Tristana, a yordle, has an admirable ambition to become a legend. Tristana was disappointed that her homeworld didn’t have the great armies or epic battles she desired, so she left to find something worth fighting for. On her arrival on Runeterra she discovered the answer to her prayers. Now, with Boomer as her facet (and two huge ft), this archer of adventure takes up arms in support of any faction she chooses!

Tristana could have let the other yordles enjoy their games and be content, but she had to do her job. Tristana realized, after all the years spent as a champion of Bandle Metropolis’s gateways and a leader for Bandle Metropolis, that Cordless will require proper defenses. Tristana is a loner at heart, but she is constantly being harassed by her recruits. To escape their coach and find some peace, she decides to confront them. Tristana takes breaks every now and again, with solo patrols in Bandlewood Forest. It is a peaceful place where trouble does not seem far-fetched.

What you should know: Champion Taric


TRISTANA’s talents and abilities


Tristana will be able to attack more people as her range increases.


  • COOLDOWN: 20 – 16
  • BONUS ATACK SPEED: 50-1100%

Tristana quickly fires her weapon, causing a fierce battle. Her assault velocity is increased for a brief time.


  • SPEED: 1100
  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COST: 60
  • MANA COOLDOWN 22 – 14

Tristana leaps into the air, and then fires up on the ground to propel her towards her vacation spot. Tristana will deal damage to the slow-moving models around her for a short time after landing. Then, she will explode on them with explosive power. Rocket Leap’s cooldown is reset if Tristana scores kills or detonates Explosive Cost on any stacks near enemy champions.


  • TARGET RANGE: 525 − 661
  • EFFECT RADIUS: 300 -600
  • SPEED: 2400
  • CAST TIME : 0.226
  • COST: 50 – 70
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 16-14

Tristana’s cannonballs explode into shrapnel after she kills an enemy. Tristana has the ability to place a bomb on her target that explodes in a short time and causes damage to nearby models.


  • TARGET RANGE: 525 − 661
  • SPEED: 2000 – 1500
  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COST: 100
  • MANA COOLDOWN 120 -100

Tristana shoots a massive cannonball at the opponent. Buster Shot provides Magic Injury by knocking the goal back if it is profitable. Tristana’s scattershot will increase its radius if it happens to be a person with the explosive cost bomb.

Tristana participation

  • Tristana is responsible for farming and poking your enemies in the early game to prevent them from joining. It will protect you and keep your mana, which can be useful later in the lane section when gamers want to be more aggressive.
  • Good energy is accompanied by good accountability. Tristana’s ability to push her lane and remove an enemy tower without much effort will make it important for her to be responsible. Overexerting herself could lead to disaster on both sides of the map.
  • Tristana is a marksman who specializes in pushing lanes and inflicting collateral damage. She is skilled at snowballing with profitable fights and can quickly remove her targets from under the protection of the backline using Explosive Cost, Speedy Fireplace, and Speedy Fireplace. These skills allow her to destroy turrets in seconds and secure goals that are reminiscent of Dragon or Baron Nashor.

Summoner Spells:

  • Heal
  • Flash

These objects are extremely useful:

  • Kraken Slayer
  • Berserker’s Greaves
  • Stormrazor
  • Infinity Edge
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Bloodthirster

For Marksmen who need to do some damage, Berserker’s Greaves is a standard boot. Tristana doesn’t have any other way to increase her assault velocity than this product, but she will need it if she wants to do enough outside the sport.

Ideas and methods

  • Tristana can be used as a flexible carry and may keep her distance from any potential dangers that her team may not be able. Tristana is a versatile carry that can outrange most other carries. If they’re not available, she will only sluggish to manage crowds.
  • Due to her low damage early in the game, it is not a good idea to level up. You should wait until you have AD gadgets such as a B. F Sword in order to maximize assault velocity steroids. Speedy Fireplace will be used immediately before your next auto attack.
  • Rocket Leap is extremely useful when you are trying to escape from a fight or just escape. Rocket Leap’s price is prohibitive and its cooldown means that it cannot be used on a regular basis. Make sure you have enough mana before you use this method.
  • Buster Shot can be used to fly your enemy back to their allies or to an allied tower. This is very efficient. You should not place yourself in positional danger if your enemy is able to comply with your refusal to flee.
  • Tristana’s passive farming approach is very efficient. This can be combined with Speedy Fireplace so he can farm up and clear minion wave to prepare for the touchdown section.
  • Explosive Cost is an effective weapon against enemies in the early recreation. Tristana’s low assault energy means that it is best to be cautious with it. It will not pay off if you use it too fast. To maximize the payoff, save your Explosive Cost when you have close opponents.
  • It is a risky move to leap into the face of an enemy after launching it thrice using an Explosive Cost. The goal shall be described in blue. This will allow you to inform when you are profitable. However, this will leave you exposed to counterattacks.

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