VelKoz LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


VelKoz is a champion in League of Legends that is often played in both the mid-lane and support roles. He is one of the most interesting and unique champions in the game with a mixture of damage and crowd control. VelKoz is a real powerhouse in the game and he can be quite the formidable opponent.

Let’s dive into all the details of this champion and his abilities:

Background of VelKoz

Vel Koz is a powerful Void monstrosity hailing from the mysterious realm of Icathia. Born as a testament to the power of magic, Vel Koz was an arbiter of cosmic death, journeying from star to star in search of lost souls that he could corrupt and consume. He was able to unmake whole planets with a single touch, felling entire civilizations in the blink of an eye.

As time passed, however, his hunger for destruction grew ever larger, until the Void itself began to come undone around him. In time, he became something entirely new— a menace even greater than before.

Though most have forgotten Vel Koz’s origins and purpose, his destructive power is still held in high regard by those who would seek to dominate the world through its use. To this day, Vel Koz remains one of the most feared creatures within the Void— a horrific entity with limitless potential for death and destruction.

Overview of VelKoz’s Abilities

VelKoz is an alien artificer, empowered by a mysterious energy known as the Void. As a ranged champion, VelKoz specializes in long-range area-of-effect spells, most of which can be charged up to increase their overall effectiveness. His mana costs are low and he deals high amounts of magic damage, making him ideal for mid lane or supporting roles.

VelKoz’s passive ability is Organic Deconstruction – VelKoz deals bonus true damage whenever he hits enemy champions with his active abilities.

VelKoz can fire off three primary abilities: Plasma Fission (Q), Tectonic Disruption (W) and Life Form Disintegration Ray (E). Plasma Fission is a long range skillshot that explodes upon contact with an enemy target or terrain, creating an electrical field that does continuous damage to all enemies within it. Tectonic Disruption creates an earthquake on the ground which does huge amount of damage to all enemies standing within the area. Life Form Desintegration Ray is a narrow beam that follows VelKoz for a short period of time and does additional damage to all targets it passes through. It also slows down enemies in its path.

As his ultimate ability, VelKoz has The Void Rift – when activated, The Void rift creates several void zones around him that continuously fire head straight at him inflicting massive damage on any targets they pass through along their path as well as rediring back towards VelKoz when they reach their maximum range.


Vel Koz, the Eye of the Void, is a champion in League of Legends who has a unique set of abilities. These abilities are what make Vel Koz one of the most powerful and versatile champions in the game.

The abilities of Vel Koz are as follows:

  • Plasma Fission
  • Void Rift
  • Tectonic Disruption
  • Life Form Disintegration Ray
  • The Void Seeker

Each one of these abilities provides Vel Koz with the ability to adversly effect both the player and the enemy team’s composition. In this section, we will look into each of these abilities and see how they can be used in a match.

Passive – Organic Deconstruction

Passive – Organic Deconstruction refers to the process of breaking down complex items into simpler components, allowing for a better understanding and application of the entire structure. It is a critical aspect of creativity and problem-solving that helps people discover how to build upon existing ideas and develop new ones.

Passive – Organic Deconstruction requires an individual to take a step back from a problem or object and identify its component parts. From there, it is important to determine how these components are interconnected and what implications arise from this understanding. Once someone has deconstructed a problem or object, they can then create something new by finding ways to rearrange or reconstruct the elements in unexpected ways. The potential combinations are virtually endless when using organic deconstruction techniques. The ability is useful in fields such as engineering, mathematics, art, design, and more as it allows people to tap into these complex structures in order to construct something entirely new.

Q – Plasma Fission

Q – Plasma Fission is a powerful Weapon-X developed ability that enables its user to release solar-generated plasma from their body in either a sustained beam or a single, intense blast. These blasts are capable of incinerating targets instantly and also creating massive explosions with sufficient power to raze entire buildings.

It can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, for example, protecting the user’s body by deflecting incoming projectiles or surrounding them with a protective shield made out of the released energy.

The intensity and effectiveness of these blasts depend on both the wielder’s level of skill and their own personal training regimen; skilled wielders can even use Q – Plasma Fission in conjunction with specific mental powers to achieve more specialized effects. It also takes considerable willpower and concentration in order to control the released plasma and use it effectively; it is not an ability that should be used casually or taken lightly.

W – Void Rift

Vel’Koz’s W ability is Void Rift. It is a line skillshot that causes a rift of void energy and deals a small amount of magic damage to all targets it hits. After travelling down the line, it grows and damaged targets are stunned for one second when it reaches its full size.

The longest range for this ability is 2000 units and it passes through minions. In addition, if it passes through two enemy champions or monsters, each subsequent target after the first two also take double damage from Void Rift. This ability has a cooldown of 13 seconds at all levels but can be reduced by 1 second for each Mana Point charged upon the ability being cast. The passive effect of Vel’Koz’s passive is an additional 4% Magic Penetration each time he casts one of his spells.

