Xerath LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Xerath is one of the most popular League of Legends champions. He is known for his exceptional abilities and his ability to absorb large amounts of damage. He is also known for his ability to change the tide of any team fight with his ultimate ability.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at all the aspects of Xerath that make him one of the top picks of mid laners in the current meta.

Overview of Xerath

Xerath is a long-ranged mage that specializes in bursts of powerful magic damage. His kit focuses on gaining large amounts of attack range as he builds and combining it with powerful crowd control and heavy burst damage, allowing him to completely annihilate enemies from afar.

With a variety of strong crowd control effects, including a stun, root, slow and shieldbreaker, Xerath can be exceptionally deadly against the right team composition. He also has strong waveclear and escape tools in the form of arcane barrage and Arcane Shift. Whether you are looking to provide long-range poke or devastating bursts of magical damage, Xerath is one champion you definitely want to add to your lineup.


Xerath is a powerful mage champion in the game League of Legends. He has powerful abilities that give him great control of the battlefield, allowing him to pick off enemies from a great distance. His kit includes abilities like Arcanopulse, Eye of Destruction, Shocking Orb, and Rite of the Arcane.

Let’s take a closer look at these abilities and how they can help you in your games:


Arcanopulse is Xerath’s main source of damage and an Apprehend ability. It is a long-ranged linear skill shot, which means it fires in a straight line and can be blocked by other champions or destroyed jungle monsters. Upon cast, the beam automatically travels to the targeted direction, dealing magic damage to targets hit by an expanding sphere along its path that applies a brief, slowing effect.

With careful aiming, Arcanopulse serves as a powerful poke tool in laning phase as well as an efficient waveclear spell later on in the game.

Eye of Destruction

Eye of Destruction is a powerful ability Xerath has in the League of Legends game. It allows him to fire an arc of destructible energy at his enemies. The Eye of Destruction is made up of six smaller bolts of energy that can be directed at different targets. Each bolt deals magic damage and slows the target’s movement speed for a short period.

It can be used to make it harder for enemies to close in on Xerath or to give your allies an advantage by disabling an enemy’s movements. The Eye of Destruction also grants vision, making it a great tool for scouting an area or tracking your opponents.

Shocking Orb

Xerath’s passive ability is Shocking Orb. This passive gives Xerath a number of empowered shots that become available over a few seconds. The empowered shots have shorter cooldowns, deal more damage and cause more disruption than regular basic attacks. The more Shocking Orbs you have stacked, the longer your cooldown will be for unleashing them in quick succession.

When a Shocking Orb is activated, it does increased damage and passes through enemies. It also creates an area of slowing lightning around where the orb impacts, allowing Xerath to control the battlefield and force opponents out of position or prevent them from engaging or escaping properly. Controlling his Shocking Orbs will be critical to using Xerath effectively in battle.

Mage Chains

Mage Chains are abilities used by Mages to manipulate mana and link enemies with their powers. Mage Chains are powerful and complex abilities, requiring advanced mastery and knowledge of magic in order to be used effectively.

Mage Chains can be used to do anything from snaring enemies and linking them with a chain of mana, to cursing them with debilitating effects. They usually require the caster’s focus for several moments and will remain active for a few seconds until the caster has taken control of their target’s mind or energies in some form or another. Mage Chain spells also require heavy amounts of mana, as they take a considerable amount of energy to create the bonds between subjects and caster.

Casting this type of spell can be incredibly dangerous though as canceling it without proper training can leave the caster drained beyond the normal limits which could result in fatal exhaustion or cases where one could never cast again. The length and strength of these chains depends on each individual Mage’s skill level; higher skilled mages can even pull multiple subjects together with this type ability while creating larger-scale effects through mastery over their power.

Rite of the Arcane

Rite of the Arcane is Xerath’s passive ability. The first time an enemy champion ability hits him, that champion will receive a debuff that reduces the effectiveness of their abilities and basic attacks. After 15 seconds, this debuff will fade and the enemy champion can use their abilities at full power. His passive provides an extra layer of defense against those who rely heavily on their abilities in battle.

Another layer of protection comes from Xerath’s E – Shocking Orb, which detonates when enemies get too close. This movement speed reducing explosion makes it difficult for his opponents to reach him without taking damage or being slowed down, allowing Xerath to stay at a safe distance from his enemies as he casts his spells.

Xerath’s ultimate ability – Rite of the Mage – is a powerful AOE spell with a long range but high cost in mana. Its lengthy cast time and need for channeling leaves him vulnerable, but it can be used to finish off weakened foes or to blast away clustered enemy teams. With its range and sheer destructive power, Rite of the Mage is arguably one of the most influential Ultimates among all League champions!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Xerath is a mid-range mage in the world of League of Legends. He can dish out powerful bursts of magical damage from a safe distance but is vulnerable to enemy assassins and ganks if caught out of position.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of playing as Xerath, focusing on laning and teamfighting capabilities:


Xerath is a part of League of Legends’ caster class and comes with some distinct strengths. The character’s first advantage is range; Xerath has one of the longest basic attack ranges in the game, and his abilities all have incredible reach as well. This means that while he’s not an especially fast character, Xerath can stand back and control the battlefield from a safe distance.

