Dr Mundo LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Dr Mundo is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. This tanky monster has the ability to deal massive damage, while being able to take plenty of punishment. He’s ideal for players who like to go on the aggressive and can be played in both solo and team fights.

Let’s take a closer look at Dr Mundo’s kit and learn more about this menacing champion.

Overview of Dr Mundo

Doctor Mundo, or Dr. Mundo, is a juggernaut Champion from the League of Legends universe. He is a tall and large individual who hails from the chemical-laden city of Zaun. While not overtly aggressive by nature, Mundo’s power and durability have earned him a reputation as one of the most effective front line units in the game.

Dr Mundo wields a heavy cleaver to great effect in battle, using it to strengthen himself with health regain whilst also powering up his abilities through regenerative means that cause him to remain at full health for longer. The trade-off between this defensive capability and heavy hit damage makes Doctor Mundo quite effective when it comes to dealing with groups of enemies.

Additionally, he possesses two powerful ultimate abilities; Sadism greatly increases his offensive capabilities while Masochism gives him an extra surge of vitality when things look dim thanks to its life stealing effect.

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Dr Mundo is a unique and versatile champion in League of Legends. His skillset consists of five main abilities, each offering unique benefits to the champion. His main damage-dealing ability is his Masochism, which gives Dr Mundo bonus attack damage and reduces incoming damage. He also has a crowd-control ability called Burning Agony, which slows enemies and provides an area of effect slow.

Let’s take a closer look at each of Dr Mundo’s skills and how they can be used in game:

Innate Ability: Adrenaline Rush

The passive ability of Dr Mundo is called Adrenaline Rush. This passive grants him a unique form of regeneration, restoring a percentage of health every second for several seconds when he takes damage. Unlike other forms of self-healing, Adrenaline Rush doesn’t require energy or resources to activate and resets upon taking damage.

It helps keep Dr Mundo in fights after sustaining significant damage and gives him an edge when engaging in skirmishes or teamfights. When mastered, it can be used to gain and maintain total control over an area on the map. This ability allows Dr Mundo to outlast his opponents by utilizing the second nature regeneration he has been granted while they must back away or use basic attacks or abilities to heal themselves.

Q: Infected Cleaver

Dr. Mundo’s infected cleaver (Q) is a skillshot with long range and low cost. It’s indicated by a bony object tossed out in a line, which deals physical damage to all enemies hit, as well as slowing them down significantly or even stunning depending on how many monsters or champions Mundo has recently struck with Infected Cleaver. It’s important to note that the damage and effectiveness of this ability is largely dependent on Mundo’s attack damage stat, so it can be a potent tool in his kit if he builds it correctly.

This ability pairs especially well with other crowd control spells because it guarantees they will take the full brunt of whatever effects you throw at them. All in all, Infected Cleaver is an invaluable piece of Dr. Mundo’s kit and when used correctly can give him an advantage over opposing champions.

W: Burning Agony

Burning Agony is a skill in the game W that requires a high degree of control, coordination and focus. It involves tilting your character quickly to the left and then just as quickly to the right. Doing this causes the burning agony gauge to rise, which inflicts damage on your enemy and increases their fatigue level. If you can successfully execute this maneuver without taking damage or running out of stamina, then you’re on your way to mastering Burning Agony.

The key points in executing Burning Agony are timing, direction and speed. You must be able to anticipate how long it will take for your character’s upper body to turn in relation to how fast you tilt him. You have to make sure you keep pointing in the right direction while turning so as not to take any unnecessary damage from enemies too close by. Speed is also essential, as controlling it will help regulate the rate at which your burning agony gauge increases and help inflict more damage per turn.

E: Masochism

Dr Mundo’s ultimate ability is called Masochism, and it allows him to temporarily boost his attack damage and magic resistance. When active, icons representing an axe and a shield appear above Dr Mundo’s head. For the duration of the effect, he gains increased attack damage based on his missing health as well as some flat magic resistance.

Masochism can be used both offensively and defensively: when attacking enemy champions, Dr Mundo can use Masochism to gain extra damage that compensates for his lower range; when defending himself against enemy champions with powerful magical attacks (like Ahri or Zyra), he can use it to gain extra magic resistance so that he doesn’t take as much damage from their spells.

