Debonair 2.0 Skins, Release Date, Price & More

Debonair 2.0 Draven
Draven is looking great. | © Riot Games

The community had the opportunity to vote for a future skin line at the beginning of each year. It was between Debonair 2.0, Monster Tamers, and Crime City Nightmare that the community chose. We received the Crime City Nightmare Skins, but still needed the Debonair 2.0.

In the future, Monster Tamers skins are coming in the following years as this skin line received the most votes. The wait is over for Debonair 2.0. The champions, skins, and finalists have been revealed.

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When will the Debonair 2.0 skins be released?

These skins will be available in the final patch 2021. This means that you’ll be able to pick them up once LoL Patch 11.24 goes live. With Patch 11.23 we’ll be getting the Cafe Cuties skins. The duality of Riot Games… truly insane.

Which Champions Will Get Debonair 2.0 Skins

Malzahar and LeBlanc Debonair 2.0
LeBlanc makes the boys go “woof” | © Riot Games

As mentioned above, we’re going to be getting seven Debonair 2.0 skins:

  • Draven
  • LeBlanc
  • Leona
  • Malzahar
  • Zed
  • Master Yi
  • Brand

Brand also receives a prestige skin. Riot tried to reform the prestige system halfway through 2021 but failed. Fiddlesticks, who was also supposed to get a skin in 2021 won’t be receiving his new skin this year.

What is the cost of Debonair 2.0 skins?

These skins will go on sale at the normal 1350RP Most likely. Zed will be the only one to receive a legendary Skin. This will mean that there will be additional voice lines, new VFX, SFX, and animations. You should therefore sell the Zed skin for 1820 RP.

What Champions Are Already Using Debonair Skins?

Debonair skins aren’t anything new. These skins have been around for a while, with four Crime City Alternate champions sporting Debonair skins. The Debonair skins are also available to the champions.

  • Ezreal
  • Galio
  • Vi
  • Jayce

Debonair 2.0 Will Be Related to Debonair

Yes. These skins will also be available in an alternate universe to the Debonair skins. Additionally, existing Crime City and Crime City Nightmare skins are now part of the universe. So if you’re looking for some dark and interesting skin lore, this is your place.

Take a step into Nox Vegas using the Debonair 2.0 skins at LoL Patch 11.24. Enjoy your stay.

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.