Wukong LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Overview of Wukong

Wukong is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends (LoL). He is a monkey-like warrior who uses his staff to gain a significant advantage over his opponents. Although his kit is quite basic and straight forward, Wukong can still be a powerful champion, who packs a lot of punch if used correctly.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Wukong, his abilities, and how to play this champion to its full potential:


Wukong is a tanky bruiser that has been part of the League of Legends (LOL) lineup since season one. He is one of the few original champions who is still present in the game today. Wukong has come a long way since his initial release, having received multiple reworks, revisions, and additions to his kit.

Originally created by Morello and released in 2010, Wukong was intended to act like an anti-carry, bursting down high-damage targets quickly and then retreating from battle. This remains true even to this day; however, Wukong has grown significantly in power due to numerous changes over the years that have made him less squishy than before.

A popular figure in Chinese folklore and history, the Monkey King (also known as Sun Wukong) was acknowledged as the strongest warrior in all of China. Like the mythological character he was based on, Wukong possesses inhuman strength and agility. He uses his climb ability to traverse walls quickly and can transform into a statue using Decoy while mounting or dismounting so that he is nearly untouchable during vulnerable moments in combat scenarios. The combination of these two abilities allows him to position himself perfectly for teamfights or skirmishes without putting himself at risk. In addition, Wukong also has his trademark Nimbus Strike which can be used both defensively and offensively – especially if paired with Crushing Blow for added crowd control capability.

While it remains true that tiny monkeys can pack a punch with their mischievous natures; when playing Wukong you’ll discover that what may seem small – like taking advantage of brief moments on walls – is often only one piece of crucial coordination when facing threats out on Summoner’s Rift!


Wukong is a melee fighter hero in the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can command his martial skills and Monkey King enchantment. He works as an Anti-tank, Mage and Assassin, providing mobility and burst damage. Wukong’s abilities allow him to quickly close the gap between his enemies while dealing a large amount of damage. His ultimate makes him practically invincible – allowing him to pass straight through incoming enemy forces and strike where it hurts the most.

Passive – King of Monkeys: Wukong’s passive grants him extra physical attack speed after he completes 3 hits on an enemy.

1st Ability – Crushing Blow: This ability sends a shockwave ahead of Wukong that deals physical damage to enemies it comes into contact with. Enemies at the center will receive 80% of the total damage dealt.

2nd Ability – Warrior’s Trickery: Wukong uses his staff in order to quickly disappear from sight and teleport in any desired direction for a short duration, allowing him to ambush unsuspecting targets or flee from dangerous situations. Additionally, he is granted increased movement speed when using this skill as well as an enhanced ability power ratio per level.

3rd Ability – Primal Rampage: This passive ability increases Wukong’s basic attack power when activated and deals physical damage to all units along its trajectory with each hit dealing 20% less than its predecessor up until 2 bounces have been reached – the maximum number allowed at any given moment.

Ultimate Ability – Nimbus Strike: After choosing a designated target, Wukong shoots forward in their direction before smashing his staff down on their position dealing massive amounts of magic damage onto them while continuously slowing them down over time afterwards until they eventually leave his range or he successfully pushes them off course in order for a better opportunity towards victory!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Wukong is a powerful champion in League of Legends, boasting multiple strengths and weaknesses. His kit provides him with strong AoE damage and a variety of CC effects to control the fight. However, Wukong is also mana hungry and his ability to engage and disengage relies on his Ultimate.

Let’s take a closer look at the Strengths and Weaknesses of Wukong:


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Wukong is a mobile melee bruiser from Runeterra’s most powerful kingdom of Ionia. Although Wukong has powerful abilities and a strong laning presence, there are some weaknesses that you should consider if you plan on maining this champion.

One of Wukong’s greatest weaknesses is his lack of reliable escapes. His Nimbus Strike only provides him the ability to gap close or get away from danger, but it does not always guarantee success. Additionally, his decoy ability will provide temporary protection and can be used to help him escape, but it doesn’t always save him in tough situations. Since Wukong has no real way to get himself out of danger quickly, it is important to have your Grandmaster’s Might ready and at the ready in order to outplay or surprise enemies looking for an easy kill on you.

Another major weakness of Wukong is that his reliance on his ultimate ability creates a high risk/high reward scenario for the champion. His ultimate does provide some great burst damage and crowd control if placed correctly, however, its channel time can make him vulnerable since he cannot move while channeling its effects. Building more tank items like Black Cleaver and Dead Man’s Plate are advised in order to survive any teamfights initiated by Wukong’s ultimate before additional help arrives.

Finally, since Wukong relies heavily on auto-attacks (especially with the cyborg skin), he lacks an innate type of mobility like many champions from other classes in League of Legends do have. This means that he doesn’t have a way to consistently dodge skillshots or all-ins without any summoner spells such as Flash or Ghost equipped. Knowing when exactly you need these summoner spells becomes conditional when playing Wukong due to this weakness – ensuring that some common sense playmaking is applied when anticipated threats arise becomes necessary knowledge in order to dominate with this top lane bruiser!

