Vladimir LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Vladimir is a popular champion that is picked in League of Legends games. As a champion, Vlad is regularly used to counter many other champions. With his ability to quickly heal himself, Vlad can stay in the fight longer than other champions. With his cleaver style of play, Vlad is a great fit for solo players and teams alike.

In this article, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of Vladimir and give you all the information you need to use him effectively.

Background of Vladimir

Vladimir is a powerful champion that debuts in the League of Legends game. As a part-vampire mage and one of the most feared of his kind, Vladimir is often equipped with a combination of strong hand-to-hand combat skills, enhanced magical powers and an ability to manipulate other champions on the battlefield. His history and origin are shrouded in mystery, though it’s known he was born in Zaun.

Vladimir’s abilities allow him to drain life from enemies to heal himself while also remaining safe by staying out of harm’s way at long range. This powerful combination makes him versatile: He can take down multiple foes with ease, defend allies or team up with another champion for even greater destruction. Vladimir is capable of launching his enemies back into dangerous positions while dealing massive amounts of damage—darkening their screens with blood and making them panic—and then retreating out at speed using his Hemoplague ultimate ability.

Overview of Vladimir’s Abilities

Vladimir is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends and has been for many years. He specializes in dealing large amounts of damage to multiple targets with his spells, as well as a powerful ultimate for actions that require high mobility or bursty damage. His playstyle is usually a mix of poking at enemies from afar with his pool to set up kills and trading efficiently when his enemies get close.

Vladimir’s unique passive allows him to gain bonus healing when damaging an enemy champion and also gives him benefits when he collects enough bonus health. Additionally, his Q ability allows Vladimir to dash forward with a quick slash that deals magic damage to all nearby enemies based on their maximum health. His W spell is a cone-shaped AoE spell with a small cooldown that deals magic damage and restores some mana per hit enemy with the last tick dealing extra damage based on the current health difference between Vladimir and the target unit. His E grants Vladimir a shield shortly after casting it that enhances any subsequent spell cast while also granting movement speed for true flexibility in combat situations. Finally, Vladimir’s R starts by charging up over 3 seconds before being unleashed, stunning all enemies caught within its area of effect for 1 second as well as dealing massive magic damage over time.

Overall, Vladimir’s high versatility makes him an excellent champion for any team composition and provides players numerous options when it comes to playing aggressively or defensively through clever use of spells and lane management techniques.


Vladimir is a powerful and versatile champion in League of Legends. Thanks to his full kit of abilities, he is able to be a force on the battlefield and support his team with his spell pool. His abilities grant him a high capability to burst down enemies and grant him a great amount of survivability.

Let’s take a look at the strengths that make him an excellent champion to choose in League of Legends:

High Sustainability

Vladimir is a champion in the popular game League of Legends with high sustainability. His special ability allows him to survive damage in extended fights and return from near-death situations. Vladimir has a passive that grants him bonus health regeneration when not taking damage for 5 seconds and his ultimate can heal a great amount of health scaling with the enemy’s missing health. As his spell prioritization places more focus on increasing regeneration early on, it grants him a huge advantage when regenerating health or outplaying enemies using sustain.

Moreover, Vladimir has access to spells that grant bonus health and armor over time, as well as boosting his magic and physical resistance even further. He is an exceptional duelist in late game thanks to these buffs and due to his ability kit’s design he also provides huge teamfight presence which allows Vladimir players to control fights or safely dive into them depending on their item build. Since he is able to be highly disruptive while staying safe at the same time, Vladimir will regen huge amounts of life making it very difficult for opponents to defeat him in extended fights.

High Mobility

Vladimir is one of the highest mobility champions in League of Legends. This allows him to easily dodge skill shots and reposition himself in fights. He also has a high base attack speed, which makes it easier for Vladimir to dish out his damage continuously. Additionally, his W ability grants him bonus movement speed once he activates it, allowing him to both chase down enemies and escape combat when needed.

These characteristics make Vlad one of the strongest laners in the game thanks to his ability to pressure enemies while always staying out of danger.

High Burst Damage

Vladimir is popularly viewed as a powerful and versatile champion in the League of Legends universe, primarily due to his ability to deal high burst damage.

Vladimir’s ultimate, Hemoplague, is capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage over a short period of time when used strategically. It places a debuff on all enemy champions in the area and amplifies all magical damage applied to them. This means that with the proper timing, Vlad can deal extreme bursts of AOE (Area-of-Effect) damage in a matter of seconds with little to no effort.

