Veigar LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Veigar is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends (LoL). He is a powerful yet overlooked mage with a unique range of abilities and strategies that make him a great addition to any team.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about Veigar, from his abilities and playstyle to tips, tricks, and strategies to maximize his potential. So let’s dive in and explore the world of Veigar!

Overview of Veigar

Veigar is a mid-solo champion that can be played in the middle lane of a 5v5 game. He is considered the master of arcane magic and specializes in overflowing his enemies with a barrage of powerful magical damage. Veigar is unique in the sense that he has several skills which are calculated by percentage levels, meaning he will always deal an amount of maximum damage to an enemy regardless of their current health.

His skillset offers crowd control, decent mobility and AoE burst damage, making him a good pick against both AD assassins as well as AP casters.

Due to these strengths, Veigar has become a formidable force in the mid lane and continues to be one of the most popular mid laners with players around the world. Despite this favorable standing amongst high ELO players, newly arrived players may find it hard to use him effectively due to his extreme squishiness and lack of utility outside of moments where one can capitalize on enemy blunders or clumsiness through intense poke or burst combos. Being difficult to play requires patience and practice in order for Veigar’s mechanics to become more second nature for usage during actual encounters with enemies.


Veigar is an extremely powerful mage in League of Legends, capable of dishing out hefty bursts of damage over a short duration while also being able to trap enemies with stuns and area-of-effect crowd control abilities. His primary damage source is his powerful basic attacks, but he can also deal out lots of additional burst damage with his ultimate and other abilities.

Passive: Equilibrium – Whenever Veigar kills or assists in killing an enemy champion, he gains 1 mana point for every 7 AP he has. This passive enables Veigar to stay active in combat longer than other casters without running out of mana.

  • Q: Baleful Strike – A ranged skillshot that applies a stackable magic-damage debuff on the enemy hit. The debuff increases in damage each time it’s stacked up to a maximum of 14 extra magic damages at 10 stacks.
  • W: Dark Matter – A short-range skillshot ability that does AoE (Area Of Effect) magic damage around the impact zone based on Veigar’s AP level. If Veigar gets close enough, the area size is increased by 50%.
  • E: Event Horizon – A wall ability that creates a circle around Veigar for 3 seconds that enemies cannot move past or walk through. Enemies caught within the circle will be stunned for 1 second and take additional initial magic/true damage upon entering depending on how close they are to the center. After exiting, they will receive additional true/magic damage depending on their distance from the edge of the circle after 1 second.
  • R: Primordial Burst – After channeling for 2 seconds, Veigar unleashes all his power in a massive blast while dealing immense amounts of true/magic hybrid damage based on how much Ability Power he currently has plus 15% of their target’s missing health as bonus magical damage (capped at 340 versus minions and monsters). After using Primordial Burst, any unit struck will also receive 30% reduced healing for 6 seconds.


Veigar is one of the most powerful and flexible champions in League of Legends. With a wide range of abilities including high burst damage, crowd control, and supportive buffs, Veigar can fit into almost any team composition. His strengths lie in his ability to control the battle and his high damage output. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes Veigar such a powerful champion.

Ability to burst down enemies

Veigar is a burst mage who can dish out large amounts of damage in quick succession against enemies. His arsenal consists primarily of abilities that can quickly bring down an opponent but have long cooldowns, meaning sustained battles against multiple enemies are difficult for him.

The main source of his burst damage comes from Primordial Burst, a single target ultimate with which he can ignite all of his other spells at once for maximum damage. Its cooldown time however is very long, so it’s best suited for ending fights instead of starting them.

Equally potent is Baleful Strike: Veigar’s bread-and-butter ability that allows him to instantly cast an AOE spell at his opponents while adding stacks to a powerful debuff called “Aether Scoop” that amplifies the power of all other spells casted within the duration.

Set talent points into this and instantly gain extra resources to fuel your bursty combos include Dark Matter and Event Horizon both high-damage spells with fairly extensive range uncorked by his ultimate.