When using Masochism offensively or defensively is a matter of timing – you have to assess the situation quickly and decide whether you would benefit more from the extra damage output of extra magic resistance at any given moment. However, because its effects are dependent upon how much health Dr Mundo has left, you should always be aware of your current health status before casting this ability.

R: Sadism

Sadism is the ultimate ability of Dr. Mundo, a tank champion in the popular game League of Legends. This ability allows Mundo to regenerate a percentage of his health over 6/7/8 seconds, as well as modestly providing him additional damage reduction. It can be increased with simultaneously activated abilities and has its cooldown refreshed when Dr. Mundo kills or assists with killing a champion, monster, or large non-super minion within 10 seconds after activation.

Sadism gives Dr. Mundo an emergency healing button which allows him to stay in fights longer and make more effective use of his base stats and passive abilities. When used correctly it can also give Dr. Mundo time to regenerate health he may have lost in battle without needing to back off from the fight or crowd control threat caused by opposing champions. Utilized optimally, Sadism allows Dr. Mundo to occasionally fist-drop entire teams while sustaining himself enough to fight through most engagements unscathed.


Dr. Mundo is a champion in the game of League of Legends (LoL) who is often played as a tank and is most effective when built to counter specific threats. In this section, we’ll discuss the different builds for Dr. Mundo and how to make the most out of them. We’ll also look at how to lane with him properly and what items and abilities you should focus on in order to get the most out of this champion.

Tank Build

Tank builds are best used when fighting an enemy team that is composed mostly of Attack Damage (AD) or Ability Power (AP). This is because tanks generally focus on defensive attributes like health, armor, and resistances. That said, Tanks cannot tank all damage sources indefinitely and eventually your AD teammates should deal enough damage to win the fight.

The goal of a Tank build for Dr Mundo is to make him very difficult for enemy champions to kill by building up a large amount of health points and resistances. This build focuses on items such as Sunfire Cape, Thornmail / Frozen Heart, Randuin’s Omen and Guardian Angel which provide bonuses such as an increased maximum health pool, extra armor/resistance reduction along with passive regeneration/durability attributes.

Some other items which can be added depending on the situation include Spirit Visage / Warmog’s Armor or any item that provides a shield effect such as Locket of the Iron Solari or right lesser known items like Adaptive Helm and Zeke’s Herald. A Tanky Dr Mundo can also take advantage of off-tank items Sorcfressi Covenant or Dead Man’s Plate if you choose to play him in the Top lane instead of having him roam around mid-game.

In terms of runes, you should focus on defensive stats primarily although pure utility runes such as Presence of Mind also work well when running Dr Mundo in Tank build due to his high ability base kit cooldowns.

Damage Build

Damage builds focus on maximizing players’ damage output in order to give them the most impact in combat. This can be accomplished through gaining increased Critical Strike Chance, higher Attack and Spell Damage, increased attack speed and other damage-specific boosts.

The most common damage builds include Ranger, Mage, and Warrior. For each of these classes there are various sub-builds that can increase their damage dealing capabilities even more.

Each of these main classes will have different stats depending on the type of build you’re trying to create for them. Generally with Rangers you want to aim for High Attack Speed along with generous amounts of Critical Strike Chance, while Mages usually aim for higher Spell Damage or Elemental Damage. Warriors on the other hand want to aim for high flat Physical Damage and Attack Speed with possible bonuses from life leeching or armor penetration.

When creating a build you should always try to ensure your primary stat is within your class’ designated range while focusing on secondary stats as support to give an extra boost in your chosen direction. Additionally make sure that any skill tree selections fit in line with your chosen stat structure as it will greatly help ease the creation process along when deciding what equipment is best to use alongside it.

Hybrid Build

Hybrid builds are a combination of two existing builds, like an inflatable SUP, that are optimized to take advantage of the strengths of each build material. Inflatable SUPs usually have a soft-top separator that creates an outer shell made of drop stitch fabric. This takes the traditional fiberglass, epoxy and wood construction found in most standup paddle boards to another level with greater longevity and durability than the traditional build. Hybrid builds are often lighter and sturdier than the original builds due to the combination of materials.

Many brands have started to produce hybrid models that vary from EPS/Epoxy foam core wrapped in carbon fiber all the way to hollow carbon fiber monocoque shells filled with air-filled PVC chambers for superior buoyancy and rigidity. The strongest hybrid boards often use a light foam core surrounded by high tensile strength woven fibers or small amounts of wood for added strength and stiffness. Despite the extra reinforcement, hybrid builds remain one of most lightweight, durable SUPs on the market.


