Viego LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Viego, the Ruined King, is one of the newest champions to join League of Legends, and he immediately stands out as one of the most powerful picks in the game. With his unique playstyle and array of abilities, he has quickly become a fan favorite.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Viego’s abilities, as well as some gameplay tips to help you master the Ruined King:

Overview of Viego

Viego, Harbinger of the Black Wrath, is a fighter champion in League of Legends. Since his release in Jan 2021, he has taken the competitive scene by storm and is often sought out for his ability to rapidly burst down enemies and take objectives with incredible speed.

Viego has plenty of utility on the Rift and is one of the few champions capable of jungle and solo lane roles. Being a bruiser fighter, Viego relies on sources skills such as Evasive Fire Shadow Step for fleeing or chasing enemies, Reaping Slash for waveclear and sustain jungling, Heartbreaker providing him with additional crowd-control options, Spectral Maw giving him a powerful self-shielding mechanic in teamfights and Sovereign’s Domain enabling him to deal massive damage if positioned correctly. All these abilities coupled with his passive – Last Blad Make sure that Viego is constantly dealing maximum damage when used correctly.

Viego is an incredibly flexible champion that excels at both bursting down squishy targets while still being able to survive against tanks due to his high natural armor. His ultimate also gives him plenty of mobility allowing him to secure kills or defend allies while providing vision control within its range making it an invaluable tool both at early stages of the game as well as lategame fights around objectives. With this all said, you can see why Viego has become so popular over short time upon his release!

History of Viego

For millennia, the mythical land of Runeterra has been home to legendary champions who battle for honor, glory and control over the powerful magic that binds its many peoples. From hidden places of power to secret societies that have endured even the darkest days of war, Viego—the Ruined King— remained etched in memory as a powerful ruler whose empire brought great stability and prosperity to Runeterra.

Viego ruled peacefully over his kingdom, providing security and economic stability throughout his realm. He maintained strong diplomatic ties with other empires and was renowned for offering an open hand to travelers from different regions. He was a just king who protectively used evil forces for good ends. He also had an unparalleled understanding of magical artifacts and runes, using these powerful tools for both defensive and offensive means within his empire. Until a dark day when everything changed – forever.

The Ruination was unlike anything Runeterra had ever faced before – it ruptured ancient boundaries in space-time, sundering the lands he had united under one banner…destroying everything he left behind. Today few still remember Vieto’s peaceful rule and all that he accomplished as king: these tales have been lost in time…


Viego, the Ruined King, is a newly released champion in the League of Legends Wild Rift. He is a very tanky fighter with a lot of abilities. His abilities are good for mobility, crowd control, and offensive crowd control.

Let’s take a look at his abilities and find out why Viego is a powerful champion:

Passive: Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker ability is a passive ability in the game of “Abilities”. It grants the player various abilities which make them more resistant to damage. The most common Heartbreaker ability gives the player an increased amount of health, but other forms may grant protections such as resistance to status effects and increased damage resistance.

In addition to these, some versions of Heartbreaker can provide bonuses for offensive and defensive capabilities such as increased attack range or increased defensive stats. This ability provides players with a greater survivability, allowing them to withstand more attacks from opponents and ultimately survive longer in battle.

Q: Blade of the Ruined King

Viego’s Q, Blade of the Ruined King, is a projectile skill shot. Viego channels for 0.75 seconds and then launches a blast of dark energy towards the targeted location that deals physical damage to enemies it hits.

Blade of the Ruined King also applies on-hit effects including spell vamp and life steal. When Viego uses his Q he also gains an attack speed buff which can be stacked up to three times by rapidly hitting targets with Q. This attack buff allows Viego to move more quickly through lanes while sieging towers or clearing minions waves.

Viego’s Q has a relatively small cooldown at only five seconds and its range is quite long at 1300 units. The versatility of this ability coupled with Viego’s other abilities allow him to comfortably team fight or split push against multiple opponents while ensuring that he can quickly get back into a favorable position if things don’t go his way.

