Viktor LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Viktor, the Machine Herald is a champion in League of Legends with a unique kit that combines both a supportive playstyle with a good deal of damage potential. An intelligent champion, he is well suited to experienced players who can make the most of his unique loadout.

In this article, we will be discussing Viktor’s background, strengths, weaknesses and more, as well as providing some tips on how to play him optimally.

Overview of Viktor

Viktor is one of the many champions (characters) within the popular MOBA game League of Legends. He is a mid laner, often played as an AP Burst Mage. His gameplay revolves around using his powerful abilities to deal high burst damage to enemies, easily taking them out in a matter of seconds.

Viktor has high mobility and large range on most of his abilities, making him quite effective in solo queues and team fights alike. Viktor also has amplifying powers when it comes to augmenting himself or his allies. His ultimate ability provides a large area of effect shield that protects teammates form harm while they deal damage- another crucial element that allows him to make a difference on the field.

On top of all this, Viktor can convert enemy minions into an enhanced version that fight for him for a short time. They are very helpful in pushing towers and aiding Viktor’s escape from danger when needed. It’s no wonder why he is considered one of the strongest mages in the game!

Background and Lore

Viktor is an enigmatic and brilliant scientist from Zaun who has devoted his life to the pursuit of technology. With a forgotten past and unwilling to speak of it, Viktor has risen through the ranks of Zaun’s nefarious techno-mafias. It’s unclear if he chooses to give up on his secrets or if he simply cannot, but throughout his journey, he has become one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends, using technological magic and infinite possibilities in battle.

Viktor was born in Piltover to a middle-class family as the second son of a politically powerful trading magnate and gifted inventor Thaddeus Garen. His father, who owned several factories in Piltover responsible for producing numerous inventions that made him famous overnight, was an inspiration for Viktor from a young age. Knowing it would be impossible to compete with Garen’s genius, Viktor went to Zaun’s laboratories instead, where his interest shifted towards creating new forms of technology with customizable priorities and aesthetics—probably hoping that his inventions would outstrip even his father’s one day.


Viktor is a generalist, magical champion rooted in the Center Lane in League of Legends. He is a unique champion with an interesting kit. His abilities give him the potential to be a mid-game powerhouse. He has a range of abilities that all have different uses, from crowd control to offensive bursts, Viktor is a force on the Fields of Justice.

Let’s look at his abilities in more detail:

Passive Ability

Viktor’s passive is Aeon Drive, an auto-attack modifier that triggers with basic attacks and Victors spells. After four spells or basic attacks are cast, his next spell will create a crazy wave of energy ahead of him that deals damage in a line for the next five seconds. The wave also grants Viktor extra movement speed for the five-second duration. The wave does not harm allies, minions, or monsters, making it excellent for chasing an enemy.

Since Viktor has little in the way of CC abilities, his passive makes him quite good at escaping from fights as well as catching up to fleeing opponents – great news if you’re playing a mid lane Viktor or duo laning with one!

Q Ability

Viktor’s Q ability is called Power Transfer. This ability is a target line skill shot that damages and slows enemy champions while shielding Viktor simultaneously. Power Transfer procs Viktor’s Hex Core Upgrade: Augment, granting him an additional shield should he pass through the projectile’s center. The shield will last for four seconds and be dependent on Viktor’s maximum mana.

W Ability

Viktor’s W Ability (Cyan Augment) is an active ability that is used to empower his basic attacks with a magical damage-dealing skill. When the ability is used, it grants Viktor a shield, plus an additional shield with each basic attack, reducing incoming damage by 15%. In addition, enemies damaged by Viktor’s empowered attacks are marked for 5 seconds and silenced. This ability can be used to reduce incoming damage and also to set enemies up for a follow-up combo. Cooldown time for this ability is 11 seconds at all ranks.

E Ability

Viktor’s E Ability, known as Siphon Power, is a ranged ability that grants Viktor a shield and bonus spell damage when activated. When triggered, it fires an orb of energy in a line and deals magic damage on impact with enemies. If Viktor owns 4 Augments related to his E Ability, it will additionally apply a slow effect on hit enemies and heal Viktor for 30-90% of the damage done (depending on the level).

