Xayah LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Xayah is a powerful champion in the League of Legends (LOL) game. She is a marksman champion who is played in almost all game modes. She is able to quickly take down enemy champions while remaining safe in the backline. She is also highly mobile and has some of the best abilities in the game.

Let’s take a look at all you need to know about this champion:

Background information

Xayah is a LoL champion from the Rift with a powerful, graceful spirit. She hails from the world of Ionia, where magic and martial arts go hand-in-hand. Xayah is an Exile who survived by way of her own hard work and strength—though her kindness won her friends. She’s cool, confident, and uses carefully honed skills to stay one step ahead of her opponents.

On the battlefield, Xayah is a deadly marksman with a fierce eagle’s eye. Though equipped with weapons both natural and magical, Xayah is ever prepared to fight without them in hand-to-hand combat or group battles when necessary.

Xayah’s philosophy revolves around freedom and whatever allows it most—as long as it’s hers or helps to better ensure her individual liberty. This can be seen in every aspect of her life; she refuses to be anything but independent whether it’s battling on the Rift or living in Ionia among other related countries. Xayah has been known to take risks at times but never loses sight of their purpose: outwit your enemies and ensure your freedom no matter what it takes. Her strong will serves as mere proof that no matter how difficult things may get, one can persevere and live as if nothing has changed despite all other’s expectations.


Xayah is a mobile champion with a high-damage attack kit that makes her particularly deadly in duels. Xayah’s passive ability ‘Featherstorm’ gives her enhanced speed and attack speed when she deals critical damage, allowing her to rapidly reposition and strike consecutive blows against a target.

With ‘Double Daggers’, Xayah throws two blades of razor-sharp feathers at an enemy in quick succession, causing additional physical damage. Her ‘Deadly Plumage’ creates a storm of feathers at Xayah’s location, granting Xayah movement and attack speed while also slowing nearby enemies who remain within its radius.

Her ultimate, ‘Bladecaller’ augments her basic attacks with powerful feather blades that are released after striking enemies. These fly forward and draw back in, dealing damage to all enemies along their path until they return to Xayah. Combined these abilities give Xayah an exceptional potential to dominate all sides of the confusion thanks to an aggressive, maneuverable style that allows her to withstand any threats from opponents as well as dictate her strategy on the rift.


Xayah, the Rebel of Runeterra, is a Marksman champion in League of Legends released on July 13, 2017. She is an AD Carry champion with a mixture of attack speed and physical damage. Xayah is a highly mobile champion who excels in skirmishes and can tear through enemies while staying safe. She has immense burst potential and powerful tools that make her a strong solo-carry in the right hands.

In this article, we will take a look at Xayah’s strengths and how you can use them to your advantage:

High mobility

Xayah is a mobile champion with exceptional maneuverability, courtesy of her passive ability, Fate’s Call. This passive grants Xayah an increased movement speed and a dash each time she lands a basic attack or successfully casts the Featherstorm ability. Her mobility can easily enable her to dodge skill shots that would otherwise be fatal and pick up ganks in an instance. This capability makes her very desirable in the late game as she can dart between enemies with ease and is often present during team fights.

In lane, her mobility makes it difficult for opponents to land skill shots on her, as she can rapidly escape from harm’s way. Even if enemies lock down Xayah with crowd control abilities or movement impairing spells like snares, Xayah’s ultimate, Bladecaller allows her to quickly reposition away from danger while dealing considerable damage in the process.

These extraordinary strengths make Xayah a champion of choice for players looking to capitalize on high mobility champions who dish out steady damage output over extended periods of time.

High damage

When it comes to his damage output, Xayah is a powerful and formidable opponent. His basic attacks deal a significant amount of damage and can easily take out enemies with a few well-placed shots. His ultimate ability, Featherstorm, also deals tremendous damage in a wide area and works especially well against groups of enemies.

In addition, Xayah’s passive ability causes his critical strike chance to increase as he continues to attack the same enemy, allowing him to deal even more damage when facing strong enemies. As such, Xayah can be used as an effective bruiser during team fights or jungle skirmishes, as his high burst damage combined with the increased critical strike chance can easily take out key opponents.

Good crowd control

Xayah is a champion in League of Legends who is well known for her good crowd control abilities. With her passive, Deadly Plumage, she can increase the range of her abilities by up to 65%. Her other main strength comes from her ultimate ability, Featherstorm. When used correctly, this ability allows Xayah to instantly appear in an area while briefly stunning enemies and dealing true damage to them.