Due to his long-ranging abilities and auto-attacks, Xerath has excellent wave clear potential, meaning that he can quickly clear minion waves with ease. He also has great sustainability throughout most of the match if played correctly; his passive ability flags up enemy champions for further damage over time, allowing him to keep playing without fear of retribution from enemies.

Finally, Xerath also has great crowd control capabilities with two AoE stuns at his disposal as ultimate abilities; this allows him to create lockdown situations in which enemies often feel trapped for no choice but to surrender or retreat in frustration.


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Tips and Tricks

Xerath is a powerful mage champion in League of Legends that is capable of dealing high amounts of burst damage with quick casting and mobility. Xerath can be formidable in both the mid lane and in the bot lane as a support.

In this section, we will be discussing some tips and tricks that can help you maximize your damage output and effectiveness as Xerath in League of Legends:


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Timing is key to being successful when playing as Xerath. This champion has some of the longest-ranged and most damaging spells in the game, but they take time to cast and find the right target. For example, you’ll need to animate Locus of Power before using his Ardent Blaze spell, so it’s important that you take the time to aim properly. Additionally, when trying to land a long-range Artillery spell, predicting where enemies will be, rather than focusing solely on their current position is an effective strategy.

Moreover, successfully managing Xerath’s abilities requires timing and decision making for his other spells in order for them to be maximized. His second active ability – Mage Chains – can be used differently depending on which situation you find yourself in; players can quickly chain together enemies with this ability or use it defensively by stunning opponents trying to escape a fight or get close enough for a melee attack. Even outside of combat situations it can be used tactically; by luring enemies into traps and keeping them from chasing down an ally you want to protect. Knowing your environment and reading your opponents’ movements will help maximize your success when playing as Xerath because using his kit effectively will allow you to control fights and make sure that they swing in your favor.


Having a good understanding of when to use your combos will greatly enhance your play with Xerath. The most basic combo that you’ll want to practice is the ability combo. This consists of flashing into lane, and following up with Q,W and E for maximum damage. You can then finish off with an auto-attack to apply the damage from your passive.

Xerath’s more advanced combos involve more precise timing on ability usage as well as a better understanding of positioning. This includes using a Flash W, or an ultimate plus Flash into the middle of a teamfight which can consequently lead to massive burst damage or crowd control effects depending on which abilities you decide to use afterwards.

Another important part of using Xerath’s kit correctly is utilizing his high range sustain. When harassing in lane, try using Q – auto attack and then running away quickly so as not to take any unnecessary risks or damage. Additionally, make sure you are always making sure that you are safe while looking for opportunities to pick off unsuspecting enemies with your long range abilities.

Practicing these combos in normal games will give you the confidence and muscle memory needed so that when it comes time for those vital engagements in ranked games, it’ll feel like second nature!


Xerath is a powerful mage champion in League of Legends. He is a long-range artillery mage and he has a unique set of abilities. Xerath has immense burst damage and can easily take down enemies from afar. He is a great champion for team fights and can control the battle from afar. He is also incredibly mobile, able to quickly reposition himself in the midst of battle.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the champion and explore his strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for using him well in matches.

How to Play Xerath

Xerath is a strong long-range mage who is most effective when placed at the backline of a teamfight. With his incredible range, HP pool and burst damage potential, he can easily take down multiple enemies.

When playing Xerath, it is important to focus on mastering your mobility and knowing when to use your ultimate ability. As a champion that solely relies on his ultimate, you should always be aware of where the enemy team is positioned in relation to your teammates. Use Xerath’s W to break through walls and engage against enemies who are grouped up or protecting key objectives. When building as Xerath, he should be built with utility and survivability in mind. It is important to choose items that will allow him to have extended presence in the late game, especially when facing multiple opponents at once.

Furthermore, if given enough time or the right situation, Xerath can dominate teamfights with his immense burst potential from both his spells and ultimates given by items such as Archangel’s Staff. It is up to you as a player to know when it’s appropriate to take risks with him whilst also understanding how much control you can hold over a fight using your ultimate as long-range waveclear tool or engage tool for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Xerath’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Xerath is a mage champion in League of Legends. He is a ranged champion who has a wide variety of spells which are used to deal damage and crowd control enemies.

Q2: What are some of Xerath’s abilities?

A2: Xerath has a variety of abilities which are used for both damage and crowd control. His abilities include Arcanopulse, Shocking Orb, Eye of Destruction, and Rite of the Arcane. He also has a passive ability called Mana Surge which increases his mana regeneration.

Q3: What type of playstyle is best for Xerath?

A3: Xerath is a powerful mage champion who excels at long-range poke and burst damage. His abilities allow him to harass enemies from afar, and his ultimate is especially powerful when used in team fights. He is best played as a mid-laner or a roam.