This makes the ability great for chasing fleeing opponents or dealing extra burst in trades, while still helping stay safe due to its shielding capacity. Additionally, while Viktor owns 4 Augments related to his E Ability, it will grant him bonus Magical Power every time he kills an enemy unit or structure. This bonus boosts up to 18 based on the strength and duration of the shield granted by Siphon Power.

R Ability

Viktor’s R ability, Chaos Storm, is an area-of-effect spell that slowly moves around the map and deals magic damage to enemies caught in its aoe.

Chaos Storm starts off at level one with 600 / 800 / 1000 base damage and rises up to a maximum of 900 / 1200 / 1500 base damage when used at level five. It also has a cooldown of 160/140/120 seconds and a cast range that extends out to 2000 units. Enemies can be damaged as many times as they are hit if they stay within the storm, and if an enemy dies under pressure from the storm, it heals Viktor for half the damage taken by that enemy.

Chaos Storm is most effective when used in combination with Viktor’s other abilities for crowd control or chasing enemies down thanks to its large range. The Chaos Storm is best used defensively or offensively depending on the situation, making Viktor a very versatile champion.

Best Items to Buy

There are many items to choose from when playing the champion Viktor in League of Legends. Some of these items may be more beneficial to the champion than others. In this article, we’ll discuss the best items to purchase for Viktor, as well as how these items can be used to maximize his potential. We’ll look into the stats, effects, and costs of each item, and why they can be beneficial to the champion.

Best Starting Items

Understanding the items needed to most benefit Viktor in League of Legends is essential to a successful start. Knowing what the best starting items are can help you make the most out of each game.

As an energy champion, Viktor excels at quickly charging up and casting his spells. This is best supported through itemization that provides him with the necessary resources for this task; thus, it is important to consider items with bonus mana, cooldown reduction, and extra energy when making purchases as Viktor.

For your first item, take a Forbidden Idol on every level 1 of your games as it will grant bonus mana and cooldown for every spell cast. Additionally, Lightbringer provides bonus damage for your spells; Red Esports Pro grants powerful stats such as Ability Power and Attack Damage along with regeneration to keep energies high during battles; and Archangel’s Staff can boost mana regeneration effects in combination with the previously discussed items. Finally, Nashor’s Tooth gives additional attack speed while granting cooldown reduction and additional Spell Vamp which has further stacking potential alongside Red Esports Pro’s active effect. All of these items combined will help solidify Viktor’s laning phase while providing additional burst potential as well as sustained damages due to their passives’ AoE effects around enemies.

Best Core Items

Choosing the right Core Items is key to becoming a powerful Viktor. According to the current metagame, the top items to purchase when playing as Viktor should include:

  • Sorcerer’s Shoes: Granting spell penetration and movement speed, these shoes are optimal for champions like Viktor who are magic burst damage dealers.
  • Rod of Ages: This item provides an increase in health, mana and ability power which will bolster both his survivability and damage output.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: With its passive amplify effect, this item can provide up to a whopping 60 additional ability power for each of its charges.
  • Void Staff: A great option when dealing with high-armour targets due to its magical penetration passive effect.
  • Liandry’s Torment: Providing both ability power and some nice bonus effects on hits with spells which deal more damage over time helps Viktor deal great amounts of sustained magical damage from afar.
  • Abyssal Mask: Increasing your own magic resist while reducing your enemies’, this item can also reduce their magic resist permanently for increased burst potential even more significantly than Liandry’s Torment.

By equipping these items you will ensure that you have one of the strongest builds possible as Viktor heading into teamfights and late game scenarios.

Best Situational Items

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Best Runes

Learning what runes are the best for Viktor in League of Legends is essential if you want to take your gameplay to the next level. Runes can provide a substantial boost to any champion’s performance, and understanding which runes are the most effective for a given champion can give you a huge advantage in battle.

Let’s discuss the best runes for Viktor and how they can help you be successful in the game.

Primary Path

Primary Path is one of the key components to Viktor’s kit that allows him to customize what he brings to each game. By focusing on one path and using the appropriately chosen runes, you will be able to make the most of your Champion’s abilities.

The Primary Path offers four bonuses; Sorcery for increased Ability Power, Domination for increased Damage Output, Precision for extra sustain and Resolve for improved survivability.

