Fortnite Gun Game Codes List (June 2022)

You’ve almost certainly played Gun Game if you’re familiar with shooter games. This mode of play puts your skill with various weapons to the test, and it’s currently available in Fortnite. You start with one gun in a set and go on to the next when you receive an elimination. You’ll need to keep getting eliminations until you’ve cycled through all of the firearms in the set to win. This is an excellent mode to play if you don’t like building in the Fortnite Battle Royale because you won’t have to worry about harvesting or defending yourself with structures.

Fortnite Gun Game Maps List

The most excellent Fortnite Gun Game Codes are listed below:

  • Citadel – Gun Game | Parkour: 5464-7163-5183
  • Gun Game Quest: 8402-5347-6470
  • OG Junk Junction Gun Game: 7398-2853-2137
  • Scrap Town – Gun Game: 2126-4465-9677
  • Time Twist Gun Game: 5918-7034-6151
  • Zoo Gun Game: 8169-7821-3985
  • First Person Gun Game: 6821-7528-4726
  • Jduth’s One Shot Gun Game: 0058-1374-3994
  • Terminal MW2 Remake: 4340-5772-0250
  • GUNGAME: Mars: 3246-2759-9251

Gun Game Quest: 8402-5347-6470


This is a fresh spin on the Gun Game genre, and it’s performed well. Rather than playing around in which you must move through all weapons to win, you must “level up” your firearms by scoring eliminations with them. The more eliminations you earn, the higher the rarity of the gun you used to achieve them. When you’re eliminated, reload your favourite loadout and get back into the game!

OG Junk Junction Gun Game: 7398-2853-2137

Junk Junction was one of the more minor well-known areas of the Fortnite Chapter 1 map. This Gun-Game map brings it back to life and shows how effective POI was in close-quarters fighting. This map isn’t to be mistaken with one of the many other Junk Junction unique maps out there; it was just released to match the new gameplay in Chapter 3!

Scrap Town – Gun Game: 2126-4465-9677

This is a famous Gun Game map, first created in Chapter 2. It’s a scrapyard-themed level inspired by Borderlands that quickly gained popularity and became one of the most memorable Gun Game maps. Most seasoned Fortnite players are familiar with this map, so you’ll have plenty of company when you play against other players who have played it previously.

Time Twist Gun Game: 5918-7034-6151

Time Twist is a map that supports a variety of game variants, but its primary game mechanism is the Gun Game. The wrench in Time Twist is that you may shift between several realities during the fight, allowing you to flee if you’re under fire or surprise your opponents. Players can use their Rift-to-Go! to swiftly switch between standard and altered physics, similar to the mechanics introduced in Chapter 2, Season 8.

Zoo Gun Game: 8169-7821-3985

For every gun game enthusiast, this is a thrilling theme! You are put in a Zoo on this map and must work your way up the levels as various animal classes. Each animal class has its own set of benefits, so as you go through the gun roster, you’ll need to switch up your playstyle! Even those sick of the Gun Game mechanism will like this new take on the original mod!

First Person Gun Game: 6821-7528-4726

Everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned gunfight, but what if there was a twist? We’re all aware that Fortnite is played in the third person, but have you ever tried it in the first person? Why don’t you try a first-person gun game? The player who gets to 25 first wins!

Judith’s One-Shot Gun Game: 0058-1374-3994

This one is easy to understand but challenging to master. It’s a standard Free For All Gun Game with a twist. Every weapon can kill with a single shot, and one errant gunshot is all it takes to kill someone. The player who scores 15 kills first wins!

Terminal MW2 Remake: 4340-5772-0250

If you like Modern Warfare 2, this map, which is a recreation of the Terminal map from MW2, could be exactly up your alley! Fight in an airport terminal while skirting in and out of a large jet and inside the airport, where you may walk behind a counter and accept orders!

GUNGAME: Mars: 3246-2759-9251

Gun Game Mars is an excellent game to try if you want to play on a great terrain with some intriguing gameplay. The map gives you a sense of how Mars would feel if you ever find yourself there. There’s the red surface and the structures that may be discovered if an expedition is sent there. You may also choose between other settings, such as low gravity, regular gravity, and construct combat mode! There’s a lot to appreciate about this level, and the varied gun combinations you’ll encounter each time you play provide some diversity.

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