Urgot LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Urgot is a champion from the popular game League of Legends (LoL). He is a ranged fighter who excels at close-range combat and has unique and powerful abilities to aid him in battle. With his powerful kit, Urgot can easily dominate the Rift and shut down enemies who dare stand in his way.

In this article, we will discuss the origins of Urgot, his kit, and how he fares in the current meta.


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Urgot, the Dreadnought, is a champion from the game League of Legends with a unique set of abilities. He is a one-man army that can dish out high amounts of damage in the blink of an eye. His abilities work together to create different strategies and play styles.

In this section, we will dive into the details of Urgot’s abilities and discuss how to use them in battle:

Passive Ability

Urgot’s passive ability is Echoing Flames. This ability deals bonus physical damage to the target and reduces the armor of the target. The bonus damage depends on a percentage of his bonus attack damage, while the armor reduction depends on a percentage of his total attack damage.

Once activated, this ability will also grant him bonus movement speed throughout its duration. Echoing Flames also has a cooldown that can be reduced by attacking enemies or killing minions and monsters. Furthermore, this ability can stack up to three times, with each instance providing increased physical damage and armor reduction compared to the last one.

Q Ability

Urgot’s Q ability is called “Acid Hunter“. It’s a skill-shot that fires a line of projectiles towards your target and deals physical damage. Urgot can fire up to 3 shots in rapid succession and has a relatively low cool-down time. The range of the Acid Hunter varies, with increased damage as the distance traveled by the projectile increases. Additionally, if an enemy champion is hit with all 3 shots, Urgot will deal additional bonus physical damage to his target.

Due to its range and potency, this ability is incredibly strong for poking opponents early in the game, as well as for warding off would-be pursuers in the late game.

W Ability

Urgot’s W ability, Purge, allows Urgot to break free of any crowd control effects on himself and gain bonus attack speed. After a brief delay, he will begin spinning in place at high speed and become ghosted while gaining 40-80% bonus attack speed over 4 seconds. After the duration ends, this bonus attack speed will decay over the same duration. Movement impairing effects that were already on Urgot when the activation started will not be broken.

E Ability

Urgot’s E Ability is called “Terror Capacitor” and it functions as a shield/drain, allowing him to intercept damage he takes by draining his opponents Health, with the amount of Health drained relative to the amount of damage intercepted. Additionally, this ability also marks enemies, revealed their location and limiting their resistances.

The passive element of this ability grants Urgot bonus Attack Speed that vastly increases at low HP and allows him to store up to three charges of Terror Capacitor. This bonus attack speed significantly increases Urgot’s sustainability in teamfights as well as his clear speeds in lane.

Using Terror Capacitor skillfully is key to playing Urgot effectively:

  • Knowing when to shield or not is extremely important.
  • Applying 3 level on your E early is also recommended if you are looking for early game advantage on lane, compare to taking other levels on your other skills which can be less effective before 6.
  • Specifically, you should use the ability in order to intercept incoming burst damage from the enemy champion you are dueling against or any other sources like minion waves or turrets aggressions.
  • Remember that activating E will provide vision over the target for 4 seconds so bear in mind what your foe is doing for that duration.
  • Finally try not to tank much more than necessary as each cast will significantly deplete your mana pool which will cause you problems later down the line if it’s too low!

R Ability

Urgot’s R Ability, Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, is a powerful tool that allows him to pull an enemy champion towards him, swap positions with them and slow them. When activated, Urgot launches a shock-field at the target enemy champion which briefly slows them and then pulls them to Urgot’s location. The swap of positions leaves Urgot exactly where the enemy champion was previously and leaves the target where Urgot was before. The slow effect lasts for 1 second after the duration of the ability has ended.

This ability can be used to:

  • Initiate fights
  • Turn unfavorable fights in your favor by disrupting enemies who cluster together
  • Add extra damage to your basic combo
  • Secure kills or set up ganks for your allies

With careful positioning and timing, this ability can be used to great effect.


Urgot is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends thanks to the wide range of potential builds available to him. From damage-oriented builds to tank builds, it’s important to understand the different build paths available to Urgot and how they can best be used.

In this section, we’ll be looking at the most popular and effective builds for Urgot as well as discussing how to best make use of them.

Top Lane Build

When playing Urgot in the top lane, it’s important to focus on two areas: boosting your juggernaut-like survivability and ensuring you can dish out more damage than your opponent can throw at you. To achieve this, use a core build that emphasizes both health and attack damage items, as well as runes that help you reach maximum power.

