Yorick LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls, is a tanky and durable fighter in League of Legends. He is a playable champion in the game with a variety of abilities that can be used to great effect in team fights and solo lane battles. He has great crowd control abilities and can withstand a lot of damage and pressure.

In this article, we will take a look at all that you need to know about the champion, Yorick, and his abilities:

Overview of Yorick

Yorick is a champion within the multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends (LoL). Known as the Shepherd of Lost Souls, he has the ability to summon minions that dive his opponents, providing him with a form of crowd control. His ultimate ability, Undying Rage, restores some life points upon casting and after death, making him a formidable foe in team fights.

As a melee fighter and bruiser, Yorick excels at wrecking enemies both close- and mid-range with his auto-attacks and abilities. His kit is composed of four offensive abilities combined with one active utility spell. His main damage sources are his passive ability Last Rites which gives him extra damage when striking an opponent below 40%, and his Q component of Mace of Spades which is capable of dealing massive damage depending on the number of enemies struck during activation period.

He also possesses several defensive capabilities such as Summon Ghouls which gives him percentage mitigation from auto attacks’ damage from all directions for several seconds (prolonged with attack speed). Additionally he also possesses Eulogy for Yorick mode providing him with further horde control capabilities.

With strong single-target burst capabilities, defensive utility spells and revive effects on his ulti coupled with high health regeneration rates Yorick can sustain in most fights indefinitely while restoring double digit numbers on lifes points while cast heavily punishing those who attempt to fight against the Shepherd.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Yorick is a champion in League of Legends that specializes in controlling the battlefield with his Graveyard, summoning a special type of ghouls. He has a range of unique abilities that he can use to control the battlefield, from summoning ghouls to a mass resurrection ultimate.

Let’s take a look at the abilities he has to offer:

Omen of Death

Omen of Death is a powerful ability that allows a select few individuals to see the untimely death of another. This gift has been handed down through generations and is believed to have originated from supernatural entities. The ways in which this power manifests vary, but it usually marks the bearer with physical symptoms such as paleness, trembling and prophetic dreams. Those gifted with this ability often experience fear and dread when possessed by a vision of death, but it also serves as a powerful warning for those who can interpret its signs correctly.

The causes of death related to Omen of Death vary considerably and can be quite unpredictable. For example, a person might see themselves or another about to be struck by lightning, or feel an overwhelming sense of terror surrounding cancer only to find that the cause of death was actually an unexpected heart attack. It’s also known for this power to manifest in different ways in different people; some may see only shadows while others may hear voices or experience visions in their dreams.

Though it may appear overwhelmingly frightening to many, Omen of Death may ultimately provide guidance towards preventing tragedy if used responsibly and wisely interpreted by those who possess it. It’s important that caution be exercised when receiving prophetic warnings so as not to give false hope in avoiding certain events which are meant to come into fruition. Nevertheless, some believe that this unique ability has the potential to positively influence our lives when appropriately respected and understood—as long as its recipient remains vigilant in recognizing its signs and taking appropriate action on them accordingly.

Last Rites

Yorick’s ultimate, Last Rites, is a unique ability that gives him a hefty buff while simultaneously dealing massive damage in a wide area around his target. As soon as Yorick casts Last Rites, he is surrounded by five mist walkers – entity’s he can control with his auto-attacks to other enemies nearby. Each even move near him automatically generates additional mist walkers for Yorick’s army.

These mist walkers will fight with and for Yorick until the end of the duration. During this time his basic attacks and abilities reset faster, attack speed goes up by 20%, he regenerates 6% of his maximum health per second when below 40%, and all healing he receives is amplified by 33%.

When activated, Last Rites also deals a large amount of magic damage split between all enemies in the area but cannot affect Baron Nashor or monsters. The closer your target is to Yorick, the more damage they will take, so it is important to make sure your target isn’t too far away when casting this ability!

Mourning Mist

Mourning Mist is one of Yorick’s most iconic abilities, allowing him to control the battlefield. This ability has multiple layers of complexity and begins by summoning a mist that covers the nearby area. While this mist is in effect, both allies and enemies lose sight of anyone standing in its boundaries. This can be used to help allies retreat from battle or even trap enemies as they attempt to escape.

In addition, allies that enter the mist gain increased movement speed, bonus attack speed and bonus damage. Enemies affected by the mist will suffer reduced movement speed, reduced attack speed and increased damage from Yorick’s attacks. Lastly, all units affected by the mist will become untargetable for 3 seconds upon exiting it, allowing for creative plays that can dominate fights! This ability provides players with a great tool for controlling engagements and taking objectives without being detected or attacked.

Unholy Covenant

Unholy Covenant is a passive ability available to certain classes in select roleplaying video games. It is an effect that continually boosts the strength of both the user and their allies, allowing them to become more powerful in battle. This can be especially beneficial if players are facing an especially difficult enemy or boss.

