Yuumi LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Yuumi is a champion in League of Legends that was released in 2019. She is a very versatile champion, as she can be played as both a support and an AP carry. Known for her ability to move quickly in and out of fights, Yuumi is a formidable member of any team. She can provide plenty of healing and damage mitigation, as well as some impressive burst damage.

In this article, you will get to know more about the champion and find out what makes her such a powerful asset in the game.

Overview of Yuumi

Yuumi is a unique champion that can be played in both support and mage roles in League of Legends. She has a unique playstyle and kit, possessing the ability to heal allies, shields herself and her partner, provide crowd control, and restore mana.

Yuumi’s primary role is to be the supportive companion for her partner; staying near them at all times and using her magical skills to enhance their performance on the battlefield. As a result of her “attachment” trait – where Yuumi is bound to an ally – she cannot leave their side or she will suffer damage over time. This makes it necessary for Yuumi’s team composition to adapt by having other champions also playing supportive roles so that Yuumi doesn’t become an easy target while being attached to an ally.

Her kit enables her to be a very effective supporter with abilities like “You and Me!” which slows enemies hit by the spell and “Final Chapter” which deals magical damage around her while restoring her mana when cast near an enemy champion. As a mage she is capable of dishing out considerable amounts of AoE damage with the help of empowered basic attacks from using various empowering spells each having its own unique effects.

Overall Yuumi provides great utility and lock down potential with relatively good damage output making it hard for enemies to ignore or escape from such pressure without suffering losses. Being able to adapt between different supportive roles depending on each situation also makes Yuumi one of the more interesting champions in current season allowing for several dynamic changes within one game.

Pros and Cons of Playing Yuumi

Playing Yuumi comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing your picks in teams. It is important to understand the pros and cons below so that you can make the best choices when selecting champions.


  • Incredibly versatile playstyle as Yuumi has natural sustain, excellent disengage capabilities, and a scaling range ultimate.
  • Well-equipped to battle in lanes due to her ability to continually heal players with her E ability “You and Me” which can give her a presence even up close.
  • Yuumi is impossible for most mid laners to all in due to her passive trait “Unchained Magic” which increases attack speed every couple of auto attacks, allowing players time between healing spells or Q and W ability uses.
  • If played correctly, Yuumi can easily transition between supportive or burst playstyles allowing her team diverse options on how they want a fight to progress.


  • Large champion pool that currently exists gives the potential for certain counters against the type of play styles an experienced Yuumi player will want to employ.
  • Low mobility precludes Yuumi from quickly escaping enemy dives or skill shots making it difficult for one on one plays even during laning phase games.
  • Yuumi’s E ability must be used extremely carefully as its casting does not offer any damage output opportunities from either side temporarily leaving your ally open for attack during its animation.
  • Her ultimate only works best if team fights are close together meaning there will be unlikely opportunities outside of those times where it would prove useful.


Yuumi is a unique champion in League of Legends due to her ability to attach herself to an ally. This allows her to gain a shield and additional movement speed when near her attached ally. Yuumi’s abilities also allow her to provide powerful support to her teammates. She has a variety of offensive and defensive magical spells which can be effective in any team composition.

Let’s take a closer look at Yuumi’s abilities:

Prowling Projectile

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You and Me!

The ability to form a bond with her fellow champions is a central part of Yuumi’s playstyle. This bond is integral in providing Yuumi with access to great amounts of burst and defensive potential. Her abilities provide her with both long-range support, powerful healing, and protection for her allies.

Yuumi’s passive, You and Me!, grants her two parallel health bars when she attaches to an allied champion. When she ‘detaches’ from that ally, those charges are taken away from her and become available after 10 seconds. This allows her to be able to quickly swap lane positions or reposition in teamfights as needed, while still receiving the full sustain benefit from the health bar.

Her Q, Prowling Projectile, is fired in a line skillshot that damages all enemies it passes through as well as slows them for 0.5 seconds. Yuumi can utilize this spell both to poke down opposing laners or waveclear at max range safely. When attached to an allied champion she joins their basic attacks and adds the same amount of magic damage on the target they hit while proccing spell effects such as Sejuani’s W and Leona’s E whilst empowering all active buffs like Olaf’s W or Galio’s R thanks to its on-hit effect nature. She can also use this ability as an extra source of burst by hopping off of allies mid rotation while they retain the ability effects due to You And Me’s persistent nature.

Yuumi’s W, Unsealed Spellbook, provides strong engage potential with its shield component but is most commonly used for the mobility aspects it grants with its blink component: when cast on an enemy minion or ward it will return Yuumi back to its original position after 3 seconds no matter where she went since casting it (including dashing away). This immense maneuverability given by this spell makes big plays happen out of seemingly nowhere not only for Yuumi but for also for any other initiator/engager nearby being especially strong during laning phase combo’d up with Flash due to its immunity properties opposedly Flash which can be interrupted by stuns/knock ups etc.. Balancing this playmaking potential however is the fact that it requires careful positioning sense in order to execute combos where we have like if not more power than some movement based ultimate abilities could grant us (Junglers’ flashes especially) trading immeditability by cost of availability & Cooldown..

