How Many Hours Of LoL Have You Played?

How many League matches have you participated in this season?

How many hours of LoL have you played?

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Have you ever checked how many hours you’ve spent playing LoL? Sometimes we wonder why this game is even worth our time. The champions are irritating, the player base toxic, and yet, we continue to log back in to the game night after night, almost like we get sick pleasure from all of the abuse.

Now it’s time for you to find out how addicted to the game you are. You can now see how much time League of Legends has taken up. This is a waste of time, or something you can be proud to have accomplished. Let’s find out how many hours you have spent on League of Legends so far this season. 

How many hours have you spent on LoL? Here’s how to find out

Unfortunately, there is no official Riot tool that can tell you just how many hours of your life you’ve put into LoL, but there are third party websites with which you can find out this vital information instead. Do you play a lot? Master Yi? Many Yasuo? While this tool may not be able count the number of games you’ve played on each champion, you will know how much time you spend playing League of Legends. 

Simply head over to the website wasted on LoL – very appropriately named, mind you – to find out just how much time you have spent playing League of Legends. It is easy to find out how much time you have spent playing League of Legends. 

Just go onto the website and then follow  the steps below to check how many hours you’ve spent on League of Legends: 

  1. Enter Your Summoner’s Name
  2. Register the Region where you want to play
  3. Wait for your results

Once you’ve followed those steps, you’ll be met with a stats’ page showing you just how many hours, minutes and even days you’ve spent playing League of Legends. It also gives you an indication of how well you are matched up with others on your server.

But wait, that’s not all! You can also find out how many books you have read, how many movies and how many kilometres you have walked on the website.

So, do you really want to know just how many hours you’ve spent playing this game instead of doing something productive?

Which players have played the most hours?

Wasted on LoL also gives players insights on those in their region – or any for that matter – that have played the most League of Legends. The person on the EUW server – as of writing this article – with the most hours played, has accumulated a whopping 9,015 hours of League of Legends time since the beginning of Season 11. That’s over 370 days worth of gaming!

Don’t wait! Get some League of Legends grind to reach their level before they end Season 12!

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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