Vex LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Vex LoL is one of the most popular champions in the game, and for good reason. He has a unique set of abilities which can help him both in the laning phase and in team fights. His abilities can be used both offensively and defensively, making him a very versatile champion.

This guide will provide an overview of Vex LoL and all of the information you need to know to play him:

Overview of Vex

Vex is an Age of Valor character in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game league of Legends (LoL). As a mage, he specializes in long-range combat and arcane spellcasting, making him an ideal addition to any team. Vex LoL is known for being highly versatile due to his combination of burst damage and crowd control capabilities.

Vex’s kit consists of a variety of powerful abilities that are designed to give him an edge in battles. His passive allows him to gain additional magic damage upon use, while his Q is a long-range ability that deals bonus damage based on the enemy’s missing health. His W grants bonus movement speed and resistances when cast, while his ultimate allows him to slow and damage enemies over time within its area of effect. Vex comes with an incredibly unique array of offensive options, allowing him to become an unstoppable force when played correctly.

Vex LoL is considered one of the strongest characters in the game due to his versatility, so it’s no surprise that he remains popular amongst players both professional and casual alike. Equipped with a wide range of abilities that can be used both up-close and at range makes Vex capable in any team composition or playstyle – no doubt why he remains such a powerful choice both at pro level tournaments and on the Rift itself!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Vex is one of the champions of League of Legends and has a unique set of abilities and styles that make her a great addition to any team. To master Vex, it’s important to understand her strengths and weaknesses.


  • Vex’s passive ability allows her to move quickly while keeping an enemy unit in place, helping her traverse the map quickly while chasing or evading chasing enemies.
  • Her quick attack speed can allow her to quickly dispatch multiple targets at once.
  • She is versatile enough to play in both solo lane or jungle, as well as both assassin or tank roles depending on team composition needs.
  • Aggressive playstyle makes for consistent early game pressure and can easily set up gank opportunities for teammates.


  • Low health pool makes Vex vulnerable to burst damage from auto attack champions.
  • Low range makes Vex difficult to engage with from afar and vulnerable when facing ranged adversaries.
  • Relies heavily on teammate supports when being focused in teamfights due to vulnerability when crowd controlled or stunned by other champions.
  • Must be judicious with use of her ultimate, as long cooldown time can limit its usefulness if used too brazenly or incorrectly.


Vex is a powerful champion in League of Legends. She has an arsenal of abilities that can help her dominate her lane in battle. In this article, we will be looking at each of Vex’s abilities and how they can be utilized in the game. Each ability will be broken down and explained in detail, so that you know how to use them effectively. Let’s get started!

Passive: Soul Siphon

Soul Siphon is Vex’s passive ability. It generates a Soul Charge whenever an enemy champion near Vex takes damage from basic attacks and spells, stacking up to four times.

When Vex uses an ability, a one-time burst of damage is dealt proportionate to the number of Soul Charges he has. This passive also adds a brief shield when it is activated and can help protect Vex from enemy harassment. Fully stacked Soul Charges also provide additional stats such as increased movement speed, attack speed and magic resistance for each charge consumed.

So keep an eye on your stacks of Soul Charges and use them to your advantage when trading in lane!

Q: Piercing Shards

Q: Piercing Shards is Vex’s main source of damage and disruption. Upon casting, three blasts are unleashed that pierce through enemies and structures, dealing physical damage to every unit or structure hit along the way. If all three blasts collide with the same enemy or target, then the damage and effects will be amplified.

Piercing Shards is versatile because of its ability to pierce through enemies and structures at once. Not only does it deal high AOE damage, but the slow effect also works on multiple units or structures hit by it. Its range is relatively short but it can still be useful in team fights as it can disrupt and annoy your enemies if used correctly. This ability also has a low cooldown allowing you to have decent poke potential in lane as well as a way to harass multiple targets at once during team fights.

W: Soulbind

Soulbind is an ability possessed by several creatures in World of Warcraft that allows them to form a spiritual link to another creature. It enables the souls of two creatures to become one, permanently linking the two together regardless of distance or death. It is most often used between players and their bonds so that they can support each other even when apart.

The effects of Soulbinding are permanent and can only be undone under specific circumstances; such as a ritual performed by powerful magic users. This ability also grants access to special abilities from each other’s soul, however these are few in comparison and are more likely to be seen as minor effects rather than major ones.

Soulbinding has been used for centuries in both Azeroth and Outland, and remains a popular tool amongst warriors, priests and spell casters alike.