She also has great mobility with her Q, Double Daggers. This allows her to quickly close the gap between enemies and get off more Qs or use other abilities for crowd control or damage. Additionally, Xayah’s W, Razor Shuriken, provides decent waveclear and poke in lane so that she can pressure enemies up close or keep them at bay.

All these skills combined make Xayah an excellent choice for teams looking for someone with strong crowd control capabilities.


Xayah has some weaknesses that players must be aware of in order to play her successfully. One of her main weaknesses is her low mobility, which can make positioning difficult. Additionally, Xayah is very vulnerable to crowd control, which can disrupt her ability to fight and engage in teamfights. Her limited range can also be a problem as she must often get close to enemies in order to land her abilities.

Poor waveclear

Xayah has average waveclear for an AD carry, thanks to her Deadly Plumage passive. However, she does not have any real “hard” crowd control abilities outside of slowing them down with her Featherstorm (R). This means that her waveclear can fall fairly quickly if the enemy team is able to force a fight in the minion waves. As such, it’s important for Xayah players to focus on finding good angles of attack and avoiding getting kited by the opposing team during teamfights.

Her ultimate gives her enough range to clear minion waves quickly, so taking advantage of this can often be enough to make up for the lack of hard crowd control.

Low range

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Low durability

One of Xayah’s greatest weaknesses is her low durability. She isn’t capable of absorbing the same amount of damage that some other champions can take and she doesn’t have any abilities to make up for it either. While her passive can heal her slightly and make her temporarily invulnerable, it only lasts for a short period of time.

She also has a difficult time dealing with ranged champions as well as crowd control abilities. Her skillset does not provide a great deal of escape options, meaning if an enemy catches her off guard, she usually won’t be able to get away without taking some damage in the process.

Overall, Xayah players need to be aware they may be weaker than the opponents they face and should focus on playing cautiously and avoiding any large engagements until they have the strength or opportunity to burst down opponents quickly through careful positioning or use of crowd control.

Tips and Tricks

Playing Xayah in League of Legends can be a great way to have success in the game and dominate the lanes. Xayah has powerful abilities, and if used correctly, she can be a match for many of the top champions. There are tricks and tips to help players use Xayah to their advantage, so let’s look at some of the things you should know and do to make her even more powerful on the battlefield:

Use ult to disengage

Learning to disengage under high-pressure situations is one of the most important skills a learner can develop. One key technique that can be used for this purpose is known as ULT. ULT stands for “Unlearn the Lesson,” and it is an effective tool for managing stress. Through ULT, a person can learn to disengage from difficult or overwhelming situations and instead focus on something positive.

The practice of ULT requires the learner to identify specific situations where feelings of helplessness arise and then focus on actively unlearning what was learned in that situation. It involves breaking down the assumptions about this situation, replacing them with empowering beliefs, and informing your brain that it’s no longer necessary to have these same responses every time you encounter a similar situation in the future. To begin practicing ULT, start by acknowledging how you feel when you become overwhelmed in certain scenarios. You can then understand why certain thoughts are triggering negative emotions within you and start putting into place strategies that will help combat those reactions when they arise again in the future.

Examples of some useful strategies when engaging in ULT include:

  • Listening to calming music or guided audio exercises
  • Investing time in activities such as yoga or meditation
  • Writing out your thoughts on paper or discussing them with someone who can offer support
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises or body scans
  • Taking breaks throughout the day to relax and unwind

By using these techniques regularly, ULT can help create healthier responses to difficult situations, enabling learners to engage more confidently with their environment.

Use Q to engage

Xayah attacks only with her basic attack, so engaging with her Q, Deadly Plumage, is most often the best option. When casting Q, 3 feathers will appear depending on the level of Xayah’s ultimate. Level one gives Xayah three feathers while level two gives four. Each feather will last six seconds, and they can be stacked if all are used by the same time.

If used properly, Xayah can enter a fight and stay in it as long as possible; dealing tons of damage to all enemies caught in range while also providing bonuses of movement speed increase and attack speed buff. When a kill is made or if the ability wears off naturally, Xayah will be granted mana back for you to use on another combination of her spells. Having your Q available at all times is essential in mastering the champion and having success in battle!

Use E to control the fight

When it comes to fighting smart in your favorite video games, the letter ‘E’ can be the difference between success and failure. This letter is one of those “extra” buttons that go beyond the basics, and it is often overlooked by gamers looking for a leg up. In many cases, pressing ‘E’ can trigger special moves or animations that give you an edge against your opponents.

In first-person shooters such as Call of Duty or Overwatch, ‘E’ can be used to crouch or act as an intermediary step between a standing and prone position. This helps you stay out of sight and even reach difficult locations on the map. It also gives you alternate line of sight options when scouting out enemies.

