How to Check Drop Rates in League of Legends

Masterwork Chest
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There are multiple ways to spend money in League of Legends. It is free and you can survive with just a few dollars. However, if you want the style game to be successful, you will need to spend a little bit. 

So today we’re going to be looking at one specific way of spending money in League of Legends and what your odds are of actually getting something decent out of it all. 


What are Masterwork and Hextech Chests, You Ask? 

Let’s begin by explaining the differences between these two types. They look almost identical in appearance and there isn’t much difference in price when you choose to purchase one. 

Masterwork chests do not include cosmetics. This chest is for those who only need skins. Hextech chests can also contain champion shards. 

How to Check the Drop Rates of Hextech and Masterwork Chests

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. How can you even see drop rates on specific items Before you make a decision about whether to purchase a chest or not, Is it possible? It is possible. We’re going to show you how to view your odds of making a purchase. 

  1. Log into your League of Legends Player Account
  2. Click on the ‘Store’ icon in the top right corner
  3. Click onto ‘Loot’ once you’re in the store
  4. Click on the item that interests you and a window opens.
  5. In the window click ‘View Drop Rates’ (Indicated in Blue)

You can do it with not only Masterwork and Hextech chestsYou can do this when you buy bundles with orbs. You can see drop rates for skins and shards. 

Debonair 2.0 Malz and LeBlanc
This is how you determine your odds! (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

What are the drop rates?

You don’t even need to check anymore because we’ve done all the work for you – you’re welcome. Scroll down to see what the odds are that you will finally be able to get that. Dawnbringer Yone You’ve always wanted skin! 

Hextech Chest Drop Rates:

  • 50% off Skin shard, or Ultimate skin permanent
  • Champion shard: 25%
  • Ward skin shard: 11.5%
  • Emote: 10%
  • Summoner icon: 35%

Hextech Chest Opportunity to Contain

  • Hextech Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot exclusive: 0.04%

Masterwork Chest Drop Rates:

  • 70% – Skin shard, Ultimate skin permanent
  • Emote: 10%
  • Orange Essence: 10%
  • Ward skin shard: 10 %

Masterwork Chest Chance to Contain

  • Masterwork Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot Exclusive: 0.044%

As mentioned, you can also check drop rates for rare items in bundles. You can also find out more about the Drop Rates for Rare Items in Bundles. Debonair 2.0 event You can also check the drop rates in the Debonair store. 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.