Additionally, his Drain ability gives him maximum sustain during team fights and while dueling enemy champions. This allows Vlad to stay alive during team fights where he can be surrounded by multiple enemies at once, as well as giving him extra survivability during 1v1 scenarios where he may not be able to rely on his teammates for assistance.


Although Vladimir has many strengths, he still has some weaknesses that players should be aware of. Vladimir is very susceptible to crowd control and getting kited by ranged champions. His ultimate is also relatively weak compared to the ultimates of other mage champions. This means that Vladimir is often at a disadvantage in all-in fights.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the weaknesses of Vladimir:

Vulnerable to Crowd Control

Vladimir can be vulnerable to crowd control – that is, abilities that slow, stun or root him. Any of these abilities can easily stop Vladimir’s ult, leave him unable to use his spells and make him an easy target for enemy champions. Crowd control effects can also prevent Vladimir from chasing down enemy champions and escaping ganks.

As such, it is recommended that Vladimir players build additional items early on such as Mercurial Scimitar or Quicksilver Sash to reduce the duration of crowd control effects on them.

Low Range

Vladimir has a very low range in League of Legends, making it difficult for him to stay alive in heated battles. He also has relatively low mobility, meaning his power comes from taking damage and using crowd control spells from a safe distance. It can be risky for Vladimir to get too close as he is a squishy champion with limited escape options.

To maximize his effectiveness, Vladimir should primarily focus on:

  • Dealing damage from medium ranges at the start of team fights
  • Seeking protection or disengaging when under pressure.

Poor Wave Clear

When it comes to wave clearing, Vladimir has some notable weaknesses. His low base damage output combined with short-range abilities does not offer much clear potential in the early game. Though his Transfusion (Q) allows him to stay alive in lane, it can often be difficult to push waves back when a wave is being pushed towards you. Additionally, since his Chum the Waters (R) counts as a point and click ability, it offers poor crowd control potential in larger teamfights or skirmishes.

As such, Vladimir may have difficulties in

  • securing objectives early without help from allies
  • or even losing out on potential objectives if he is not careful with his positioning.

Tips and Tricks

Vladimir is one of the most powerful and versatile champions in League of Legends. He has a strong laning phase and is a threat in any matchup. To maximize his effectiveness, it is important to understand his strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, we will be discussing tips and tricks to help you become a master of Vladimir in League of Legends.

Use Hemoplague to Maximize Damage

Hemoplague is Vladimir’s ultimate and one of his most powerful abilities. It amplifies the damage from his other abilities, making it pivotal in team fights. It should be used wisely in order to maximize its effectiveness.

When using Hemoplague, look for opportunities to chain your abilities together for maximum damage. Start by using a combination of Tides of Blood and Sanguine Pool followed by Transfusion, then quickly cast Hemoplague in the center of all affected enemies while they are still slowed. This is an extremely powerful combo that can devastate entire teams! When placed correctly, the damage amplification will increase the effectiveness of all Vladimir’s spells and help him to secure kills.

Additionally, Hemoplague can be used as a way to improve Vladimir’s survivability while fighting enemies with high mobility or large health pools. Before enaging in those kind of fights cast Hemoplague so it will amplify any amount of damage you do during the fight which will allow you to secure kills faster. This also works if you are chasing after someone – place your ultimate so that it boosts any spells you may use against them during the chase instead of casting it when they already have left range as soon as possible for more efficient result.

Use Transfusion to Heal and Survive

In Dark Souls 3, transfusion gives you the chance to heal or buff your character’s stats with a single spell. By using the right kind of transfusion and selecting the correct benefits, you can turn the tide in any tough fight. Here are some pointers on how to use it:

  • Identify Your Need: Before you cast a transfusion spell, first determine if you need healing, more stamina, or more attack power. Doing so will help you choose which type of transfusion is best for your situation.
  • Select the Benefits: Transfusions provide different benefits depending on what type you choose and how many points are invested in it. Healing spells can be used to restore vitality or to resist incoming damage; buffs provide extra stamina and attack power; while debuffs decrease enemy damage output and defense levels.
  • Consider Timing: Pay attention to when enemies have their guard down – such as right before they’re about to land a heavy attack – to get the maximum benefit from a transfusion spell. Casting it at the right moment can make all the difference.
  • Exercise Caution: The temporary boosts that come from casting a transfusion spell also come with risks such as an increased chance of death or being staggered by enemy attacks if not used correctly. Remember that these spells should be used only at times where some risk isn’t too high, such as when holding your ground against small groups of enemies or large mobs without heavily armored enemies present.

