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Staff Liquid CS: GO

Staff Liquid, an expert esports team based in the Netherlands, has been operating since 2000. StarCraft was the original clan. This successful international esports group formed its Counter-Strike: World Offensive(CS: GO), division in 2015.


Staff Liquid was established in 2000 as a renowned skilled esports organization. The group began as a Battle.web community and StarCraft area web site. It has since developed into a multifaceted, world-renowned organization with unparalleled reach within the gaming industry. Although Staff Liquid was originally known as a StarCraft information site, many sections on its boards are devoted more to other video games such as CS: GO.

On September 27, 2016, the house owners of the skilled esports organization bought their controlling curiosity to aXiomatic gaming. It is run by Ted Leonsis (Peter Guber), Tony Robbins (Tony Robbins), Magic Johnson (Magic Johnson), and Steve Case. Since then, Staff Liquid rose to be one of many highest-earning and customarily the very best esports groups worldwide, successful hundreds of thousands of {dollars}. The group now boasts more than 60 athletes of championship caliber among the many worldwide’s best. most popular video games.

Staff Liquid is synonymous for success. Staff Liquid’s collaborative teams have won the greatest amount of esports prize cash, as well as numerous trophies across various gaming titles and countries. CS: GO, which Staff Liquid is a champion in, was the IEM Sydney 2019 winner and has been awarded an IEM Chicago as well as the IEM Grand Slam title.

Staff Liquid is a leader in innovation and competition from its headquarters at the Alienware Coach Facility, an exclusive esports facility located in Los Angeles. The group is planning to make additional investments in top esports athletes as well as infrastructure so they can compete in the lucrative gaming market.


Here is a timeline of Staff Liquids history relating to CS GO:


  • January 13 – Staff Liquid signs the roster of “Chill boys” and enters CS. GO. The staff was unique and included adreN (daps), FugLy(NAF), NAF, and nitr0. 
  • March 16 Warden’s Staff Liquid Elements Methods
  • March 23 – Staff Liquid Exchanges NAF with EliGE
  • Might 25 – Staff Liquid indicator up flowsicK. 
  • September 3 Staff Liquid is replacing flowsicK by Hiko
  • December 15 FugLy has been replaced by Staff Liquid within the vibrant lineup with Allu. 
  • December 23, – Allu joins Staff Liquid.


  • January 2, – Staff Liquid acquires s1mple. 
  • February 21 – Staff Liquid Indicators Koosta, the latest addition.
  • April 7 KJ, the analyst at Staff Liquid, uses elements to aid the group. 
  • April 21 Staff Liquid – S1mple has left Staff Liquid to join a European team, and adreN will return to the starting lineup.
  • April 23 GBJame’s has resigned as Staff Liquid’s Coach and is now leaving the group. 
  • Might 17 As their new coach, Staff Liquid Indicators peacemaker
  • June 6 – Staff Liquid announces adreN and s1mple makes a return to the lively lineup on 2 final occasions. 
  • June 13 – Counter Logic Gaming and Staff Liquid Trading jdm64 and Koosta 
  • June 15 – Staff Liquid acquires Pimp. 
  • August 4, – Natus Vincere acquires S1mple. 
  • October 22 – Coach Peacemaker will facilitate staff liquid elements.


  • February 3 Stanislaw joins Staff Liquid. 
  • February 7 – Hiko elements style with Staff Liquid 
  • April 14 – Twistzz joins Staff Liquid. 
  • November 13 Staff Liquid buys metal, changing Stanislaw from the original participant roster.


  • February 5, After almost three years, the NAF has returned to Staff Liquid. 
  • February 7 Stanislaw acquired by OpTic Gaming 
  • April 6 TACO is replaced by Staff Liquid with a liquid called Staff Liquid
  • April 22 Luminosity Gaming indicator metal. 
  • December 21 – Staff liquid trade TACO, Zews Stewie2K
  • December 22 – Staff Liquid buys adreN as the CS: GO coach.


  • July 17 As an analyst, Staff Liquid indicators are up Hepa 
  • August 1, – Staff Liquid benches nitr0.
  • August 4, – Staff Liquid acquires Grim.
  • August 5, Staff Liquid indicators are up pashaBiceps to be used as content material streamers.
  • August 9 – Moses, the new staff liquid indicator coach.
  • December 22 Twistz. 


  • January 9 MIBR – Staff liquid indicators are up FalleN
  • January 30 FaZe Clan acquires Twistzz 
  • Might 3 – The Staff Liquid Elements Methods with Moses 

Might 4 Staff Liquid resigns adreN their CS: GO coach.

Roster for Participants

Staff Liquid CS GO: The current lively roster contains:

Jonathan Jablonowski, “EliGE” Jablonowski

Jonathan Jablonowski is an American skilled CS: GO member currently participating in Staff Liquid. He is widely regarded as one of the top CS: GO players in North America and earned a spot on HLTV’s top ten since 2019. 

Keith Markovic, “NAF” Markovic

Keith Markovic is a Canadian skilled CS: GO member currently participating in for Staff Liquid. He acts as a rifler, lurker, or AWPer.

Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip

Jacky Yip is an American skilled CS: GO competitor currently participating in Staff Liquid. He is the entry framer and is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and embellished players in North America, despite only taking part in the sport for a year. Yip was a part of many different groups. However, after months of ups and downs, he decided to go back to NA, becoming a Staff Liquid member.

Michael “Grim” Wince

Michael Wince is an American skilled CS: GO player currently participating in Staff Liquid. He is a rifler.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Gabriel Toledo is a skilled CS GO participant from Brazil and a former skilled CS Supply, Counter-Strike and CrossFire participant. At the moment, he is a member of Staff Liquid and serves as the in-game chief.

Eric “adreN” Hoag

Eric Hoag is an American skilled CS-GO coach. He currently teaches for Staff Liquid. He was a participant in CS: Supply. Hoag was previously an in-game chief, and an AWPer for several top-tier groups like Staff Liquid.

Trivia About MIBR

  • Staff Liquid had won the most valuable prize cash on one main occasion in 2016 with a stand-in. After their 2017 successful EPICENTER, SK Gaming surpassed them in their report. 
  • This esports team has the second longest LAN Bo3/Bo5 win streak. It started in DreamHack Masters Dallas in 2019. 
  • Staff Liquid is the only North American staff that has ever qualified for a CS: GO main grand last at ESL One: Cologne, 2016. 
  • Staff Liquid completed the Intel Grand Slam within 63 days. 
  • In 2019, the Esports team won consecutively IEM Sydney, Dreamhack Masters and ESL Professional League.

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