kennyS CS: GO

Kenny Schrub, known for his gamer name “kennyS”, is a French CS GO participant. He is also a former skilled CS Supply participant. After being an AWPer for G2 Esports in February 2017, Schrub is now on the bench. Schrub is most well-known for his unique aggressive AWPing strategy in early CS: GO. This was most notably what enabled him to get his team to win the DreamHack Open Cluj Napoca in 2015.

Early life

Schrub started playing Counter-Strike At six years of age, he was launched from his older brother. Although he and his brothers share a wide age gap, he was eight years older than his siblings. Schrub, who was 11 years old, decided to host a local match in France. It was here that he won his first ever gig. Schrub’s brother, who was also his older brother, encouraged him to continue his dream of becoming an expert gamer. His abilities earned him invitations to Arles’ skilled tournaments, where he began his path to success.

Skilled profession

Schrub, or KenneyS, is well-known for being a participant in CS: Strike. Schrub, or kennyS, was a CS Supply participant prior to his transition to International Offensive 2012. He is currently a performer for G2 Esports. He joined G2 Esports in February 2017, as a participant alternative between Workforce EnVyUs.

Throughout his career, he worked for many skilled esports teams. These include Titan, VeryGames and EnVyUs as well as Recursive esports, Clan Mystik, and LDLC. Schrub was a part of many championships and tournaments.

His most prestigious award is “eSports Participant Of The Year” during The Sport Awards 2015.

Schrub was regarded as the ideal sniper in CS: GO prior to a change in the weapon’s mobility. Counter-Strike analysts referred to him as the perfect participant in the game before that change. Regardless, Schrub is still widely regarded as one of the fastest and most skilled AWPers in the sport.

Accomplishments and Awards

Below are the awards and achievements that KenneyS has received throughout his career:


  • Through the Sport Awards 2015, he was awarded the Esports Participant Of The Year class
  • He was ranked sixth in 2014 and 2015, 13th in 2016 and 7th in 2017.
  • Thorin ranked him eighth in 2016 as the best participant and fourth in 2017.
  • HLTV gave him his MPV title during Esports Heaven in Birmingham.
  • He was crowned the MVP of DreamHack 2014 Invitational II, by HLTV.
  • He was named the MVP by HLTV for the IOS Panamera.
  • He was twice named MVP for DreamHack Open London 2015 and Cluj-Napoca by HLTV 2015.
  • Through the International eSports Cup – Season 1 HLTV gave him his MVP title.
  • He was named MVP of WESG 2016 by HLTV.
  • In 2017, HLTV named kennyS the MVP thrice, through the DreamHack Open Excursions and Masters Malmö, and ESL Professional League Season 5: Finals.

For the workforce


  • Through the ESL One Katowice 2015, ranked thirteenth and sixteenth
  • Placed 1st in Players Meeting 2015

Workforce EnVyUs

  • In 2015, DreamHack Open Cluj Napoca awarded 1st Place
  • Through the ESL One Cologne 2016 rankings, we were ranked thirteenth and sixteenth
  • Throughout ELeague Season 1, Ranked fifth and eighth
  • The World Digital Sports Activities Video Games awarded 1st Place
  • In 2015, ranked 2nd in ESL One Cologne

G2 Esports

  • DreamHack Excursions 2017: 1st Place
  • PGL’s HTC 2v2 invitational, 1st Place
  • In 2017, DreamHack Open Austin ranked them 1st and 2nd, respectively
  • 3rd place in the ESL Professional League Season 5
  • Gained 1st place throughout DreamHack Masters Malmö in 2017