W: Spectral Maw

Spectral Maw is a powerful ultimate ability that Viego can use in both offensive and defensive situations. When activated, Viego will unleash a wave of dark energy that damages all enemies in the area. This wave moves quickly and deals magic damage, while also slowing any enemy champions it touches. The slow provided by this ability is significant enough to give you and your allies time to set up an ambush or gain an advantage on the enemy team.

Spectral Maw is great for:

  • Shutting down fleeing enemies
  • Chasing them down
  • Initiating a fight thanks to its large range and short cooldown.

Overall, it’s one of the most versatile ultimates among the entire League of Legends roster and should be used with confidence when playing Viego.

E: Harrowed Path

The Harrowed Path is the ability to understand, process and use large amounts of data and knowledge quickly. This is one of the most powerful abilities in existence because it allows individuals to draw on expansive and intricate patterns to form larger strategies. Those who can master this ability can parse complex situations with great speed and accuracy, allowing them to make decisions that will benefit them or their cause.

An individual Harrowed Path user needs an incredible amount of intelligence, discipline, focus and creativity in order to reach their full potential. As they go further along the Path, they gain a deeper understanding of multiple disciplines such as psychology or spirituality. They can then use this inner wisdom to help others find their own paths and gain insight into insurmountable tasks.

In addition to their analytical prowess, a user of the Harrowed Path will also understand all sides of any conflict or dispute. This insightful quality leads them to make more intuitive decisions than those who simply look at data points without taking into account other factors. The ability can also be used as a means for improving communication between two sides that are at odds with one another, often leading them towards finding common ground without increased hostilities.

R: Heart of the Abyss

Viego’s R: Heart of the Abyss ability allows him to turn into a wraith-like form and travel to a targeted location. During this transition, Viego increases his movement speed and can pass through and ignore terrain such as walls. Although he is still able to take damage in this form, it provides Viego with some much needed mobility options to help maneuver around the map. Additionally, it has brief moments of invisibility which allows him to maneuver around vision wards or surprise enemies.

Once Viego reaches his destination, he immediately gains an improved version of Omnivamp, converted from damage from spellcasts against champions as well as physical damage dealt by champions. This increases either his health regeneration or mana regeneration based on whichever stat is higher when he uses his ultimate. In addition, all of his basic attacks gain increased range for a limited time that scales with levels taken in Heart of the Abyss. As if that was not enough, Viego passively gains gold when taking down structures or enemy minions while in possession of The Black Mist buff—allowing him to quickly build up an overwhelming lead before teamfights even begin!


Viego is a powerful champion in League of Legends and a great addition to any team. He has the ability to become an unkillable tank as well as an extremely nimble assassin, perfect for picking off enemies. Understanding the strategies with Viego can help you become great at using this champion, so let’s get into it.

Early Game

Viego is a strong early-game champion, with great waveclear and one of the best dueling potentials in the game. He has high mobility and can easily roam to other lanes in order to pressure early objectives such as Dragon or Rift Herald, which will give a major lead to his team. His kit allows him to solo gank other lanes without having much difficulty as it is filled with crowd control tools.

Viego’s ultimate combined with his dash make him incredibly lethal in skirmishes, thus it is recommended that he engages only when sure of the kill.

Viego’s laning phase should aim at:

  • Pushing the wave quickly
  • Roaming more often than not
  • Taking short trades and sticking back afterward
  • Completing his item spike
  • Taking camps or setting up kills for allies around the map

This will maximize Viego’s laning power and help him get ahead before transitioning into late game roles like split pushing or sieging towers.

Mid Game

Viego is an effective mid-game champion and a strong melee fighter. A well-timed activation of The Harrowing can be used to devastating effect, allowing Viego to close the distance on enemies from afar. To do this effectively, Viego must know when and where to look for fight opportunities.