For starters, buy items such as Cloth Armor and Refillable Potion to improve your early game durability. You’ll also want to focus on upgrading your Relic Shield or Mythic item – one of these will usually provide enough sustain for you to stay in the fight even if things get rough. Finish off with an item like Black Cleaver or Titanic Hydra to enhance the raw power of Urgot’s auto attacks and abilities.

As far as runes go, keep an eye on your stat lines and make sure they fit the champion’s profile. Look for combos like Conqueror (Attack Damage) and Triumph (Bonus Gold) which will elevate your performance significantly once fully stacked up. Other choices like Grasp of The Undying (Health Regen) or Overheal (Cooldown Reduction) also work well with this unique champion’s playstyle.

In general, focusing too much on one aspect at a time leaves a lot of unused potential – remember that overall balance is key when trying to find success with Urgot in the top lane!

Jungle Build

For Jungle Urgot, the recommended build includes a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Duskblade of Draktharr, both core items for Urgot. Along with those items are competing actives – Black Cleaver, Death’s Dance and Trinity Force – which all complement each other very nicely in terms of itemizing.

For additional damage we get Trinity Force, Last Whisper and Mortal Reminder. This build provides good burst damage and sustained damage throughout a teamfight. It is also notable for being able to execute enemy backline champions quickly.

Additionally, it includes Mercurial Scimitar for protection versus crowd control spells like stuns or silences that can be quite dangerous for Urgot in battles close quarters given his low mobility stats. Lastly, an unparalleled movement speed increase is granted by the Guardian Angel which converts the build into an advanced mortal reminader instead of just a last whisper effect which adds kiting potential to this champion while equipping some durability at the same time.

Support Build

If you are looking for a Support-style Urgot build, then you should focus on items that grant bonus armor and magic resistance. For this build, you want to prioritize defensive tankiness to help protect your allies. Core defensive items for the Support build include items such as Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption, and Stallwarder Chainmail.

In addition to these core items, you should also consider building other support-oriented items such Zz’Rot Portal or Knight’s Vow to give your allies additional bonuses. While it may not be a requirement, it is also useful to pick up a guardian item such as Gargoyle Stoneplate or Arctic Armor in order to add an extra layer of protection for your allies during team fights.

When it comes to runes and masteries for the Support build, your goal should be primarily focused on providing utility tools and defensively stats. Having access to abilities like Ghost or Flash can provide excellent peeling tools during team fights. As far as masteries are concerned, taking tier one in both Resolve (for additional health) and Cunning (for bonus regeneration) would be helpful when playing Urgot Support.

Finally when it comes to runes you can focus on either picking a mix of defensive stats (such as MR/Armor with Second Wind) or Utility stats (with Biscuiteer). Ultimately which rune paths you pick will depend on the specific game situation at hand so make sure you assess what options give the most benefit when deciding which way to go!

Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to climb the ranks in League of Legends, Urgot can be a powerful champion for your team. While Urgot is a somewhat challenging champion to play, once you understand his abilities and strategies, he can be a potent asset to any team.

In this section, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for mastering this champion:

Use Your E Ability to Escape

When it comes to escaping hostile environment and difficult battle scenes, using your character’s E ability is one of the most useful strategies. While this may seem like a simple skill to master at first, there are several tips and tricks to help you become an expert at using your E ability.

Firstly, it is important to recognize the potential advantage of having superior mobility. Character’s that have a mobility-based E ability should practice their positioning in order to ensure they are always in an advantageous location on the map. This can give you plenty of room to surge away from dangerous situations or swiftly reposition before opposing teams even have time to respond. When used correctly, this cunning outplay can easily win team fights or assist with securing objectives when team mates are too far away from or do not have the resources to aid you.

Additionally, situational awareness and anticipatory thinking is equally important when dealing with opponents trying to engage upon you mid-flight or charging right after using your ability. Making use of terrain objects such as walls and turrets is a great way to find cover while still being close enough if an edge against your enemies come available during conflicts. Use basic math formulae such as distance & speed calculation in order detect how much time you need maneuver away and whether it’s better for you stay longer in face off with opponents where advantageous resources are available (e.g.: Health packs).

Finally if all fails, having autonomy on whether use another form of basic escape (e.g.: Recall) or risk staying longer than necessitated in order set up your own makeshift escape plan by all means allows players navigated out from unprofitable swarms that recklessly carves their heroic health bar down upon entry of any fray maps efficiently in the long run!

Use Your Q Ability to Harass

Using your Q ability to harass enemies is a great way to gain an advantage in Lane or secure kills on the enemy team. Your Q ability allows you to fire a skill shot from a distance and damage enemies in front of you. When used properly it can create a great deal of pressure on the enemy champions that can sometimes lead to easy kills for your team.