Ultimately, Veigar’s effective use lies in his ability to position himself precisely before unleashing devastating bursts on enemies over short periods of time – great for melting down squishy carries or shutting down immobile champions like Singed and Zilean who lack escape or mobility spells.

High damage output

Veigar, the maltreating master of magic, is a mage champion that is extremely feared in the bottom lane. Possessing very high damage output, Veigar excels at snowballing safe lanes with powerful abilities and excellent crowd control.

He has the ability to singlehandedly decimate enemies with a basic combo of Primordial Burst and Baleful Strike that can deal massive amounts of damage in a short burst. Veigar also gets bonus Ability Power for each enemy unit slain by any of his spells, which give him more and more firepower as the battle evolves.

Furthermore, Veigar has an exceptionally potent ultimate spell called Primordial Burst that he can launch against foes from considerable range and deal huge damage as both physical as well as magical sources all at once!

Lastly, his crowd control prowess is nothing to scoff at either – with Dark Matter and Event Horizon he can forcibly entrap foes within an area for several seconds or place them in stasis for up to two seconds respectively.

Ability to control the battlefield

Veigar is a champion who excels in controlling the battlefield by dealing high burst damage and zoning off enemies. His primary kit consists of a stun, two AoE (Area of Effect) CC (Crowd Control) spells and an AoE ultimate. His kit makes him great at quickly engaging or disengaging from fights; his crowd control can be used to set up kills or prevent enemies from getting near allies.

Veigar’s passive, Janus’ Blessing, gives him bonus Ability Power for every enemy Champion in his range. This ability allows him to scale into the late game stronger than other AP (Ability Power)-based Champions, as he can gain increased stats by fighting together with allies who have strong crowd control abilities.

His Q, Baleful Strike, gives Veigar a basic ability that allows him to harass opponents and poke them with sustained damage at almost no cost to himself. This versatile attack can be used to harass or last-hit minions and monsters alike, giving Veigar amazing lane control early on in the game.

His W, Dark Matter, is an Area of Effect ability that deals high damage in an area around target location – this makes it perfect for zoning off enemies or assassinating low-health targets trying to escape a fight. Veigar also has two Crowd Control Abilities: Event Horizon and Primordial Burst; these are great tools for setting up teamfights by locking down targets so your team can deal more damage or disable them during their entire duration.

Finally, Veigar’s Ultimate ability – Primordial Burst – is one of the strongest ones available in the game due to its huge damage potential versus single targets if it is positioned correctly; this spell forces opponents away from critical objectives while giving Veigar massive increase in presence on any map fight critical moments – along with stunning opponents making sure they don’t run away from your team when you strike! All you need for success when playing Veigar is proper positioning during fights and good judgement calls about when to use your abilities on enemy champions!


Veigar LoL is not a strong champion and have several weaknesses which should be noted by players. His low mobility makes it difficult for him to traverse the battlefield. He is also vulnerable to ganking and his low base health makes him easy to kill. Furthermore, his combo of spells can be easily countered and he has few crowd control abilities.

In this section, we will discuss these weaknesses in detail:

  • Low mobility
  • Vulnerable to ganking
  • Low base health
  • Combo of spells can be easily countered
  • Few crowd control abilities

Low mobility

Veigar has very low mobility, making it harder for him to dodge enemy attacks. His limited range of movement and lack of gap closer abilities means he must rely on positioning to use his spells effectively, which could put him in an unfavorable spot if he isn’t careful.

In addition, Veigar’s lack of crowd control make it difficult for him to start a fight or escape if the situation looks grim. He does have Dark Matter and Event Horizon for stunlocking his enemies, but these abilities can be difficult to land due to their narrow shapes and respective cooldowns.

Low health

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Vulnerable to crowd control

Veigar is extremely vulnerable to crowd control or other forms of disruption. He is especially vulnerable against champions with heavy crowd control since he has no form of self-peeling. If he finds himself in unfavorable conditions, it will be difficult for him to escape or outplay his opponents.

