Trundle LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Trundle is a great tank champion to have on your team in League of Legends. His diverse kit of abilities gives him the ability to initiate fights, tank damage, and provide utility for his team. Trundle’s kit includes crowd control, immobilization, and damage. It is no wonder why he is a fan favorite among many players.

In this article, we will take a look at all the aspects of Trundle and why he is a great champion to have on your team.

Overview of the Trundle Champion

Trundle is a tanky, melee fighter champion in the League of Legends universe. He is able to use his abilities and kit effectively in both offense and defense roles, making him an incredibly flexible hero when it comes to team composition. He has a strong early game presence that allows him to exert pressure on opponents while his late game survivability helps ensure he can take a lot of punishment while protecting his teammates. His kit allows him to be very mobile, able to dash across the map quickly or burst into lane with little warning.

Trundle possesses an impressive array of crowd control abilities and disruptive spells, enabling him to provide significant utility for his team on the battlefield. His Decompose ability can help kill or weaken enemy champions or minions with ease and can also be used defensively against enemy aggression. Trundle’s Frozen Domain ultimate gives him mobility as well as helping disrupt opposing teams’ attempts at team fight initiation or movements across the map.

Overall Trundle is highly versatile champion who can fit into many play style due to his ability kit.

Pros and Cons of the Trundle Champion

The Trundle champion is one of many different champions available in a popular online fantasy game. He is a particularly powerful character who can be advantageous in certain circumstances, depending on the strategy chosen by the player. Some of the main pros and cons associated with Trundle include his ability to deal damage beyond his basic attack speed, his difficult-to-balance strength and health pool, and his smaller size making him harder to hit.


  • Trundle can dish out substantial damage with his basic attacks due to his high attack speed.
  • His high strength combined with large health pools makes him a difficult opponent to take down.
  • His smaller frame allows him to avoid more hits than most other champions in the game.


  • Trundle’s strength and health pool can sometimes be difficult to balance properly since he has both high attack speed and durability.
  • He has low mobility which means it can be difficult for him to catch up or escape opponents quickly if he is behind or outnumbered.
  • He does not have access to as many crowd control tools or abilities compared with other champions which limits strategies when laning against particular matchups.


Trundle is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. He has a wide range of abilities that can adapt to many different situations. This section will go into detail about all of the abilities that Trundle has and how they can be used to your advantage in the game.


Chomp is a damage-based ability that Trundle can use to deal damage to enemy minions, monsters and champions. It is activated by casting an ability from Trundle’s inventory and then following up with a basic attack. The basic attack will apply an AOE cleaving effect around him, damaging enemies in the vicinity for a percentage of his total attack damage plus bonus magic damage.

Additionally, Chomp will provide bonus armor and Movement Speed to all nearby allied champions, including himself, as well as allowing Trundle’s basic attacks to heal him for a percentage of his maximum health depending on the number of enemies hit with the cleave. This bonus is doubled during moments of Fury.

Pillar of Ice

Pillar of Ice is an ability that allows the user to create pillars or towers of ice from the ground and air. This ability is incredibly powerful and can often be used for offensive purposes. When using this ability, the user must be careful due to the sheer strength of it; any contact with a pillar could potentially cause serious harm or death, making Pillar of Ice a high-risk factor.

Furthermore, this ability also yields an advantage in terms of shielding and protection; users are able to manipulate the ice structures to create walls of ice which can protect allies or hinder enemies. Additionally, icy terrain can provide slippery surfaces which could impede enemy movement, making tactical positioning more effective when using Pillar of Ice. However, as with most abilities requiring great strength and control, it takes some time to master this skill. With proper practice and training however, powerful structures capable of stopping a full attack might be created!

Frozen Domain

Trundle utilizes the power of ice with his ultimate ability, Frozen Domain. When activated, a circular, icy terrain is formed at Trundle’s location upon cast. Enemies on the terrain become slowed by 40%, while allies on the terrain are granted 40% increased movement speed and 40% increased attack speed. Both effects last for 8 seconds, with every second in Frozen Domain providing an additional stack of movement speed and attack speed up to 4 stacks total.

Being inside Frozen Domain also provides Trundle a shield that mitigates 50/90/130 (+15% of maximum health) depending on its level – this shield can be stacked up to 3 times and persists for 3 seconds after leaving Frozen Domain. For the duration of interaction with Trundle’s ultimate ability, both allies and enemies are effected by Crippling Cold – which reduces their armor 10/20/30 (+5 Attack Speed).


A unique ability possessed by Trundle is Subjugate, which allows him to heal himself by sapping the health of an enemy champion. By activating this ability, Trundle target an enemy champion and begin to sap away at their health, transferring it over to his own Health Points while simultaneously reducing the target’s Attack Damage and Ability Power. Subjugate lasts for 4 seconds with a 10 second cooldown.