Dr. Mundo is a fighter champion in League of Legends, and his unique traits can make him a great asset to any team. Developing the right strategy for this champion is the key to succeeding. His playstyle revolves around diving into enemies for maximum injury, staying alive for longer periods with his ultimate, and keeping his opponents away with various crowd control abilities.

An effective strategy for playing Dr. Mundo requires understanding the strengths and limitations of this champion. Let’s take a look at the various strategies for playing with Dr. Mundo:

Early Game

As the very tanky fighter, Dr Mundo will have the upper hand in most fights when it comes to tankiness. However, that does not mean that he is completely invulnerable in lane and should be treat like any other champion. In the early game, his main focus should be on farming up gold and trying to get a slight lead over the enemy laner by trading. If you manage to successfully trade with your opponent, you can use your Ultimate – Sadism – to heal any damage taken from the trades back up in an instant.

This is important because due to his good clear speed and survivability, Dr Mundo has the capability of roaming and looking for opportunities elsewhere on the map, allowing him to split-push when not engaging or actively ganking enemies in teamfights or skirmishes. When trading with your opponent always keep an eye out on cooldowns so that you can dodge any enemy hard CCs and ensure a quick escape if needed. His ultimate isn’t just useful for sustain – it also gives him bonus movement speed when activated which helps close down distances and finish off kills quickly.

Like many other champions, Dr Mundo is best played as an unstoppable force in teamfights rather than one-on-one duels so make sure you group up with your team when possible so that you have access to both map pressure and powerful engages should they present themselves. By staying near your allies at all times, you can retain excellent vision control of key objectives as well as being able to provide utility for your team by being there for clean ups or pick offs whenever a team fight breaks out of favour of either side.

Mid Game

Mid game is where Dr. Mundo begins to truly shine. During mid game, he has the capability to become one of the most feared champions in League of Legends due to his excellent crowd control, tankiness and great burst damage output.

Through proper usage of Dr. Mundo’s abilities (Infected Cleaver, Burning Agony and Masochism) players should look to cover as much of the map as possible by taking advantage of his global presence with Infected Cleaver. This allows Dr. Mundo to apply pressure on all lanes at once while also making it difficult for enemies to deal with him through his high survivability.

Dr. Mundo also excels at teamfighting during this phase when built as a tank as he can heavily disrupt enemies through crowd control from Masochism and Burning Agony while easily diving onto squishy targets when needed due to his high health pool from Ultimate: Sadism and offensive items such as Abyssal Mask, Sunfire Cape and Dead Man’s Plate among others. With proper itemization such as Thornmail/Frozen Heart, Dr Mundo can even become a surprisingly effective duelist against auto attack based champions such as Vayne or Quinn in certain scenarios if they get too close for comfort or are left vulnerable through lack of planning or items from her opponents side respectively during teamfights when built accordingly.

Overall, mid game is the stage where Dr mundo begins to dominate games through both lane pressure and teamfighting prowess making him a truly terrifying opponent should you fail to manage him properly from your end.

Late Game

When it comes to outlasting enemy teams and pushing objectives towards the late game, Dr. Mundo is an excellent choice. His innate tankiness largely mitigates the need for heavy resists, leaving him plenty of flexibility in item choices. After stacking up on armor and magic resist, Dr. Mundo should look into picking up damage items and life steal, allowing him to consistently maintain health pools against all forms of incoming damage.

Dr. Mundo excels at holding high ground against squads that have already been softened up by your early game-mid game allies, wrecking shop on those who dare get close enough to attack you. His area of effect ultimate is a great tool for team fights in narrow chokepoint locations such as jungle entrances or bridges, and his fast cleaver uppercut can be used to quickly punish enemies who stray too far forward on their own.

When it comes time to siege towers and inhibitors, look no further than Dr. Mundo as a fantastic support in dealing consistent poke damage while still being able to survive through the frontline enemies’ retaliation attacks or counter initiated dives from mobile assassins or divers like Tristana or Kled – his power significantly ramps up here if he has enough resistances!

Tips and Tricks

Mastering Dr Mundo in League of Legends requires you to know a few tips and tricks to make the most of the champion. While he is tanky and does great at initiating and soaking damage, there are some key factors to consider when making the most of your Dr Mundo plays.

