The Best ADC Champions For Beginners

Miss Fortune - Easy Champions
Captain Fortune is a great choice. (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

We have already covered some of the most difficult top lane champions as well as support champions. After watching and loving Arcane, what other games should you and your friends play? Any Arcane champions? Let’s see. 

League of Legends can be very fun but it is also difficult for new players to master. There are more than 150 champions. The newest is an ADC. Some are easier to master than others. We’ll give you advice on some of the easiest champions so that you can get your League adventures off to a good start. 


3. Miss Fortune – The Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune is a well-known League of Legends champion, largely because of her looks and the part she played in the game. Ruined King: The League of Legends Story. She is also a popular ADC and a great one. You don’t need to know much about League to master her. 

Her passive? You deal more damage to new targets when you attack them. Her Q does a lot of damage and her E is slow. Her W lets her show off her skills down the lane. This will cause a bit more damage. It’s very easy to grasp, and you will win easily if you keep your minions safe. 

Her ultimate? You must make sure that you don’t move when casting it. This will cancel it. The rest of the process is to train your last-hitting minions so you can earn gold to purchase that Kraken Slayer… hello, she’s a pirate! 

2. Ashe – The Frost Archer

Ahse will be your first champion when you play League of Legends. Her mechanics and kit are very simple. It won’t take too long to get to know her and what you are looking for. 

Coven Ashe
Trust us, she is a great beginner pick. | © Riot Games

Once you know how her Q works, you’ll be able to do anything.. Thanks to her W – Volley you’re also going to be able to slow opponents and utilize the AoE to put down more damage on them. She is unable to move, which is her biggest problem. However, you will be hard-pressed not find an ADC who has this issue. However, we aren’t here to focus on her flaws. We want to show her that her ultimate can make a difference when it comes to starting a fight. 

Ashe somehow always finds her way back to the meta, which speaks volumes about her. This makes her one of the most valuable champions to start with, as you will always have a solid option to turn to even if you move on to ADCs that are more advanced. It is difficult to master

1.  Sivir – The Battle Mistress

Easy Champion Sivir
She’s not just one of our lists because she brought pizza. (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Sivir is an ADC that is very user-friendly. She is able to clear waves quickly and efficiently, quickly earning lots of gold and gaining an edge. While she may not have the same range, that doesn’t make her any less capable of tackling opponents. 

Thanks to her spell shield, Sivir is safeSivir, which prevents damage, can be very helpful for someone just starting to play League of Legends. Sivir will not punish you as harshly for overstepping, although you may do so. 

Her kit is, however, quite simple. You simply need to swing your blades and pray that someone is hit. She can farm into an attack-damage monster by using her Q and W, and last-hit minions thanks to her Q. 

You should have fun playing League of Legends. The Riot Account Security feature makes it easier to keep your Riot Account safe. 2-Factor Authentication. For something more advanced, see our splitpush guide Also, 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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