Recommended Builds

Wukong is an incredibly versatile champion in League of Legends. He is able to fit well in multiple different team compositions and roles. As such, there is no definitive answer to what the best builds are for Wukong. However, there are several different recommended builds that are especially successful in particular situations. Let’s take a look at some of these recommended builds below.

Offense Build

An offensive build for Wukong can optimize his ability to dish out high damage as quickly as possible. This type of build is often used in an aggressive lane role or mid-late game team fight.

Optimal items in this type of build would include full attack damage items, such as Infinity Edge and Berserker’s Greaves for additional attack speed, as well as Bloodthirster for maximum life steal and durability. Other items that are beneficial for an offense build are Death’s Dance and Iceborne Gauntlet, either of which is excellent for reducing the cooldown on Wukong’s ultimate ability Crushing Blow.

In addition to these core items, a last whisper item (Edge of Night) should be added to further increase attack damage against enemies with higher armor levels. Lastly, stacking multiple Stattik Shivs can benefit an offense Wukong build by providing extra movement speed and mana regeneration.

The presence of this type of build generally puts strong pressure on the enemy team in terms of both their health bars and defense capabilities.

Defense Build

If you prefer to play defensively, Wukong is the perfect champion for your style. Defense builds focus on Tier 3 items that provide health, armor, and magic resist, allowing Wukong to survive team fights and tower dives alike. Items to consider include:

  • Cinderhulk: An ideal choice if you’re planning to build HP and engage in close-combat situations. It increases base health regeneration and provides a bonus to both experience gain and gold earned from killing monsters.
  • Frozen Heart: A great item for reducing attack speed of nearby enemies by 15%, which helps you withstand high damage from multiple opponents. It also provides bonus armor, making it especially effective against physical attacks.
  • Adaptive Helm: Additionally granting its wearer bonus health regeneration, this item grants bonus magic resistance when hit with magic damage more than once within a couple of seconds; perfect for avoiding caster abilities easily.
  • Warmog’s Armor: This is an ideal component of a defensive build since it gives Wukong extra health points while restoring 3% of his health every 5 seconds when not taking damage from champions or turrets. You can even restore 6% of your maximum HP over 6 seconds if your enemy hasn’t damaged you in at least 10 seconds!
  • Randuin omen: As the most defensive item in this build, Randuin Omen offers incredible protection against attack speed oriented champions through its passive ability which slows attack speed by 20% against any enemy that damages the wearer; extremely useful in sustained team fights or ambushes where you’re fighting multiple enemies at once! With solid magic resist and armor bonuses as well, this item is a must have for any defense focused champion such as Wukong!

Tips and Tricks

Wukong is a powerful champion in League of Legends with a combination of high mobility, damage, and survivability. To get the most out of Wukong, it’s important to understand his skills and how they work together.

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you use Wukong effectively in the game:

Use Wukong’s Decoy to confuse enemies

Wukong’s Decoy is a unique ability in League of Legends that lets him create a clone of himself to deceive his enemies. By using this ability, Wukong can confuse his opponents while also creating an opportunity to engage or set up advantageous ganks. When activating it, he will charge forward and, at the end of the dash, will create an indistinguishable clone that stays in one place. For a few seconds thereafter, the clone will move around – making the same noises as Wukong – just like the real champion does! This clone can distract enemies and lure them into chasing a false target for long enough for you and your allies to set up a favorable fight.

It’s important to understand how Decoy works in order to maximize its effectiveness:

  • It has no damage component and leaves Wukong with reduced movement speed after casting;
  • But it will activate when Wukong is below 40% health which means useful sustain from Summon Aery or Nashor’s Tooth is essential during team fights.

Use Decoy wisely – timing it perfectly can help save your life by allowing you to escape dangerous situations. It’s also good for taking down turrets quickly if used correctly – just make sure your allies are close by to back you up when doing so!

Use Nimbus Strike to create distance

Wukong’s Nimbus Strike ability can be used for either offense or defense. When Wukong needs to create some distance between him and his enemies, Nimbus Strike can be used to quickly hop a large distance away from them. In addition, it can also be used in situations where Wukong needs to close the gap between enemies. The key is to assess each situation and use Nimbus Strike accordingly.

Also, don’t forget that the clone created by Nimbus Strike is affected by other abilities such as Cyclone and Wuju Style. Therefore, it’s important to time your combos appropriately in order to get the most out of each one. For example, if you want your clone to do more damage or use Cyclone more effectively then you should use Nimbus Strike right before it activates. Also, make sure that the location of your clone is advantageous as well – having it charge forward while you retreat may result in a double kill if done properly!

Use Cyclone to initiate teamfights

When playing Wukong in League of Legends, one of the best ways to initiate a teamfight is by using the champion’s ultimate, Cyclone. Once activated, Wukong spins around with his weapon while generating a powerful tornado. The tornado deals area of effect damage while also dragging enemy champions closer to the center. This allows Wukong and his allies to immediately start dealing damage as soon as they enter the fight.