Finally her R (or lack thereof) further encourages teamplay depending upon how you prioritize your summoner spells adding another layer of strategy on top of your choices granting unique powerful bonuses depending upon what you decided worked better with your comp. “Final Chapter” grants bonus attack speed & movement speed during situations like dragon/baron fights or enemy snowballing opponents allowing you transition into sustained DPS bonus damage capability while hunting down fleeing enemy champions or zoning them back if they manage push too far out fronted lines leading up either death right then due fast response execution enabled by bonus stats granted by Final chapter or death sooner rather than later via easy tracking & pursuit..

Final Chapter

Yuumi’s Final Chapter enables her to channel for 1.5 seconds and then is placed a short distance away from her current location. While Yuumi channels, she places a shield on herself that absorbs a set amount of damage based upon her maximum health. After the duration ends or if the shield takes enough damage, it explodes in a circular wave, dealing magic damage around her.

While drastically increasing Yuumi’s utility and survivability, Final Chapter can often surprise enemies from far away due to its great range and fast projectile speed. When played correctly it can be used to pick off opponents who are overextended or off guard by fleeing allies or pets that were separating you from your target. However, be aware of the range of your enemy’s abilities and potential counter engages before committing to using this ability as it can leave Yuumi vulnerable and/or unable to do anything else after casting it if you are not careful.

Item Build

Choosing the right item build for your Yuumi champion is crucial to success in League of Legends. With the right items, you can unlock your champion’s full potential and help your team to victory. Your Yuumi item build should focus primarily on increasing your mana pool and granting bonuses to your allies.

In this section, we will discuss the different items that are best suited for Yuumi:

Core Items

For all champions, there is usually a set of items known as “core items“. Core items are the most common items used to build a champion and should always be chosen if not building towards a specific counter pick. As Yuumi, core items will typically cover both offense and defense while increasing her damage output while maintaining her squishiness before hopping onto enemies.

Common core offensive options include Duskblade of Draktharr, Trinity Force, and Nocturne’s Umbra blades along with critical strike options such as Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer Defensive options may include Zhonya’s Hourglass, Guardian Angel, Maw of Malmortius for magic resist. These items give Yuumi exceptional damage output allowing her to inflict heavy amounts of burst damage onto enemies as well as provide enough defense to survive enemy trades.

Situational Items

In most cases, you’ll want to build items based on the situation in your League of Legends game. You should always look at what enemies are building compared to what your team comp is and adapt accordingly. Here are a few tips when building items for Yuumi:

  • Always build Magic Resistance and Armor early on, focusing mainly on items that have both stats.
  • Adapt your item builds to reflect the magical damage output of enemies; prioritize defensive items with Magic Resistance if most of the opposing team deals magic damage, or prioritize Armor if their damage output is mainly physical.
  • Depending on the enemies you’re up against and how aggressive they are to your capability of healing allies through W overall, feel free to pick up some minor Attack Damage too.
  • Late game it’s usually better for you to buy more situational items like Zhonya’s Hourglass for added defensive stats against enemy Burst Combos or investments into Adaptive Helm and others that let allies healed by Yuumi take less damage from poke and sustained fights throughout the laning phase.
  • When buying abilities specifically geared towards reducing enemy damage output this could often be less efficient in terms of gold investments then picking up general defensive stats so make sure not to spend too much gold on these special cases as they become progressively worse as enemies start piling armor themselves.

Tips and Tricks

The champion Yuumi is a unique and powerful addition to League of Legends. She offers a unique set of skills that can be used to outplay opponents and win games.

In this article, we will cover some tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your performance with Yuumi. We will also showcase some of the more advanced techniques you can use to gain an edge in the game:


Yuumi is a unique support champion in League of Legends. She brings a unique set of abilities and playstyle to the game. Understanding her strengths and weaknesses is key to being successful as Yuumi: it’s often easier to set up successful teamfights with good positioning rather than engage with Yuumi’s skills.

Positioning plays an integral role when playing a support character like Yuumi. As your lane partner’s protector, it’s your responsibility to make sure they stay safe from enemy attacks. Positioning yourself between your carry and the enemy front line can be decisive in securing a victorious teamfight.

In addition, it’s important to take advantage of Yuumi’s passive by positioning yourself near low-health friendly units so that you can grant them bonus movement speed and bonus damage dealt by auto-attacks. This encourages aggressive playmaking when trying to disrupt an enemy teamfight or push towers.

Finally, positioning yourself close enough to the action helps ensure that your W “You And Me!” ability is available as soon as possible during fights. It also enables quick casting of E “Zoomies!” which grants allies an extra bit of movement speed along with some extra damage if they stick around long enough allowing them big opportunities for successful plays after fights or if enemies overextend too far forward during sieging or trying to take objectives such as dragon or Herald/Baron Nashor buffs.


