Volibear LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Volibear is one of the most powerful champions in the League of Legends, commonly known as LoL. This champion is a tanky fighter, with a strong ability to deal a lot of damage and tank enemy damage. When played correctly, Volibear can be a real force to be reckoned with.

In this article, we will be giving an overview of Volibear, his abilities and his role in the game.

Champion Information

Volibear is an intimidating champion in the League of Legends, and his unique set of abilities allows players to engage in situations quickly and efficiently. From his long-ranged default attack to his powerful Thunder Claws that eats up enemy defenses, Volibear has a kit filled with diverse abilities that require strategic planning for successful ganking, group fights or dives. His passive trait also makes it difficult for enemies to escape from him if they are not careful.

Volibear’s signature ability is his R ability “Chosen of the Storm”, which revives him temporarily after death while increasing some of his stats. The revived champion can proceed to lay waste to all those foolish enough to stand in his way right before he dies again. Summoners who can play Volibear well know how devastating this mechanic can be when used at the right moment and will often build into this particular skill by taking items that increase mana regeneration, movement speed, health points and cooldown reduction.

Volibear’s other available abilities include:

  • Q “Twisted Advance” which allows Volibear to close distances quickly by throwing enemies a short distance away from him.
  • W “Frenzied Maul” which temporarily immobilizes enemies and depletes a portion of their health points with each attack casted.
  • E “Sky Splitter” which stuns enemies below a given threshold for about two seconds when used elsewhere besides Twisted Advance.
  • Ultimate R “Thunder Claws” which steals an enemy’s armor or magic resistance depending on which stat has higher numbers although it’s important to note only works against champions who have been marked by the Tiger first before using this ability.


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Volibear is a champion in the game League of Legends, a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game. He is an incredibly powerful character with a range of unique and interesting abilities. Let’s take a look at what makes him so special and how his abilities can help you dominate the battlefield.

Thundering Smash

Thundering Smash is a powerful physical attack used by a variety of creatures, from dragons and giants to powerful sorcerers. As the name implies, Thundering Smash is an attack that brings with it the roar and destructive might of thunder. It is performed by channeling magical energy into the arm or weapon and then releasing it in a large shockwave of force.

The force of the shockwave can be devastating to any creature that crosses its path.

The power of Thundering Smash varies depending on the strength and skill of the user. It can be used as an effective offensive tool against enemies, or to break through obstacles in pursuit of a goal. Some users use this move while airborne to speed up their flight or jump further distances, while others employ it as an area-of-effect attack, striking multiple opponents at once with its thunderous force. Whatever way it’s utilized, Thundering Smash is an extremely potent ability that should only be used by those who know their limits and understand the consequences that come with it.

Frenzied Maul

Frenzied Maul is a base ability that deals damage in an area of effect around you. It is the most damaging non-elite of all the abilities found in the game, making it a key part of any successful build. With this ability, you are able to hit multiple enemies simultaneously with a flurry of swings, allowing you to quickly take out groups of enemies with ease.

Additionally, Frenzied Maul grants allied boons to other nearby allies when used, which can be critical in times of desperation.

Sky Splitter

Sky Splitter is a powerful ability available to Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar, in League of Legends. This AoE attack deals massive damage to enemies within range and can be followed up with four successive attacks. The first attack deals physical damage and slows affected targets by 25% for 2 seconds. The following three attacks apply on-hit effects and heal for a percentage of damage dealt.

Sky Splitter is an incredibly powerful tool that can turn a fight in your favor when used correctly. It can be an effective zoning tool if you manage to knock enemies out or away from their intended location, allowing you to siege objectives or push objectives quickly without taking much damage from opposing players. Furthermore, it gives you fantastic crowd-control potential as it applies on-hit effects to multiple targets at once, allowing you to disable groups of enemies more effectively than any other champion. Finally, it provides excellent sustain at the cost of no mana as it heals Volibear for a portion of the damage dealt when used consecutively with his other abilities.

Majestic Roar

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  • Wolves can produce an extraordinary variety in tones for emotional effect;
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Volibear is a formidable champion to have on your team in League of Legends. While Volibear excels in team fights and skirmishes, his primary role is to provide enough pressure and disruption to the enemy team. His abilities are well suited for aggressive plays, and he can be a devastating force if used correctly.

In this section, we will discuss the optimal strategies for playing as Volibear:

Early Game

In the early game, it is important to have a strategy that will help you build a strong foundation for your team and give you an edge over your opponents. This is where having a balanced roster of units comes into play. You will want to create teams that can combat the various strategies of the enemy, as well as build combinations of different units to enhance each other’s abilities.

In order to achieve success in the early game, you’ll need to make sure certain aspects of your army are properly taken care of. Make sure your base is defended with units and traps so that your fighters have time to grind their levels and earn experience points. During this time, use scouts and vision to gain an understanding of your enemies’ current positions in relation to yours, as well as their general plans for future moves. Movement should be done in reaction to scouting information so that you’re able to position yourself for advantageous fights or a better lane phase, depending on what kind of game you’re playing.

