Zoe LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Zoe is an immensely popular champion in the online game League of Legends (LoL). She has been around since the beginning of the game and her popularity has only grown over the years. Her versatility and burst damage potential make her a powerful mage and one of the most sought-after champions in the game.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Zoe, from her abilities and skillset to her playstyle and strategies.

Overview of Zoe

Zoe is a renowned champion in League of Legends (LoL) who offers amazing skills and abilities. She’s a burst mage with poke potential, making her ideal for backline damage dealers. Her toolkit features an AoE sleep, two escape abilities and one of the strongest poking ultimates in the game. With excellent mobility, deadly burst potential, and utility, she’s capable of dominating any team composition.

But playing Zoe correctly is difficult. Her ultimate can be hard to land, and squishy characters such as Zoe must remain alive to dish out the necessary damage. Learning how to play Zoe with correct positioning and timing is the key to becoming a great player with this champion.

This guide will go through several aspects of utilizing her kit optimally from an angle such as runes, abilities, combos etcetera—helping you understand how to use this champion correctly in any game you choose to play her in!

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Zoe is a magical being from the world of League of Legends. Born with a flash of starfire magic and the potential for greatness, she’s determined to become the world’s greatest spell-slinger. Zoe is one of the most unique champions in the game, as she has a unique combination of high burst damage and CC.

But, what is her back story? What is the lore behind Zoe? Let’s take a look at the lore and background of this champion.

Background of Zoe

Zoe is a mischievous creature who was created from a cosmic being known as a Voidling and given life. She’s an enigma who embodies the unbounded wonder of exploration. She shimmers with magical potential – untapped power that the world has never seen before. A wild and free spirit, Zoe revels in startling others with her unpredictable elemental antics and amplifying their deepest desires with her strange new magic.

Blessed with innate knowledge of basic magicks but deprived of any comprehensive instruction, Zoe casts out ripples of arcane mischief to confuse, distract, and amuse. Her hilarious exploits only tease at the raw power she holds within… yet this magical terrorist does so with a heartwarming innocence full of shocking surprises. With each adventure, she searches for the cryptic clues to unlock the secrets behind her mysterious origins.

Who really created Zoe? What secrets lie beneath her frolicking exterior? Could there truly be something greater at play here? Only time will tell…


Zoe is a versatile and powerful champion in League of Legends, who is adept at unexpected surprises on the rift. Her primary stats are Intelligence and Ability Power, granting her increased damage output. She has access to a very unique spellbook that allows her to take advantage of all kinds of situations. Her versatility means that she can be played aggressively or passively, depending on the situation.

She has three main characteristics that help make up her core playstyle:

  • Agility: Zoe’s Spell Thief passive gives her an additional 20% movement speed when she casts a spell. Combined with phenomenal natural agility, this helps her quickly reposition and dodge key spells from enemies.
  • Explosive power: Zoe’s ability kit contains several signature burst spells, which allow her to quickly deal huge bursts of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Utility: By casting spells on enemies and allies alike, Zoe can manipulate the battlefield around her to gain control in any fight no matter what role you’re playing. Her kit also includes several built-in CC effects that can help set up combos or stop enemies from getting away in tight situations.


Zoe is an impressive champion in League of Legends, and her abilities make her stand out among other champions. Her kit consists of two basic abilities, two actives, and her ultimate.

  • Her first basic ability increases her mana pool and allows her to cast spells more often.
  • Her second basic ability gives her a shield that can protect her from incoming damage.
  • Her active abilities give her the ability to poke and harass enemies from range, and her ultimate gives her the ability to quickly engage in team fights.

Let’s take a closer look at each of Zoe’s abilities.

Passive Ability

Zoe’s passive ability is called More Sparkles! This ability grants Zoe a movement speed boost after she casts a spell. She will also gain bonus magic damage to her next basic attack. Lastly, all enemies in range take magic damage and are slowed. This gives Zoe great control over the battlefield and allows her to chase down opponents, chase them away from objectives, or secure kills.

It also has great synergy with other spells since enemies affected by More Sparkles will take increased damage when hit with other spells. This can give Zachample the advantage in fights as enemies are crushed by Zoe’s barrage of spells and powerful basic attacks.