E – Tectonic Disruption

E – Tectonic Disruption is one of Vel’Koz’s core abilities as an AP champion in League of Legends. When activated, this ability fires a beam of energy at the target location dealing magical damage to all enemy units in its path and knocking them away from its epicenter. The distance they are knocked back is based on the travel time taken for the ability to reach its destination, with longer distances resulting in greater displacement. Enemy units that are hit by Tectonic Disruption take further damage if they collide with terrain after being displaced.

Vel’Koz can also enhance this ability as many times as his cooldowns allow by Augmenting it again while E – Tectonic Disruption is already hovering around him. Upon striking an enemy unit, the total damage will be distributed to all others within range and replicate itself, creating shockwaves that increase in magnitude with successive impacts.

R – Life Form Disintegration Ray

Vel’koz’s R ability, Life Form Disintegration Ray, is a targeted, line skill shot that fires off a huge laser that spreads outward in a line. It deals magic damage and applies to down coins. Enemies in the center of the beam take significantly more damage and can be stunned for up to 1.5 seconds.

Life Form Disintegration Ray also has an effect on Vel’koz himself, increasing his attack speed for 6 / 7 / 8 seconds after casting the spell. On enemy champions, this attack speed bonus is halved for half its duration.

The range of this skill shot is pretty far – well beyond the point at which enemies are typically able to react correctly and avoid it. This makes it very useful for surprise initiations or when closing in on fleeing opponents – just be sure to take care with your aim! Additionally, Vel’koz gains 25% increased movement speed while casting Life Form Disintegration Ray as well as a brief moment of invulnerability at its start up time. This ability costs 100 mana initially but diminishes by up to 20% if held before casting (the time rate depends on how long you wait before releasing).


When it comes to playing VelKoz in League of Legends, strategy is key. Velkoz is a mage-type champion that is best suited for the mid-lane and excels in teamfights and skirmishes. The key to success with this champion lies in positioning and controlling the area around your enemies. With the right strategies, you can easily take the advantage and outplay your enemies.

Early Game

During the early stages of a VelKoz game, you must focus on getting your core items – Blast Cone, upgrades to Liandry’s Torment and Sorcerer’s Shoes – and any other situational items. Since VelKoz only has one real nuke ability in his kit (Q ability), it is important that you get the necessary mana and mana regeneration items to best abuse your spells during this interim stage. Generally speaking, an early game aggression should be focused on maximizing the amount of damage done with each spellcast. You will want to take advantage of every single opportunity you have to gain control of a lane.

As for farming/pushing, you should attempt to shove out the wave every time it’s safe for you to do so in order put constant pressure on your opponent and make it difficult for them to CS properly. Additionally, due to VelKoz’s strong wave clear potential (especially at level 6 where he gets access to his ultimate) shoving out waves is a great way for him to gain an advantage over his lane opponent since he will be able to force more minion aggro onto them than they can effectively handle.

Finally, if your team comp allows it, try setting up ganks with your jungler as early as possible in order not only snowball yourself ahead but also ensure that your laner can start off with good momentum and hopefully carry that over into mid-game teamfights.

Mid Game

During mid game, Vel’Koz should be a source of highly consistent damage output which can be used to siege enemy objectives or take advantage of unfavorable matchups on the enemy team. When used in this manner Vel’Koz can provide reliable pick offs while also being a huge source of sustained damage in teamfights.

The key to success during mid game is carefully managing your positioning and cooldowns. Utilize the safety provided by any nearby allied champions to ensure you are positioned safely and not caught out of position. Additionally, use your Q-W-E combination for maximum damage output as this combination is key to taking control in skirmishes due to its high base damages with scaling burst potential.

As Vel’Koz rarely has set opportunities for him in mid game teamfights, he typically won’t gain much from Flash usually opting for other Summoner Spell options like Heal or Barrier for added durability because it provides an invaluable amount of sustain if timed correctly.

Overall, Vel’Koz’s contributions during mid-game is immense and can often swing skirmishes or team fights into your favor with careful play when building around him just watch out not to over commit or stray too far from allied champions. In conclusion Velocity stays high during laning phase and maintains strong carrying potential throughout the mid game split pushing on multiple turrets while punishing overly aggressive pushes from opponents ensuring multiple advantages leading into late game.

Late Game

The Late Game is where Vel’Koz shines the most. As other champions in the game start to lose out on their ability to duel, Vel’Koz remains unaffected as his damage and utility does not rely on attacking or timing out an enemy champion. He instead supplies CC for his teammates and deriving poke damage from a distance. Although he does not have an ultimate, his unreliable missile ultimate grants him enough mobility when autoing an enemy back line if your team desires for it.

Placement of your skills affects the rate at which you deal damage and you should be aware of how advantageous your position is when engaging enemies with low health or making aggressive moves like pushing waves in longer lanes. In addition to this, make sure to watch out for champions that have dash abilities like Talon or catch potential due to their reliability being high during the late game:

  • Dash abilities like Talon
  • Catch potential

Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced League of Legends player, mastering VelKoz is essential for maximizing your win potential. This section covers the tips and tricks you need to know before taking this champion to the rift. We’ll go over VelKoz’s abilities, item build, strength, and more. By the end of this read, you should have a thorough understanding of how to maximize VelKoz’s potential in the game.