The specifics of this ability varies from game to game, with some offering more stat bonuses than others depending on the class being played and the game itself. Often, Unholy Covenant affects attack damage as well as critical hit chance and critical hit damage, allowing players to deal more effective blows against their opponents. Additionally, some implementations of this ability offer additional health regeneration for both allies and enemies alike when active.

In summary, Unholy Covenant is a powerful passive ability that can give a significant advantage during difficult encounters. With its various effects boosting both attack power and survivability, it can be an invaluable asset when utilized properly by characters with access to this unique enchantment.

Eulogy of the Isles

Eulogy of the Isles is Yorick’s ultimate ability. This powerful and effective spell summons five Spectral gravediggers to raise Mist Walkers from the ground and fight alongside him.

The Spectral Gravediggers grant Yorick bonus movement speed while nearby and each digger’s attacks cause enemies to slow down and take bonus damage from other sources for a short duration, making them perfect for initiating team fights or controlling objectives such as dragon or Baron Nashor. The graves remain active for a short duration allowing Yorick to summon more Mist Walkers during that time.

When the graves expire, all Mist Walkers created by them will explode dealing damage in a small area around where they were conjured; this does not apply when the Mist Walker is killed first, however. Enemies hit by this explosion will be significantly slowed allowing Yorick to use his abilities with ease during extended team fights. Finally, with Eulogy of Isles maxed out, Yorick is able to summon an additional Gravedigger which can make all the difference in a late game situation where objectives are contested and every ally counts.

Tips and Tricks

Yorick is a champion in League of Legends with a unique kit, making him a great pick for both solo and team playstyles. He can provide strong crowd control, great waveclear potential, and high damage throughout the game. However, to maximize his potential, it’s important to understand the best tips and tricks for using Yorick.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for playing Yorick to become a better player:


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Understanding the timing of your gameplay is essential for mastering Yorick in League of Legends.

When playing him, it is important to make sure you can successfully initiate a fight or engage with enemies when needed. Knowing the timings for various game scenarios will result in more successful attacks and better positioning overall. To practice getting the timing down, it may be helpful to look up some gameplay videos and try executing similar strategies yourself in custom games or matches against bots.

It’s important to get a good understanding of when to engage and when not to. If your opponents are spread out, you can focus on gathering souls from minions and monsters while waiting for opportune moments to use your abilities efficiently. In teamfights, using abilities at the exact right moment can turn the tides of battle. Try to time your ultimate well so that it hits multiple enemies while they’re grouped up, which will maximize its effectiveness as an area of effect ability instead of spreading out its damage too much. Your E should also be used with carefully timed precision as you want its bounce effect across multiple targets for maximum damage output.

Knowing how much time is allotted in a teamfight situation is also useful when playing Yorick; how long can you ult and throw axes? This knowledge will help you strategize accordingly and save energy for when it’s needed most during a match such as chasing down fleeing opponents or reversing unfavorable engagements. With proper practice, your timing on Yorick will become more precise over time!


Yorick is all about combos – blending spells together to maximize damage output. Knowing when and what items to pick can often mean the difference between success and failure with this champion. Here are some of the most common, effective combos for Yorick:

  • Q-Basic Attack-W: When you have non-stunned enemies in your range, this is one of the best options for establishing control over the lane and allowing your teammate to help pick up kills. Start off with a Q to slow down an enemy champion and then immediately use a basic attack before they recover while following up with W to truly increase your effectiveness bringing down their health even further.
  • W-E-Q: A great choice when you’re appealing for assistance from teammates or going against a solo opponent, this combo has been known as one of Yorick’s most reliable tools for shutting down opposition despite its complexity. Begin by casting W followed immediately by E. Then, as soon as E begins flowing away from you, rapidly shoot Q towards the enemy champion navigating it just outside of them so it brings back around into an X formation hitting them twice – once on either side of them. Not only will they be stunned but also slowed down after absorbing two terrifying hits that could potentially lead to an unexpected victory in team fights or 1v1 battles leaving your enemies scrambling in fear!

Team Fighting

Team Fighting is an important part of most multiplayer games and requires careful planning and coordination. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and coming up with strategies to make them work together to achieve the objectives of a game is a key part of becoming a successful player. Here are some tips on how to make team fighting in your favorite games more effective:

  • Focus on communication: Each of your teammates should be able to coordinate their actions while taking into account the movements and strategies of the other players. Team communication can be done through verbal commands, text chat, or by using specialized gaming headsets that allow for quicker reactions times.
  • Know your roles: Different characters have different abilities in team fights so you should ensure that each player knows what roles need to be filled for maximum effectiveness in battle. This understanding will help you devise tactics based on who is available as well as ensure that each player knows what job they need to do when engaging with opponents.
  • Play to each other’s strengths: Team members should be aware of one another’s strengths so that they can use those abilities effectively in fights. This includes knowing who Does more damage or has defensive capabilities, which character should initiate fights, or who has crowd control powers to help keep enemies grouped up for easier takedowns. By playing off one another’s strengths you can achieve much better results than trying to tackle opponents solo.
  • Utilize cover fire: You should focus fire on enemy targets systematically by dividing them up into smaller targets for multiple players to attack simultaneously for maximum effect. This prevents enemies from being able to easily focus down individual players while allowing your team time spread out damage and avoid taking too much all at once from enemy attacks. Taking cover from enemy assaults also provides opportunities for healers or support classes like tanks maintain health while teammates dish out damage in return, allowing you win more often in battle!


