Warwick LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Warwick is a champion that has strong base stats and is known for his ability to quickly engage enemies and dish out a large amount of damage. His kit includes powerful crowd control abilities and a unique ultimate, giving him great mobility, utility, and sustained damage.

This guide will provide an in-depth look into Warwick’s kit, runes, builds, and matchups so you can understand the champion and optimize your play with him.

History of Warwick

Warwick is a champion from the League of Legends who has been in the game since its release in 2009. He is an unrivaled hunter, an expert tracker, and an unforgiving spoiler of innocence. As a proud warrior of the tribes of Noxus, Warwick spent his entire life training and perfecting the art of hunting and warfare, surviving many harsh conditions to become one of the most formidable combatants in Valoran.

He was chosen by those who searched for a champion from among his people, first to prove himself worthy as a gladiator and later to represent Noxus as its greatest warrior in League matches. His strength lies not only in predatory hunting but also in having superior strategy skills that can foil even the strongest opponents. He can also call upon dark magic and summon allies to aid him on the battlefield, which makes him both formidable and versatile when it comes to taking out his targets.

While silent about his past, he still bears memories of lost family that serves as motivation for what he does today – fight for the honor and glory of Noxus!

Abilities and Skills

Warwick is a champion from League of Legends with unique abilities and skills that contribute to his strength and versatility in the game. His skills include:

  • Blood Hunt, which grants him 30% attack speed and adds to Warwick’s healthcare when an enemy champion is near.
  • Jaws of the Beast, an AOE (area of effect) ability that deals physical damage to all enemies within range.
  • Eternal Thirst, a passive ability which causes Warwick to heal himself for all damage he deals to enemy champions.

In addition, he has ultimate abilities such as:

  • Infinite Duress, which incapacitates opponents within range for a short duration.
  • Blood Scent which marks enemy champions within range.

These abilities make Warwick a formidable force in solo-play or team-play alike.


Warwick is a robust champion in Riot Games’ League of Legends, with a potent range of abilities in his arsenal. As an assassin, Warwick is known for his survivability and agility, along with the burst damage he can put out in short bursts. His kit includes a heal and a few crowd control abilities that allow him to easily shut down opponents.

In this section, we will discuss the main strengths of Warwick and how they can be used to give him an edge in the game:

High Mobility

Warwick possesses high mobility, making him an agile champion in League of Legends. His passive, Eternal Hunger, allows him to move quickly around the map and gain health along the way. Additionally, his ultimate, Infinite Duress, enables him to quickly close the gap between enemies and land a powerful stun.

Warwick has short cooldowns on his abilities and can sustain damage with life steal from Eternal Hunger. These characteristics make Warwick an excellent champion for ganking and team fights due to his ability to keep up with enemies and relentlessly deal damage once in range.

High Sustainability

Warwick is renowned for his extremely high sustainability. His passive, Eternal Hunger, allows him to gain a boost in health regeneration, lifesteal and attack speed when he successfully hits an enemy champion with an ability. This gives Warwick an edge in sustaining enemies’ damage while still being able to have access to a significant amount of damage output himself.

Furthermore, his ultimate ability, Infinite Duress, immobilizes the target while allowing Warwick to keep hitting them with abilities, further allowing him to regain any additional health that he might have lost in team fights. In addition to this mobility-countering effect of this ult, there is also its percentage-based health representation that can’t be ignored; by comparison to higher-health enemies such as tanks or tough bruisers (or just pure hp-stacking champions), you can expect massive returns from successful uses of your ult on these types of bruisers.

All in all, this champion stands out from the crowd by having absurdly high sustainability due to his mix of passive regenerative benefits combined with his powerful Ultimate ability.

High Damage Output

Warwick is an incredibly versatile champion with a high damage output in League of Legends. He has menacing crowd control abilities, impressive self-sustain, and very strong basic attacks. Players will find he can adapt to any environment due to his unique kit that incentivizes you to build defensive items so he can double down on his monstrous damage output. His movement speed is also the highest among all jungle champions at level 18 making him the perfect choice for roaming initiation or surprise ganks mid-game. In addition to this, Warwick has powerful late game potential as long as he remains alive and mobile on the battlefield.