Positioning is key when playing as VelKoz – this champion cannot be placed in a single role, and therefore needs to be playfully positioned based on the situation. Depending on the matchup and the items picked, VelKoz can go top, mid or bot lane; his utility makes him very versatile. He shouldn’t lane-swap frequently or left alone in a close fight since he needs to take advantage of his abilities while being under tower protection.

When laning with VelKoz, it’s important to know whether you are up against an enemy with powerful range poke (such as Varus or Vayne) or an enemy that applies pressure close range (like Azir or Lux). Depending on your matchup, you should position yourself efficiently to minimize your opponent’s damage output. Play conservatively but smartly by:

  • Farming at a safe distance.
  • Standing further away from potential gank paths.
  • Being aware of how far back your enemy can push the wave.

In teamfights, VelKoz should try to stay in the backline while still being in range of other abilities he needs in order to perform optimally. His long-range ultimate is one of his best tools for dishing out quick damage onto clustered enemies which can even be enhanced depending on its positioning relative to other champions! For example, if there are multiple low health targets grouped together right behind them then getting multiple people caught by it can help turn fights around quickly if that’s utilized correctly. Being aware at all times where allies and enemies are located will allow him make use of any advantageous positions he finds himself in at any given moment!


When playing as Vel’Koz, timing is key. Knowing when to cast your spells, and when to move in and out of fights, can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Ideally, you want to be able to cast your spells in a timely manner so that they don’t get interrupted or disrupted by other champions. This means having good awareness of the map and your opponents’ movements so that you can adjust accordingly.

You should also prioritize targeting priority targets such as enemies with low health or squishy champions like mages. Try focusing on catching out enemy players rather than getting into full teamfights since Vel’Koz excels at punishing enemy mistakes. Consider combining abilities together for maximum damage output, such as casting Plasma Fission followed up with Void Rift for immediate burst damage. When engaging on an enemy champion, try using Tectonic Disruption right before attacking or casting other abilities in order to disrupt their movement and maximize your chance of hitting them with all your spells efficiently.

Learning how to time Vel’Koz’s abilities is essential if you want to make the most out of them in any kind of fight situation. Analyzing some pro replays can help you not only understand the optimal times when talents are used, but also understand how exactly professional players calculate these timings accurately in game scenarios that require on-the-fly decision making.


Vel’Koz is a champion whose abilities, when used correctly and precisely, can create devastating combos. Once you master the basic combos, it’s essential to practice your timing and aim to ensure that your Vel’Koz combo will hit its target. The following are the basic Vel’Koz combos for you to practice.

  • Q-W Combo – Connect the line from your Q (Plasma Fission) with the slow from your W (Void Rift). This combo amplifies the effects of both your damage dealing abilities, adding bonus damage when both hit the same target. It also increases the range of some of Vel’Koz’s burst damage by 1000 units if performed correctly.
  • E-R Combo – This combo requires you to use your E (Tectonic Disruption) first because it sets up a stun that allows enough time for you to activate R (Life Form Disintegration Ray). Make sure both spells land at the same time in order for your target to be stunned and receive an increased amount of damage. Use this combo when most of Vel’Koz’s other damage-dealing abilities are on cooldown or against tanky opponents with lots of health points.
  • Q-E-R Combo – Also called Ahri’s hammer, this advanced Vel’Koz combo is somewhat similar to E-R in that it requires all three abilities but with different timing and positioning. First, use Q on an enemy champion while they’re standing in a line within range of where you eventually want them after being pulled by E. Next, use E at slightly ahead and below/above depending on where you want them pulled towards qIf this works properly then set up R behind them to finish off any squishy targets in one swift movement!


VelKoz‘s versatile kit brings plenty of options to the table when it comes to playing him in League of Legends. His long range and high damage output make him a force to be reckoned with at all stages of the game, and his debuffs and crowd control abilities make it difficult for opponents to counterattack. He is a powerful pick that can easily take on entire teams alone in the right situation, adapting well to any position and even giving support champions problems.

While VelKoz can be difficult to master, those willing to put in the time will find themselves rewarded with a powerful champion. A great late-game choice for those looking to carry their team, VelKoz is an incredibly versatile champion who can excel in any role or situation on Summoner’s Rift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is VelKoz’s role in League of Legends?

A: VelKoz is a ranged mage champion in League of Legends. He is typically played in the mid-lane as a mage, but can also be played in other lanes such as the top lane or support.

Q: What are VelKoz’s abilities?

A: VelKoz has a very unique set of abilities. His passive, Organic Deconstruction, deals bonus damage to enemies when combined with his basic attacks and abilities. His other abilities are Plasma Fission, Void Rift, Tectonic Disruption, and Life Form Disintegration Ray.

Q: How can I play VelKoz effectively?

A: To play VelKoz effectively, you will need to understand how to use his abilities and how to time your ultimates. His passive allows you to do extra damage when combining his abilities and auto-attacks, so learning how to do this effectively is important. You should also pay attention to the enemy team composition and try to combo your abilities to the best of your ability.