E: Shadow Walk

Vex’s “E” ability is Shadow Walk. Upon activation, Vex slips into the shadows and becomes untargetable for up to 4 seconds, allowing her to traverse quickly or get out of a sticky situation. During this time, Vex moves 10% faster and gains 15% damage reduction to incoming attacks.

After 4 seconds have passed or when Vex manually reactivates the skill, she lunges forward in a direction and exits the Shadow Walk at high speed. This skill can be used both offensively and defensively to help her survive while she is in fights or standoffs with enemies. By combining this move with her other skills, Vex can easily come out on top of any situation.

R: Dark Harvest

Vex’s ultimate ability, Dark Harvest, allows her to accumulate stacks of darker energy for each champion she kills. Her basic attacks and abilities detonate the stacks, dealing bonus magic damage that scales with the number of stacks collected. With each stack detonated, a powerful shield is created in an area around her. The shield increases in power as Vex collects additional Dark Harvest stacks until she detonates all of them at once. This can make her incredibly difficult to take down and gives her the potential to become a powerful tank if played right.

Tips and Tricks

Vex is a powerful champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. With his unique kit, Vex can be a great asset to any team. To maximize Vex’s potential, it is important to understand his abilities, master key matchups, and understand the proper item builds.

In this section, we will cover some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Vex:


Positioning is a crucial part of playing Vex. As an assassin, you want to get behind your enemies and interrupt their core rotation or burst down targets out of position. As much as possible, avoid exposing yourself in dangerous areas where the enemy team can reach you before you’re able to put down enough damage to retreat safely. Make sure to always position back line champions so they cannot be easily kited by ranged enemies.

When engaging enemies at close range try to stick together with your team for easier peel and target focus. You can also look for opportunities for teleport plays or surprise flank attacks in order to catch unsuspecting targets off guard and quickly overcome them with your high burst damage potential. Keep your distance from enemy tanks by focusing on killing their weaker supports first as this will give your team space to safely push objectives or move forward onto winning the game.


Timing is important when playing as Vex) in League of Legends. Knowing when and how to use his abilities can give you an edge over your opponents and set you up for success. Timing your abilities correctly will also allow you to maximize Vex’s full kit potential by allowing you to use his active ability while locked in a weapon or armor form.

Vex’s ultimate ability, Glacial Prison, has a fairly short cooldown so it is important to use it at the right time during a team fight or clash in the jungle. This ability can lock down multiple enemies during a fight and give your team an advantage on taking objectives or pushing down turrets. It is also excellent for zoning out enemies in lane or creating picks on unsuspecting targets with proper vision control.

In addition, knowing when to engage with Vex’s passive, Mechanical Mastery, is key. This passive allows him to quickly switch between offensive and defensive stances depending on the situation so taking note of how enemy champions are approaching you can help position yourself to react accordingly any given situation. Knowing when it’s best for you retreat into armor form can save your life in many scenarios which makes good timing essential for getting the maximum usage from Mechanical Mastery.


Once you have a basic understanding of Vex’s abilities, it’s time to learn how to effectively use them together in combos. Because of Vex’s unique playstyle, there is a wide variety of combos to choose from. Depending on your team composition and items, some strategies may work better than others. Keep in mind that it is important to be creative with your comboing! There are many ways to approach any given situation and what works best for you might not be the same as someone else. Here are some examples of combos that you can use with Vex:

  • W-E-Q Combo – This combo is often a great choice for aggressive scenarios because it gives Vex the ability to engage quickly and weaken an enemy champion by applying W followed by E. After this point, the Q can be used as a finishing move if necessary or saved for other opportunities.
  • Q-W-E Combo – This combo is ideal in situations where Vex needs more control over a target, like when escaping from enemies or setting up crowd control effects. Using the Q first gives enough time for the W and E casts to reach their maximum effect before proccing any damage from Q, allowing for stronger disables or escape abilities such as Flash or Teleport.
  • R-Q Combo – This one gives Vex the most burst damage available. The R will provide extra armor penetration, making sure that all damage dealt after using it will hit harder thanks to magic penetration buffs on items like Hextech Gunblade and Liandry’s Torment. The following Q cast provides even greater bursts of damage due to its consistent effects when consecutively hitting a target champion several times in quick succession (upgrading the ability ranks increases this effect further).


When building Vex, it is important to consider the item build you will use to maximize Vex’s potential. There are a variety of builds depending on the situation, such as a tank build, ap build, and crit build. Each of these have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to understand them before making your choice. Let’s dive into the specifics for each build:

  • Tank build
  • AP build
  • Crit build

Offensive Build

An offensive build is the most common way to play Vex. This build consists of damage-dealing items and some crowd control in order to eliminate the enemy’s carries or champions. These builds are best used in teamfights and duels, depending on what the situation calls for.