With such high damage output coupled with mobility and sustainability, Warwick is an ideal jungler even for players with less experience in the other roles but proficient in setting up fights. Players should focus on building defensive items so they can protect themselves while still doing enormous amounts of damage. On top of this, by equipping items like Dead Man’s Plate or Trinity Force they can build up a considerable amount of attack speed which allows them to avoid taking too much damage while still dealing a lot of it out quickly. With focused play and proper item choices, Warwick can be one of the most formidable champions in League of Legends with his unrivalled ability to initiate fights and execute opponents before they have time to react!


Being a melee champion, Warwick is naturally susceptible to ranged champions. His lack of a gap-closer and an escape utility makes it difficult for him to engage and disengage fights. He also has difficulty competing against tanky champions due to his limited crowd-control effects. His kit is also considered to have too much reliance on auto-attacks, which can become a problem in team fights.

Let’s take a look at some of the other weaknesses of Warwick:

Low Range

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Vulnerable to Crowd Control

Warwick is particularly vulnerable to crowd control due to his lack of an escape spell and low mobility. He has only one way of reducing the duration of crowd control effects, so if his Flash or his teammates are on cooldown, he may be in trouble. Warwick’s lack of defensive spells also makes it difficult for him to engage without taking damage from the enemy team.

Another one of his key weaknesses is that he is a melee champion, meaning he has to wade into the middle of a fight in order to use his abilities. His health pool is also a bit on the lower side for a fighter, which can make it difficult for him to survive focused fire from enemy champions. To make matters worse, Warwick does not have a reliable method for healing himself or avoiding sustained damage over time. This means that he needs help from allies—or himself—to regain health quickly once in battle.

Tips and Strategies

Warwick is a powerful champion in League of Legends, and it can be used to great effect in battle. He has a powerful kit with a wide range of utility and damage.

In this section, we’ll provide tips and strategies for playing Warwick effectively in the game. We’ll cover all the different ways you can use him to win games, and how you can counter his weaknesses:

  • Utilizing his mobility and crowd control abilities to engage in team fights.
  • Maximizing his damage output by utilizing his ultimate and other abilities.
  • Using his passive to stay alive in fights.
  • Positioning correctly to avoid being focused down.
  • Making use of his sustain to stay in fights longer.

Use your Mobility to your Advantage

Using Warwick’s mobility properly is a key factor for success in League of Legends. His ultimate, Infinite Duress, allows him to close the gap and make an unstoppable play. His passive, Eternal Hunger, gives him bonus attack speed when he damages enemies with his abilities. This makes him a great assassin, as he can quickly take out mages and marksmen that are relatively untouchable with most other champions.

In fights, you should use your Ultimate to get close to your target and then finish them off with basic attacks as fast as possible. Keep in mind that investing too much effort in trying to land multiple abilities might be disadvantageous if you get crowd-controlled or if your target manages to escape before you finish them off.

You can also use Warwick’s mobility to outplay enemy champions in various situations. You can dodge attacks or surprise enemies who are unaware of your presence or the fact that you can chase them down even when they flash away from teamfights. Investing some time in learning how far Infinite Duress actually goes is a great way to become a better Warwick player and sharpen your reflexes so that you always know whether it is worth using the Ultimate at any given moment or not.

Play Aggressively

Playing aggressively as Warwick allows you to use his ability to easily catch out enemy players and establish dominance in lane. When playing as Warwick, it is important to play around your Hungering Strike by making sure that you hit your target, while also avoiding any unnecessary aggression or damage. By doing so, you will be able to secure kills more often and be a much bigger threat to the enemy team. You can also use your Ultimate, Infinite Duress, to set up favorable fights for yourself, allowing you to dominate team fights with your sustained damage and strong crowd control.

It is important that when playing as Warwick you are aware of the power of his Hungering Strike and his Ultimate. Both of these abilities can be used for either offensive or defensive purposes depending on if you are engaging or being engaged on by an enemy teamfight. Being aware of how both of these abilities impact the match will allow you play more intelligently and effectively than most other opponents which results in more wins and less losses in game!

Utilize your Sustainability

Sustainability is very important for Warwick when it comes to playing him in the game. He has some great natural regeneration allowing you to win trades by outlasting opponents in skirmishes and extended fight. As with many champions, Warwick’s strength lies in his ability to pick and choose his battles while maintaining a pressure advantage through sheer health regeneration.