By properly managing your resources and working together with teammates effectively during this stage, victories can be more easily achieved later on in the game. This runs in parallel with macro play – aka the bigger picture plan – which involves picking heroes that fit into the overall composition at various stages throughout a match-up. Focus on building better teamwork through communication and strategic planning with allies instead of simply following individual plans; by doing so, more wins will come more easily later on!

Mid Game

The mid-game phase of a strategy game typically requires greater tactical decisions than the early game. During this phase, a player must focus on objectives, such as territory control, resources acquisition, and gaining access to powerful items or spells. Control of these aspects combined with a strong ability to anticipate an opponent’s moves, will allow for a more successful outcome during this stage.

Tile placement is an important element in the mid-game play. Achieving superior positioning that creates either strategic defense or offense when needed, is paramount in order to come out of this part of the game with an advantage. Strategic deployment of troops and attacks are also necessary in order to gain superiority at key locations and keep opponents in check. A well executed offensive pressure can deny the opponent’s ability to develop their own strategy within this stage, leaving them stuck between two conflicting objectives that can leave them vulnerable.

Additionally, it is important to manage resources gained from prior victories properly during this stage as they can easily be frittered away due to miscalculation or overestimation which then impedes progress later on in the game. Establishing supply lines and trade agreements are also integral during this part of the game as they provide an extra layer of protection against aggression while allowing access otherwise unavailable resources.

Late Game

In the later stages of the game, Volibear’s main goal should be to keep his teammates safe by providing protection, crowd control and health restoration. At this point, Volibear can use his ultimate to dive into fights, protect himself and provide a major boost for his team. His ability to unleash powerful shockwaves can also be very useful for zoning enemies away from objectives.

Volibear is incredibly tanky since late game items offer an enormous chunk of health. In addition, adaptive stats further increase scale his survivability in fights by allowing him to have higher resistances and negate damage from enemy champions easier.

Volibear has some of the most destructive power spikes when it comes to late game teamfights since he can deal tons of damage while remaining tanky at the same time. When playing as Volibear in the late game you want to make sure you are always looking out for opportunities to help your team with stunning enemies or protecting your squishier allies with huge amounts of crowd control abilities and defensive abilities like ultimates that grant bonus health restore.

Tips and Tricks

Volibear is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, and his kit is designed to maximize his strengths while mitigating his weaknesses. Knowing the right tips and tricks can help you make the most of Volibear’s abilities and help you become a better player.

This section will provide you with essential tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing Volibear. Read on to find out more.


Positioning is key to playing Volibear correctly. Keeping a safe distance from your enemies is the key to success, as Volibear does not have a way to escape fights once he gets in them. Staying away from the enemy’s main line of sight or using his movement speed buff to stay at an angle allows Volibear to effectively land his powerful basic attacks and easily dismantle enemy champions in team fights.

When solo laning, it is important to stay close enough to minions so that they can help tank any minions shots that may come your way. If teams are pushing out lanes, it will be beneficial for you to:

  • Hug sides of walls closest towards the edges,
  • Allow you maximum safety while still remaining involved with the map,
  • And able to counterpush when necessary.

Knowing how and when to position optimally can make all the difference in team fights and lane matchups.


Timing is key when playing Volibear, as knowing when and where to initiate team fights can be the difference between victory and defeat. Knowing how his abilities scale as the game progresses allows you to outplay your opponents and secure objectives, making it important to understand the cooldowns of his abilities.

Volibear’s passive, Chosen of the Storm, allows him to get back up after being knocked down if he still has enough HP left. This makes it crucial for Voli players to understand when they can fight at full HP and when they should retreat. Using this passive in combination with other initiator spells such as Katarina’s Death Lotus and Volleyball can also make or break fights in late game situations.

Taking advantage of flash-frost combos also plays an important role in deciding a fight’s outcome, allowing Voli players to take on their opponents from unexpected angles or catching enemies off guard with surprise initiations. Knowing the optimal timing for abilities such as Majestic Roar is important for securing kills or setting up ganks, allowing Voli players to control the map and secure objectives faster. Taking advantage of moments where objectives are exposed could make all the difference in taking down towers or barons.


With Volibear, teamfighting is all about being able to engage properly and soak up all the damage your enemies use on you. Having high health helps a lot in this regard. As a tank, you should always stay at the frontline of the teamfight, trying to pick the right target with your Stormrazor active or your Thundering Smash, while having backup ready with Rolling Thunder.

Your goal when in a teamfight should be to draw as much attention as possible away from your teammates and absorb all the enemy damage.

Volibear can take on as many enemies as possible if he has enough health and proper backup. Before engaging into a teamfight with Volibear make sure you have items such as Sunfire Cape, Randuin’s Omen, Dead Man’s Plate and Frozen Hammer (or Guardian Angle) for maximum sustain. All of these items give Volibear armor and health that help him survive through engagements but also gives him crowd control abilities to wear down enemies and turn fights in his favor in a matter of seconds.

