Varus LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Varus is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends. He is an AD Carry (Attack Damage Carry) who can dish out huge amounts of damage if played correctly. Varus is a great choice for those looking to dominate and control the battlefield. With the right build and playstyle, Varus can be one of the most powerful ADCs in the game.

Let’s explore further and learn more about Varus!

Varus’ Background

Varus was born in Cappadocia, a province of the Roman Empire in Asia Minor. His father, a prominent political figure, died while he was still a young boy. As such, Varus was sent to be educated in Rome, where he developed a deep understanding of imperial administration and politics.

During his time as an Imperial Secretary under Emperor Tiberius, Varus earned a great deal of notoriety for his managing achievements and his distinguished service. In 7 BCE he was appointed as Legate of the newly formed Germania Superior and Germania Inferior provinces with the mission to expand territorial control beyond the Rhine River. Additionally, during this period Varus served several military campaigns with success. His command over troops aided Rome’s gradual takeover of Germany, which ultimately thrived under its Roman rule.

Despite having achieved much renown for his managerial and military accomplishments in Germania, one of Varus’ most significant feats took place outside of the region: He successfully negotiated with the Parthian Empire over Armenia’s international status thereby avoiding further conflict between Rome and Parthia over control of that region. Ultimately these actions verify that despite facing opposition from public opinion during his time as an administrator in Germania, Varus was nonetheless an experienced administrator and commander fit to serve at the highest levels within the imperial structure.

Varus’ Abilities

Varus is a ranged marksman who utilizes a variety of abilities to overwhelm enemies. He has outstanding burst potential and excels in dealing tons of damage over time. This champion is often played on bot lane as he needs to use his abilities to trade as much damage as possible.

Varus’s passive ability is called Living Vengeance which deals extra physical damage on his next auto-attack after any spell-cast. His first ability, Piercing Arrow, sends an arrow that passes through multiple enemies, dealing physical damage and slowing them for 2 seconds. His second ability Hail of Arrows fires multiple arrows that spread in a fan formation, slowing the enemies hit for 3 seconds and dealing physical damage over time. Varus’ third ability Chain of Corruption launches a long range magical missile that chains up to 4 targets, dealing magic damage and rooting them for 1.5 seconds each upon impact.

Varus’ ultimate ability is called Clash of Fates wherein he briefly channels before releasing an explosion of energy in an area around him, causing both physical and magical area effect damage, followed by five arrows that rain down on the area shortly afterwards each dealing magic damage based on how damaged their target was by the initial blast.

Overall Varus is great at locking down opponents with his roots while also having deadly accuracy with his missiles and arrows allowing him to take out those fleeing from battle quickly and suddenly!


In League of Legends, Varus is a marksman champion that has some great abilities and versatility. His main strengths are his long-range capabilities, attack speed, and damage. Varus is a very popular pick in the game and he can be a great asset to any team. His range and damage output allow him to be very effective in lane and in team fights.

Let’s discuss more of the pros of playing Varus in League of Legends:

Long-Range Damage

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High Mobility

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Although Varus is a powerful marksman champion in League of Legends, he does have a few weaknesses that can be exploited by opponents. Varus’s range is limited, he is prone to being easily shut down by crowd control effects, and he is also quite slow.

Knowing these weaknesses and how to counter them can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Low Survivability

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Low Crowd Control

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Tips for Playing Varus

Varus is a powerful marksman hero in League of Legends and he can be quite difficult to play. Varus shines in the late game when his ultimate can do massive damage, but he can also be played effectively in the early stages of the game.

To get the most out of this champion, there are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind. In this article, we will go over some tips and strategies to help you maximize Varus’s potential:


Positioning is key when playing Varus. As a long-range marksman, Varus needs to make sure he’s in a safe spot where he can deliver sustained damage over large areas. He should stay away from the front lines, but close enough to be able to land his arrows on foes. Additionally, always take advantage of terrain features such as walls and cliffs as they make his job easier by providing further protection and better positioning choices.

Additionally, since Varus requires time for his Ultimate ability to be fully charged, using bushes or other terrains can help him find the sweet spot where he can stay out of sight from enemies while charging his Ultimate ability. This way, he won’t be targeted until he fires off his bow fully powered up.