This ability can be used when facing off against a single opponent or during team fights to take advantage of every opportunity to heal. Subjugate can be a very effective way for Trundle to gain the upper hand in any skirmish.

Tips and Tricks

Trundle is a unique League of Legends champion that offers a unique set of skills and abilities. If played correctly, Trundle can be a formidable opponent in the game.

This section will cover tips and tricks on how to best use Trundle’s skills and abilities to your advantage.

How to Lane with Trundle

Trundle is a powerful, tank-like melee champion in League of Legends. While his abilities are balanced for top lane and jungle, he can also be used to great effect in the bottom duo lane due to his high health scaling and natural tankiness.

When laning with Trundle, your first priority is to protect your carries and shield them from incoming enemy damage. Use your Natural Bulldozer passive and Chomp ability to absorb enemy poke damage while punishing an opposing laner who steps too close with your Pillar of Ice ultimate. Remember that if you’re able to consistently deny the enemy damage or crowd control, it puts your teammate in a much better position to farm or pick up kills if they overextend.

General tips:

  • Make sure to stack Frost Shield as much as possible—you want to be able get maximum value out of it each time it comes off cooldown.
  • Pay attention to the minion wave so you can use Pillar of Ice appropriately—it works best when there are several minions nearby.
  • Always keep an eye on where ganks may come from when laning—especially around level 6 when their Junglers will start becoming more active.

Additionally, against most other champions you should look to harass whenever your opponent is well within range but also not recklessly overexpend into him/her too far—if you get caught outside of a tower range in doing so rather than farming safely at a distance, then you may find yourself losing trades off considerably without coming out ahead in CS either way! Additionally, remember that Chomp’s cooldown goes down significantly if you use Pillar of Ice before or after it; this can make a big difference when trying chase down low-health enemies or escaping ganks which may otherwise have been successful otherwise!

How to Teamfight with Trundle

Trundle is a tanky fighter who excels in teamfighting due to his strong crowd control. He has multiple tools to help him engage or disengage, lockdown a target, or zone out enemies during teamfights. When playing Trundle, it is important to note how your teammates play and react as well as the enemy team’s makeup and build so you can make an informed decision when engaging or retreating.

When teamfighting with Trundle, it is best to stay at the backline and bait enemies into fighting you rather than diving too deep. Once you have enough targets in range, use Pillar of Ice (E) to separate your target from their teammates, allowing your carries to secure the kill by attacking them directly or pushing them further away with additional CC. Depending on the enemy composition, use Frozen Domain (R) to gain movement speed as well as bonus damage and AP onto yourself while providing your teammates additional damage against their enemies that are slowed by frost overlaps from ensuing max rank Frozen Domain. Lastly use Chomp (Q) just before channelling Rites of Power (W) for bonus healing that can help turn the tide of a fight.

Trundle is fairly easy to play for beginners due to his strong kit with few skillshots needed so take advantage of his innate tankiness and crowd control tools when fighting for objectives or pushing out sieging enemies. Once you are comfortable at using these tools better, you can move even further towards being an effective frontliner without sacrificing overall damage output and objectives control on both sieging and defending situations!

How to Use Trundle’s Ultimate

Trundle, the Troll King, is a unique champion in League of Legends. He has an expansive kit that can be utilized both offensively and defensively. His ultimate, Subjugate, allows him to steal health from an enemy champion, making him a powerful presence in teamfights. Here are some tips on how to use Trundle’s ultimate effectively:

  1. Make sure you always have a target for your ultimate – when you and your teammates are engaging a teamfight, be sure you’ve already identified who you will target with Subjugate. This ensures that the health taken away from your enemies is maximized.
  2. Utilize Trundle’s tankiness when using his ultimate – while Subjugate is active it gives Trundle increased defenses, so make sure to use this tankiness to stay alive while using the ability so you can maximize its effects.
  3. Use Trundle’s mobility to get into position – take advantage of Trundle’s ability to leap forward with Pillar of Ice or Chomp towards enemies in order to get into position and quickly activate Subjugate.

These quick tips should help improve your use of Trundle’s ultimate! With these techniques in mind and proper practice you should have no problem dominating on the Rift as The Troll King!


When playing Trundle, you will want to be strategic with your builds. Depending on the game, you can choose to go in either a full tank build or a more hybrid build that offers both tankiness and damage.

  • A full tank build offers more survivability which is useful for protecting your backline and soaking up damage.
  • A hybrid build offers both tankiness and damage which can help in team fights.

It is important to decide which build is best for the game you are in and build accordingly.

Tank Build

The Tank build for Trundle is designed to maximize his potential to be an unstoppable threat on the front line. This is accomplished by investing heavily in defensive items that protect against crowd control, damage over time, and burst damage. To top it off, this build also focuses on increasing Trundle’s maximum health and regeneration. Making it essential for any team who wants to make use of this champion’s unique tanking capabilities.