When playing Volibear remember that taking too much damage will put you out of combat very quickly meaning that fighting multiple enemies at once can put you at a disadvantage if not done correctly or with assistance from your teammates. Make sure you always keep an eye out for any opportunities where you can engage multiple enemies at once and strike fear into their hearts!


Volibear is a versatile champion in League of Legends which makes him difficult to counter, but not impossible. Knowing the right counter picks in a match-up is one of the keys to success.

This article will discuss the different ways of countering Volibear in order to gain the upper hand in battle. From using certain items to utilizing summoners spells, analysing and understanding Volibear’s weaknesses will be explored here.

Who to Avoid

Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar, is a tanky, aggressive champion that excels in the top lane. He has a powerful kit that allows him to flip and kill enemies with ease. The Thunder’s Roar can be difficult to counter due to his high mobility, crowd control and damage output. Here are some champions which you should avoid when laning against Volibear:

  • Akali – Akali is a bursty assassin that lacks the sustained damage Volibear can dish out. She is also quite prone to getting flipped by his Q ability, making her easy prey for Volibear.
  • Nasus – Nasus has trouble trading with Volibear and will quickly get out damaged and taken down if he gets too close. His sustain lacks the oomph to keep up with Volibear’s lifesteal-fuelled regeneration.
  • Kayle – Kayle is an extremely versatile champion who is considered an off-tank due to her unique abilities that increase her survivability in teamfights. She lacks the damage output or crowd control needed to pressure Volibear early on in a fight which leaves her wide open for attack from him later on.
  • Shen – Similar to Kayle but slightly more tanky, Shen does not have enough damage or crowd control per level for dealing with a seasoned Volibear who has reached level 16 and above due to his passive scaling bonus on stats per level up bonus passive bonus per level for HP, armor and movement speed stats escalation bonus. This can easily ramp up too quickly leaving shen unable to battle him efficiently as she won’t have enough time or energy reserves escalated correctly against him either while reducing her own HP percentage significantly during prolonged fights against Voli Bear’s ultimate ability casting abilities perks which hits multiple players in quick succession close range those affected area of effect when successfully executed properly than how it would possibly effect hens summoner spells used more often regularly times since it’s cooldown reduction are significantly lowered whilst affecting assailants hitpoints health points as well shorter durations find helped reducing quickly apace making difficult fr shen withstand subtle dominance demostrated by Voli Bear enemy lane laneside opponent hero character model mdoel we’ve discussed before.

What to Do

Volibear is not a champion you can simply pick up and start playing. It requires learning and practice in order to be played optimally. In this section, we’ll discuss what to do when playing against various types of opponents in order to counter them effectively.

When playing against an AD assassin like Master Yi or Rengar, the key is to focus on keeping your distance as much as possible and avoid getting into close range combat as much as possible. Use your E/Q combo attack if they come too close and then use the W ability to pull them back down before retreating out of range. You should also be sure to build items that provide armor and health so that you are better able to survive their initial burst damage which will allow you to then retaliate with your abilities.

Against mages like Lux or Ahri, it’s important to play cautiously from a good distance away from them and make sure that you either dodge or block spells whenever possible so that you don’t take too much damage early on in the game. When engaging with your E/Q combo, try focusing down whichever mage has the lower health bar first as they will be easier for your team to take down due to their squishy nature. Again, building items with armor, health, magic resist, etc.. is always going to beneficial for these types of matchups so try doing this whenever possible during itemization phases of the game.

Finally Against tanks like Malphite or Mordekaiser it’s important to capitalize on their slow movement speed by simply kiting around them and using Q/E combo attacks while moving in circles around your opponent until they are low enough for one final burst combo before retreating away again. By taking advantage of terrain such as walls when engaging tanky champions it can often times help keep them more slowed down which will assist in keeping them off balance enough till they can be finished off by other teammates instead of yourself if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Volibear?

A: Volibear is a champion in the online game League of Legends. He is a fierce and powerful bear with the strength of thunder and lightning. He is a tank champion with strong crowd control and defensive abilities.

Q: What are Volibear’s abilities?

A: Volibear’s abilities include Rolling Thunder, Frenzy, Majestic Roar, Thunder Claws, and Chosen of the Storm. Rolling Thunder is a dash that deals damage and slows enemies, Frenzy is a passive that gives him extra attack speed, Majestic Roar is an AoE that damages and slows enemies, Thunder Claws is a chain lightning ability that damages enemies, and Chosen of the Storm is an ultimate that makes him unstoppable and gives him a shield.

Q: What role does Volibear play in League of Legends?

A: Volibear is a tank champion, meaning that he is meant to take a lot of damage and protect his teammates. He can also provide crowd-control with his abilities and be a powerful initiator in team fights.