In this section, we will discuss the tips and tricks that you need to know for successful Dr Mundo plays:

Use Abilities to Clear Minion Waves

Dr Mundo is a well-rounded champion who works well in team fights due to his large health pool and resistance to being crowd controlled. He is also great in the solo lane as he has powerful abilities that can be used to quickly clear minion waves. Knowing when and how to use his abilities effectively will give you an advantage over your opponents.

His Q, Infected Cleaver, is great for clearing minion waves as it deals tremendous splash damage. As the ability increases in level, it will make it easier to wipe out a big wave of minions. Landing the cleaver on enemy champions will also cause them to take bonus damage from your auto-attacks, increasing your burst damage potential. At higher levels in the game or on close waves of minions, you may consider clearing them with each successive hit of Infected Cleaver for extra gold and experience points.

Mundo’s E – Burning Agony – is also useful for killing waves of minions quickly as it duals as an area of effect spell and a movement speed boost for Mundo himself. When engaging a minion wave, Burning Agony should be used before Infected Cleaverer is used; this way you can get the most out of its area of effect damage while still being able to use Infected Cleaverer’s additional splash damage all at once. In addition, when using Burning Agony beforehand allows you to get out of harm’s way faster since it gives you movement speed (which may save your life).

Use Sadism to Catch Enemies Off Guard

Part of the charm of playing as Dr. Mundo is his ability to surprise and catch enemies off guard. His ultimate, Sadism, can be used in unexpected ways to surprise and outplay opponents. At a basic level, Sadism allows you to become tanky while also generating burst damage. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Use Sadism to initiate a fight when you have low life points or health. Activate Sadism, apply your damage and then quickly escape the battle using your passive Regeneration Master.
  2. Use Sadism defensively when engaging in tough 5v5 fights or soaking up tower shots when taking objectives like Baron/Dragon etc. A timely use of Sadism will generate crowd control immunity and additional health pool allowing you to survive longer against tougher odds.
  3. Use Sadism to quickly run away from enemies by activating it just before reaching their line of sight (so that they don’t get immediate vision)and using any escape abilities like Burning Agony for example followed by a sprint away with your passive bonus speed 5 seconds after activation of the spell before the enemies lock onto you again with vision/targeting spells or true damage based auto-attacks/abilities like Vayne’s Silver Bolts or LeBlanc’s Chain Lightning Spell respectively so that an enemy cannot guarantee victory even if they activate burst ultimates while chasing as it gives you an increased chance of survival as well as return damage due to increased hp pool from Sadism activation etc.

Utilize Masochism to Survive Team Fights

Dr Mundo’s Masochism ability allows him to take increased damage, but also grants him significantly increased health regeneration which is essential in team fights. By activating his Masochism before a team fight, Mundo can soak up large amounts of damage and survive long enough to finish off his targets. This allows him to stay healthier than the enemy during the battle and can give him an edge in the fight if used strategically.

Furthermore, if coordinated with friendly abilities that heal or protect Mundo, such as Soraka’s Wish or Shiela’s Stand Behind Me, his Masochism ability can be utilized to dangerously disrupt enemy lines and create openings for teammates. Additionally, his masochism also grants him additional attack speed that stacks with other attack speed modifiers making it perfect for laning and even jungle playstyles.

To maximize Masochism’s effectiviness Dr Mundo should always save Burning Agony for when he needs it the most. Although it may be tempting to use against a single enemy champion instead of waiting for a full teamfight setting, Burning Agony is best used when surrounded by multiple enemies as its healing ratio is multiplied with each enemy affected. Besides actively using Masochism’s increased movement speed it is also wise to move infront of allies so they benefit from this buff as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Dr Mundo’s role in League of Legends?

A: Dr Mundo is a tank champion in League of Legends. He is known for his high durability and crowd control capabilities.

Q: What makes Dr Mundo so powerful?

A: Dr Mundo is a very powerful champion because of his ability to take a lot of damage and still remain effective in battle. He also has a lot of crowd control abilities that can help control the enemy team.

Q: What is Dr Mundo’s ultimate ability?

A: Dr Mundo’s ultimate ability is Sadism, which allows him to heal himself for a large amount of health and gain bonus movement speed. This makes him incredibly difficult to kill in a fight.