When building a Tank Trundle build, it’s important to emphasize core items that compliment the playstyle you want out of your tank. Below are some key items if you’re trying to play the most offensively aggressive tank or just trying to stay alive as long as possible with Trundle in teamfights:

  • Sunfire Cape: Not only does this item provide increased health and armor, but its active ability allows Trundle to deal extra continuous AOE damage in fights or when pushing objectives.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet(or other mana-based defensive item): This item helps secure fights and amplyfy Trundles threat presence by providing bonus AC and empowering his W ability.
  • Guardian Angel: Provides crucial support for diving enemy teams with increased armor & magic resist, but also has the passive ability of resurrecting him from death.
  • Spirit Visage: a great item for increasing overall survivability by providing healing/life steal bonuses in addition to increased magic resist.
  • Randuin’s Omen: Besides having additional Health & Armor stats, Randuin’s active effect is extremely powerful when facing heavy physical burst compositions. Allowing your teammates ample time to react and position accordingly.

By utilizing all of these items you can actively put yourself in situations where you can not only withstand most teamfight scenarios but also push through it unscathed through having enough sustain & cooldown reduction necessary while playing a Champion like Trundle.

Bruiser Build

The Bruiser Build is a type of character build focused primarily on dealing physical damage with fast, close range attacks. It requires a well-balanced selection of skills and stats to deal optimal damage, while maintaining high resistance and recovery capabilities. This build relies heavily on attacking quickly with melee weapons or abilities to maximize the effects of bleed, poison, and stagger damage.

Bruiser characters typically distribute their stats and items along the following categories: offensive attributes (Strength or Dexterity), defensive attributes (Constitution or Perception), Health/Stamina/Mana, Resistance ratings (Physical Resistance, Magic Resistance or Chaos Resistance), Bleed rating (The higher the rating, the more bleed damage you can do per second).

Characteristics of this build include:

  • High Strength for increasing weapon attack power;
  • High Constitution for improved health regeneration;
  • Use armor pieces that have both Physical Resistance and Magic Resistance to minimize overall damage taken;
  • Have enough points in Dexterity to increase maximum attack speed.
  • High Bleed ratings will allow you to do more bleed damage per second;
  • Have invested item slots that are focused on both offense and defense;
  • Regular use of Health Potions or similar consumables to recover from spikes in incoming damage.
  • It is also recommended to have at least one source of Crowd Control such as Sleep spells or Stun attacks in order to keep your opponent off balance.

AP Build

As an AP (ability power) Trundle build, your focus should be on obtaining a strong early game with fast-cast ability combos to maximize damage output, as well as speed and buff from runes. Generally speaking, AP Trundle’s creation consists of two main staples – items to increase your mana pool and AP stats, as well as items that grant bonus move-speed.

The core item of any good AP Trundle build is Luden’s Echo. The extra mana it provides combined with the 10% movement speed buff will allow you to constantly harass your opponents during the mid and late game with your strong AoE combo of Feral Flare damage combined with Pillar of Filth and Chomp (Trundle’s ultimate).

Once the build is set, players can decide between a defensive or an offensive playstyle for their skillset. The defensive option focuses on abilities that protect one’s team from enemy players when grouped in a fight, such agitating smite or Rune Prison, while an offensive strategy utilizes insidious smite or circle of relics for additional damage output or mobility purposes.

Once you have solidified your base items in terms of choices for boots and utility spells including teleport and ghost, you may complete the champion’s final item list by choosing score trinkets such as Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff for further damage augmentation income if needed (depending on status at weapon-wise). The final stage includes picking enchantments which are normally used to increase attack speed or gain penetration where necessary.


In conclusion, Trundle is a veery versatile champion that can fulfill many roles. He can be played as a tank, fighter, or damage dealer depending on how you build him. His kit also allows him to have limitless amounts of crowd-control that can be used to track, initiate, or secure objectives. The power and utility of this champion makes him one of the most desired choices in the meta-game right now.

Truly impressive results can be obtained with skillful play and knowing the ins and outs of this truly unique champion. With just the right builds and strategy, Trundle can single-handedly lead his team to victory if he is able to outmaneuver and outlast his enemies. In order to truly understand how powerful this champion is it must be experienced first hand in game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Trundle’s role in League of Legends?

A: Trundle is a tanky, fighter-type champion in League of Legends. His role is to engage in fights and disrupt the enemy team, while also providing crowd control and tanking damage for his team.

Q: What are Trundle’s strengths?

A: Trundle has a variety of powerful abilities which make him a great bruiser and a formidable enemy. He has a powerful crowd control ability in his Pillar of Ice, a damaging ability in his Chomp, and a defensive ability in his Frozen Domain. He also has a passive which grants him bonus attack speed and movement speed.

Q: What is the best way to play Trundle?

A: The best way to play Trundle is to be aggressive and look for opportunities to engage. Use his abilities to disrupt the enemy team and keep them on the back foot while also surviving any fights you initiate. Once you have enough items, you can become a very powerful damage dealer.