In order to make strategic use of The Harrowing, it is important for Viego players to understand how their kit works and when they should activate each ability. When playing as Viego in the mid game, make sure you are using your spells proactively instead of defensively. If you wait until you are getting low health before using your spells, you will often be too late and unable to turn the fight in your favor! Additionally, don’t be afraid to use Heartbreaker (W) aggressively during skirmishes – it has a relatively low cooldown and can turn fights if used correctly. You may also benefit from activating Spectral Maw (E) before attacking in order to maximize its damage potential and give yourself extra mobility options if necessary.

In teamfights or big battles, try opening with The Harrowing for maximum impact as it prevents enemies from running away or engaging in unnecessary trades with your allies. After you have secured a secure kill or two with The Harrowing, dive into the fray with Heartbreaker (W) activated while utilizing your other abilities effectively depending on the situation – such as using Spectral Maw (E) offensively instead of defensively – in order to gain an advantageous position over your opponents!

Late Game

In the late game phase of a strategy game, dealing with enemy forces and managing resources becomes more important. By this point, players will have built up their base and developed most of their units, allowing for tactical calculations and decisive actions to become increasingly important.

Generally speaking, during this phase of the game, players may choose to:

  • Split their forces into two armies and go on the offensive in two different locations
  • Strengthen the defense at their home base to protect vital resources
  • Attack enemy bases with specific tactics designed to delay or disrupt their progress
  • Strike key economic targets or strategic objectives such as resource hubs
  • Establish secondary bases for higher mobility or further manipulation of resources

In order to succeed in this stage of a strategy game, mastering these techniques as well as sound decision making will be essential. Planning ahead by making use of map vision and scouting your opponents movements is also suggested in order to stay one step ahead. Taking advantage of season changes or other events can be highly beneficial in catching your opponent off guard!

Tips and Tricks

Viego is an excellent champion to use in League of Legends, but he can be difficult to master. This article will provide you with some helpful tips and tricks which will make your Viego gameplay even more successful. You’ll learn about his abilities and how to properly use them in different situations, as well as the best builds for Viego and strategies for using him in a successful way. So let’s get into it and explore the ins and outs of Viego.

Use your W to get close to your enemies

One of the most effective ways to use Viego in League of Legends is to get close to your enemy as quickly and effectively as possible. To do this, you must take advantage of Viego’s W ability, Heartbreaker. This powerful dash ability allows Viego to dash forward and slash any enemies nearby. The passive component of Heartbreaker also grants you a stack for each basic attack or Champion takedown, stacking up to five times and increasing your movement speed upon reaching the fifth stack.

In addition to dashing forward with Heartbreaker, it’s important to remember that this ability can be used both offensively and defensively. By using it while under attack, you can temporarily create distance between you and your enemies while still being able to attack them with your abilities. In team fights, using Heartbreaker while aiming at an enemy ADC or Mage gives you an opportunity to quickly close the gap without being spotted by the enemy team, providing a great surprise element during fights.

Use your E to escape

As Viego, your E “Spectral Maw” should be used to both engage and escape. While the Spectral Maw grants some damage, the main purpose of this ability is to reposition yourself. This can be done both when entering a fight and when trying to back away from it. Try to predict where the battle is going before you use this ability so you can get maximum value from it.

When engaging a fight, try using Spectral Maw to dodge enemy abilities and reach your target quickly. This will allow you to charge up your passive quickly as your enemies will have no chance of evading you in close quarters. On the other hand, if you need to back away from a fight, use Spectral Maw at an angle and create some distance between yourself and your enemies while still being able to hit them with auto attacks and abilities as they attempt Rotations/Pushes or CC Effects. Moreover, thanks to its Unseen Predator passive scaling Invulnerability effect on your Ultimate, this should also help improve your survivability in team fights or during intense 1 vs 1 scenarios!

Take advantage of your passive

Viego’s passive, Spectral Legion, grants him bonus attack damage and an armor buff whenever he kills an enemy champion. This bonus make him a great fighter and duelist in the mid game when enemies are low-health. Note that when Viego kills a champion with his ultimate, which knocks them up for several seconds, the passive proc is delayed until that stunning effect ends.