He should use wards and maps awareness to make sure that he stays safe and can avoid ganks; however, it can be hard even if you have wards up since some enemies rely on mind games and deceptive plays which may catch Veigar unprepared.

He needs summoners and items such as Zhonyas Hourglass to help him survive dangerous situations, so it’s important for him to prioritize these items in the build.

Tips and Tricks

Veigar is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. He has great damage output and can be a valuable asset to any team. Knowing how to play Veigar well will be key to your success.

This section will go through some tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of playing Veigar:

Use Veigar’s stun to set up kills

When playing as Veigar, it is important to consider the range of his abilities as well as their cooldowns. Veigar’s stun is an invaluable part of his kit and should be used to set up kills for your team. It can be used in a variety of ways including to initiate fights, start plays, or in finishing off weakened enemies.

In order to use the stun effectively, it must be timed correctly and placed within range. Veigar’s stun has a very short cast time and can easily be sniped by faster moving targets if it is not placed accurately. Pay attention to your enemy movements and use smart positioning on the map to make sure your stun will hit them in time.

When combined with other crowd control effects such as slows or snares from other champions, Veigar’s stun can lead to some easy kills for your team. It is important that you communicate with your teammates when trying to set up plays because coordination between members will maximize their effectiveness. Additionally, placing wards around key locations on the map is another good way of setting up plays or predicting incoming enemies at certain points so that you are better prepared for any fights that may arise.

Use his ultimate to control the battlefield

Using Brigitte’s Ultimate, Rally, strategically is the key to success in team fights. This ability casts an aura that grants a shield and movement speed to any allied players within her range. Depending on the situation, Brigitte’s ultimate can be used offensively or defensively.

For offensive purposes, Rally can be cast in the center of a team fight to shield allied players while they push forward into enemy territory; or it can be used near turrets and objectives to increase allies’ speed while they advance and secure the objective.

On the defensive side of things, Rally can also be used in close-knit engagements to protect your team from enemy fire and regenerate their health at the same time; or it can be used in choke points on Maps like King’s Row and DORADO to slow down enemy advancement, as well as create an escape route for vulnerable teammates.

Remember that Brigitte’s ultimate lasts for 10 seconds, so don’t hesitate and use it immediately when needed – especially during close-quarters clashes!

Use his passive to maximize damage output

Veigar the Embittered Mage is an incredibly powerful champion in League of Legends, capable of dealing out massive damage while avoiding it himself. One of his unique abilities is his passive, Baleful Strike.

Every time Veigar kills or assists in killing a minion, monster or enemy champion he gains one stack of his Baleful Strike ability and also one Ability Power (AP) for each stack he has up to a limit of 25. This means that once Veigar kills enough minions, monsters or champions he can reach an AP bonus that gives him an extra 25 AP when fighting champions, monsters and turrets in combat.

Baleful Strike has two main uses:

  • One is to give Veigar an extra boost of damage when farming minions.
  • The other is to increase his AP bonus before important fights like battles against enemy champions and bosses.

In order to maximize its effect on champions you should make sure you leave some stacks for your engagement, as this will mean you’ll probably have all 25 stacks by the time you reach your target.

You can also use this passive for other objectives such as pushing towers and clearing waves quickly with your basic attacks. As long as there are enough summoned units and targets around Veigar you should be able to hit maximum stacks quickly so always be wary when engaging enemies near many units or objectives as it will result in accelerated power gains via Baleful Strike. So in short – remember that Baleful Strike can be used both pre-fight to give yourself a sudden burst of AP before a fight but also longer term if farming objectives such as pushing Turrets or clearing waves quickly before pushing onward with your team.


Veigar is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends. He is capable of delivering massive bursts of damage with his abilities, and he is also a great pick for any team composition. Veigar has been popular in the competitive scene for many years and he is still seen in tournaments and high elo matches.