Q Ability

Q is Zoe’s main ability which is an area of effect targeted spell. This ability, which she calls “Paddle Star“, launches a star-shaped projectile from her wand, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit. The star can bounce up to twice in the direction the player applies first, and will pass through minions or champions depending on target selection. When Zoe kills an enemy with Paddle Star, part of the cooldown is refunded.

Zoe players should be aware that casting Q takes a short period to start up so there is some hit delay compared to other champions, but at advanced levels this can be used for skillshots if the opponent doesn’t dodge in time.

W Ability

Zoe’s W ability is named PaddleStar and is a short-range missile with 700 unit range. This missile deals magic damage to the first enemy it encounters, or (if the player has talents) Zoe can reactivate the ability to make PaddleStar explode near her target dealing twice as much damage. Additionally, Zoe will be healed for a percentage of damage based on the target’s missing health. Creatures killed by PaddleStar will also reduce her cooldown on all abilities, every hit granting 10% reduction for every stack of Onomatopoeia she has.

PaddleStar can also be used on terrain blocking its way, making it quite a versatile tool in various situations.

E Ability

Zoe’s E, Spell Thief, allows her to store enemy spells or acquire powerful buffs found on certain objectives. This can give Zoe an advantage in fights where she has to face multiple enemies and gives her a much-needed extra bit of damage.

When Zoe stores an enemy spell her passive increases its power;

  • Level 1 – 30%,
  • Level 6 – 40%,
  • Level 11 – 50%, and
  • Level 16 – 60%.

She gains more bonus power stored that way which will result in more damage dealt. The stored spells can be used similarly to the original with some exceptions. When stealing certain buffs such as Dragon and Baron Nashor, it will grant Zoe a bonus effect based on the buff itself. For example, when stealing the Baron’s Esports Pro she will gain bonus attack speed.

Additionally stolen spells cannot be used in conjunction with other abilities or offensively/defensively (exception: Baron Nashor Esports Pro). This not only adds some utility to Zoe but also provides great opportunities for both offensive and defensive plays that are unique only to her character kit.

R Ability

Zoe’s R ability is called Portal Jump and it allows her to blink an unpredictable location within a certain range. After a slight delay, Zoe reappears, dealing magic damage in an area around where she lands and stunning enemies for 0.75 seconds. This ability also grants Zoe heightened maneuverability as she will not be affected by crowd control for the duration of the jump. Applying this ability wisely can be useful in chasing down enemies or making a quick getaway – whatever the situation calls for!

Players should note that this skill has a long cooldown, so use it wisely.

Tips and Tricks

Zoe is a champion from the popular game League of Legends. She is known for her unique abilities and is a favorite amongst many players. With the right tips and tricks, Zoe can become an even more powerful force on the battlefield.

Let’s take a look at her strengths and weaknesses and what you need to know in order to play her effectively.

How to Play Zoe

Zoe is a support mage with a unique kit that includes an array of mobility and crowd control effects, as well as offensive damage over time and burst. The trick to playing Zoe is understanding how to maximize her damage potential while avoiding her opponents’ abilities and punishing their mistakes.

When playing Zoe, focus on setting up plays or combinations with your allies, such as using your E (Sleepy Trouble Bubble) and W (Spell Thief’s Edge) together for maximum harass. Use your Q (Paddle Star) wisely to set up ganks or escapes for yourself and your allies. Move in for trades when the enemy has used spells or abilities you can punish with your E (Sleepy Trouble Bubble). Make sure to finish off low-health enemies quickly with your ultimate P (Portalflux Device), as it can easily secure kills if used correctly.

When it comes to teamfighting, it is important to position yourself carefully so that you are not caught out by the enemy. Try to stay close enough so that you can poke them down before major engagements take place and so that you can easily protect any ally who gets isolated by the enemy team. When positioning yourself in fights, pay attention to how much crowd control the enemy has – if they have more CC than you do, try to stay further away while zoning them away from allies who need protecting with E/W combos or Paddle Stars.

How to Counter Zoe

Zoe is a powerful champion in League of Legends, able to slip out of danger and deal long-range damage. For those facing Zoe, knowledge is the best weapon. To counter Zoe, you need to understand her playstyle and identify weaknesses.

