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People are familiar with the name Counter-Strike, either because they have played older versions of the game or because they have seen it on Twitch at one of the many esports events. What are the best ways to start playing and quickly get good at it?

We must start with Valve’s Steam platform, where Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first appeared. The game is free to play, but you can gain Prime Status for €12.75. Drops become available to you, and you are paired with other Prime members. It is strongly suggested that you buy this upgrade to make it less likely that you will run into cheaters in online shooters.

Getting the settings right

csgo settings

After you’ve downloaded CSGO and installed the game, you’ll discover a multitude of settings you can change. There are many things to think about when it comes to crosshairs, sensitivity, and even screen resolution.

For new players, using a strategy you’ve used in previous games is always a good idea. As a result, you may be able to simply play at the same level of sensitivity you used when playing Overwatch or even some single-player games. Don’t be concerned if you’ve never played a first-person shooter before. Simply try out different sensitivity settings until you find one that works for you. However, playing with a moderate level of sensitivity is the best strategy. Professionals and other top players frequently use a mouse dpi of 400 to 800 and an in-game sensitivity of 1 to 3. If you’ve previously played games like League of Legends, you’ll find it difficult to adjust to the new controls.

Select your own goal. Only you can change the piece’s colour and movement. It’s similar to set in-game fashion. Because most people play at their monitor’s native resolution, the resolution isn’t a big deal. Some users, on the other hand, prefer a 4:3 aspect ratio because it reduces clutter in the centre of the screen.

Jumping into a game

CS:GO’s competitive game mode allows players to compete against other players from all over the world, but there is one small requirement that must be met before they can begin. To begin a ranked experience, players must first reach Private Rank 2 to get their feet wet and become acquainted with the game’s mechanics. Of course, the best place to start is with Deathmatch. In this mode, players can choose to buy a specific weapon or get a random weapon every time they spawn. Check out this list to get a sense of what weapons are available and which ones might be a good fit for your playstyle.

If you keep getting headshots from your own team instead of the other side, you can try to Retake mode. To progress in this mode, you will need to retake a bomb site just like in a competitive game. You can practice using utilities and dealing with time constraints just like in ranked play.

There will be no shooting.

Counter-Strike fans believe that the game is extremely difficult to learn. This is correct when compared to some of the most popular FPS games on the market. In CS:GO, for example, most weapons require you to stay stationary while firing. Of course, the most straightforward way to accomplish this is to simply stop pressing a movement key. Your character’s progress will be slowed to a halt. When you stop moving, the dynamic target crosshair stops moving and goes back to where it was.

Counter-strafing is more difficult but more effective. To accomplish this, press the key opposite to the one you’re currently pressing. To stop yourself from moving to the right, for example, press the left key. You’ll come to a halt eventually. Hold down both keys and release one while pressing the counter-key if you want to come to a complete stop as quickly as possible. However, because it is so dependent on timing, it requires more skill and carries a higher risk of failure.

Spray control

Spray control

The game’s weapons all have a very predictable spray pattern, but the AK-47 and both M4 rifles are especially easy to control. To complete the puzzle, move your mouse in the opposite direction of the number seven.

The simplest way to practice is to spray against the wall and watch the pattern emerge. You can try to break this pattern and see if you can group the effects closer together. As a result, you will be able to shoot down your enemies more easily because you control the weapon rather than the weapon controlling you.

Ready for a competitive

When you reach the required level, you can participate in the competition if you want to or if your friends urge you to do so. If the game is still tied after 15 rounds, the winner moves on to the next round. As a result, because either team must complete the required 16 rounds, the second half is frequently played in its entirety. You must choose whether to play as a terrorist or a counter-terrorist in the first half.

It is critical to keep terrorists away from bomb sites in the early stages of counter-terrorism. You have the option of going to site A or B and defending yourself against any potential offence. To win the round, either defuse the bomb before it is planted, eliminate all of your opponents before it is planted, or the timer expires before the bomb is planted. You will lose if the bomb goes off or all of the counter-terrorists are killed.

On the terrorist front, things are a little clearer. Either let the bomb detonate or finish off the counter-terrorists in time. To finish a half, play 15 rounds as either a terrorist or a counter-terrorist before switching sides.

Best weapons

When it comes to the best weapons, there are a few things to keep in mind. The AWP is currently the most powerful and expensive single-shot sniper rifle on the market. Every shot above the knees, unless there’s a wall in your way, is a death sentence. A leg shot will deal about 85% of the damage to an armoured target. This weapon is available for purchase, regardless of your political beliefs.

Terrorists frequently use the AK-47 as their primary weapon. When used to strike someone in the head, the weapon has a one-shot, one-kill capability, making it one of the most frequently used in the game. If you want to improve your CS:GO skills, you should learn how to use this spray.

Counter-terrorists, on the other hand, have two options. You can get an M4A1-S instead of a regular M4A1 for a little less money. This less expensive option, on the other hand, employs fewer bullets but has a more controllable spray. Because of its faster rate of fire, the M4A4 is more difficult to control for most players.


While entering a new map can be intimidating, the callouts in CS:GO are usually quite simple. Most players will understand if you simply say what you see or where they are hiding. Although you may encounter a few rude people, most people will do their best to assist you if you ask politely. CS:GO is waiting for you, and you’re about to dive in.

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