In this article, we will be summarizing Veigar as a champion and discussing some of his key points:

Overview of Veigar

Veigar is a powerful champion in the popular multiplayer battle arena video game League of Legends (LoL). He is an evil yordle mage who prefers to wield the dark arts rather than physical weaponry. A master of control magic, Veigar utilizes a variety of damaging spells to manipulate and dominate his enemies on the battlefield. These spells range from long-range disabling crowd control effects such as Event Horizon to single target damage such as Baleful Strike or Primordial Burst.

Veigar is one of the most versatile champions in the game, with his wide range of offensive tools making him incredibly adaptable. He has access to powerful AoE Crowd Control effects with Event Horizon, long-range gap closers and positioning shift with Dark Matter or Primordial Burst and single target nukes like Baleful Strike or Deathfire Touch. With these abilities alone, he’s capable of bullying enemy laners in lane while providing significant utility during team fights due to his immense damage potential and ranged initiation toolkit. Furthermore, his Ultimate ability offers further utility by granting him increased mobility around the map as well as access to powerful stunned states that can completely shut down opponents if timed correctly.

Strengths and weaknesses

Veigar is a powerful mid-laner in League of Legends who excels at stacking power over a long period of time, making him effective late in extended team fights. He specializes in using his abilities to control the battlefield, trimming down enemies’ health and crowd control capabilities. His strength arises from the fact that he can fully utilize what many illusionists offer – high burst damage.

Veigar often finds himself at an advantage against melee champions due to his range and ability to easily kite them with Equinox and Event Horizon.

On the other hand, Veigar is extremely vulnerable against ranged attackers as it can be difficult for him to close gaps while they are able to keep their distance while still dealing damage. He also struggles with mobility, which increases the risk of him being caught out of position even further. Furthermore, if he’s not able to stack up any bonus AP within the first few minutes in lane due to an aggressive early game by enemy junglers, then it becomes almost impossible for Veigar to make a significant impact on the game during mid-to-late stages due to his low base stats and lack of scalability without farming carefully or taking kills/objectives from a strong enemy presence.

Tips and tricks

Whether you’re looking to win big in Summoner’s Rift or just want to know more about the League of Legends champion called Veigar, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll provide the essential intel you need to know about this powerful mage, from his stats and abilities to his best items and strategies for victory.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Veigar is a powerful mid laner, capable of wiping out entire teams with a bit of thoughtful planning.
  • His ultimate can deal true damage if it’s charged up over time with basic attacks or spell casts. When facing an enemy who has Veigar’s ultimate ready, try your best not to be alone.
  • Veigar can find additional damage by using items like Sorcerer Shoes and Abyssal Scepter which allow him to cast before enemies can react.
  • Veigar also benefits greatly from Rylai’s Crystal Scepter as it allows him layer Slow effects on enemies he chooses as targets for his spells and crowd control effects will keep enemies in place while he charges up his ultimate and dishes out big damage.
  • If playing against an opponent on the mid lane, try avoid taking too risky trades or overextending as Veigar has multiple options when it comes to crowd control and zoning potential allowing him easily punish any misplays on your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What is Veigar’s role in League of Legends?

A1:Veigar is a mid-lane mage in League of Legends who is usually played as a burst caster. He is able to deal large amounts of damage quickly with his spells, making him a great pick for team fights.

Q2:How do I play Veigar effectively?

A2:The key to playing Veigar effectively is knowing when to use his spells. You should aim to save your ultimate ability for when it can do the most damage, and use your other abilities to control the enemy team’s positioning. Knowing when to use your spells is the key to mastering Veigar.

Q3:What items should I buy when playing Veigar?

A3:The best items to buy when playing Veigar are items that increase his spell damage. Items like Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon, and Void Staff are all great choices for Veigar. You should also buy items that give you additional mana and cooldown reduction to help you stay in the fight longer.