Her high mobility makes her difficult to track down, so make sure your team has plenty of crowd control effects to close her down when she escapes from combat. Additionally, putting pressure directly onto Zoe can be a viable option as well – focus on zoning her out from her allies in order to reduce how often she is able to contribute damage or reposition into safety.

Because of how quickly she can move around the map, poking at an opponent’s health bar before engaging them with skillshots is another useful strategy for potentially disrupting their plans before the fight begins – this could allow you or your team enough time to secure objectives or outright win teamfights against opponents that may have been forced into conservative playstyles due to a lack of HP.

Finally, identify potential fighting spots where range becomes less viable and consider setting up defensive barriers or traps in certain choke point areas around objectives they are attempting (or likely attempting) to secure.

Best Items for Zoe

Zoe is both a powerful burst mage and a mobile harassing tool, so her items need to offer good offensive damage and mobility. Some of the best early items for Zoe are such as Forbidden Idol, Athene’s Unholy Grail, or Ardent Censer. They all provide plenty of Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction as well as additional powerful active effects.

If fighting in lane, choose Doran’s Ring if you plan to stay there until late game. Otherwise some of the best early game options are Sorcerer’s Shoes and Mana Greaves which will grant bonus mobility thanks to Mercurial Scimitar that should be included in your build most games.

Later on in the game try:

  • Jaurim’s Fist for raw spell power,
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass for a nice defensive buff,
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter for survivability and utility,
  • Void Staff if enemies stack too much Magic Resist,
  • and Hextech Gunblade is always an interesting choice with spell vamp being great against opponents with heavy crowd control.


In conclusion, Zoe is one of the most useful champions in the game of League of Legends. Her versatility allows her to be extremely effective in different situations. Zoe’s ultimate ability can be used to great effect to increase her team’s chances of victory. Furthermore, she is great in both offensive and defensive plays.

Zoe is one of the most powerful champions in the game, and as such is a great pick for any team composition.

Summary of Zoe

Zoe is a mobile, flexible mage and support champion with surprisingly varied toolkit. She has high damage, strong zoning and waveclear potential, and can be built for maximum range or maximum sustainability. Her abilities can provide utility in fights, disruption to the enemy team composition and powerful one-shots. No matter how you build her, Zoe has immense mobility that makes her especially useful in teamfights.

Zoe also has a unique playstyle when it comes to taking objectives. She has the ability to instantly teleport between lanes to set up ganks on unsuspecting enemies quickly and precisely. This makes her an effective siege breaker for her team and gives hers an element of surprise that other mages may lack.

While Zoe does have flaws such as low waveclear or executioner power if built damage dealer, she counters them with strong zoning potential and clutch saves if built tanky. Given the right situation or build path, Zoe stands ready to dominate the Rift with her versatile kit of tricks!

Final Thoughts

Zoe’s ability to burst targets with the help of her procs, while staying safe from ganks due to her mobility, makes her one of the most powerful champions in the game. Her ability to use many of her abilities from a distance makes her a great choice for any team composition.

Ultimately, Zoe is all about positioning and procing your enemies with Starz, even if it means sacrificing some wave clear. She has an incredibly strong laning phase and can easily carry games with proper playmaking. Despite being incredibly powerful in certain scenarios, she still faces competition from other champions that may be a better fit in certain compositions and situations.

In conclusion, Zoe is a powerful champion that requires skillful play to be utilized at her fullest potential – do not underestimate this high risk-high reward champion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Zoe in League of Legends?

A: Zoe is a champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. She is a mischievous and playful yordle who loves to play tricks on her opponents. She is often seen as a burst mage, able to dish out massive amounts of damage in a very short amount of time.

Q: What abilities does Zoe have in League of Legends?

A: Zoe has a variety of abilities that allow her to be very versatile. Her Q ability is a bolt of energy that can stun and damage opponents, her W is a bubble of energy that can shield her from damage, her E is a portal that she can use to travel quickly and her ultimate is a massive area-of-effect spell that can deal huge amounts of damage.

Q: What is the best way to play Zoe in League of Legends?

A: The best way to play Zoe in League of Legends is to focus on burst damage. Try to use your Q and ultimate to quickly burst down enemy champions, and then use your W and E to escape any danger. Positioning is also very important, as you want to make sure you are in a safe spot while you are dishing out damage.