  • Sorcery: Each point in a Sorcery primary path grants 3 Ability Power (AP) and will provide a champion with a boost in AP as soon as they complete their Core Items and begin ablazing their opponents. If you choose this path, your goal should be to pick runes such as Transcendence, Gathering Storm or Manaflow Band for increased damage output.
  • Domination: Each point in the Domination path gives your champion 1% bonus Adaptive Damage (AD). This path is ideal when looking to add extra punch during fights early on in the game or during late-game teamfights where you are paying attention to dives and skirmishes around turrets. The bonuses offered by these runes are not always obvious but can give an edge that could win your team decisive victories under pressure situations. Consider taking Electrocute or Cheap Shot if you decide on this Path.
  • Precision: This Primary Path gives 2 Lethality along with 1% Cooldown Reduction (CDR) per point available in it. Choosing Precision Path provides players with sustain thanks to its improved block rate while allowing them access into CDR runes that may otherwise be too pricey when compared against other options such as Sorcery or Domination options as mentioned before. When taking this option consider grabbing Triumph or Legend: Alacrity for extra damage output through trades and skirmishes alike due to its additive effects against enemies health points and Attack Damage respectively.
  • Resolve: This Primary path provides 0% bonus HP Regen (HPR), 0% bonus Armor (ARM) and 0% bonus Magic Resist (MR), per point spent in it. The Resolve primary path has become increasing popular once more due mostly due its recent changes which grant champions some extra armor so long they remain at low health without any concerns regarding builds needing anywhere near completing prioritsing armor items just yet. Most rune choices here favor Survivability with Unflinching increasing Characters survivability even further through its unique ability of granting movespeed upon being hit, along with other perks such as displaying enemy locations at certain times throughout games.

Secondary Path

When playing Viktor, it’s important to choose the right secondary rune path. The most popular rune path on Viktor is the Domination secondary tree which offers additional damage, crowd control, and assassin type stats. This gives him an aggressive edge that can be used to secure early game kills and snowball the game for your team. With runes such as Taste of Blood, Zombie Ward, and Ravenous Hunter in this tree, it gives Viktor the necessary damage and utility needed for success in a majority of situations.

In addition to Domination Runes, other common secondary rune paths include Resolve and Inspiration; these runes are generally taken less often but can still be viable depending upon the situation or against certain team comps. Ultimately it is up to you as a player to determine which runes best suit your playstyle and match-up.

Best Summoner Spells

Viktor is a powerful mage champion in League of Legends, and having the right summoner spells can be beneficial to your performance. With the right combination of summoner spells, you can make the most of Viktor’s powerful kit.

In this article we’ll discuss which summoner spells are the best for Viktor and why:

Best Offensive Spells

When finding the best offensive spells for Viktor, the options are Flash and Ignite – both of which provide good damage output and team utility. Flash is the most optimal choice due to its versatility and ability to get Viktor in and out of fights quickly. Ignite provides a good source of burst damage, making it ideal for when you need to firmly secure a kill or finish off retreating targets.

Other possible spells include Exhaust, Heal, Barrier and Ghost. However, these are all situational spells that are not always necessary or recommended when playing Viktor. When it comes to Summoner Spell choices with this champion, it’s best to stick with Flash and Ignite whenever possible – they provide optimal team fight potential while also allowing you to quickly reposition in fights or chase down opponents.

Best Defensive Spells

When playing Viktor, it’s important to have the best defensive summoner spells to ensure your safety on the Rift. Two of the most commonly used defensive summoner spells are Flash and Heal.

Flash is a versatile spell that can either be used offensively or defensively in any situation. It allows you to blink a short distance in any direction (including over walls) giving you an escape mechanism or an advantage when engaging enemies.

Heal is a great defensive summoner spell for many things, as it can restore a large amount of missing health and give you movement speed temporarily. Heal also grants additional health regeneration and enhanced healing effects from health items and abilities, making it useful for both clutch fights and sustained damage situations.

Other noteworthy summoner spells are Barrier, Ignite, Exhaust and Cleanse which all provide additional defense in different scenarios – but only if you understand their use case beforehand. Barrier helps absorb more damage late game while Ignite provides both offensive and defensive utility if used correctly. Exhaust reduces enemies’ attack speed and movement speed while Cleanse removes any disables off yourself so you don’t take unnecessary damage from crowd control or skill shots that wouldn’t have gotten off otherwise.