The key to using your Q ability effectively is precision. Try not to aim too far away from your target as this will make it easier for them to dodge the attack or even miss it altogether. Also, be aware of the terrain around you because certain obstacles may block or influence the trajectory of your attack, so make sure you have a clear path ahead of you before firing off your Q ability.

Once you get comfortable with using your Q skillshot, consider using it in conjunction with other abilities such as auto attacks and E abilities. Harassing enemies with auto attacks in between shots from your Q will force them into uncomfortable situations that can often result in kills if they are not careful or fail to retreat when necessary. Similarly, combining E abilities into harassment strategy will make it difficult for enemies to escape their punishment as they are slowed while they are within range of your E ability’s effect area.

Learning how and when to use harass effectively with your champion’s offensive abilities is key for succeeding in League Of Legends and getting ahead early on gives you many advantages throughout the game. Try practicing these tips and tricks when playing League Of Legends, so be sure take full advantage next time something appears on Summoner’s Rift!

Use Your W Ability to Slow Enemies

Urgot’s W ability makes him an excellent champion for crowd control. With Urgot’s W ability, Terror Capacitor, you can slow your enemies whenever they are hit by any of Urgot’s abilities. This slowdown applies to both enemies hit by the projectiles from Urgot’s basic attacks and to enemies targeted with Urgot’s E and R abilities. The slow effect is especially powerful when combined with other sources of crowd control such as slows or stuns.

With Terror Capacitor active, Urgot’s basic attacks can slow all enemies in a 375-unit radius for 60% for 1 second. His Q ability – Corrosive Charge – will fire a chaos projectile that damages and applies a decaying slow to all enemies it passes through before exploding on impact with an enemy champion or on reaching maximum range. Enemies at the center of the explosion are slowed by 80%.

Guardian Entitlements is an area of effect designator that causes nearby minions and monsters to explode, damaging and slowing all nearby enemies while healing allies within the explosion radius. Lastly, Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser causes a huge disruptive explosion that briefly stuns all champions hit by it while also slowing them by 40%.

Use Your R Ability to Lock Down Enemies

In some games, you can use your R Ability to lock down opponents in a way that drastically changes the momentum of any given fight. This ability is useful whether your team is pushing or retreating, and while it might differ from game to game, these tips are universal:

  • Understand how it works and how long its effects last: Different champions will have different versions of this ability, so make sure you understand the specifics before using it. Otherwise, you could be missing out on vital kill opportunities or put yourself and your team at risk.
  • Position for success: You’ll have to move strategically when using this ability as positioning can often be the difference between securing a kill or being caught out by enemy forces. Pay close attention to where enemy players are most likely to move; if placed correctly, you’ll be able to lock them down for an extended period of time.
  • Know when the perfect time is: Using your R Ability too early can often result in wasted mana and other resources that would otherwise have been used more efficiently. If your team is spread too far apart from each other, then be sure to wait until they’re in better position before using it.
  • Follow up with CC and damage: Make sure that you follow up with crowd control such as stuns or slows so that you can maximize the amount of damage taken by enemies before they manage to escape. If done correctly, this combination can mean game changing damage output!


It is clear that Urgot is a unique and powerful champion. His kit offers a mix of ranged damage, extraordinary crowd control, strong defensive capabilities and global presence. All these qualities make him a formidable opponent and incredibly effective frontliner in almost any team composition.

Despite the power of his kit, he needs to be used strategically in order to be as effective as possible. Proper positioning and rotations are essential to make use of his strengths while playing Urgot. He should never be taken lightly, since even minor mistakes can be exploited by experienced opponents.

Overall, Urgot is definitely one of the most interesting champions in League of Legends and playing him gives players unique opportunities for:

  • pulling off awesome plays;
  • cementing their reputation as experts on this kind of game builds.

Mastering this champion may be challenging but it certainly brings its own rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the primary role of Urgot in League of Legends?
A: Urgot is a marksman/fighter hybrid champion that is most commonly played in the bottom lane as an ADC. He’s known for his high burst damage and crowd control.

Q: What abilities does Urgot have in League of Legends?
A: Urgot’s abilities include his passive, “Echoing Flames”, which allows him to passively mark enemies and gain movement speed when he damages them; his Q, “Corrosive Charge”, which applies a stacking slow and damage over time effect; his W, “Purge”, which briefly slows and suppresses his target; his E, “Disdain”, which allows him to dash away from enemies; and his ultimate, “Fear Beyond Death”, which fires a missile that leaves a fear zone upon impact and can be activated again to fire a second missile.

Q: What items should I build on Urgot in League of Legends?
A: Urgot benefits most from items that provide Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, and Armor Penetration. Popular item choices on Urgot include Blade of the Ruined King, Infinity Edge, and Dead Man’s Plate.