How to Get Free LoL Skins

Riot Girl Tristana Free LoL Skins
Is it possible to obtain Riot Girl Tristana today? | © Riot Games

You might think that skins are expensive. What if we told ya that there is a free way to get skins? It’s true, League of Legends skins won’t cost you anything. Let’s see what skins you can get at 0RP. 

Riot was once a little more generous with their skins. But they are now a corporate corporation, sporting multiple games This is the main focus It is To make a profit, eh? Sometimes they give away skins, or the proceeds go to a good cause. 


How to Get a Free Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch

Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch skins can be obtained by reaching Honor Level 5, League of Legends. This milestone allows players to redeem Honor Level 5 tokens and receive either one of these skins free. You can also purchase different chromas in Honor Level 5 shops if you already have the skins. 

Grey Warwick LoL skin
It’s not the best, but it is free. | © Riot Games

How do you earn Honor Levels? 

It is easy to earn Honor points in League of Legends. It’s not difficult to get Honor levels in League of Legends. Being a good player will allow you to earn the respects of your teammates. You can earn honors by rising in the honor hierarchy. Honor Level 5 is your final stage. You will be presented with the token as well as a unique backing animation. 

How to get the Season Reward Skins

Players can receive rewards at the end of each League of Legends season. League of Legends Throughout the season. These are known as End of Season Rewards and include a skin as well as a champion if you don’t have it yet. 

These season rewards are not easy to earn. You can earn the Victorious skin by reaching Gold or higher before the end of the ranked seasons. These skins and rewards will require you to work hard. Players were awarded gifts at the end of Season 11. Victorious Blitzcrank

How to Get Waterloo Miss Fortune?

Waterloo Miss Fortune Splash Art
This beauty is free! | © Riot Games

This is how you can have beautiful skin for everyone. favourite captainYou will need to create a brand new account. You might not want to do this if you have all the skins you could ever dream of on your old account. But, every new player should be able to get this skin. 

Not only do you get special rewards when levelling up in a newly made account, but as a special reward for the first seven games, that are considered first-game-of-the-day, you can either get 500 Orange Essence or pick up the Waterloo Miss Fortune skin. You just need to play League for seven days and this skin will be given to you. This sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? 

Amazon Prime allows you to get skins 

Technically, this option isn’t completely free. You have to pay for it. Amazon Prime subscriptionIt’s not free, but it’s very affordable for students. You get a lot more benefits, such as free shipping, movie rentals, and prime gaming. Even though it seems like it, this isn’t an Amazon Prime advertisement. 

Prime Gaming capsules can be received each month by players. It contains RP, Mythic Essence boosters, boosters, and one Epic permanent skin. I have had bad luck with Epic permanent skins. Tahm Kench & Zac skins My editor has had her dream Arcana skin before. 

How to Win Triumphant Ryze

Triumphant Ryze Skin Splash Art
It is not easy, but it is possible. (c), Riot Games | © Riot Games

Here’s where things get tricky. Only tournament winners can get the Triumphant Ridge skin. You don’t have to play in professional tournaments. Check out Battlefy, Oder Toornament Seek out events that you might be able to take part in.

Hextech Crafting

There are many other rewards than skins. Skin shards. Each summoner level and whenever you need it. You finish a game in the first season of a season with a grade higher than S.You will be notified. Hextech Chests. You will receive keys to these chests if you do your best and are respected by your colleagues. There are Champion Shards as well as Emotes and Skin Shards inside.

The League of Legends crafting tool allows you to use Orange Essence to unlock permanent skin or if you have a lot of skin shards that you don’t want to use. You can combine three skin fragments to make a random permanent skin. 

While crafting is something I enjoy, I have also found myself with skins for champions that I will never use. However, it does offer a lot of fun. It’s like gambling in that you never know what you might get. Ultimate Ezreal The skin you have always wanted. 

It is still possible to get Riot Girl Tristana and Black Alistar?

Riot has stopped all promotional activities for these skins. Riot removed the support ticket option for getting them until recent times. As I mentioned, their success seems to be in their heads. They no longer need promotions…

These are the skins you can download for free to your League of Legends account. Which skin do you want to receive? I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the future Star Guardian Sona skin, maybe some day I’ll have the luck… or just have to Spend some RP I can get the skin if it’s urgent. 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.