Tips and Tricks

Viktor is one of the most powerful champions in the League of Legends. He can be used in various roles, whether it is a mid laner, a top laner, or a support. Knowing the right strategies, tips, and tricks can turn an average player into a master player.

In this section, we will look at some of the key tips and tricks to use when playing as Viktor:


Positioning is paramount, not only in staying safe while you’re carrying your team, but also in making sure your team has enough forefront to win a fight. To achieve positive positioning, it is important to know how to handle Viktor’s basic abilities.

  • Gravity Field should be used close enough to the frontliners so it gives them time to retreat if things go wrong.
  • Death Ray should always be fired from a long distance and aimed at key targets like enemy carries or support champions that are close by. Make sure you always have an escape route since Viktor’s presence can often be spotted very easily from a distance due to his high energy ratio and particle effects on his spells.
  • Use your Chaos Storm in order to zone out opponents that are trying to get close or stun them with the slow movement speed debuff it provides.

Knowing and combining these three elements with proper timing can result in amazing plays both defensively and offensively and make you carry any game you’re in!


In teamfights, Viktor is best used as a mid-range mage with a focus on dealing damage from his spells. He can be used for engaging in fights if he has the right resources and an ally who can follow up quickly. His signature ability Chaos Storm is an excellent tool for crowd-controlling multiple enemies while also damaging them at the same time.

To maximize your damage output, make sure to use your W and E abilities in combination with each other as they have increased effects when both are active. Additionally, try to stay close to the fight but not too close so you don’t get caught out by enemy skill shots or burst combo’s.

Your ultimate should usually be used after initiating or shortly after so you can land it on most of the enemy team before they can react and spread out. Also, try to ult onto enemies that are clustered together for maximum effect. Lastly, make sure you have equipped appropriate runes for your play style as this will help you maximize your damage and make sure you win more fights throughout the game.


When it comes to farming as Viktor, it is important to prioritize which creeps you are going to last hit. Your goal is to minimize the amount of time you spend in lane and maximize the gold farm you earn. It will take some practice and careful timing, but with a few basic tips, you will soon be an expert farmer.

  • First off, mastering your speed and accuracy when laning is essential. You can easily miss out on valuable XP if you do not work to ensure each creep is killed from the wave in a timely manner. When waves start approaching your tower, keep your focus on the furthest away target so that you can anticipate which creeps need to be slain for full efficiency.
  • Secondly, wave management plays an integral role in successful farming as Viktor; if your opponent overextends too far from their tower, try pushing waves back towards their turret and focus more on clearing out opposing minions before attacking enemy champions – this should provide added pressure against their base while allowing you to replenish your own resources safely.
  • Lastly, remember that when playing an assassin-oriented champion such as Viktor it is best practice to recall after slaying a large wave so that you are always fully prepared for any upcoming combat scenarios.

Farming effectively as Viktor requires a good sense of timing and risk/reward management and will take some time to master. However, with practice and these helpful suggestions in mind, soon enough farming fearlessly as this champion will be second nature!


In conclusion, Viktor is a powerful champion and will bring much to the Rift. His ability to outplay enemies and quickly shift the tide of a teamfight is invaluable. He requires careful positioning and game knowledge to make the most out of it, but if you can stay in control and make quick decisions with an arsenal of abilities at your fingertips, you’ll be unstoppable.

With these tips and strategies, even beginners can become skilled players with a little practice! We hope that this guide has given you an overview of Viktor’s strengths, weaknesses, tips for success in the current meta, and countered playstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Viktor’s role in League of Legends?
A1: Viktor is a mage-style champion in League of Legends. He specializes in dealing damage from afar, using powerful spells and abilities to attack enemies.

Q2: What kind of damage does Viktor deal?
A2: Viktor deals mainly magic damage, but can also deal some physical damage with his abilities. His ultimate ability, Chaos Storm, deals both magic and physical damage.

Q3: What abilities does Viktor have?
A3: Viktor has four abilities: Power Transfer, Gravity Field, Death Ray and Chaos Storm. Power Transfer deals magic damage, Gravity Field slows enemies and Death Ray deals magic damage in a line. Chaos Storm is his ultimate, dealing both magic and physical damage.