dr. mundo

Completely insane, horrifying purple, and unrepentantly homicidal, Dr. Mundo is the champion that keeps a lot of Zaun’s people indoors, especially on dark nights in LOL. This monstrosity is so concise that it seems to only require agony in both giving and receiving.

Flourishing his enormous meat cleaver as if it has no weight, Dr. Mundo is unpopular for torturing and capturing numbers of Zaun’s people for his wicked ‘operations,’ which seem to have no total point or overall goal. He is a fierce warrior and unpredictable. He is a wanderer and will travel wherever he likes. Technically, he’s not a doctor.

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Who is DR. MUNDO​?

Dr. Mundo’s birth is said to have no sort of conscience. This means that he was unsatisfied with the simple act of experimentation to inflict sorrow and pain. At five, some of the pets of Zaun’s neighborhood, where Dr. Mundo grew up, went missing. His parents were not found in his teenage years. After he turned 18, he was eligible to receive his license to practice medicine and study. But things became rough to him as he had acquitted several charges separately, like the murder of Zaun’s authorities. He was able to walk away without any evidence or proof because he didn’t have any.

Dr. Mundo was two parts in one, like a serial killer as well as a mad scientist. His efforts in mapping the pain response in the brain and body, and how to suppress it in extreme situations were remarkable. Dr. Mundo also studied chemical chemistry and learned how to enhance adrenaline, aggression, and dullen survival instinct and conscience. Dr. Mundo spent his whole life trying to find the perfect enhanced science killer. Noxus saw him and was impressed by his ambition. They hired him to help them establish a good relationship between countries.

DR. MUNDO​’s Skills and abilities

Adrenaline Rush

Dr. Mundo is capable of restoring 0.3% of his maximum health per second.

Infected Cleaver

Dr. Mundo can throw his ax, dealing damage equal to the percentage of his target’s maximum health, slowing them down for a short time. He enjoys the pain of others and returns a portion of the health cost if he is successful in landing an axe. If he hits a fatal blow, he will recover the entire health cost.

The Burning Agony

Dr. Mundo releases his health to reduce the duration of disability and to cause continuous damage to those who are closer to him.


Dr. Mundo can recover his bonus damage attack by gaining the missing health. For additional damage, Dr. Mundo can headbutt his foe with the next primary attack. It passively increases magic resistance whenever Dr. Mundo takes out the magic damage or health cost.


Dr. Mundo will sacrifice part of his health to speed up his movements and accelerate his recovery.

Playing as Dr. Mundo

As Dr. Mundo, the Jungle or Top Lane is where you’re most well-known. This is because Dr. Mundo is a fighter who can do combined damage.

You can level up Infected Clever starting at level 1. Then, you can continue to increase it until it reaches maximum level. After that, you can begin leveling up other Dr. Mundo’s abilities like Masochism, followed by Burning Agony.


  • To ensure that your Q is landed, gank as close as possible to the enemy. The closer you are to the enemy, the more difficult it will be for them to escape.
  • Dr. Mundo can do efficient objectives very easily. To ensure that enemies can’t challenge you, it is important to have priorities.
  • Sadism can be your most powerful trading tool. Don’t be afraid to confront the enemy, even when you are the only one and they are not on the map.

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