Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform?

Video games are no longer about being alone and playing by yourself. Gamers want to play against other people. Gamers now look for cross-platform compatibility to their favorite games. 

Cross-compatibility means that the game can be played on different platforms regardless of what gaming system they are using. Players don’t have to buy additional versions of the game, and can connect with more players. 

This article will address whether FIFA 21Cross-platform play is possible with, one the most beloved sports games of all time.

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An Overview of FIFA21

EA sports developed the FIFA series. There have been many versions of the game over the years. FIFA 21 was released in October 2020. 

Both users and critics love it. They often comment on its detailed graphics, AI and large database. 

The game follows your character’s life as a football player, with options to switch between different clubs in the Career Mode. This mode allows players to organize and manage their own football clubs. 

FIFA Ultimate Team is another mode of the game. This allows you to buy cards from real football players on the market. You can acquire and give away players from the market to create a custom team that is competitively-winning. 

Playstation 4/5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can all play the game. The article focuses on whether the game supports cross-platform play between these systems.

FIFA 21 to Offer Cross-Platform Support in 2020

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform?

FIFA 21 does not allow cross-platform gaming. This means that you cannot play a game with others players and must have the same console. Players cannot also save or transfer their progress between platforms. Despite this limitation, FIFA has yet to make an announcement about cross-platform compatibility.

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FIFA 21 Cross Platform Support for PC and Nintendo Switch

You cannot play with a PC version FIFA 21 or vice versa. FIFA is not compatible with cross-platform gaming. To play with a Nintendo Switch version, you will need one.

FIFA 21 Cross-Platform Support on Xbox One and PS4

PlayStation One and Xbox One have their own online gaming networks for FIFA 21. Xbox Live doesn’t support PlayStation Network. Cross-platform gaming is not possible on Xbox One and PS4. If you want to play with an Xbox One or PS4 user, you must use the same gaming console they are using.

FIFA 21 Cross-Platform Support on Xbox One and PC

Unfortunately, if you own FIFA 21 on a PC, you cannot play with other PC users. Xbox One users also have to follow the same rule. FIFA 21 doesn’t support cross-platform play at the moment. Therefore, you cannot play with others unless they have the same gaming system.

FIFA 21 Cross-Platform Support on PC and PS4

A PS4 is required to play FIFA 21 with a PS4 user. If you own a PC, then you cannot play with other people who have it. The game is not compatible with cross-platform play between PlayStations and computers because of the differences in inputs and controls.

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FIFA 21 Cross-Platform Support on PS4 and PS5

Cross-platform gaming is not possible between PS4 or PS5 due to changes in how they function. To play with your PS4 console, another player must also have a PS4 controller. Similar to PS4, both players need the same console.

FIFA 21 Cross-Platform Support on Xbox One and Xbox Series SX/S

Despite the fact that they manufacture both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles, cross-platform FIFA 21 play is not possible. You must have the same Xbox console as another player to play FIFA 21. 

You can also continue your game on another Xbox console. You can save and transfer your progress between consoles.


This article focuses on cross-platform play across different gaming platforms for FIFA 21. Unfortunately, FIFA 21 players don’t have cross-platform play. You will need the same console as them to be able to play with others players.

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