To maximize your sustainability potential, it’s important to understand when and how to use his passive abilities. His passive “Eternal Hunger” gives you lifesteal on basic attacks that scale off of attack damage and max health, meaning high-damage champions tend to get more out of this passive than something weak early on like a tank or mage with the same base maximum HP value. The other beneficial effect of this passive is that each unsuccessful basic attack you land will heal you for some amount – don’t forget about these little chunks of healing when fighting someone who will hit back! You should also consider taking Ravenous Hunter as a rune or keystone whenever possible, as it helps push Warwick over the edge in terms of sustain power due to the scaling bonus lifesteal it provides.

In terms of itemization and strategy, there are few things more important than making sure your sustain is maximized during each stage of the game. Try prioritizing items that not only provide bonus health regeneration (like Spectre’s Cowl), but also benefit from scaling off attack damage such as Lord Dominik’s Regards or Death’s Dance. Outside of that – be mindful of where you position yourself during team fights; make sure you are using your Eternal Hunger whenever possible, especially against ranged champions that can consistently poke at a distance throughout an extended fight (given its surprisingly low cooldown). Lastly try aiming for those high-value trades — ones where successive uses of your ultimate allow you to ‘outsustain’ your opponent in an extended skirmish while they run out resources quickly due to poor builds or positioning mistakes they made early on.


In conclusion, Warwick is a great champion to play in the game of League of Legends. His powerful kit allows him to dominate in both the jungle and the top lane, with his ultimate giving him teamfight control and the ability to pick off isolated enemies. His sustainability in teamfights and ability to cross the map quickly make him one of the most sought-after picks for many professional players.

Warwick is a Powerful Champion

Warwick is a strong champion who can quickly scamper around the map, usually flanking unsuspecting enemies and dealing significant amounts of damage. His passive allows him to regain health whenever he lands an auto attack and his ultimate allows him to transform into a monstrous wolf for several seconds, granting him several powerful passive effects such as increased attack and movement speeds.

His kit also allows for great versatility in playmaking, with his ability to control the jungle, push lanes, and zone opponents out of fights.

Overall, Warwick is a powerful champion who excels most in the late game when items can fully supplement his abilities’ strengths. He’s a strong initiator that can quickly set up successful teamfights or hit-and-runs against enemy teams. Although Warwick does have some weaknesses such as low attack range and easily countered kits by champions with high crowd-control abilities like CCs or silences, he’s still a highly viable pick in the right hands.

Use these Tips to Improve your Gameplay

The goal of playing League of Legends is to have fun and become a better player with each match. And to help you reach that goal, here are a few tips for playing Warwick:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings and enemies, and don’t overexpend yourself. It’s better to keep your distance when needed, even if it means taking on an extra wave or two before moving in.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of your ultimate. Utilizing your ultimate correctly can turn teamfights in your favor and even enables Warwick to outduel champions he normally wouldn’t be able to beat one on one.
  3. Take advantage of Warwick’s innate lifesteal by using his E to lower the damage taken from enemy harass. With each successful hit you’ll regain health that would otherwise have been lost in lane trading scenarios or after taking a fighting retreat from the enemy jungler gank attempt.
  4. Pay attention to the team compositions and build accordingly in order to maximize Warwick’s strengths against certain champions as well as improve upon his weaknesses when necessary. By doing so, you’ll find yourself equipped with the best tools for any given situation throughout the match.
  5. Make use of Warwick’s strong early game by roaming around the map frequently, placing control wards (to get vision on objectives) where necessary and ganking whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Warwick’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Warwick is a champion in League of Legends that primarily plays as a Jungle fighter. He is a damage-focused champion that is able to take on multiple enemies at a time and is able to survive long team fights due to his sustain abilities.

Q2: What abilities does Warwick have?

A2: Warwick has a variety of abilities that make him a strong Jungle fighter. His passive, Eternal Hunger, allows him to gain extra health and attack speed after each successful attack. His Q, Jaws of the Beast, is a targeted ability that deals damage based on how much health the opponent has. His W, Blood Hunt, gives him increased movement speed and attack speed when chasing an enemy champion. His E, Primal Howl, reduces the damage enemies nearby take while also suppressing them. His ultimate, Infinite Duress, is an AoE crowd control ability that stuns and damages enemies in the area.

Q3: What items should I build on Warwick?

A3: The items you should build on Warwick depend on the situation in the game. Generally speaking, items that provide attack damage, health, life steal, and armor penetration are good options. Popular items include Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra, and Guardian Angel.