be mitigated with proper item build focusing on Mana Regen early game so that late game she can lay down constant pressure without needing to retreat back home base to regain resources.


Understanding the builds for Taliyah in League of Legends is an important part of mastering this champion. Taliyah’s kit allows her to build multiple ways, from a classic AP assassin to an aggressive bruiser to a supportive mage.

This article will provide an overview of the different builds you can use with Taliyah, giving some tips and strategies for the best builds and strategies to use in different matchups.

Item Builds

Players of League of Legends have multiple item builds to choose from when building the right champion. Depending on the matchups and specific style of play, items need to provide Taliyah with an advantage that allows her to effectively outplay her opponents. Here are a few common build options:

  • Standard build: This is a standard item build that provides Taliyah with a balanced set of offensive and defensive items, usually including Rabadon’s Deathcap, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Archangel’s Staff, Void Staff, Liandry’s Torment and Banshee’s Veil. This build is designed for maximum sustained damage and can be effective in most situations.
  • AP-focused build: A more aggressive build dealing primarily in AP-scaling items without much defensive focus. This may include Sorcerer’s Shoes, Void Staff, Archangel’s Staff, Luden’s Echo and deathblade or Seraph’s Embrace as the core items while relying on movement speed or spell vamp items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guinsoo’s Rageblade as situational pickups. This type of build excels at high burst damage but offers comparatively little survivability.
  • Tank Build: A defensive approach designed for incredible sustainability instead of huge amounts of damage output. Core items for this build may include Mercury’s Treads with Locket of the Iron Solari for more cumulative tank stats along with other defensive options such as Abyssal Mask or Adaptive Helm depending on the enemy team composition. Spell vamp from Hextech Gunblade can also be beneficial during short skirmishes where some self-healing would be useful.

Skill Builds

Every Taliyah player needs to choose an optimal skill build order that suits the way they play and the matchup they are facing. There are two viable builds for Taliyah, depending on whether you prioritize her waveclear or raw damage output in the early game.

The standard build for Taliyah dictates that she maxes out Threaded Volley (Q) first, followed by Seismic Shove (W), Unraveled Earth (E), and finally, Weaver’s Wall (R). This gives Taliyah access to the highest amount of waveclear in the early game at a much smaller cooldown cost.

If you plan to be more aggressive in lane or have both strong waveclear and nearly unlimited damage potential—maxing out Weaver’s Wall first can turn your opponents into mush. Especially since it is also a form of hard CC when used correctly. Adding rank to your W before maxing Q allows Taliyah access to greater burst potential because of its lower base cooldown.

It’s important to remember that both builds offer great utility throughout a match-up, with only slightly different applications depending on how you use them and capitalize on their unique attributes. Whether you wish to have wider and more constant control through a tightly packed wall setup or throw down hundreds of threads from far distances maximizing your Wave Clear will bring out the best of your Champion no matter how serious or goofy you go about it.

Rune Builds

The runes you select are important for achieving a good balance between offense and defense with Taliyah. Generally, the recommended runes for Taliyah are the Fleet Footwork Keystone, with Aery and Triumph as your secondary paths for offense. Since Taliyah is a mid laner, you will also want to take the Minion Dematerializer rune for clearing waves of minions quickly.

  • Fleet Footwork: You’ll want to take Fleet Footwork as your keystone because it increases your mobility and helps you stay safe by having a nearby ally shield you when necessary.
  • Aery: Your secondary offensive options should include Aery and Triumph. Aery triggers bonus damage when dealing with turrets or enemies. The bonus damage from Aery will help you poke down enemies in-lane when playing mid as well as assist in taking down turrets faster when pushing towards objectives.
  • Triumph: In contrast to Aery, Triumph gives bonus gold when dealing large amounts of damage or finishing off an enemy champion, which will result in extra gold that can be used to purchase important items later on in the game. This will help secure kills by healing back lost health taken during fights much quicker than if using other runes.
  • Minion Dematerializer: Lastly, Minion Dematerializer will mark enemy minions allowing Taliyah to kill them quickly while keeping her safe by allowing her to avoid direct combat with enemy champions while farming minion waves in lane. This will help set up better ganking opportunities without being behind on minion farm throughout the game.


Taliyah is an often underrated champion in League of Legends, but she can be a powerful ally if you know how to use her right. The key to playing Taliyah, as with any Champion, is understanding her unique strategies and strengths, and using them to your advantage.

In this section, we’ll explore the best strategies to use with Taliyah in order to make the most of her abilities:


Laning as Taliyah is all about maneuvering in and out of claws, as well as playing a lane control game. For her first few levels, it is recommended to get E > Q for the extra range and movement, then max according to personal preference. When exchanging with opponents, make sure to weave in auto attacks between spells so you can apply pressure.

It will be important to play around her cooldowns and look for suitable trades. Remember: Taliyah’s abilities don’t cost mana, so when trading back and forth you will have a lot of sustain; this or using The Unraveled Cloth from Kleptomancy can help you return a lot of health back quickly if needed! Taliyah’s range means she will always have great check-in trades but try to build up a significant lane lead early on, especially if she is against an immobile champion like Lux or Veigar.