Knowing your champion’s counters is important to winning in League of Legends, and this applies to Yorick as well. Counters are effectively the opposite champions that perform better against your chosen champion. There are a few tips and tricks to go about it, and in this section we will look at the suggested counters for Yorick in the game.


Champions, or Champions in the League of Legends game, are the player-controlled characters in a multiplayer online battle arena. Each champion has its own abilities and skills they can use to defeat their opponents and protect your team.

In order to become a Champion, players must first select one from an ever-growing list of characters. Once selected, Champions are given a set of customizations that players can use to make each character unique and distinct from others. This includes options for skin colors and customizing spells with runes for XP boosts and bonus damage effects.

Each Champion is classified into roles such as damage dealer, tank, support and Mage – this helps determine which characters should take up different roles within a team composition. High tier champions with strong stats often dominate the professional scenes like pro tournaments – however lower tiers champions work just as well if used correctly in varying situations.

A key component of success lies in having good communication amongst members of your team while also making sure not to clash on certain objectives such as Baron Nashor or control towers on the map! The right character will make or break your team so it’s important utilize each champion’s strengths in order to win games!


The items a player should look for depend heavily on the situation and the position which the player has to fit in. Generally speaking, Yorick can thrive off of items which provide attack damage for his auto-attack based playstyle and health as Yorick is a tanky character who needs to be in the frontline. Below is a list of common items Yorick players build that offer him this balance between offense and defense.

Core Items:

  • Blade of The Ruins King: This item gives health, attack damage and passive lifesteal, all excellent qualities for an Auto Attack based champion like Yorick.
  • Titanic Hydra: This item gives an area of effect damage buff on basic attacks as well as additional health and attack damage stats.
  • Dead Man’s Plate: This item gives movement speed, increased armor, additional Health, and increased damage output when charging. It is especially helpful when trying to close gaps or dodge enemy crowd control effects by initiating fights with its movement speed boost.

Situational Items:

  • Death’s Dance: This item grants some survivability qualities such as bleed resistance with lifesteal capabilities since it converts some physical damage dealt into healing instead.
  • Randuin’s Omen: This item grants armor and cooldown reduction enabling more abilities cast from fights before reloading abilities again at level 18 making Yorick even stronger late game.
  • Maw Of Malmortius: Offers magic resist alongside high scaling ad/armor penetration making Yorick especially adept at targeting tanks or other hard carries within teamfights midgame.


Yorick is a champion in League of Legends (LoL) that fits into a tank role and is also a fighter champion. This champion has high defensive stats and a unique ability to summon undead warriors. He is powerful in team fights, can provide a lot of crowd control, and is a great pick for solo lanes. His ultimate ability allows him to become even more powerful and formidable in fights. He can be difficult to play against and is a great pick for any team composition.

Let’s dive into all the details of Yorick and what makes him a great champion.

Pros and Cons

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Final Thoughts

Yorick, the Shepherd of the Lost, is a unique pick for those looking for a tanky marksman-type champion in the bottom lane. His unusual summoners have many useful abilities from improved farming to crowd control. His kit gives him strong laning presence and makes him a great choice for getting ahead early on. Players must also keep in mind his spirit form as it adds a new level of decision-making and skill as well as zoning and dueling potential.

Overall, Yorick is an interesting and reliable pick for players wanting to flex into the role with confidence. He is easy to learn and does not require class-leading mechanical skill or knowledge of complex matchups, though he can benefit from both. With these things in mind, Yorick stands out due to his ability to:

  • Easily transition from tanky marksman into an uncontestable late game power-carry
  • Always supply team utility no matter how long the match runs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Yorick’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Yorick is a fighter/tank champion in League of Legends. He is best suited for the top lane and can be a powerful force when played correctly. His kit gives him plenty of sustain and survivability, allowing him to outlast his opponents and come out on top in extended trades.

Q2: What are Yorick’s abilities in League of Legends?

A2: Yorick has a unique set of abilities that make him a powerful champion. His passive, Shepherd of Souls, grants him bonus attack damage and allows him to summon ghosts from slain minions and monsters. His Q, Last Rites, deals damage in an area and summons a grave that can be used to heal himself. His W, Mourning Mist, is a short-range skillshot that slows and damages enemies. His E, Unholy Covenant, gives him bonus attack speed and movement speed, and his ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles, summons four ghouls that attack his enemies.

Q3: What items are best suited for Yorick in League of Legends?

A3: Generally, it is best to build items that increase Yorick’s ability to stay alive and deal sustained damage. Some items that are good on him are Warmog’s Armor, Trinity Force, Sunfire Cape, and Spirit Visage. These items give him a combination of health, attack damage, and survivability, allowing him to stay in fights for longer and deal more damage.