Firelight Ekko Skin Delayed No More! The Release Date has been Announced!

The Patch 12.01 patch will not allow the skin to be released

Firelight Ekko Skin Delayed No More! The Release Date was Announced!


Firelight Ekko
Riot has listened to what the community has to say and Riot has responded! | © Riot Games

The League of Legends community was overjoyed when another skin from Arcane was announced. The show was a huge success, but fans discovered the cost of the skin and it changed everything. 

1350 skin, without a unique SFX, homeguard animation or backing animation What was this Riot! That is just too much Firelight Ekko! Riot decided, after much discussion with the community, to remove the skin from PBE and will continue working on it. 

[Update February 1, 2022]

Firelight Ekko Release date Announced

Riot just announced that Firelight Ekko will be released on April 1, and it is much earlier than anyone thought. The skin, along with the new Support champion Renata Glasc will be released in LoL Patch 12.04. Ekko’s unique design is a favorite of many, so you will soon be able to get an in-game version! 

What will Firelight Ekko cost? 

Firelight Ekko costs 1350 RP. Due to its high price, the skin was delayed. The key elements needed to be included in this price range instead of 975RP as the other Arcane skins (Jayce, Vi, Jayce, Caitlyn). If you have some RP left over, or are looking for the most recent version, prime gaming capsuleNow is the best time to make use of it! 

What Caused the Upheaval in the Community? 

Normal skins that cost 1350 Riot points (RP) are usually unique because they have some extras. cheaper skins They can also use their base skin. This is known as SFX. 

SFX is for sound effects, even though it was mentioned in the original PBE feedback Reddit thread. Riot Eneopea stated that the skin would be new SFX Fans had to discover the hard way that Ekko did not have any changes. This is something Epic 1350 RP skins must have. 

Reddit users quickly suggested that they add a homeguard to the skin to make it more valuable. Others suggested that the price be lowered to 975 RP. 

Firelight Ekko Delayed Until Later in 2022

Early on December 14, 2021, Riot Katana made a post on Reddit explaining the situation with Firelight Ekko, “We are 100% in agreement that SFX are an expected and standard part of Epic (1350). [RP]) skin, and leaving them out was an unfortunate mistake on our part due to a miscommunication internally.”

The Firelights will not be available for those who wanted to try Ekko with this unique look. The wait will be worth it. Riot Katana said that they have more time now to work on the skin and will also be adding a unique homeguard, “We will include a hoverboard homeguard animation in the new SFX.

Do you want to wait for better skin or would you prefer Riot? Reduce the price to 975 Firelight Ekko is now available LoL Patch 12.01 As originally planned 

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