Timing is essential when playing Yuumi in League of Legends (LoL). Knowing when and how to use Yuumi’s ultimate ability, Wish, can be the key to winning team fights. Her ultimate grants a shield and healing to all nearby allies. The duration of the shield and healing both scale with the level of Wish. To make the most out of Wish, time its use just before a team fight or at a moment when your team needs a bit more stay power.

Another important skill to master with Yuumi is her Mark and Dash skill. This ability can give Yuumi additional mobility, allowing her to reposition quickly during fights and flank enemies who may not expect it. When used succinctly, it can be risky yet rewarding for your team as it would put your teammates in a better position as well as cause casualties amongst your opponents’ lines-up. Timing this skill is important as well; however, it does get harder with experience players due to their less predictable movements—so be sure to keep an eye on your opponents and act accordingly.3

Lastly, learning the correct way of combining abilities together is also something that needs practice – try different sequences before finding one that works best for you!


As a Support Yuumi, communication is of paramount importance when making the most out of Prowling Projectile, her core ability. Her Prowling Projectile inspires not only her team but also her opponents to set up plays. Sharing information on enemy locations and the current state of the map can contribute heavily to a team’s success.

Another point of emphasis when playing Yuumi is positioning. Taking key objectives, such as towers and dragons, early can provide your team with an opportunity to further pick apart their enemies and gain further footholds in each lane. Even though Yuumi is spirit-based and fairly unpredictable due to her mobility, knowing when to engage in fights and when not to will give your team an edge in securing objectives around the map.

Good strategic planning is essential when playing Yuumi – as a Support Champion it’s important to strike a delicate balance between keeping allies safe from harm while also aggressively pushing towards taking towers or setting up advantageous team fight situations. Knowing what tasks teammates should take on such as vision control or pushing down towers then coordinating with allied champions allows for clean execution during engagements for optimal results.


In conclusion, Yuumi is a great champion to have on your team. She is a supportive champion that will help all your team mates out with her abilities and ultimates that heal and protect her allies. Yuumi’s ability to hop on other champions and become their source of mana and buff them gives her an edge that no other champion has.

Overall, Yuumi is a great pick on any team, and if you want to spice up your LoL game, she is definitely the way to go.

Summary of Yuumi

Yuumi is a powerful and unique champion in the world of League of Legends. With her ability to provide significant crowd control, she is able to help her team lock down enemies in skirmishes or turn around a fight in teamfights. Her ultimate, You and Me!, allows her to stay close to an ally while she unleashes powerful spells on the enemy team.

With these abilities, Yuumi can be aptly placed in either the support or mid lane depending on each player’s preferred playstyle. While Yuumi can often be seen as solely a utility pick due to her lack of damage output, smart players can use this mage-support hybrid champion’s kit to great effect and open up new possibilities for their teams.

In conclusion, Yuumi provides an engaging experience for many players who enjoy playing around with unique crowd control oriented champions that are out of the ordinary. Her ability kit requires some practice but the potential rewards make it worth exploring playing around with this feline mage at least once.

Final Thoughts

As a champion, Yuumi has both pros and cons – as any champion does. Her ability to front-load burst damage with her passive and Q spell is great for taking down enemies during team fights and setting up quick kills during the laning phase. Plus, her ultimate is incredible for baiting enemies into dangerous or even unwinnable situations.

However, these same strengths can be weaknesses if misused or in the wrong situation. Her ultimate can easily backfire if you’re not careful with its placement, resulting in team fights that you had been winning suddenly turning against you. And while her play-making potential is great, her reliance on linkage and ally minions means she isn’t always the best all-round pick for solo lane characters.

Ultimately, Yuumi is a high risk/high reward character who requires an experienced player to get the most out of her abilities. If you think you’re up for it, she can be a surprisingly agile asset to your line up – just make sure you’re comfortable with all of her attributes before making your selection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are Yuumi’s abilities?

A1: Yuumi’s abilities are as follows – Prowling Projectile (Q), Zoomies (W), You and Me! (E), Final Chapter (R). Prowling Projectile is a long range skillshot that can be used to poke and harass opponents. Zoomies is an area of effect heal which also grants Yuumi and nearby allies a movement speed boost. You and Me! is a dash that grants Yuumi and an allied champion a shield. Final Chapter is Yuumi’s ultimate ability which deals damage to enemies in an area and grants her a shield.

Q2: What are Yuumi’s strengths and weaknesses?

A2: Yuumi is a great supportive champion with a lot of crowd control and powerful healing capabilities. Her Prowling Projectile can be used to harass enemies and her You and Me! can be used to initiate fights. Her Final Chapter is also a great way to secure kills. Yuumi’s main area of weakness is her lack of damage output and her susceptibility to being kited by enemies.

Q3: How is Yuumi best played?

A3: Yuumi is best played as a supportive champion who can help her team in team fights. She should be playing a bit behind her team, using her abilities to keep her allies safe and providing heals and shields when needed. Her Prowling Projectile and You and Me! can also be used to initiate fights or peel for your team. Her Final Chapter should be used when her team is engaging in a team fight to maximize its damage potential.