Make sure you also don’t become too passive early because her level 6 power spike is huge; saving up Spellthief’s stacks is also crucial at all times since they are part of her main poke combo—QWE followed by an auto attack or two with the empowered Three talon strike. Try and set back your opponent with each trade while always playing around taking safe minion waves.


Teamfighting is an important aspect of playing Taliyah. When initiating a team fight, you should use your ultimate Threaded Volley to divide up the enemy team, or to distract their carries while your team goes in for the kill. After dividing up their team, you can use Weaver’s Wall to block off an area of the map and force them back into your team’s area of control.

If you are playing as Taliyah in a standard lane composition, it is important to know when and how to bully the enemy champions in your lane. Knowing when to push with Taliyah’s W-Q combo and having good synergy with your support can be difficult but can give you a great advantage against unsuspecting opponents. Taliyah’s movement speed increase from roaming allows for fast damage trades that can easily snowball into kills.

Taliyah is also great at escorting any champions like marksmen or assassins that need assistance going from one side of the map to another. Once again, her ultimate Threaded Volley can be used for zoning out her opponents or protecting her allies from any opponents trying to stop their movement towards an objective.


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Tips and Tricks

Taliyah is a powerful champion in League of Legends. She is a big threat when played correctly and can be a great addition to your team. If you are looking to excel at Taliyah, there are some tips and tricks to help you out. Let’s take a look at some of these tips and tricks and how they can help you dominate the rift:


Taliyah is a unique champion able to adapt to different roles and team compositions, and therefore can be played quite differently depending on the game’s situation. One of the most important aspects of playing Taliyah is positioning, as she is very susceptible to being harassed or ambushed, particularly during laning phase.

When playing a lane role, it’s best to stay in the upper side of the lane in the minion wave’s front line; this will give you more time to react against incoming harassers, but at the same time make sure that you pay attention while approaching your tower as overexxtending gives enemies an advantage. During mid-to-late game teamfights, good positioning can also be quite decisive as Taliyah can influence fights with her W (Seismic Shove) and E (Threaded Volley). Being creative and resourceful with proper map control by roaming or isolating targets are key elements when it comes down to succeeding with Taliyah.

Finally, for jungling Taliyah needs situational awareness at all times and must take into consideration where allies and enemies might be. Since Taliyah doesn’t have much crowd control available in her arsenal she needs allies around her when looking for fights; communication among players can eventually help her succeed in taking out crucial targets or zoning them out safely while maintaining distance from damage dealing members of the enemy team while clashing in objectives.


Timing is essential when it comes to any champion in League of Legends, and Taliyah is no exception. To maximize her potential on the Rift, players must be aware of how long their abilities’ cooldowns are and use them effectively.

Taliyah’s Q, Threaded Volley, has a relatively short cooldown of six seconds, so use it often while trading poke with the enemy laner. For example, applying constant pressure with Threaded Volley quickly forces the opposing laner to back off or take excessive damage if they don’t get out of harassment range quickly enough.

Taliyah’s W, Seismic Shove, can be used as an engage or disengage tool because of its relative mobility compared to other laners’ abilities. Much like other champions’ ultimates such as Gragas’ Ultimate ability ‘Explosive Cask’ or Jax’s ‘Counter-Strike’, this ability can expedite a fight. The key is using Seismic Shove strategically by either forcing enemies closer together or away from the action depending on your team composition. You should also keep in mind that it has an 18 second cooldown, so pick your moments carefully in order to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency!


Comboing with Taliyah is a powerful way to set up abilities and surprise enemies. Taliyah’s passive, Threaded Volley, grants bonus range on her basic attacks if she casts an ability within 3 seconds before attacking. This means it’s important to make use of her mobility to get in range, or even better – surprise enemies with a well-timed combo.

Taliyah’s Q, Threaded Volley, can be used to curve around walls and hit enemies while they are unaware. Her W, Seismic Shove, also has an impressive range and can be used after other abilities like Q or E for extra damage. Finally Taliyah’s E Unraveled Earth has some of the longest range of any ability in the game and can be used to ensure quick repositioning around the map when Taliyah’s ultimate is on cooldown.

Together these abilities can also create some deadly combos if you manage to land your spells accurately. For example combined with Unraveled Earth you could use Threaded Volley after a well placed ult in order to guarantee extra damage while they are rooted in place by E. Or you could use Seismic Shove from behind a wall after using Q in order to give it extra range and thought it might take some practice with these moves you should find yourself able to pull off similar combos with ease over time eventually. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What type of champion is Taliyah?

A1: Taliyah is a mage type champion in the game League of Legends.

Q2: What is Taliyah’s role in a team?

A2: Taliyah’s role in a team usually involves roaming, wave clearing, and split pushing.

Q3: What are Taliyah’s unique abilities?

A3: Taliyah’s unique abilities include Rock Surfing, Threaded Volley, Seismic Shove, and Weaver’s Wall.