When using Cyclone, it’s important to have an idea of where your allies are and how they will be positioned during the engagement. Once initiated, Wukong should look to protect teammates that are low health or potentially at risk of being targeted by enemy champions. His ever-increasing Magic Resistance bonus from Nimbus Strike can help mitigate incoming damage for allies that may be caught in a sticky situation during teamfights.

Wukong can also use Cyclone as a means of escaping from an unfavorable fight or disengaging from a losing battle. His ability to knock opponents away and build distance between him and teamfights give him great flexibility when playing both offensive and defensive strategies for his team.

Countering Wukong

Countering Wukong in League of Legends can be a challenging task as this champion has a wide range of abilities that can be used in different situations. Wukong is a very mobile champion and his kit includes tools to either initiate fights, escape from them, or simply survive. Knowing how to counter Wukong is key in order to have success in your matches. Let’s have a look at some of the key points when it comes to countering this champion.

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Identify Wukong’s weaknesses

Wukong has several weaknesses that his opponents can take advantage of, the most prominent being his lack of reliable crowd control abilities. He is also quite vulnerable to sustained damage and lacks heavy burst damage, which limits his effectiveness in solo fights. His moderate health pool makes him more susceptible to poke than some other champions, while his reliance on on-hit effects means he will respond poorly to tanking and heavy armor builds.

The champion is also known for being quite mana hungry in early game. Wukong must rely on basic attacks or Burning Crushes for much of his early game damage, making them key sources of health restoration and resource sustain. Without proper mana management techniques, he can quickly run dry in lane or teamfight situations.

Lastly, Wukong suffers from a weak laning phase. He loses out in extended trades against most opponents and is easily ganked due to his lack of long-range gap closers and reliable escapes. His ultimate move Cyclone offers a sizable boost to mobility but does not help with chasing down or enabling him to position himself safely in fights. Despite these weaknesses, Wukong is still a viable pick that can offer great value when played correctly in the right circumstances and matchups.

Use champions with crowd control abilities

If you’re facing a Wukong in League of Legends, you need to keep in mind that Wukong is a very mobile and slippery fighter. His Nimbus Strike allows him to close the gap quickly, making it hard to get away from him. He can also use his Cyclone ability to make it difficult for your team to land crowd control abilities on him. As such, it is important to pick champions with good crowd control abilities when playing against Wukong.

Having a champion that can reliably stun, slow or root Wimkus can ensure that your team will have time to focus damage onto him. This will help make up for the fact that he is quite slippery. Examples of good crowd control champions include Malphite and Sejuani who both have strong AoE abilities which will punish Wukong before he can dash away safely with his Decoy ability. Additionally, champions like Zed and Syndra who specialize in long-ranged poke or lock-down will also be able to keep Wimkus from engaging on your team’s backline.

Overall, using champions with reliable crowd control skills when facing off against a Wukong will give your team an upper hand in most matchups as these abilities can take away much of the resistance he provides by simply dashing out of harms way due to Decoy or Nimbus Strike.

Take advantage of Wukong’s low mobility

Wukong is a great champion due to his powerful burst damage and strong sustained damage, but he has one major weakness – his low mobility. Despite having range with his Crescent Sweep ability, it’s still difficult for Wukong to engage or disengage quickly. Taking advantage of Wukong’s low mobility is one of the best ways to counter him in League of Legends.

When playing against a Wukong, keep tabs on where he is at all times. Try not to be far away from him for an extended period of time since he can use his Nimbus Strike to close in quickly and unleash his ultimate, Cyclone.

If you position yourself correctly you should be safe from most of Wukong’s abilities and easy prey for your teammates.

In order to make the most out of your advantage over Wukong’s low mobility you should look out for open opportunities when you can engage on him and focus on hard crowd control effects such as knock ups, stuns and slows whenever possible. This will make it even harder for him to use Cyclone as an escape tool since he won’t be able to hit any targets or run away while he’s caught up in its effects.

Although it can be hard to land any crowd control on Wukong while he’s dashing with Nimbus Strike and Decoy, if you manage to do so then you will have him at a significant disadvantage which could allow your team the perfect opportunity for an advantageous teamfight or an easy ace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Wukong LoL?

A1: Wukong is a champion in the online game League of Legends. He is a melee bruiser who excels at close-ranged combat. He has a powerful set of abilities that allow him to quickly close the gap between him and his enemies, while also providing great mobility.

Q2: What abilities does Wukong have?

A2: Wukong has 4 abilities. These include Crushing Blow, Nimbus Strike, Cyclone, and Warpath. Crushing Blow is a melee attack that deals physical damage and reduces the target’s armor for a short duration. Nimbus Strike is a dash ability that allows Wukong to quickly close the gap between him and his target. Cyclone is a powerful area of effect ability that deals physical damage and knocks up enemies in its radius. Warpath is a passive ability that increases Wukong’s attack damage and movement speed whenever he is moving towards an enemy.

Q3: What role does Wukong play in the game?

A3: Wukong is most commonly played as a bruiser in the top lane. He is also a great choice for the jungle, as his mobility and damage output make him a great ganker. Wukong’s kit also makes him a great split pusher, as his ability to quickly close the gap between him and his enemies allows him to quickly push down towers.