Guide: How To Level Up Honor LoL

League Of Legends is a popular online multiplayer game. Riot Games is the publisher of the Game. Its users can download the game for free. The game’s revenue comes from character customization. There are more than 140 characters available.

The game features two teams that compete against each other. Each unit has five characters. To win, the player must keep removing the weak characters and add the stronger ones.  It is often referred to as the largest esport worldwide.

This article is dedicated to a specific feature that was added in 2012 The Honor Level is the part. This article will explain how to level up Honor in LOL if you don’t know what Honor level in Pubg is. 

What is the Honor System in LOL?

It is for players who are truthful in their gameplay and add positively to the game. It is right that simple and skilled players should be rewarded. Riot envisioned this when it created the Honor Level System. This system was created to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the game. (Check out our guide). free League of Legends skins Learn more about them

In total, there are five Honor levels. You are automatically placed at Level 2 when a season begins, regardless of your previous season’s level. To advance in Honor level, it is necessary to play match-made matches and earn as many honours possible. What are the requirements to win Honors There are three. You can find them all below:

1. Keep Cool

Gaming can have ‘Heat Of The Moment’ mishaps too. It’s not unusual for gamers to be aggressive during the game. It is difficult to stay cool. Riot developed the Honor system in order to reward those cool and chilled players. This is the one criterion that Riot uses to reward players who keep cool and composed during games.

2. GG<3

The given criteria means Team Player. One who is kind to others and knows how best to bring the team together. Such team players are rewarded by Riot

3. Great shotcalling

Leaders are those who possess leadership qualities. A leader is able to plan ahead and make strategic decisions. Leaders think of the entire team when planning strategies. He is rewarded with the Honor System.

What Rewards Does the Honor System Offer Offer?

To be able to progress in the game one must first understand why he does what he does. What benefits will he gain from performing these acts? Also, why not strive to Level Up in Honor System in LOL? There are rewards. You will be motivated to play the game by a great prize package. These include:

1. Mastery Chests

You can get a mastery chest for any of the five Honor levels. They are not eligible for Champion Mastery but can be obtained through the Honor system.

2. Honor Capsule

Emotes can be loaded into honor capsules. Shards, key fragments, VIP skins, etc. They can be found only once you have reached level 3.

3. The Key Fragments

A month can bring you 12 Fragment keys. The key is useful during Hextech Crafting. 

4. Honor Oral:

An Honor Orb can only be obtained at level 3. The Orb may contain Key fragments, which can be used in Hextech Crafting or Shards. 

5. Loading screen flair:

After level 3, the flair can also be expected. The player will need two premade teammates to win the Loading Screen Flair. Each one must be from a non-premade player.

Level and Reward 

Let us now look at the reward chronology according to level.

  • Level 1 – A fragmented Key 
  • Level 2 – A fragmented key 
  • Two keys fragmented for level 2 checkpoints 
  • Level 3 – one capsule 
  • Level 3 checkpoint –  an Orb of honor. 
  • Level 4 – One capsule of Honor 
  • Level 4 checkpoint – an Orb of Honor 
  • Level 5 – An Honor capsule 
  • Level 5 pro- an honor orb. 

How to Level Up in Honor LoL

You should always have a plan when you set out to accomplish something. To win, you cannot simply follow the rules. You need to think beyond the rules. In this competitive world, skills alone will not get you far.

How do you level up Honor? It is the same process; you must plan your strategy to win. To win the rewards and show leadership qualities, you cannot just be cool in the game. These checkpoints can be difficult to pass if you don’t know how to make it easier.

Are you unsure of where to start? We can help you. Two methods have been developed that will allow you to easily increase your honor LOL. The methods will allow you to unlock all four honor lol offers rewards. To get the most out of these prizes, please read the following:

1. Trading

This is the fastest way to win Honor points and other rewards from League Of Legends. Imagine that you and your team honor each other every time a game ends. It could be your single source for getting the honor points. Remember, a little is more than nothing and that little things can make up the whole.

Riot could block you if you are found guilty. These practices are indirect cheating. They are a denial of the entire purpose of the game. It is not easy to obtain Honor points.

2. Be an Influencer

This is the most efficient and practical way to earn Honor points. Riot expects you to be an influencer. You can contribute positively to the game. Show leadership and calmness, and you can be a team player. These three characteristics will help you win the rewards. You can earn Honor points quickly and easily by doing this.  These methods are the best way to increase honor. 

Final Talk 

Skills are the best advantage. Your skills must be displayed in all three criteria to earn honors. You can gain an additional advantage by achieving a nominal all. This will help you get closer to winning. Cancel and start over. Pay attention to the information in the article. Showcase your best talents and skills. 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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