In RPGs like Diablo 3, GTA V Online and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, ‘E’ may allow you to interact with items in the environment, open chests and take pressure off your attack keys. If used improperly, it may trigger unwanted animations or leave you vulnerable during a tough fight. But if used correctly, it can benefit you in countless ways throughout your gaming sessions.

Finally in fighting games such as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition or Super Smash Bros., pressing the ‘E’ button together with another input can execute unique moves that would not normally take place if only one button was pressed alone. Some characters even have their entire move list based around this key for combos that would normally be impossible to perform without some kind of extra button press paired into them!

As always with gaming strategies – practice makes perfect when trying these tips! All the best in your online encounters!

Team Synergy

When it comes to choosing a champion to play in League of Legends, one key factor to consider is team synergy. Team synergy is the ability of the players on a team to coordinate and function together in order to achieve a common goal. When it comes to Xayah, her kit offers a lot of potential for a cohesive teamfight. Her ultimate, Featherstorm, can be used to lock down multiple enemies while her passive, Deadly Plumage, can increase her team’s mobility.

Let’s delve deeper into the team-oriented benefits of mastering Xayah:

Good with engage champions

Xayah works especially well as a support when paired with champions that can provide an engage tool. Examples include Lucian, Braum or Jarvan IV – champions that have the ability to use their crowd control to kick off a fight.

When playing in the bottom lane, Xayah makes an excellent backline support due to her high mobility and her dangerous area of effect damage. Xayah offers other ways of helping her team win fights – like using her ultimate which is able to lock down an opponent champion in a specific area.

Since she is able to slow enemies that are hit by her feathers, this allows for extra utility for someone like Lucian who wants to stay close and attack the enemy team without taking too much damage. Xayah’s range also gives Lucian the ability to keep up with ranged attackers and be safe if he gets zoned out of a fight. Together they make one of most potent opportunities for quick kills on unsuspecting opponents in early game skirmishes or fights around objectives.

Good with disengage champions

Xayah works well with champions who can provide her with ample disengage options, giving her the room she needs to stay safe while dealing damage. Choice picks include Zilean, Alistar and Braum, who can offer crowd control that Xayah needs to survive a fight. Alternatively, Thresh can work as an effective partner, providing multiple types of crowd control while keeping Xayah safe with powerful shields and pick potential using his Death Sentence.

When laning with a disengage champion, playing aggressively becomes easier as you will be able to take advantage of their cc should enemies dive or try to fight you in lane. Xayah’s long range Ultimate also provides great setup for picks against clumped up teams as her allies typically have plenty of crowd control resulting in easy kills.

Good with champions that can follow up her ult

Team synergy is crucial for success when playing as Xayah. She works particularly well with champions that have crowd control and can help follow up on her ult. Xayah has the ability to root enemies in a wide area, so having another champion that can capitalize on that by dealing significant amounts of damage makes her an even more formidable force.

Examples of champions that pair particularly well with Xayah are those with hard-hitting crowd-control ultimates like Corki, Pyke, and Braum. These champions can quickly close distances on opponents to finish them off while they’re being rooted by Xayah’s ult. In addition, champions with strong single target abilities like Jhin and Vayne also work well with Xayah because they can maximize the amount of damage they’ll do once their abilities reach their full potential after the enemies are rooted by her ultimate.

Alester’s ultimate is also effective against a large group of enemies because it deals massive amounts of damage over a small area, making it perfect for catching multiple enemies in the line of fire while they’re rooted, thereby dealing maximum damage before getting away safe and sound. All these synergies make Xayah a great pick into all sorts of composition styles as long as you draft accordingly and have someone who knows how to capitalize on her strengths!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Xayah’s role?
A1: Xayah is an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) champion in League of Legends. She is usually played in the bottom lane and her primary role is to deal sustained damage over time during team fights.

Q2: What is Xayah’s playstyle?
A2: Xayah is a ranged champion with a high skill ceiling. She excels at kiting and positioning in team fights, and her capabilities to quickly burst down targets make her a formidable opponent.

Q3: What are Xayah’s main abilities?
A3: Xayah’s main abilities are her passive ability, “Featherstorm”, which grants her bonus attack speed; her Q ability, “Double Daggers”, which throws two daggers that deal physical damage; her W ability, “Deadly Plumage”, which creates a storm of feathers that grant her bonus movement speed; her E ability, “Bladecaller”, which summons a line of blades that damage enemies; and her ultimate ability, “Chaos Storm”, which creates a storm of blades that deal damage over time.