When engaging opponents in team fights, use your Piercing Arrow to keep enemies back as you rise up and champion down your opponents quickly with your ultimate ability.


Knowing what items to get and when can be hard, especially when there are so many options compared to other champions. The following itemization tips will help you understand what items are a good fit for Varus:

  • Core Items: Core items such as Infinity Edge, The Iceborn Gauntlet, Phantom Dancer and Last Whisper should be the first things that you get. They give the champion great attack damage and all together they will provide a good balance that will increase your overall power.
  • Defensive Items: As Varus’ position in teamfights is extremely important, it is important to build some defensive items, because they will reduce incoming damage from enemies’ magical and physical attacks. Common options include Warden Mail, Banshee’s Veil and Randuin’s Omen.
  • Bonus with Ability Power: Getting Ability Power Variant spells such as Liandry’s Torment or Rabadon’s Deathcap will greatly increase the value of Varus’ abilities, so if you want to make use of his full potential these are great items to consider getting for him.
  • Utility Items: In addition to building attack damage and defense on Varus there are also utility choices that can offer him more survivability like Dead Man’s Plate or Mercury Treads both add Tenacity while still dealing a fair amount of damage damage which can help secure kills or improve Varus’ sustainability in fights.

Team Synergy

Team synergy is essential when playing as Varus. When used properly, Varus is known as a “hypercarry”, meaning that despite being reliant on team composition and playstyle, Varus has the ability to shine in the right environment.

Although Varus doesn’t have any hard crowd control, his powerful poke and general capability to fight many opponents at once makes him especially lethal in team fights. Therefore it is important to build a team around him that can easily create surprise initiations and coordinate their combo-plays to lock down enemies within the AoE of his ultimate.

Furthermore, due to Varus being quite immobile without spells he needs a lot of protection from his team or setup for easy kills himself (by initiating with a tank or an engage composition). In order for this to work he benefits from champions with:

  • Crowd control abilities and gap-closers who are able to peel for him so Varus can play aggressively on relatively safe spots.
  • Optimal item-build which requires items like Execeuter’s Cursuker or Blade of ruined King which can be relaiably triggered by his own abilities or those of allied champions.


After going over all the abilities, power spikes, playstyles, and items that are available for Varus in League of Legends, it’s clear that Varus is a powerful and versatile champion. He is a top-tier AD Carry that can quickly take out opponents and also serves as an effective assassin. While Varus does require a bit of practice and understanding of the game, he can be a really powerful asset in the right hands.

Summary of Varus’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Varus is a versatile marksman in League of Legends who proves to be a powerful asset to any team composition. His ultimate and passive ability makes him an ideal pushing champion while he also has plenty of crowd control with his Blighted Quiver and Chain of Corruption abilities.

However, Varus is vulnerable when it comes to champions with hard crowd control like Stuns or Knockups and his lack of mobility makes it hard for him to efficiently engage or disengage from fights. Varus is also squishy, so getting caught out in the open can be deadly for him if he cannot rely on his team members for back up.

Overall, if played correctly, Varus can bring tremendous amounts of damage from afar while perhaps not being the best at moving around or engaging in extended teamfights thanks to his low health pool. To perfect playing Varus requires great map awareness as well as understanding the power levels of both enemy champions, allied champions and minion waves. Knowing when to push and when to retreat will help balance the strengths and weaknesses that Varus has and ultimately help your team win games.

How to Use Varus to Your Advantage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Varus’ role in League of Legends?

A1: Varus is a Marksman-style champion in League of Legends, meaning he is a long-range damage dealer who excels at picking off enemies from afar. He is also a powerful duelist, capable of taking on opponents in small skirmishes.

Q2: What type of damage does Varus deal?

A2: Varus deals primarily physical damage with his basic attacks and abilities. He also has some magic damage abilities, such as his ultimate, which can be used to finish off weakened enemies.

Q3: What is Varus’ playstyle?

A3: Varus is a ranged champion who excels at dealing damage from afar. He should be played as a backline damage dealer, picking off enemies from afar while staying out of harm’s way. He should also be prepared to duel in close range, as his abilities make him a powerful duelist.