The main item when going an offensive build is Dragonclaw Hook. This item is essential for Vex as it allows him to get into fights quickly, make successful escapes, and provide great crowd control in fights. The second item should be a damage dealing item such as Malice Steel Rails, Blade of Ezuriel, or Ethereal Soulbond. Choose whichever one fits your needs best and provides you with more tankiness, health regeneration or cooldown reduction bonus that can be invaluable during longer engagements.

Other items to consider when building offensively is Tome of Dominion for additional heal reduction for champions that fight near minions and Jaxar’s Blessing for additional burst potential. Alternatively, you can switch out Jaxar’s Blessing for Veil of Discretion if you want more focus protection against AP champions or Thunderstrike Core if you need some extra mana regain during longer engagements in lane or team fights.

Finally, complete your build with a reliable defensive item such as Lantern of Heaven’s Light or Titan’s Vestment that give Tanky stats while also giving the ability to survive long enough during a fight while still giving enough damage to contribute effectively.

Defensive Build

Having a defensive build for Vex is an ideal option for those looking to create a static frontline, or contain the flow of an enemy team’s attack. A defensive build relies on powerful cooldown reductions, health and armor bonuses, and some degree of crowd control. Often recommended runes are Grasp of the Undying and Shield Bash, which can increase Vex’s survivability in a 1v1 trade or team fight.

As far as items are concerned, Titanic Hydra and Bramble Vest provide extra damage and health; Chalice of Harmony increases Vex’s Mana pool; Redemption amplifies his healing capabilities; Gargoyle Stoneplate gives a boost to health and armor stats; Frozen Heart further increases armor while providing necessary cool downs reduction. All these items increase Vex’s chances to stand his ground on the battlefield or hinder the opposing side from using their ultimate abilities back to back.


Vex has proved to be a very powerful champion in the world of League of Legends. His unique set of abilities and high damage output make him a great choice for any team composition. Vex excels in both the mid and late game, making him a viable pick for both solo queue and competitive play.

As mentioned before, his kit is complex and versatile. If you understand how to use it properly, Vex can become an extremely powerful champion and help your team win the game.


Vex is a powerful, swift, and deadly jungler from the wilderness of Lissandra’s grasp. Her icy, blue skin brings her to life as she flies around the Rift, seeking out enemy champions and taking them down with her icy glaive before they know what has hit them. She also serves as an invaluable asset to her team by providing extra vision with her Winter’s Wail ability thanks to the area of effect slow it brings.

Vex is truly an unstoppable force that players must respect when they enter the Rift – or risk being left in the dust.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a champion that is good for your playstyle is often the most important factor when selecting a champion for League of Legends. Vex is an incredibly versatile Top lane bruiser, with plenty of top tier items to break down turrets and make huge plays. When you combine Vex’s skill kit with the right build, she can easily become one of your team’s best picks in any situation. Vex works great in most team compositions and fits especially well in dive comps due to her tanky nature and consistent damage output.

Although Vex isn’t particularly difficult to play, it takes some practice and experience to excel with her. Her kit requires multiple basics skills such as positioning, mechanical skill executions, kanlasting knowledge and attention to detail on purchasing the correct items depending on what match up you are facing into. However once you get a hand of this champion constantly practicing her mechanics eventually snowballs into great success for most players.

Vex is definitely worth learning since she can easily fit into almost any team comp and provides consistent utility throughout the game provided you can use her correctly. Analyze your playstyle and character strengths before committing yourself to mastering her kit, but if you’re looking for a reliable top laner who offers sustained laning pressure then Vex could be just what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Vex’s role in the game?

A1: Vex is a marksman champion in League of Legends who specializes in dealing long-range physical damage to enemies. Vex is best played in the bottom lane as a marksman and can be effective in both the early and late game.

Q2: What are Vex’s strengths?

A2: Vex’s main strength is his ability to quickly and safely dish out long-range damage. His ultimate ability, “Power of the Storm”, can be used to quickly burst down enemies, while his passive ability increases his attack speed after casting an ability. Additionally, Vex’s kit is full of crowd control abilities, allowing him to easily set up kills for his team.

Q3: How do I play Vex effectively?

A3: To play Vex effectively, it is important to make use of his long range and maneuverability. Vex is best played at a safe distance from the enemy, using his crowd control abilities to set up kills for his team. Additionally, Vex can be very effective in teamfights, using his ultimate ability to quickly burst down opponents.