Use Sanguine Pool to Escape

Using Vladimir’s Sanguine Pool is a great way to outplay enemy champions and safely escape combat. This ultimate not only grants him damage reduction while channeling, but will also grant him an amplified movement speed bonus after it’s released. Due to its low cooldown and low cost, Vladimir can use it frequently in fights and skirmishes.

When using Sanguine Pool for escaping, be sure to use it before you are hooked or slowed by the enemy in order to maximize its effectiveness. Not only does it reset your movement speed penalty from taking damage, but this form of crowd control can leave you vulnerable for a few seconds until you’re able to re-engage with your team. Taking advantage of this ability allows Vladimir players greater control over their environment as they can:

  • Jump out of sticky situations with ease!
  • Be familiar with the range and duration of Sanguine Pool.
  • Have an idea when they should use the ability and when they should save it.


Vladimir is a powerful and formidable champion in League of Legends (LOL) with a range of abilities that can make or break a game. He’s a versatile spell caster with incredible damage-dealing potential, capable of powering through enemies and taking down objectives. He’s a solid pick for any team composition and can fit into almost any role.

In this article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about Vladimir:

Overview of Vladimir’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Vladimir is an incredibly powerful caster and fighter in League of Legends. He can perform both roles depending on the team’s strategy, and excels at both. Vladimir is a balanced champion with multiple options for playstyles, so he can be adapted to whatever your team needs. As with any champion there are always pros and cons to their abilities, so understanding how to play Vladimir effectively will help you make the most of him when playing in-game.


  • Strong Crowd Control with his Sanguine Pool
  • Extremely Versatile Ultimate allowing him to fit almost any team roles
  • Good Mobility with his Crimson Rush ability
  • High sustainability with his Transfusion ability – Consistently trading damage within a lane where possible has great potential in taking down turrets quicker


  • Item dependent meaning he sometimes needs more time to become a strong spellcaster due to item costs.
  • Can be easily countered by champions who are more powerful than him early game such as Darius or Garen.
  • Poor Healing Potency – His passive (Lifesteal) isn’t as effective as other healing effects making it difficult for Vladimir to recover health sustainably through battle/combat.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Vladimir

Vladimir is a powerful mid lane champion with the ability to quickly drain opponents from any area on the map. If played correctly, Vladimir can become a major asset that makes it difficult for teams to make pushing and grouped rotations. Whether you are looking to stay in the mid-game or aim to transition into late game, here are some tips and tricks that can help you maximize your play as Vladimir.

CSing: One of the most important aspects of playing Vladimir is proper creep score (CS) management and wave control. This means that you need to be aware of minion waves while they’re pushing or retreating in order to know how much experience and gold you’re gaining from killing each group of minions. You should also pay attention to where your opponent is in relation to your CS so that you have time to react if they start last hitting as well.

Initiating: Although Vladimir does not have any innate gap-closer abilities, he does have various crowd control options he can use for initiating fights or even defending himself when early ganks come his way. To ensure success when initiating fights, try using combinations of Transfusion (Q), Tides of Blood (E) and Hemoplague (R). These skills provide enough CC duration for allies to follow up with their own damage and secure kills or objectives with ease.

Teamfighting: During teamfights, positioning is extremely important since it will determine how well Vladimir is able to stay alive while dealing consistent amounts of damage at the same time. While it’s best practice for him to stand back near the middle/backline during teamfights, there may be times when a flank engage would be beneficial – which is something he’s capable of by virtue of his tankiness and CC abilities. In terms of priority targets, Vladimir has total freedom when choosing who he wants to target since his entire kit works against everyone on the opposing side due his potential AOE damage output combined with crowd control options available like Hemoplague (R).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Vladimir?

A: Vladimir is a champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. He is a mage-assassin who specializes in using spells to manipulate the battlefield and deal damage to enemies.

Q: What is Vladimir’s role?

A: Vladimir is usually played as a mid-lane mage in the game. He is also often played in the top-lane as a bruiser or as a support in the bottom-lane.

Q: What are Vladimir’s strengths?

A: Vladimir’s main strengths are his ability to control the battlefield with his spells and his natural durability. He also has a large amount of burst damage and can be difficult to kill due to his tankiness.