You can also use Viego’s passive to quickly recover health after taking damage from a fight by killing minions or jungle camps to heal back up. Taking down stronger camps such as baron or dragon can also reap big rewards – after killing dragon you get an item called Dragon Slayer exclusive to Viego which increases your current maximum health and attack speed for a few minutes each time it procs.

In addition, you should take advantage of Viego’s mobility – his W skill allows him to dash quickly in one direction avoiding any skill shots and then slowing his target by a large amount. His E skill allows him to jump Walls around the map allowing you easy repositioning within fights while also allowing great sustainability through clear waves quickly.

From ganking bot lane or sneaking in solo lane for extra farm, the trick with mastering Viego is to think two steps ahead of your opponent before jumping onto their back line from unpredictable angles with your already potent basic attacks!


In conclusion, Viego is an extremely versatile champion in League of Legends. From his kit being well-rounded and his immense strength in both the bottom lane and the jungle, Viego can be a major power player in any game. His unique mechanics, kit, and playstyle make him a unique champion to pick up and use to dominate the Rift.

No matter what role or what strategy you plan to use, you can look forward to having a blast with Viego on your team.

Summary of Viego’s abilities

Viego is a strong champion with a wide variety of abilities that make him effective in any situation. He has many forms of crowd control, as well as damage and mobility options. His passive allows him to possess minions and turrets, granting him bonus gold, movement speed, and vision control. He also has a stealth ability that can be used to ambush enemies or escape danger.

Viego’s W is an AOE blast that stuns enemies caught within its radius. It is great for waveclear, or it can be used to lock down enemies during teamfights or clashes. His E gives Viego bonus attack speed on his next attack after the ability hits something, which makes it great for skirmishes or for taking out towers quickly. His ult suppresses up to five enemies at a time, making it great at disrupting enemy formations during team fights.

All in all, Viego is an extremely versatile champion with plenty of utilizable abilities in any game condition. He requires good judgment and quick thinking in order to play optimally but when mastered can be a huge asset to his team!

Final thoughts on Viego LoL

Viego is an intriguing Riot Games champion that has piqued the interest of many League of Legends fans. As a jungler, he provides a unique set of abilities that encourage aggressive playstyles and making use of his environment. He’s also very versatile in terms of itemization, meaning that he can be adapted to performing different roles and team compositions.

When it comes to playing Viego in League of Legends, it’s important to remember that he needs some time to get going. His slow early game can make him a difficult matchup for lane opponents if they’ve had time to get up early advantages, but with some well-timed ganks and good decision making, he can be an incredibly powerful force in the mid and late game.

It’s important for Viego players to always:

  • Respect their surrounding environment.
  • Stay aware of their opponents’ cooldowns and cooldown timers.
  • Always look for ways to capitalize on enemy misplays using their ultimate ability.

Ultimately, when played correctly by a proficient user and with an understanding of your allies’ positioning or timing habits you should have no trouble dominating games as Viego.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Viego?

A1: Viego is a champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. He is a Shadow Assassin and a powerful fighter who has the ability to take the form of the dead by stealing their memories and skills.

Q2: What are Viego’s abilities?

A2: Viego has a variety of abilities that make him a very powerful champion. His passive, Heartbreaker, allows him to gain bonus attack speed and bonus movement speed when he strikes a champion with a basic attack. His Q, Spectral Maw, is a powerful damaging ability that also slows enemies hit. His W, Blade of the Ruined King, gives him bonus attack damage and lifesteal. His E, Sovereign’s Domination, gives him a shield when he is within range of an enemy champion and his ultimate, Heart of the Black Mist, gives him a damage aura and a movement speed buff when activated.

Q3: What kind of playstyle should I use when playing Viego?

A3: Viego is best played as a burst assassin. Utilize his powerful abilities to quickly burst down enemies and make sure to use his passive, Heartbreaker, to increase your attack speed and movement speed. Viego can be played in a variety of ways, but he is best used as an assassin who can burst down enemies quickly and efficiently.